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Capt. Sundaram Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Sundaram Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

8-JAN-19SUNDARAMYou are using parallel indexing on radar and your gyro fails can you keep using parallel indexing (Yes) What does Signal NC signifies (Distress) Explain 19(d) and 19(e) What does all way off means in rule 19(e) Situations Two vessels head on both are CBD which rule applies How many flashes are there in Quick flashing and Very Quick Flashing and how frequent Make South cardinal buoy Vessel making way 180 and identifies South Cardinal buoy Action Two vessels at anchor other vessel dragging anchor towards own vessel action, Master gone ashore for medicals Two PDVs crossing one of the vessel is give way but having 6 knots of following current. Who will take action (He wants to hear there other vessel – stand on to alter to stbd and take a round turn pass astern of give way vessel as the give way vessel would be having less manoeuvrbility due to following current Rule 2 responsibilities) You are coming out of Japan, which buoyage system they follow and which buoy colour would be at your port and stbd beamF1
10-JAN-19SUNDARAMExplain what do you mean by ‘taking way off’ Explain Critical RPM Master ashore you are at anchor and vessel anchored ahead of you is dragging towards you very fast  – ActionF1
11-SEPT-19SUNDARAM1. How does GPS work 2. Why is DGPS more accurate than GPS. 3. Explain VDOP and GDOP 4. Principle of working of gyroscope and gyrocompass. 5. 90-PZ =? 6. 90-Px =?F1
6-DEC-19SUNDARAM1. Gyro 2. Magnetic principal 3. Sound signals with pencil 4 Cardinal marks without topmarks 5. Head on situation between 2 CBD . One coming out and other coming in.Justification with rules 6. Use of Flinders barF1
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