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Capt. Uppal Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Uppal Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

4-JUNE-18UPPALTwo red lights ahead action ; identify making way or not Practical cut-off of side lights. Vsl trawling more than 50m what lights she will show, she is in port side roc exist ….. action! What is running moor he asked to explain ship model . North cardinal buoy seen sight ahead action , what lights buoy will show. RoR Dulles how many parts Sections how many What are synoptic charts Problem faced by Ships in polar region , gyro/ magnetic problem in those waters? Why?F1
18-JUNE-18UPPALWhich company, how many ships, type of ship and cargo. 1. Have u done dry dock. I said yes. Y class surveyor is present at docking of the ship. Who other person are der while docking of the ship. As a mate duties in dry dock What is class? Wat is renewal survey and den he asked me wat is special survey. Basically he will keep u asking on everything u say. U should av idea of wat u saying. What is condition of class. Many y? Y we go to dry dock? Wat requirement , wat if we don’t go, ? 2. What are statutory cert. validity of each, wat to renew them? 3. ISM cert any docs onboard. 4. What is major nc and nc, wat happens to the certificate? 5. How ISM cert are interrelated. Many y??? 6. What all work is done in drydock. Related to anchor, how u do it? Wen a anchor cable will be discarded? Many why?F1
18-JUNE-18UPPAL-South Westerly monsoon -Why India is operating on area 3 -Gmdss requirements for area 3 -Epirb alert how help in search and rescue.. who all recipients of this -MRCC -MCC -Polar navigation -Gyro and magnetic errors in higher latitude If both are having this error.. how will you navigate then? -Trawler of 100mtr in length.. what lights -Horizontal sector -Practical cut off -Vertical sector of lights -side lights position -fwd masthead lights positioning -crossing situation with trawler, tug – radar inoperative, clear day vl is on port side converging – now u r on that vl.. radar is inoperative.. how will u know wether overtaking or crossing.. now tell me aspect of that stbd vl – what is LRIT, Why it is introduced – If your flag state want information of other vsl how they will get itF1
5-JULY-18UPPALPolar Navigation difficulties Lights for Trawler and Towing vessel Situation with Trawler (Trawler on port side — tell lights and then action ) NUC vessel lights and shape Why magnetic compass behaves erratic on high latitudes Failure of steering gear. Action?F1
11-JULY-18UPPAL1. Contents of ROR 2. Vertical position of side lights as per ROR. 3. Vertical difference between mast head light 4. Trawler Vessel lights 5. One trawler on port crossing situation Action. (Wants to hear if you can alter to port) 6. Two Red lights Identify Vessel. 7. What is synoptic chart. 8. Routing chart and info 9. ASD & info in it. 10. TRS Avoiding action 11. Difficulty in POLAR region? 12. Why magnetic compass & Gyro Ineffective?F1
9-MAR-19UPPALTrawler of length more then 50m underway  wat lt it will show? If same vsl on ur port bow crossing situation. U have power driven vessel port bow not taking action. Wat will be ur action. Precautions in higher latitude with respect to navigation. LRIT data. How will it be transmitted? How you will receive it? When can coastal state ask for LRIT data & how? What is limit for LRIT data for coastal stateF1
11-MAR-19UPPALSituation. Identify the light of a towing vessel on the port side and take action 2 situation. Identify the light of a trawler vessel on the port side and take action What is a synoptic chart Drawn the symbols of col , cold and warm from admin the synoptic chart How are navigation equipments affected in higher latitudes. Some cross questioning on the gyro and magnetic compass.F1
13-MAY-19UPPAL– Started with crossing situation with pdv. What is rule 17d? – Situation with pdv and trawling – Lights & shape of trawler of 100 m in length – How many rules in Ror, New added rules, why they added and what is the need of verification of compliance. – Vertical separation between head light, horizontal spacing between mast head light, – Height of side light wrt to Aft mast head light – Types of steering gear – Mechanism of NFU wrt to steering platform – What is synoptic charts – Practical cut of lights explain with diagram alongwith intensity – What is Col? – Weather associated with col – How SW monsoon occur? – Problems in high latitudes – What will happen to magnetic compass wrt latitude(went in deep) – Gyro wrt to speed – Drifting and tilting – Why gyro and magnetic behave ineffective in high latitudeF1
3-JUNE-19UPPAL1. ROR situation pdv crossing from Port bow. Roc. Action as per which rule. What lights shown by Target vsl. 2. Towing vsl same situation. Action. (Towing vsl not RAM) Lights. 3. Trawler same situation. Action.  (Wants to hear if you can alter to port or not) Lights. 4. Pdv pushing alongside. Lights. (Did not show ROR cards. Only described vsl and asked what lights shown) 5. How many rules in ROR. Why additional rules came. What was the need. 6. Doppler log principle. Cross questioning. SOG STW obtained by doppler. 7. Navigation in Polar Water. With respect to nav equipments. 8. Gyro compass and magnetic compass not functional at high lat. Why? (Explain damping error and settling error w.r.t formula, and explain why directive force is zero at poles) 9. Explain follow up and non-follow up. 10. Positioning of masthead lights (be thorough with Annex)F1
17-JUNE-19UPPALStarted with introduction. Will ask written result too. What were the subjects for phase 2 written exams? 1. ROR situation pdv crossing from Port bow. What lights shown by Target vsl? (When u say alter stbd so as per which rule u will not alter port). 2. PDV pushing alongside. Lights for pushing vessel and being pushed. (Did not show ROR cards. He had model of ships kept with him. Only described vsl and asked what lights shown). 3. NUC vsl lights and shapes separation between them. 4. Annex 1 separation of mast head lights 5. How many rules in ROR. What are the additional ones which part and what is Part B. 6. Navigation in Polar Water. With respect to nav equipments. 8. Gyro compass and magnetic compass not functional at high lat. Why? (Explain damping error and steaming error w.r.t formula, and explain why directive force is zero at poles). 9. Tele-motor, hunting gear. 10. Synoptic charts, Routeing chartsF1
9-SEPT-19UPPALcontent of ROR annex of ROR in detail( Vertical and horizontal separation of light) he was mainly into annex only give me situation: me on pdv and trawler on port bow, identify the light, what actio, according to which rule.( he want to know according to which rule and which paragraph). No ROR cards.. various situations wrt nuc, ram, cbd and vsl aground didn’t asked to quote the rules dimensions of shapes  and their separation errors of eco sounder and Doppler log. Advantage of Doppler log wrt other speed log. Vsl rolling and pitching, effect on speed on vsl. how long will show the speed. Gyro compass error( give formula), properties of gyro compass. Steering failure action, follow up and non-follow up. Why part f of colreg came.. and what cam which was not earlier.F1
13-MARCH-20UPPAL1. ROR Situations – – Trawler crossing from port – Action, what lights will you see. – A tug towing alongside crossing from port – Action, what lights will you see – Contents of ROR – New Part and it’s purpose? 2. Vertical and Horizontal difference between lights? 3. What difficulties will you face when in high latitude areas? 4. Why will the Magnetic compass show an incorrect reading? Why will there be less directive force in high latitudes?F1
3-AUG-21UPPAL-ROR index how many parts and sub sections how many rule in each section. -tell me in brief about part 6 verification compliance and why it came into force. -Lights for towing vessel,crossing from port ur action risk of collision exist and as per which rule. Cross question -You see two red light in a line above white light what type of ship ur action.Cross question -Nuc light,she dropped anchor which lights. -differce between Doppler log and electromagnetic log. – what is Navtex explain in detail Navtex msg transmission format. -dimensions of shapes spacing between them. -more cross question on lights and situation.F1
4-AUG-21UPPALLights for towing fishing trawler Many situations cross questing ROR – full index chapter wise section wiseF1
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