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Capt. Vibhuti Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Vibhuti Function 1 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

7-MAR-18VIBHUTISailing vsl more den 100 m anchor lights What is fishing boats, pilot boats, towing vsl with d tow cards in full details nd situation Rule 19 IAMSAR in detail Collided with fishing vsl- actionF1
15-JUNE-18VIBHUTINarrow channel situation overtaking.. Sea stabilisation and vectors representation. Magnetic compass co 300, Gyro co: 295 variation 4°W Gyro fails – what happened to radar and vector Gyro fails what magnetic course u will steer Now u r entering a new variation area of 2°W what would be the mag co Vsl on stb bow both side lights n mast head light visible. Action Vessel overtaking from port qtr. Risk of collision exist. Action. Same situation in RV. Vsl on stb bow in RV.risk of collision exist. RV situation vessel overtaking, forward of the beam at a close range Vessel anchored close to the shore anchor dragging action, engine Unavailable. Finally vessel aground action. Anchor dragging. Engine didn’t came and u beached on soft mud by astern wind strong Gyro fail actions. Anchor dragging actions.  Grounding actions. how will u re float her(use both anchor as ground tackle de ballast to change trim wait for tide). TRS. Southern hemisphere. Dangerous quadrant. Navigable quadrant. Avoiding action. Veering and backing of wind.F1
11-DEC-18VIBHUTI1. You are coming out of port and you see white over red light just one mile away , what is your action ? How will u come to know if she is making way or stopped? Which vectors you will use? Difference between sea stabilised and ground stabilised mode? Which do you prefer and why? 2. Gyro hdg- 205, Magnetic -195 Var- 4w gyro fails , now what magnetic course will your steer ? Answer: 195. Now you enter a new are and variation is 2E now what new course you will steer? 3. If gyro fails how will u take bearings? What will happen to radar? 4. Restricted visibility u have a vessel on your port bow on collision course your action? 5. Clear visibility and same situation. 6. You are at anchor engineers carrying out repairs and engines not available for next 12 hours, your anchor is dragging what is your action? 7. Same situation continued and now you are. Aground how will come to know you are aground? 8. How will u clear your vessel from shoal patch without external assistance of tugs? 9. How do u find track spacing? What is the formula? 10. What are the search objects for Uncorrected sweep width? Have u seen that table in IAMSAR? 11. How to determine bottom of the seabed without looking at charts? Some more situations and his standard questions don’t remember other questions.F1
8-FEB-19VIBHUTIVarious situations and deep questioning. RV. Effect of Gyro failure on radar, Action? Gyro fail then what compass heading to steer , given Dev?  Search pattern? No cards. Questions on Radar vector’s understanding.F1
2-APRIL-19VIBHUTIROR situations 5-6. ame situations in RV. Few Cards. Rule 8, 19, 10. Mag 309 Gyro 300 Var 5w Steering failure.. what mag course will you pursue. Now Var has changed to 1E what’s the mag course. Radar trails and trail manoeuvre. Limitations of radar. BCR and BCT related situation( bow crossing range/time) Steering gear alarms and failure action. Auto pilot failure and alarms. Default settings on autopilot. How will you assist master in passage plan? Dynamic UKC six factors of calculation. IMO PS for VDR, where do you get that( luckily I knew the circular number so he left that midway). VDR SVdR difference. Lat 40 N at Winter solstice , Altitude of sun at merpass. Passage plan in RV, Critical areas. How will you define a critical area in Navigation. Rule 19 explain. Master in capitated in Navigation critical area.F1
13-MAY-19VIBHUTIVarious ROR situation. Lights. Gyro fail. What happens to radar? What all equipment’s will be affected? Anchor drag. Ship aground your action. Ship port quarter aground.. Ur action (list to stbd) Ground tackle. Using anchor as ground tackleF1
18-NOV-19VIBHUTIVarious ROR situations .some of from Pawan notes… Answer given as per pawan notes but he is not satisfied . Gyro fails….what all equipment will hamper How will you take compass bearing…. I explained him TMC but this concept was new to him hence he didn’t satisfied Gave various situations on Radar PPI in head up mode Effect of gyro failure on ECDIS Drawn towing vessel and tow on paper and asked me to draw lights Towing light definition Overall he is not satisfied…. Example: In ROR situation I said alter course to stbd he said wrong then i said alter to port…again wrong. I asked what is answer…. then he said alter to stbd….then i said initially i said stbd only …. No reply…proceed to next questionF1
9-JAN-20VIBHUTI-Started off with Rule 13. -No cards -He prefers drawing on the paper -Lights of all RAM -Again 4-5 Situations on paper -Annex I of ROR -Then he drew 2 paper charts side by side .. ur course is from 1 chart to another with different variation … What will be the course to steer? -On d Radar there r 2 targets, 1 on d Port 1 on stbd..Port one is clear but stbd is close quarter, suddenly your Gyro fails what happens to Radar screen and how will u monitor the bearing of the stbd target.F1
15-JAN-20VIBHUTIGYRO FAILS GYRO Heading: 300 compass heading: 310 variation 3 deg west. What will be your action (wanted to hear what magnetic source u will stear) you are in same condition going from one chart to other and variation changes in other chart what course u will steer now a vessel approaching from 25 degrees on your port side range 5 miles and cpa of vsl is 6 cables on our stbd both vsls speed 15 knots other is not taking action? Open sea master decides to switch off both radars. u see a target brg constant and range very slightly decreasing.  as u start telling about roc things he will say 45 min brg constant and range very slightly decreasing not happy with answers.F1
6-MARCH-20VIBHUTIGYRO FAILS GYRO HEAding: 200 Compass heading: 210 Variation 3 deg west What will be your action (wanted to hear what magnetic course u will stear) ? You are in same condition going from one chart to other and variation changes in other chart what course u will steer now. Calculate accordingly and answer. A vessel approaching from 25 degrees on ur port side  range 5 miles and CPA of vsl is 6 cables on our stbd both vsls speed 15 knots. other is not taking action ? Open sea master decides to switch off both radars. u see a target brg constant and range very slightly decreasing. 30 min brg constant and range very slightly decreasing. Ans is overtaking situation. We are overtaking TRS in SH Gyro fail what all equipments affected? And how? Radar failure. Action. Situations in Radar after failure. How do you take a bearing after it? Few more questions/situations from his set. (PawanF1
4-SEPT-20VIBHUTI-you are on PDV, and towing a vessel in distress. What lights will you show? -same situation, what lights if you are a normal towing vsl? -vsl on port bow, at 6nm, bow crossing at 3nm, cpa 5 cables. What action? -autopilot errors, rudder setting and setting on your ship -RV, vsl on port quarter, what action -what lights will u see if you are overtaking? -engine breakdown, vsl drifting and running aground…what action?F1
4-SEPT-20VIBHUTI-Actions on grounding. – How to drop second anchor and by how much if vessel immobilised and at anchor,dragging towards shoal. – Radar usage on gyro failure. – Compass co. To steer in case of gyro failure & chart changes (ie: Variation)F1
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