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Capt. Agarwal Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Agarwal Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

9-MAR-17AGARWALStowage factor, Load density, Bale capacity, Grain capacity, What all info you get from Hydrostatic particulars? Precaution for Coal – before ldg, during ldg and enroute. Ventilation for Coal? Groups of cargo as per IMSBC Classification as per IMDG, Define concentrates. Angle of repose, Chain register. Entries in ORB 1 and 2, Garbage disposal criteria, Loading steel plate. What is mate’s rcpt and DG manifest? What is shipping bill?F2
5-APRIL-19AGARWAL1) Define load density , broken stowage 2) Bill of lading and mates receipt in detail 3) How will you load coal -preparation of hold, precautions while loading 4) Imsbc contents 5) Draft survey calculations 6) Concentrates, Fmp, TML 7) How will u go about for making man entry in a crude oil tanker after discharging – lots of cross questions 8) Imdg classification, segregation 9) Nop and lop 10) Angle of repose 11) Calculation of hourly rate on tankers if loadicator fails while loading gasoline? All calculationsF2
9-JULY-19AGARWALChem tanker X cat cargo discharged. How will you proceed for tank cleaning? Hazards of coal Hold prep for coal Sulphur caught fire in hold at port. Action How to calculate max cargo that can be carried on board?F2
4-SEPT-19AGARWALNSWMAns- not satisfied with my answer. Same points he asked me what he asked me in my last to last attempt. -Prep for coal loading carriage disch – NSWMAns -prep for wood pulp loadingnot -what’s CSM , its is for which vessels? As per which regulation NSWMAns -categories of IMDG- switched to how many magazines-i cudnot explain the types so NSWMAns -Loadlines – which loadline does indian coastal belt has -loading in a tanker – tank half loaded how will u calc quantity ?whats UTI -what all criteria for ventilation of cargo hold -NSWMAns -what is Bundling? -difference between LOI & LOP -suppose u have sailed out and cargo in your hold liquified , action , whats NOP ? – NSWMAns -Loadicator test explained all but again NSWMAnsF2
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