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Chief Mate F.G. Orals Surveyor Question Set Function 1

Chief Mate Orals F.G. Orals Exams Surveyor Question Set Mumbai Function 1

9-JULY-19AGARWAL4-5 random day/night cards (CBD, NUC, Aground) ETA reqmts Warm, cold, occ, stnry fronts explain and symbols Quote rule 19 3 situations in sight of one another Vsl aground. Actions in sequence. Damage stability criteria How will you come to know which part of the ship has damaged from fwd to aft ? TRS. Vsl in dangerous quadrant. Action? Diurnal and semi diurnal range.F1
5-APRIL-19AGARWAL1) Quote rule 10,13,18,19 2) Situations 5-6 RV and open sea 3) ROR cards 8-10 4) Voyage planning points to be taken into account as a mate 5) TRS in detail . 1-2-3 rule 6) Gyro compass errors explanation in detail, what effects on gyro as we go towards poles? 7) Errors of GPS, echo sounder 8) Buoys – Preferred channel to port in region B , Emcy wreck marking buoy. 9) Synoptic and prognostic charts 10) Contents of weekly Ntm 11) Steering failure actions? 12) ETA in detailF1
18-JUNE-18AGARWALStarted with Agarwal Which company, type of ship, type of cargo, which area u sailed? He will ask u question from that mostly. 1. Passage plan as a chief mate from Mumbai to Liverpool dis time of the year. I started with load line, SW monsoon winds, HRA. He will keep on counter questions on everything u say. Asked me from were will u get load line from. Ocean passage of the world, routing charts and placard also available on board. 2: India comes under which loadline? 3. Path and track of trs 4. After sailing from Mumbai u getting heavy wx and strange sound coming from cargo hold action? I said I will make risk assessment for heavy wx , he said ok make. 5. How u know u are in dangerous quadrant and ur actions. I gave all actions confidently and he said wait outside and den he started taking orals for secondmate.F1
5-JULY-21ANISHExplain rule 10(a) – give example Where in rules it says not to alter to port When can you alter to port give example If SV on port bow and ROC exists – action and as per which rule Disadvantages of ECDIS How will you correct paper charts How will you correct ENC Which publication to log correction of ENC and paper charts (No cards).F1
8-MAR-21ANISHTRS signs and action to avoid it ( he asked me if you are in an area of a developing trs what actions will you take ? tell about egc/fax/plotting/heavy weather precautions/altering course and avoiding it) passage plan C/O ? meteorological equip on board? magnetic compass parts ? error of magnetic compass? which compass u use in high latitude navigation ? rule 19 explain? risk of collision meaning ? anchoring in deep waters? collision in you watch ?F1
8-MAR-21ANISHStarted wid why I took so long time to clear the orals? Why last time failed? Errors of magnetic compass? How to compansate that? Why gyro compass does nt work in higher latitude? Den which type of compass work and it’s principal? Does Gps so any course in higher latitude? Passage plan as mate level wt u consider the factors? Which area comes in HRA? From where u will get the information? Does weather routing mandatory? What is the advantage of it? Den started with ROR situation he doesn’t want to quote he is more focus in practical… Not to impede passage give me the example? If one vessel overtaking from STBD quarter not taking action? NUC crossing from port side action? Does crossing situation apply in TSS?F1
8-MAR-21ANISHStarted wid why I took so long time to clear the orals? Why last time failed? Errors of magnetic compass? How to compansate that? Why gyro compass does nt work in higher latitude? Den which type of compass work and it’s principal? Does Gps so any course in higher latitude? Passage plan as mate level wt u consider the factors? Which area comes in HRA? From where u will get the information? Does weather routing mandatory? What is the advantage of it? Den started with ROR situation he doesn’t want to quote he is more focus in practical… Not to impede passage give me the example? If one vessel overtaking from STBD quarter not taking action? NUC crossing from port side action? Does crossing situation apply in TSS?F1
10-APRIL-19ANISHCharacteristics of stern light. Vessel pushing ahead not rigidly connected, whether they will show stern light or not. NUC @ anchor light. As a chief set how u will access master in management level. How u will arrange or set watch keeping of crew? Light of grounded vessel. Why nav. shapes are black? Did u see any other colour ever? Passage planning in management level.F1
9-APRIL-19ANISHROR Rule 10, expalin ? TRS action and dangerous quadrant and why? Buoyage system- danger mark specification ? Auto- pilot fail, Action ? Girding of tugs ? weather roueting ? Which Reg? TSS 2 situations Frontal depression ? Passage plan as per mate ? Gyro north seeking and errors ?F1
13-OCT-18ANISH-Passage planning as a mate -name of ocean current which is to be encountered during the above voyage. -best method to get the gyro error. amplitude of sun. -ror situations. Cards. -iala buoyage system (cards) -at night how u will identify the cardinal mark without light signal.and top mark -rule 19 to quote. TRS. -grounding action (he wanted to hear-damage stability). -after i said that i ll see the damage stability then he asked how u ll asses the damage stability n what r the info and where to find damage stability booklet. -auto pilot fail action. -principle of gyro. -wt r the forces affecting on gyro on higher latitude. -gyro north seeking -u r at south china sea n u find wind is veering . -explain rule no 8f(ii) ( its v.imp n its a failing ques of capt.anish ) -weather symb. -frontal dep. -wx routing. Catzoc.F1
6-JUNE-18ANISHWhat aspects of passage planning will you look into as a mate? You are approaching pilot station as a mate and the master becomes unconscious what will be your action? What authorises you to take command if the master is incapacitated? Which rules do not apply in Restricted visibility situation? What precautions and measures will yu take when navigating on high latitudes? What does the GNSS compass indicate? Quote rule 19…Both internal and external asked me various situations.. What are the sound and light signals for an aground vessel? In restricted visibility which is a give way and a stand on vessel? What do u mean by not impeding the safe passage of a. Vessel?F1
11-MAY-18ANISHStarted with gyro principle and problem faced in higher lat n reason for that.Auto pilot fail during ur watch ( ALL NORMAL STEPS AS WE TAKE ONBOARD …BUT HE   SPECIALLY WANTS TO HEAR I WILL START 2ND TELEMOTOR)Girding of tugsWx routine Routine guide and relationship with any ror rule ? Not to impede explain and while explaining told me to quote rule 8 f and explain me (TAKE FISHING VSL /VSL LESS THAN 20 MTR OR SAILING VSL AND TSS/NARROW CHANNEL SITUATION CROSSING ,,,NO NEED TO EXPLAIN HIM IN WORDS)Then 2-3 situations in TSS ( ALL CROSSING SITUATIONS BETWEEN DIFF TYPES OF VSL AND ACTION AS PER WHICH RULE )Passage plan from mumbai to dubai as managment point of view Frontal depression.Ur alone on bridge master not well    Ur proceeding for anchorage engines on dead slow … sudden eng break down 4  Miles shalow patch … ur action / how  u will stop / Now ur speed 2 knowts will u able to steer ?? If no then what u will do ?  ( I JUST TOLD HIM RUDDER CYCLING AND HE ASKED ME TO EXPLAIN HIM AND ALSO HAVE YOU DONE IT ACTUALLY ONBOARD …SO JUST SAY YES N MAKE ANY STORY HE LIKES TO HEAR I HAVE DONE IT PRACTICALLY …..)F1
8-JULY-21AWASTHIQuote Rule safe speed Approaching sign of TRS Which is dangerous Quadrant Voyage from mundra to cochin as a mates From where you will get the info about ocean currents, what all publication? What are the advantages of getting info about the currents? How will you assist Master in navigation? How will you use TSS?F1
6-JULY-21AWASTHIYou are 4-8 morning watch, gps fails, action? How to take star sight what is CZD , TZD, LHA arise how to take over watch what all to check on bridge before taking over watch why to come 15 min before watch lights and shapes positioning and technical details (all) you see single red light on port bow , action ?? how will u make sure that you dont reach late on watch SART, EPIRB Lifebuoy on wings with buoyant smoke details Williamson turn Master standing orders Lat and long of India Why we have time zone +0530 How zones are divided Distress signals How many rules and annexes? RV situationsF1
14-FEB-20AWASTHIROR situations, Star sight calculation, Names of some bright stars, how will you determine with stars to consider for sight, Methods to determine position at sea, Sextant errors, TRS warnings and action, Passage planning as a chief mate.F1
9-SEPT-19AWASTHIMeaning of my name and place of origin And personal talk to start with Then he asked about plan from dahej to amsterdam Then kept asking q to evrything i said Like loadlines, Weather, Watchkeeping, Compass to box from south to west Number of cardinal points in compass rose Sub cardinal points in compass rose Value of Angle for one point Then about gps Gyro compass principal Magnetic compass principlesF1
11-JULY-19AWASTHISituations between power driven and sailing vessels(cross questioning),ship reporting systems in India, methods of position fixing, noon sight calculation, errors of gyro, what is bridge procedures guide, gyro failure action. How as a mate you will ensure management of crew on board, types of facsimile charts, requirements for eta and detail explanation, damage control plan, difference between piracy and armed robbery, docs as per isps code and ism code, Causes of ocean currents, When we use shm for tide calculation, Countries in region a and b IALA buoyage system, difference between climatic and weather routeing, How will u rig ground tackle and it’s use, what is one fathom bank.F1
14-MAY-19AWASTHI• Tie was sort ofloose, fired for that at first succeeded by lecture on first impression and presentation etc. • Introduction, type of v/l, native details , Family details, local political leaders, who vs who in this election, Home minister , Company name meaning & why, where u  did GMDSS, What is meaning of college name ‘AMET’ who is owner, Hw did u get in merchant navy and 50% of oral time was used up by these questions in detail, discussion. How did u get to DG, where staying her, how much distance from thane to here , came how, how much fare etc.  • Never use any short forms like PD Vessel etc or any such • He is lie detection machine, so tell truth, don’t lie, he will catch and find u lying or outsmarting him, all such general stuff of truthfulness becos he is not merely sitting to take Q&A Orals but to find weather how confident, competent, and situational awareness you are in life too , oral questions se jyada mujhe yehi yaad hai waha ka. (No past Questions, who took last orals only these details etc etc) 1. Passage Plan from Colombo to Jakarta, How will you plan ur passage and also with respect to bridge team, TSS. I was explaining him and with the word ballasting and loading, stress came into play, SF  &BM, I told loadicator , he asked if loadicator not working I wanted to say please stick to the subject but … I tried and he assumed based on  the method I told that i was not conversant. Lengthwise load curve buoyancy curve etc etc…. What is ullage, what is sounding, Spelling of ULLAGE 2. 1 situation  normal crossing- You have to be specific that determining ROC as per 7, bearing wala funda, found ROC exist or not and then as per 8 and  action as per which rule, defining crossing as per so and so rule  etc. 3. Quote rule 17 4. How do u do a navigation watch – do start with 15 -20 mins join watch? 5. How many rules, I  said 41, what are the latest, I said 39-41, he asked what is meaning of them-  I was explaining and then with my using the word IMO, he asked where is IMO I said Geneva, He asked r u sure its geneva, said yes, Asked to go out and find – Answer is London. (so whats in geneva – where is it is located etc/answer is Switzerland)F1
15-FEB-19AWASTHIHe started with introduction, which company, types of ships you have done GK questions. Asked me how many islands are there in japan? Name 3 biggest islands in japan? What was your last port of discharge? I said Vancouver so what is full form of BC (Vancouver BC) and in Washington DC full form of DC? Vancouver is famous for? Capital of Colombia? What all types of vegetables are there since my father is farmer. – Voyage plan from Sikka to Japan as a mate – Weather hazards in the voyage. I said TRS. How do you know trs will be there??. What is cirrus cloud?? Cross question – Effective BTM? – Cross questions in BTM. – What is magnetic compass, where it is located, components. – Navigation in river as a mate? -what is safe speed?? Head on situation??F1
13-DEC-18AWASTHIStarted with GK lots of GK…. I felt like I am giving GK exams rather than Chief mates oral exams ….. but he slips in questions of different function in between your GK exams …. Ship Routeing. Difference between Gyro compass. And Magnetic Compass. What is the difference between True North and Magnetic Called … When is Variation East and West How to remove bubble from a Magnetic Compass Fluid in Magnetic Compass Molecular formula for ethyl Alcohol Why Distilled water and Ethyl Alcohol used in the Magnetic Compass . Magnetic Elements Parts of Magnetic Compass What are Flinder bars and Soft Iron Spheres used for . Warning sign of TRS Quote Rule 6 Only one situation that to normal Crossing situation no other targets open sea condition…. I am the give way vessel …. why such action and as per what rules… No cards no annexes nothing then related to rules and situations From where you will ocean currents What is Roeuting charts and contents . What is fathom …. conversation of fathom into feet… Where is one fathom bank …. have you transit Singapore StraitsF1
14-NOV-18AWASTHIStarted with passage plan for a log Carrier from Malaysia to Japan….told him marpol loadline cargo.. lashing check…n boom question change Position plotting.. told him terrestrial n celestial.. have examples till I reached ex meridian.. Y ex meridian… how to calculate.. plz study this in detail.. he asks d formula too Ecdis correction…how to do it One situation… vessel dead ahead in the same direction… started with master’s standing orders as CPA 2 mile stuff so would never get her any close like that situation cause incase our steering fails n our speed is more then we will collide.. one short blast alter to stbd….here he asked “did you ask me if there is sufficient sea room?” I just said sorry sir n is there any…he smiled and said sea.. so I stood with my earlier action Then he asked “have you ever done anchoring..I said I hd been for anchor stations as a cadet n now mostly assisting master on the bridge..he asked d same thing again n said d same thing again….he asked what do you you mean by 4 in water…told him 4th lugless joining shackle at waterline.. Trs warning signs…told him stuff from Subramanian. Echo sounder errors. What arrangements did you have on your last ship for ETA..I said I had EMERGENCY TOWING BOOKLET…LOG carrier.. ETA is for ETB they had listed the possible ship equipment that could be used for towing. Rule 6..quote Ships routeing Magnetic compass..what checks to do When to use long n short pulse for radarsF1
14-NOV-18AWASTHIHow will you plan a passage from Mumbai to Cape Town? OPW. How will you what publication you have on-board? ECDIS AIO update. Magnetic compass. Boxing of compass from S to W. Sextant errors. Weather routing. TRS approaching signs. One ROR situation. What is ground tackle? Dragging anchor action when master is not onboard .. Action as a mate?F1
13-NOV-18AWASTHIStarted with GK lot. Where r u from? How many Chakra in Konark temple? How many Temple in Puri? How to protect your house from lightening? What u should check when u go to see girl for marriage. Why girl where glass chudi. Material of break band. Your shirt material. Port Dahej when established. Meaning of Dahej & lots. hat is management. How u do bridge management. Ship Roueting. Magnetic compass component. What is GPS? Warning sign of TRS. Which is dangerous quadrant. How to avoid. Formation of TRS. What is latent heat. What is barograph? Merquiry barometer. How would u know pressure dropping for TRS.  Preparation before Anchoring. How to make fast tug. Android barometer principle. Quote Rule 17. Only one situation that to normal Crossing situation and head on, open sea as per what rules. No cards no annexes nothing then related to rules and situations From where you will ocean currents.  And ship routening. What is Roeuting charts and contents. Something about Japan.F1
12-SEPT-18AWASTHIIntroduce yourself Why did you fail? Preferred channel to starboard region A describe. ROR situations involving towing and PD, PD and CBD, rv situations. Errors of gyro. Why gyro doesn’t work in higher latitudes? Wants to know the principle and not just the mathematical reason. What is skip distance? Planning a passage through ice. From where will you get real time ice information? How do you ensure you receive nav warnings for a particular nav area? EGC (as it was my failing question) Navtex. Range of operation. Uses. TRS. How does it form and why only in tropical latitudes? How to correct magnetic compass. What are the uses of those spheres? Very practical guy and wants only straightforward answers.F1
9-JULY-18AWASTHIHe was sitting all this while along with Capt. Awasthi so it seems he was quite satisfied hearing the answers. So did’nt ask too many questions. It was a shocker to me frankly cuz I’ve heard stories about him but then who cares if all goes well. As far as Capt. Awasthi is concerned he is Old School and pretty much sticks to his set of questions and seems like a decent guy. But he would ask you a lot of general knowledge questions in between and would try to confuse you for other questions. He is old school so be really thorough with:. 1. Sextant 2. Sights 3. Celestial and terrestrial position fixing 4. Magnetic compass 5. Celestial definitions One tip: If internal is sitting along with the external speak your answers crystal clear and loud with confidence. I screwed up few times here and there but then admit if you are not aware of something. 1. Turning circle and importance. 2. Emergency steering gear test requirements and procedure. Which steering motor is dedicated for it? 3. Inputs to 2nd mate for passage plan. He signed the exn45 and said okay you are passed. Yeah have got to say “What a relief it was today”.F1
9-JULY-18AWASTHI1. 6-7 ROR situations 2. Star sight procedure in detail. 3. Cocked hat and how would you resolve. 4 Lots of general knowledge questions in between. 5.1st and 2nd acrew adjustments in a sextant 6. GPS and radar failed,how would you find latitude,how would you go about collision avoidance in such a case. 7. Factors to consider for selecting stars for sights. 8. How is magnitude of stars calculated. 9. Quote rule no.17. 10. Emergency steering gear test and procedure. 11. Approaching signs of a trs.Avoiding action. 12. FWD and aft ETA arrangements,requirements and procedures with power and without power. 13. What is UNCLOS, UNICEF. 14. Full form of NOIDA and Governor of Delhi. 15. Magnetic compass diagram and all parts with purposes. Define magnetic compass. 16.Liquid inside compass bowl and chemical formula for ethylene glycol. 17.Errors of a sextant and asked if you have actually done corrections? 18.BNWAS working and if you can change the settings or not? 19. Characteristics of navigation lights. 20. CZD and TZD definitions 21.Barograph and procedure to change paper. 22.Signs of an approaching TRS 23.Master’s standing orders and night order. 24.Asked about how to use star finder in detail.F1
12-JULY-18AZADTypes of current, Causes of current. Anchor vsl and aground vsl lights and shapes ( Got confused so was not happy) principle of Gyrocompass ( Going too much deep in to the chapter was not able to answer to his satisfaction) He said that is enough for function 1 i cant give u fun 1 even though Capt OAK has given u , u will have to come next time well prepared.F1
15-JUNE-18AZADLast attempt failing question Narrow channel – overtaking – when to give sound signal Vessel crossing from stbd qtr nearly 20 degree abaft the beam Ocean currents Currents in Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea SW monsoon Horizontal and vertical spacing of lights Screening of side lights Cut off sector for side light in foreword direction Procedure for adjusting side light after repairF1
19-JUNE-19BAIJALHow a gyro is made North seeking? You have to transit an area of high tidal stream, how would you go about it? Will you take it to be following or ahead? Why are currents in some places north flowing and some places south flowing? Can you talk about rule 8? which part of rule 8 is contradicted by another rule? Can you give an example of how rule 8 is applied in another rule with respect to “the effectiveness of this action shall be carefully checked” (after I had quoted that part) How is a new danger marked?F1
14-DEC-18BAIJALYou are in an area with 6 knots tidal stream, your speed 9 knots.. what advise will you give to master…..kept on asking anything else? No info source available in the same situation, how will you proceed? How do you make gyro north seeking (in detail) What is the use of Flinders bar? With models (two ships) explain the principles of collision avoidance specifying rules Explain Action to avoid collision with rule in detail0 Where all in colregs is the word impede and with reference to what? TRS determination and various cross questions. How will you determine the distance of TRS from your position without any info source available? Draw lights of a Towing vsl seen end on. What are the characteristics of the lights? Difference in underway and making way lights. Lights for a PDV making way. What type of vessels show different lights in making way?F1
5-JULY-21BAWEJA1. GPS errors, gyro errors(i said lat & damp, lat-co-spd, ballistic deflection he wanted to hear one imp one) 2. Quote rule 39,40,41 & screening of lights 3. Difference between standard compass & standard magnetic compass( both are same he wanted to hear placed fore & aft line and safe distance from other eqts) 4. How will u assist master in command making decision(I said ans according to pawan notes but he wanted pointwise like management of traffic & weather managemnf he said these two to me ) 5. Mumbai to Rotterdam passage plan as per chief mate(answered all frm pawan notes but I don’t know what one most Imp point he wanted to hear) 6. Cardinal mark( He wants to hear it is same both in region a & b) 7. Indian ship reporting an who operates 8. Taking over navigational watch(He wants pointwise, 1st come 15min before & 2nd.master night order etc). 9. One vsl port qrts in rv action, same vsl now on stbd bow action 10. One vsl crossing from Port bow roc exist action, target vsl not taking any action what next ( I told as per rule 17 I will take action by stbd alteration but forgot to tell 5rapid blast so wrong) 11. What is synoptic chart and info from it 13. TRS define and signs 14. Examples of cold and warm currents in Atlantic Ocean 15. Difference btwn beaching and groundingF1
17-JUNE-21BAWEJAAll 3 rules of part F, quote Rule 19, one vsl in stbd qrtr In rv action, gyro principle and errors, HBW & VBW, difference btw magnetic and gyro, How to keep effective watch, how ull assist master in command making decision, mumbai to newyork plan as per chief mate, weather routing, synoptic charts, TRS signs and actions, fog signal of aground, screening of lights cutoff, buys ballots law.F1
17-MARCH-20BAWEJAAs I entered he asked me written status i said clear in 1st attempt both phase 1 and 2 Then asked which attempt of orals i said 2nd Who took ur orals last time I said Capt. Panigrahi n Sundaram Write your last failing questions and he asked that 1.Rule 8 2.Performance Standard RADAR, GYRO, DOPPLER 3.Ship Routeing System Present Question 1.Echo Sounder error 2.Doppler Log error 3.What is aeration 4.Steering Requirement 5.Rule 5,6. 6.RV signal of Trawler,Pilot Vsl(here he want to hear in additional 4short blast) 7.Day signal of towed vsl ( here he want to hear if length exceeds 200m) 8.Which all vsl shows yellow light(I said him towing vsl, air cushion vsl, he said me one more n said go out n find) 9.Cards only two FV seen from port and other card only 1 red light( before starting card he said me I want to hear word to word) 10.ARPA Alarms ( here with CPA,TCPA,Guard Zone,Target Lost he wants to hear equipment failure or any sensor failure) 11.What is synoptic Chart 12.What is weather facsimile 13.Signs of TRS( here he wants to hear Cirrus clouds from direction of swell with other points) 14. Avoiding Action in dangerous quadrantF1
2-DEC-19BAWEJA-Started with previous attmpt qstn. -SHA def with diagram -Meridian def -Tide calculation – Errors of Echosounder -Alarms of ARPA -2 ROR CARDS( Fishing vessel / Trawler ,one day card cones with apex together) – Passage plan from mumbai to rotterdam , as chief mate points to consider – vdr/svdr 10 recording difference – signs of approaching TRS – Weather associated with TRS – name all clouds in TRS – TRS avoiding actionF1
18-NOV-19BAWEJAStarted with which type of ship ROR card. For situation. TRS developing action Polar code How will u assist 2off for passage plan in polar area Weather report details Weather fax. Front.. Cold  and warm front. Limitation of ECDIS.F1
18-OCT-19BAWEJA*Errors of echo sounder *Working principle of gyro *Alarms of arpa passage planning *from Mumbai to Kobe (I missed out saying about special areas) *TRS signs and actions * Cards- air cushion vessel * Sound signals of pilot vessel * ROR situations with models * Horizontal and vertical sectors of lightsF1
10-OCT-19BAWEJADifference between VDR & SVDR in terms of Data recorded Errors of Echo Sounder Ror Cards 1. Fishing Vsl 2. Trawler 3. Trawler shooting nets Day Card no 28 4. Trawler Day card No 26 Alarms of ARPA total 4 alarms (CPA & TCPA, TGT LOST, GUARD ZONE etc) What is Trial Manoeuvre, what all info does it give (He wanted to hear CPA & TCPA)F1
11-SEPT-19BAWEJA1. Write all questions on which u failed last time. 2. ROR cards Towing vessel from astern, traweler from astern, meaning of underway and making wasy through the water wrt to traweler and power driven vessel 3. Errors of GPS and explain all and max error in each. ( to be written on a piece of paper ) 4. Rule 19 D and e. Told me to write both the rules on paper and wanted me to include the key words also. 5. ROR situation , vessel right astern of u faster than u ,who’s responsibility to keep clear.what action will you take. ( Got grilled quite a lot on this ) 6. How will you conduct passage planning in northern latitude. 7. Equipments used at higher latitude. 8. Principle of working of gyro compass and difference between gyro compass and gyroscope. 9. Principle of speed log and and what is Janus config? errors of the same. 10. Difference between VDR and SVDR. (He wanted all 10 diference) (to be written on a piece of paper).F1
6-AUG-19BAWEJAPassage planning, one situation normal, one day card, aground vsl fog signals rule 19 and rule 13, TRS, & many more I can’t rememberF1
5-JULY-19BAWEJAWhat is TRS? What are types of currents? Arpa alarms -(gave him 4 alarms stated in pawans notes but he wanted one more ) Cards – ram card with 2 mast lights end on – i said it was “ram “ but he wanted the whole thing -“ram or dredger in underwater operation” and wasn’t happy that I didn’t identify dregder….. echo sounder errorsF1
7-JAN-19BAWEJAAnchor watch in Mumbai.. Master ashore..?? .. He wanted to. Listen that we should also call/inform Master. Alarms of ARPA Trial Manouvre Vessel grounded.. State actions Errors of Echo Sounder Ship routeing system ROR cards..and i fumbled….. After that no more questions for function 1F1
3-JAN-19BAWEJAPast failing Questions Cards X band and S band radar difference Errors of Echo sounder ARPA alarms NOP Trial manoeuvre? Why to use? Indication? T Y we do PM of Radar? Efficiency Formation of TRS Ocean currents How will you find ex meridian limits?F1
4-DEC-18BAWEJAPast failing Questions. Cards. X band and S band radar difference. Errors of Echo sounder. ARPA alarms. NOP. Trial manoeuvre? Why to use? Indication? T Y we do PM of Radar? Efficiency Formation of TRS. Ocean currents. How will you find ex meridian limits?F1
14-JUNE-18BAWEJA1) ROR situations – very basic ones. 2) 4-5 cards (Fishing vessel, Aground vessel, Day cards of Trawler). He is interested only in identification and action. 3) Why do we need SHM to calculate tide? 4) How will u calculate ex meridian limits. 5) TRS avoiding action(wants to hear 1-2-3 rule and asked me to draw the same and also the stuff given in subra). 6) Symbols of Cold front, warm front and Occluded front 7) Errors in gyro (I explained course speed error and started with damping error, then he changed the question. He wants to hear the formula and how the course speed error and damping error is corrected) 8) Action if vessel aground (  the first step he wants to hear is stop engine and apart from tht steps such as  u vl ask engine room to change to upper sea suction, lights and shapes and damage stability). 9) Errors of Doppler log 10) Horizontal spacing of lights 11) Cut off limits of side lightsF1
12-JUNE-18BAWEJA– planning in transiting Suez as a Chief Officer – ARPA Alarms – Synoptic charts – TRS – Dangerous quadrant and in which lat TRS occurs –  North Atlantic currents – Only two ROR Cards – sailing vessel of less than 20 m or less with side lights in a lantern and the other one Two white lights one above the other and side lights (towing or power driven vessel) – Only one situation – Crossing in clear visibility and you are the stand on vessel what actions to take and if she doesn’t alter then what actions to take – Collision – your actions – What is Trial Manoeuvre and whats the sign displayed for it on radar and how does it work and its regulations – Gyro principles, Errors and how to correct it – Ship routing system – INDSAR  and INSPIRES – Difference in VDR AND S VDR. What all data is stored in VDR extra than SVDR – Gyro fails – Actions – Principles of watchkeepingF1
15-MAY-18BAWEJA1) Radar to be started at open sea, procedure? Went deep with radar questions like performance monitor, efficiency, etc… 2) Performance standards of ARPA? 3) 2 cards, 2 situations (RV and clear visibility) 4) 1 card of buoy (Isolated Danger) 5) Passage from Mumbai to Kobe (Japan) in December, plan as a chief mate? 6) Last ship make of Gyro? 7) Vessel aground in open sea, Action?F1
1-MAY-18BAWEJAAnchoring in ice Damping in tilt Principles of watchkeeping Alarms of ARPA Some 9-10 cards, No situation TRS – approaching signs Grounding action Why u stop engines in grounding? Collision and how to do damage control? Radar starting procedure Why radar goes in standby mode? What does it do?F1
11-MARCH-20BEHLWhat checks will do on gyro for long sailing? You changed steel in dry dock what will u chk as soon as sail out. What checks on magnetic compass before compass adjuster boards, Polar code (full in-depth), Draw synoptic chart and explain details In it. Which ROR rules will u expect yr 2ndmate n 3rd off to know by heart? Deep water anchoringF1
16-DEC-19BEHLAurora phenomenon and where to find this info for what purpose did you open mariners hand book for…  i said fir seeing bio sulfonication information. Information of ice where will you get that from (he wants to hear np 100 publication). How will you come to know if you vdr fails or not functioning that what all equipments it was recording (I said vdr manual, he said where else i said imo permormance standards, he furthur asked wher on board you will find performance standards couldnt answer “i guess it would be given in manula only lol”). What is bore tide ( i answered as per pawan kumar but bhel said wrong ans plz check internet for correct answer, i checked it something else dosent match with pawan notes) – submarine identification buoy ( i said special mark he said incorrect – i checked with a master and he said the info is given in annual notice to mariners at some pages , honestly never knew about this if any one on board can check and fwd the ans in the group will be great for the candidates) – west cardinal mark without top mark identify and all characters – iala b preferred channel to stbd buoy ( identify and all character i took time in this and he said bhai itna time lega toh jahaj thuk jayega, but i answered correctly in the end, he wants to be quick in identification) – vdr requirements – master ice reporting regulation as per solas (i answered solas ch5 reg 32) – he drew a light house and is character and asked me to explain each and every part of it “oc. w.r 12 m 70 sec 12M/18M” (this was a sector light and drew the same as it will be on th ba chart) – give 20 points when taking over anchor watch – tell me 7 important markings on chart when passage planning ( i told draw course, mark course and dist, nga, any caution mark like fishing heavens or military exercise zone mark or highlight it, i said tidal diamond he said its already marked couldn’t think of more please find out on your own- i was basically panicking – lat 40 deg n and sun at winter solstice what alt will you ask all your cadet to set on sextant for meet pass (couldn’t ans, the correct answer is you do the latitude by meridian altitude calculation in reverse and get the ans it is approx 27d,.  lat dec given find mzd and then find talt by subtracting 90d) – ocean currents and typesF1
9-DEC-18BEHLESP…. i told him about survey and use of esp….but he wants to hear in detail requirements for bulk carrier, containers, oil tankers and certificate in it. Type of anchors. Ac14 in detail and draw it. Grain code contain. He needs all content. Draw damage stability table how u c on ship.. of type 2, type 3 lodicator.(1st he will ask which loadicator u have on your ship). Grounding action as mate. Sound and some lights. Some ROR situations. He will give u IMDG code, supplement and tell u to find details of some cargo by giving u un number. Using above tables take action…. fire on container, spill …he says AB reports u UN number take actions. Then show proper segregation and separation from code in detail how you will go about loading rocket propelled granate. Shipper has given you wrong declaration of cargo how you will go about loading and stowage. You have to load that cargo. D1 and D2 ballast water treatment with values as per requirement. Load line survey told him. But he wants measurements of hatch coaming, air pipes, air vents, seals on deck and under deck. Holding power of anchor. I told him as per sea bed 2 to 4 times weight of anchor.. Name types of ice. Where will u get information about same…..Mariners handbook. Breaking yaw. I told him what it means. He also wants drawing for same. Passage plan from MUMBAI to UK. What is occultation draw and show. Gyro erratic in high lat. Formula for CSE and Damping error. Y r they high at pole explain me. I told about horizontal and vertical component also he wants something diff. Why you use soft iron. He needs to hear coefficient D correction. Limitations of radar. I told him all. But he is interested in all values for same. Do all solas regulation of solas ch5 …he asks any questions and tells u to relate with it. VGA. I told him all about VGA ( even there is vdo of mersk line about the same where they explain it) …he doesn’t want just in lay man terms like methode 1 and 2. he needs more information check IMO reg and ms act for same. fcking for all questions he needs presiz values. He also says which MS act states it. Say act no. Lazer gyro. Damage stability calculations no 2 db and no 2 hold flooded. he need calculations. not actions what u will take …he tell sub he hi action lenge gv me calculation and if u tell him about lodicator then woow he will ask where will u find how it looks like what all values u get…..have u operated it any time. Type of winds. All that gradient, geostropic winds and all …… ERS how do they calc…c vdo on YouTube He has all wooden buoy without top Mark he makes channel and then gives u situations….F1
13-AUG-18BEHL1. Voyage planning 2. Input to second officer 3. What you will check in passage plan 4. Types of ice 5. Gloccary about ice in which publication 6. Pwom 7. Wind chill factor 8. Cold weather precautions 9. Effect on gyro 10. CSE depend on which coefficient of latitude 11. Correction to gyro 12. Navigation through buoyed channel without topmark 13. Cards 14. Types of anchor 15. AC 14 16. Holding power of anchor 17. Immediate danger how much cable u will decide for anchoring 18. Submarine buoy ( Given in annual summary notice to mariner) 19. Emergency wreck marking buoy 20. Describe preferred channel to port for region BF1
12-JULY-18BEHLBore tide. Polar code. PWOM. Types of anchor. Holding power of anchor. What is AC 14 anchor. What is breaking yaw. Anchor dragging action. Doldrums. Air chill effect. Types of ice.F1
10-SEPT-18C.L. DUBEYRule-2,5,6 What is general practice of seamen, what do u mean by ‘any constraints imposed by the radar range scale in use’ Couple of ROR situation How will you take over watch in rough weather at coastal passage at 4am in morning? How many people will are available on bridge for look out ( wanted to know diff watch level)? How will engage Em. Steering. How to calculate Gyro error at sea , Formula to calculate  Amplitude.F1
15-MAR-18C.L. DUBEY Rule 6, 9, 10, 19 1 situation RV Polar Code What equipment for Polar What is GNSS Compass Why Polar code What all equipment get effected. Any effect on AIS (unable to answer) What is ship Routing Passage planning How will you calculate compass error How to calculate using amplitude Can you calculate amplitude of moon & stars, if yes how if no why no 2nd off did departure checks calls you and says no compass error bcoz cloudy sky how will you find error Stars sight Complete details Polaris sight Complete details What is totally correction for stars Why apply a0, a1, a2 correction, what are these correction What is inhore traffic zone, who uses What is weather Routing Wer you will get Router info, which all publications to refer What all info in ocean passage, Routing chart Info in ships RoutingF1
12-JUNE-18C.L.DUBEYRule 5,6,10 Situations Methods of gyro error Amplitude draw diagram – when taking amplitude Weather routeing Polaris use Radar limitations Take over watch in R.V Collision actionF1
18-DEC-19CHANDVoyage planning as per mate Your vsl will transit in high lat in the next voyage…action as mate? Your vsl aground… action? Information given in polar code wrt navigation and pollution prevention aspect INSPIRES Characteristics of radar Arpa alarms Heavy wx precautions as mate Meteorological equipments available onboard What all equipments will work on bridge in case of blackout?F1
13-DEC-19CHANDHow will you do safe Navigating TRS. Beaching in details. ROR card No. 235 and Action. Why are you not getting married? Stages of collision with distance. Rule 9 10 18 19. Errors of GPS. Explain all equipment on bridge Gyro fails LRITF1
7-NOV-18CHANDQuote rule 19 & 17 Various situation Fog signal As chief officer role in passage planning How will you reach your cadet about annex 4 distress signal Grounding stranding beachingF1
11-SEPT-18CHANDAground vsl lts Aground vsl defn Vdr information Who is authorised to take vdr info 4Stages before collision what are they?F1
17-JULY-18CHAND1) Passage plan ( Ras Tanurah to Singapore) how will you assist 2nd officer. 2) Rule 13,16,19 understandings 3) TRS ( why dangerous semicircle called dangerous) 4) Situation Restricted visibility base on 19 (e) 6) Stages of collision. And situation based upon them. 7) Noon sight calculation. 8) Polar code and type of certification. 9) Current in Indian Ocean during northeast and southwest monsoon. 10) Solar eclipse criteria.F1
6-JULY-18CHANDFirst he asked me fn 1 kyon nahin mila terko last attempt mein…jahaz chalana bhul gaya kya… Then he told me be honest with me and if you dont know any answer please tell you dont know.. Then he started 1. 2 situations one head on and vsl is in 3 miles while from stbd odr vsl is overtaking and TSS situation fishing vsl crossing..wt action?? 2. Buoys, Flags(past failing questions?) 3. 4 stages of collision avoidance 4. seasonal corrections in tide..y u do…(past failing question) 5.Annex 1 -formula for intensity and high speed craft requirement. 4. what is LRIT and how it works,   ECDIS advantages & lim 5.Inertial navigation system 6.Fohn wind effect 7.How is monsoon formed 8. Turning circle details 9. Vsl collided. Ur on bridge.Master injured. All Actions 10. Ground tackleF1
11-SEPT-19COUTINOErrors of GPS? Difference between GPS & DGPS Buy ballots law in detail TRS approaching signs & avoiding actions? Polar code ? Date in force? Precautions as a mate while transiting polar regions. Synoptic chart and prognosis chart in detail Piracy area ? Precautions as a mate What is manoeuvring light? Situation – PD VSL  and towing VSL (what lights &symbol) Another situation in RVF1
18-JUNE-19COUTINOWhat all instruments are available on-board for navigation? Errors of GPS? what is GDOP ? POLAR code ? when it came into force ? what all precautions will u take ? what compass will use ? why not gyro compass in higher lat ? ship grounded on your watch what is your action as a mate ? synotic charts prognosis chart ? Trs action ? how will u identify ? tidal stream ? ETA and ETB requirements ? Towing vessel lights and what will your action be if she is on your port bow ? Port Bow  target vsl in restricted visibility ? whos responsibility ? No cardsF1
17-MAR-18COUTINO– TRS.(each and everything, including what is Buys Ballot’s Law) – Synoptic & Prognosis. – Weather Routening. – Situations. – Fog Signals. – Buoys. – Rule 10, 19 (Im sorry sir, would not be able to quote that. Explained both rules to him with sketches.) – Inputs as chief officer for passage plan. – How to train your cadet on taking sights. (Lot of cross questions.) – Errors in GPS. – Errors in Gyro. (For errors I was just naming them, he didn’t like that. Then I improvised and explained all in brief.)F1
12-DEC-20DANIELWhich type of vessel u hav sailed? Symbols for flood tide, EBB tide, PA, SD Few situations in R.V. Few situation in clear visibility Master is unconscious action for evacuation? Pan message how u transmit on VHF What is code for medical emergency From where u will get that? U r in Japan 2+1 red light flashing??F1
14-FEB-19DANIELBlind navigation technique? As per what regulation u carry equipment’s on board? He wanted to hear reg. no?? Requirement of LRIT? What is ROTI?  What is formula for that? How will you determine turn? Cross question on that What is parallel indexing?? Where u use??F1
19-JUNE-19DANIEL JOSEPHResponsibility of IHO, IALA purpose, ICAO and  Iamsar relation. what is derelict.. Chapter 5 carriage requirements, Chapter 5 Master discretion, Reg 24 chapter 5 , requirements for autopilot heading and track control req., steering gear test, mandatory publications , what is LNSS plan? certificate as per chapter 5 solasF1
7-JUNE-19DANIEL JOSEPHAsked me to introduce my self in detail What equipment is there onboard ship to calculate the atm.pressure?working principle of aneroid barometer.What factor affects the atm.pressure?why do it changes?what causes it to change?ETA / Req. as per which convention with reg.numberName the SOLAS chapters.Which SOLAS ch.& reg. enlists the requirement to carry Nav.EquipmentWhat is the pressure in this place?F1
16-MAR-18DANIEL JOSEPHRule 2,9,19 No cards Situation third mate calls you and told mine clearance vessel just 1 .5 miles right ahead action and what might have gone wrong why mine clearance?? Loadline survey what all items you check Anchor dragging action  Currents TSS in detail  Voyage planning from Mumbai to Canada Beaching in detail with refloating .. sailient features of B/LF1
17-MARCH-20DARODKARAs I enter asked me which ship u sailed on from where are you, what is d speciality of ur place.. 1. Light of Trawler at Anchor 2. Where the white light of Trawler is placed. 3. TRS 4. At management level how will you come to know that 2nd mate has taken consideration for tidal stream or not while planning the passage.F1
9-APRIL-19DESHPANDEHe started with last attemt, Surveyor names and failing questions ,and what was wrong?    He asked which is ur fvrt function, i said fun-1.  He started with ROR situations. ROR Sit- u r on PD vsl , towing vsl crossing from port bow, range 2 miles, Action. ROR Sit – TSS u r on PD vsl following traffic lane, one PD vsl coming in opposite direction in same lane , nearly reciprocal course , Action. ; Diff in VTS and ship reporting system and as per which reg. of SOLAS? TRS Coming Action, Why RHSC in NH is dangerous? Diff between TRS & TLD? Gyro Function? Gyro in higher lat? Diff in Parallel indexing and position fixes?F1
7-MAR-19DESHPANDEROR Rule 10, explain ? TRS action and dangerous quadrant & why? Buoyage system- danger mark specification? Auto- pilot fail, Action? Girding of tugs? Weather routeing ? Which Reg? TSS 2 situations Frontal depression? Passage plan as per mate? Gyro north seeking and errors?F1
12-FEB-19DESHPANDEIt told him was not up 2 the mark in gyro and magnetic compass. He asked r u aware of all the concept. I said yes. -Rule 9 -Narrow channel SV overtaking u from stbd side dist 1 miles and it is in sails and on collision course ( I gave him all the funda for o’taking ) she is not taking action and VTS ask u 2 keep clear what will u do.( Tell him what action and as per what rule) – Lights of sailing vsl -lights of trawler -Diff btwn VTS and ship reporting. – BTM and BRM what is it. – Pilot ask something to capt and he gave wrong info what will u do ( Told him about challenge and response from BTRM ) -Rule 10 2~3 situations in TSS.( I forgot to mention call master he said always that should be the 1st thing u should do u have come for mates orals and not masters orals) -Fronts – Wx fax (Asked me draw the synoptic chart and it’s symbols) -What is different btwn contingency and emergency. – What will u do in case of grounding. ( Told him 1st stop engines and then follow the checklist as per SMS). – Lights of aground vsl and sound signal – 2nd mate new onboard how will u familiarize him on bridge (told him As per checklist in SMS) – how will u navigate with Ecdis in Polar region. – what charts will u use in Polar regions. -What all things will u check in ecdis as a mate. – Asked me r u confident of taking the ship alongside without master (I said yes) asked me how will u take a short round turn.F1
7-FEB-19DESHPANDECards, TRS in detail. Currents – warm and cold with examples. Fronts – warm and cold. Mer to calculate. Rule 9. You see a fishing vessel on your port bow in narrow channel.. what’s your action What all will you check in ecdis as a mate. What is ridge and trough? Isolated danger mark. Form R. Navtex. What are mandatory messages in the navtex ..wants to know what a, b,d, l stands for?F1
11-OCT-18DESHPANDE-What is safety contour -What will happen if you cross safety contour.(told him that we will get visual and audible alarm, not satisfied) – what is SCAMIN( answered him- if we zoom out or zoom in beyond SCAMIN some data dissapears- not satisfied) ROR- one vessel on port bow and one on STBD qtr (he didn’t gave any CPA, TCPA or range).F1
7-JUNE-18DESHPANDETRS in detail Why Dangerous quadrant is called dangerous? Why only advance quadrant in RHSC is dangerous? Gyro overhauling what they do? How gyro works? Why Gyro gives error in heading at higher latitude? One crossing situation at calm sea good weather radar not operational  very basic and ask me to explain to third mate who is on watch ? How third mate should approach this kind of situations at sea? (Explained him about checking bearing and aspect,determine ROC exist or not everything than I can but still he wanted something different) How does strong prevailing wind affect formation of TRS? How GPS calculate position in detail?F1
8-MAY-19DESHPANDEY1. Started wid introduction 2. Last ship route 3. Passage plan between any two ports as per chief mate point of view 4. Warm current and cold current 5. Trough and ridge 6. Fronts 7. TRS in full detail 8. Equation of time 9. Many ROR cards 10. 2 situation 11. Routening charts 12. Vessel grounded action as a chief officer 13. Manoeuvring characteristics of vessel 14. Errors of aneroid barometerF1
7-JULY-21DEVESHPast failing questions Company and type of ship sailed on Lunar eclipse Deviation card : procedure to make How do you take sight Which method is preferred for morning sight and why? How do you take merpass In TSS, engine failure action Precautions in rv navigation Rule 19 quote Which all rules applicable in rv Situations : nuc on port bow, both sidelights on 4 point stbd.. few more Overtaking in narrow channel (bank effect, interaction) Can u overtake in nc what sound signal Synoptic and prognosis chart Trs – how to determine u r in dangerous quadrant How will u know that ur gyro has failed Warm and cold current Vsl aground and fv sound signal Fv light and shapesF1
8-APRIL-21DEVESHDescribe Polar Code Reasons Gyro Magnetic compass not working in high latitudes GNSS compass GLONASS/GALILEO description What is Datum of GLONASS? PZ90 How will it affect ECDIS? ECDIS limitations How can you use ECDIS for collision avoidance? ECDIS failure drills. RV you see one echo on Stbd bow? Appearing and disappearing. Action as OOW.F1
8-APRIL-21DEVESHU are in TSS of Singapore, Main Engine failed Action as Mate? RV situation: U are overtaking a Vessel which is doing 8 knots and U are doing 10 knots, Suddenly u saw one vessel in reciprocal course ahead of vessel to be overtaken, Action? How you take Merpass by sextant Altitude?F1
5-APRIL-21DEVESHLunar eclipse RV Situation (His standard one) Vessel 2 points on STBD bow. You can see masthead lights and both sidelights. which situation is it? Quote Rule 14 Which all rules are related to Restricted visibility Lights and shapes of a towing vessel. How do you take Meridian Altitude. Why is SHM Required? Errors of magnetic compass (He doesn’t want to hear about the co-efficients, variation, deviation, magnetic anomalies etc).F1
5-MAR-21DEVESHHe was in a hurry and as he saw I had got 7 from the external he said he will ask 1 questions if I give answer I go through or come next time Requirements of ETA Nuc lights Distance between day signalsF1
5-MAR-21DEVESHRv u can see a blip on the radar which is coming and going action N than cross questions on that ( Trial manoeuvre he wanted to hear .. if we will use that before taking action) How will I assist master Action on gps failure What all equipment will be effected on gps failure Will I use ais for collision avoidance and why Types of reports and where to find of it’s mandatory or no How will u Determine semicircle of TRSF1
5-MAR-21DEVESH1. What is True, Mean, Dynamic Sun 2. You come on bridge as chief and second/ third off handsover the watch where one vessel is converging on stbd side and other on port side head on.OPEN SEA SITUATION what will u do as a mate 3.purpose of Harmonic constant in tide calculation 4.    2 Ecdis onboard and one ecdis fails what all actions you will take as a mate 5. In open sea no targets and no land how will you evaluate the visibility in Nm. 6. How will you determine you are in Danger semicircle in NH. What is veering , backing? How frequently you will take wind bearing to determine it? will face your ship to true wind direction to determine the storm centre in actual scenario.F1
2-MAR-21DEVESHMoon augmentation Why -30 in moon corn Lunar eclipse explain Solar eclipse explain Equipments used in polar region don’t tell him equipments like radar echo, sounder etc. he wants to hear additional equipments carried onboard For polar region. ROR situations Crossing and overtaking combined and plenty cross questions on thatF1
6-NOV-20DEVESHGyro principal. Gyro error. How to correct gyro error. Gyro fail action. Which all equipment affect if gyro fail? What will happen in radar due to gyro fail? How u will get target info. In gyro fail how will u steer ur vsl? Why trs is not forming near  equator? Weather routing, 6,7simple situation of clr visibility. Open sea you nd lookout person on bridge ..suddenly lookout person  get unconscious action ? If u answer you will go and chk thn he asked … U will  chk thn who will keep watch…  Tss one vsl is coming behind u. Dist 1.5 miles  ..ur engine fail action labrador current and gulf stream  almost at similar latidue why one is cild where as other is warm current.? Est of africa  which all current …. Name Origin of labrador current, I must say he is good person  …no extra fingerings…F1
4-MARCH-20DEVESH-various situation -aground lights -oceans currents all -how to determine visibility in dark night when there are no vessels around -various lights NucF1
9-SEPT-19DEVESHSituations Wrt fishing traffic, Crossing, Action by stand on with fishing traffic, Polar code rqmts. for navigation, Ships routeing RV actions, Synoptic and prognostic charts, Rv radar not picking targets what will you do, TSS how do you navigate , As a mate what is required. From you for coastal navigation, Mate voyage planning.F1
9-JULY-19DEVESHAsked how is ROR – I said prepared well, you can ask Sir. Smiled and said offcourse I will and then didn’t asked any rule and cards 1. Normal situation – open sea head on and one vsl on port bow, action. Then same situation vsl on stbd bow 2. Magnetic and gyro higher lat 3. Equipments req at high lat 4. What is gnss compass 5. Both gps failed effect on Ecdis 6. Gyro fail effect on Ecdis 7. Polar Code requirement 8. Settling, steaming and damping errorF1
6-MAR-19DEVESHLunar eclipse Synoptic charts Prognosis charts Rule 5 6 9 10 13 Grilled me on rule 19 Y pl is perpendicular to azimuth Restricted visibility situations At night in open sea how will u determine range of visibility? What is the vertical angle of navigation lights? How much overlap can be of navigation lights? GPS errors & limitations, Gyro errors and limitations. TRS, YYY is LHSC navigable in TRS. YYY is dangerous quadrant called dangerous In TSS steering fails & rough weather approaching, actionF1
6-MAR-19DEVESH– In case sailing on a full-fledged ECDIS ship, vessel intends to go to a port of Refuge and vessel does not have permit for those charts. Action? Chart Agent 24hrs service not responding? Contact Company and they are also not able to arrange charts? In those scenario what a ship can do , any backup available ? – Charts / ECDIS update procedure ? How is the ship getting update ? – IMO standards for 2 Bridge Equipments : Magnetic Compass & ALDIS Lamp. Also state the requirements as per SIRE as I am sailing on tankers. – Procedure of taking bearings / compass error directly from Magnetic Compass from monkey Island. – Details about Magnetic Compass & Aldis Lamp – POLAR CODE – Additional equipments required in higher latitudes – ROR situations specially regarding RV conditions – Use of Trial Manoeuvring for Anti Collision purpose – Synoptic Charts / Prognosis Charts – Signs of an approaching TRS – Stranding / Beaching – Currents and factors required for currents – How will you assist master in decision makingF1
4-NOV-18DEVESHHow composite GC sailing is carried Out? (I explained him all by gnomonic chart and transferring)? Asked how u can save d distance- comparing and adjusting meridians on RL track not satisfied? How to check visibility without any target in open sea i said by table in nooris table? Various ROR situations confused me in give way and stand on vessel?F1
11-SEPT-18DEVESHPast failing questions which were as follows: Inspires and INDSAR co-ordinates (so i draw the diagram and explained) and use of both and who is in charge of them? ROR cards 1 white it. Then just asked lights for towing vl, which vsl do not show anchor lights, Rule 7,10,15,16,17 explanation, overtaking & crossing RV Situations, Safe water mark buoy specification, A radar target seen on radar by disappeared before acquiring it what will you do?, Eco sounder errors, what is Pythagoras error and why does it occur? Position fixing methods, star sight, ECDIS correction procedure, Nautical publication correction procedure, what are the advantages of ECDIS over paper charts?F1
11-SEPT-18DEVESHHow composite GC sailing is carried out? (I explained him all by gnomonic chart and transferring) Asked how u can save d distance- comparing and adjusting meridians on rl track not satisfied? How to check visibility without any target in open sea i said by table in Norris table? Various ROR situations confused me in give way and stand on vessel? This failed me in dis functionF1
11-SEPT-18DEVESHPast failing questions which were as follows: Inspires and Indsar co-ordinates (so i draw the diagram and explained) and use of both and who is incharge of them? ROR cards 1 white lt. Then just asked lights for towing vl, which vsl do not show anchor lights, Rule 7,10,15,16,17 explanation, overtaking & crossing RV Situations, Safe water mark buoy specification, A radar target seen on radar by disappeared before acquiring it what will you do? Eco sounder errors, what is Pythagoras error and why does it occur? Position fixing methods, star sight, ECDIS correction procedure, Nautical publication correction procedure, what are the advantages of ECDIS over paper charts?F1
3-JULY-18DEVESH-2 situations only in narrow channel – bulb gets fused and which bulb to be used for masthead light (didn’t know at all !!) Occlusion -2– 3 buoys he asked – gyro not working in higher latitudes? -Cadet has to take merpas at 40degress latitude. What altitude to set on sextant ? – synoptic charts – ice charts – warm front – frontal depressionF1
11-OCT-19GUPTARv situations Anchor dragging action Rv ,heavy wx u r on watch, action? Narrow channel precaution? Squat,how to reduce? Towed vessel lights? How towing wire can b seen at night? Ex meridian n limit? Light of fishing vsl at anchor? Star sight? Vsl coming 1 pt abaft ur beam from stbd side, clear visibility, action? What are cross current?F1
4-OCT-19GUPTA1. Dangerous quadrant in Northern hemisphere action. How to escape it. 2. Region A while departure from harbour u see a green conical buoy which side you will keep it. 3. Restricted visibility suddenly arises what is your action as mate. 4.Trs characteristics 5. Fog signal of towing vsl 6. Lights three white light in vertical direction 7. Fishing vsl lights. And also when fishing vsl is on anchor what light it will display. 8. What is tide . 9. When u r in port tide increases what is your action 10. Star sight. When n how to take. What you will Check?F1
7-JUNE-19GUPTAHow will you come to know the barometric pressure when you don’t have provided any meteorological aid to you when you at sea.Signs of TRSHow to secure anchor at sea ( too much cross questions on that ).Which wire will you use?calculate Breaking stress of that particular wire if I provided 20” dia.R.V. and two vessels are approaching in a narrow band of a restriceted waters,which rule will apply & why?does vsl has to give a long blast to show his presence?Vessel coming out of port in region “A”Assist master in anchoring? what all info. You will provide to master regarding anchoring prioir>Vessel transiting narrow channels in R.V. precautions?How to replace a cable of an anchor? Procedure & precautions.What is short stay? Which stay you will prefer ?Gave two P.D.V. and asked me to place them in a narrow channel? How they will head means what will be the positions of the vessel wrt the narrow channel?Sound signals for anchored vessel Very short tempered person. you tell all the things what you know exactly but still he will point out what you missed.F1
5-FEB-19GUPTAPast failing Questions What is Range of tide how it effects u as C/o explain in detail. Secondary port tide calculations why and how? Anchoring procedure, brought up position holding position, holding ground..lots of cross questions by Capt.Muduli both of them were together RV ur in bridge what u will do all details Rule 6, 24,35 How will u determine safe speed , visibility Steering fail actions, Various charts when u will use n why, Star sight calculations n  procedures in details,Trs  300nm action how to avoid, Dangerous Quadrant Action, Sextant errors  and few more Questions by him.F1
9-OCT-18GUPTAActions upon encountering restricted visibility Precautions while navigating in narrow channel Course alteration in narrow channel with heavy current Define WIG craft and state her lights What sound signal will you give while overtaking other vessel in narrow channel when you have sufficient searoom to overtake What sound signal will you give while going astern on engines in rv 3/4 ROR situations. 3/4 buoys. Detailed procedure to take staggered sight Gyro failure at sea Master ashore in Dahej and vessel starts dragging anchor Vsl in dangerous quadrant of TRS in southern hemisphere, action?F1
16-MAR-18GUPTAVessel in mumbai a tanker having a voyage to taiwan vai singapore. How will u proceed and if ur charterer is forcing you to take max cargo how will u do it.? – Maximum angle of sextant –  situation of 2 PD Head on and 1 PD has a obstruction on stbd side what will be your action? – TRS avoiding action if you are on the path of the TRS – Few more situations and also situations regarding lateral buoy – No cards no rules – RV master trying out engines astern what fog signals – Sailing130 mtrs propelled by machinary day and night signals – F.V / Trawler / mine clearance operation vs lights and shape – Prepare a ht. of eye tableF1
13-MAR-18GUPTAProcedure to take star sights.various cross questions on calculations. Action if radar fails. How will you ascertain ships position when gps and gyro fails. R.V. narrow channel heavy traffic and strong cross currents. How will you navigate. Vsl coming out of port and ypu see 2+1 red flasshing light..action..(i had to ask him which region after which he said region B) 4 -5 situations . Two white lights in a line..identify( i started with P/D vsl underway 50 mtrs or more.. fucked up on that part ..then he asked me can it be 40 mtrs..i said no..ans :can be less than 50mtrs as vsl less than 50 mtrs are not obliged but still can carry two masthead lights) Narrow channel you intend to overtake another vsl.. what signals you will use.( no signals as overtaking is possible without any action of the overtaken vessel ) RV you are making way and you  put your engines astern. How will you indicate that to the vessel astern of you. ( i said if making way than 1 prolonged blast..but i will increased the frequency n when m nt making way 2 prolonged blast with increased frequency) he said no . How will you ascertain that the chart is fully corrected.F1
9-DEC-19IYYERWill make you comfortable and ask you to pick up one topic of function 1, in which you are very confident. I didn’t choose any. 1. NUC and Aground vessel day and night signals including fog signals 2. Few ROR cards 3. You are sailing from Mumbai to Australia. State all the adjustments you will do for Magnetic Compass 4. Gyro compass principles 5. Rule 19 in your own words and what you understand 6. What do you mean by NOT TO IMPEDE THE SAFE PASSAGE and by which rule 7. WIG lightsF1
9-DEC-19IYYER•I told him about TRS signs and action. In that little bit cross questions Why do u stop vessel? What is veering and backing of wind? Change in wind direction means what? And how will u get it from where? How do u write wind direc in log book? Can u find out wind direction by just looking at the sea and how? •weather associated with Cold Fronts •ROR cards including day cards •explain rule 19 specially last part (part e) •Gave me case study and what action would hv been taken to avoid collision •gave me one diagram in which lots of fishing vessels are there and how will you navigate between them what action u will take •How RADAR Will detect weak targets and what setting u hv to do – I told him about gain, trails, vectors but ans was “u will switch to long pulse and for a moment and again switch to short pulse” •what is radar arrestors •draw radar plotting (I bungled you in this) •Gave me on chart and told me passage plan is been made by my cadet u as a senior officer what check the passage plan and find out what is wrong- It was about TSS how will u join and cross and all the markings •showed me one bouy and how will u knw from the symbol whether it is floating bouy or not •what is the difference bet traditional and simplified, draw any one simplified symbol u knw •How do u start gyro compass on board (I didn’t knw this) •What was the maker of gyro of ur last vessel (lol I could not remember that too).F1
9-JAN-19IYYERAground and NUC lights wid. day light signals, Situations made it so complicated, Iyyer hav its own question sets n situations diagram, I’ll show u weather fax dia n normal chart n ask u what all information I’ll u get it frm der, In magnetic compass asked if u go frm india to australia wat all things u ll correct., gyro principle, shallow patch all around n u r navigating within that area what all u manage on bridge as per BTM, Will tell u to dram parallel index, Clearing line and bearind, What is leading lights n transit bearing, What is TMC in autopilotF1
12-NOV-18IYYERMostly practical questions. Will give you various case studies of collisions and will ask you to review them using the rules and cross question of whatever answer you give him Lights of aground vessel, NUC , and wig craft vessel and also the day signals of them. Will cross questions you on the difference in the lights between making way and underway. OWA triangle and followed by a lot of cross questions, Passage planning essentials! He just heard the appraisal planning monitoring and execution and then changed. All the radar functions what they are and what do they do. In-depth questioning on true motion and relative motion and how do you use true vectors and relative vectors. Trial manoeuvre but not too much in detail. Little bit of performance standards of Radar. ECDIS mostly regarding updates ! Doesn’t want theory.. Mostly how will you update on-board Various restricted visibility situationsF1
11-JUNE-18IYYERNUC lights, Aground lights Towing lights Air cushion, WIG craft lights and what shapes, if any Few questions from Annex 1 regarding sectors Difference between Fish on vessel and trawlers.. Gave 2 case studies and old u r mate how u would have avoided collision.. Brings his own passage plan – told me to do parallel indexing and asked me to show how will I navigate, with buoys About 10 questions in this.. Clearing bearing, landfall Fleet of fishing vessel engaged in fishing ahead about 50 , I am senior officer,  what will I do- fishing vessel engaged in fishing won’t be underway… I drew a course through them with keeping safe cpa and continuously monitoring them on radar and pass He asked will u reduce speed or alter course and let them pass , I said I would b on safe speed with engines ready for manoeuvre,  keep situation awareness and navigate as I would around Indian, china coast.. He seemed happy Gave me few situations..  Vessel. On port, stbd quarter and 3 vessels on port bow and a head on vessel-action…. I told him own vessel will b give way only for one vessel for all rest Its a stand on.. And wide alter to stbd about 80 Deg and pass astern of stbd beam crossing vessel as per rule 15 , 16, 17 various parts Every action i took, told him as per which rule and sub paragraph too,  so he didn’t askuch and moved pretty quick Just one RV situation Difference between simplified and traditional symbols How does bay of Bengal current behave, 2 currents on East Coast of North America Falkland and Peru current difference Beaching procedure How will U assist master in decision making and train ur second officer for passage planning Cold front weather Approaching signs of TRS U r overtaking TRS,  determine ur position Lots of questions on ECDIS- limitations,  UPS, back up Ecdis,  route monitoring,  how do u update Radar plotting draw and explain,  he gave a situation off overtaking vessel,  told me to take series of compass bearing and do radar plotting Fastest turn for MAN overboard Best search pattern when position not knownF1
13-FEB-20JAIRAMROR cards, Rule 13, 19 Name of ALRS volume TRS, Vsl in dangerous quadrant action . Vsl aground action Screening of side lights annex Passage plan which all publications you will refer . Error of aneroid barometer. Gyro principles. How does GPS work. Echo  sounder Ranging.F1
6-FEB-20JAIRAM– Last attempt failing questions. Radar plotting and Rudder arrestors. -ROR cards (lights and preferred channel buoy) -Rule 13,19 – How will you determine the position of strong center in NH – Action taken in dangerous quadrant. – What all publications u will refer while planning a passage from Mumbai to japan – Synoptic charts – U r on watch from 4 to 8 at 5 o’clock collision took place what action u vl take – vessel dragging anchor action – what do u understand by ship routing – what is weather routing – Errors of echo sounder – what is quartering of seas and what action u vl take in thatF1
20-NOV-19JAIRAM1. Explain rule 19 2. Cards 3. Publication u will use for preparing passage plan from Mumbai to UK 4. How you will come to know that u are getting close to the eye of TRS. 5. Principle of magnetic and gyro compassF1
17-JUNE-19JAIRAMSome ROR cards (lights + preferred channel buoy) Quote rule 7,13,19,22 Action in TRS dangerous quadrant NH (Not happy with subra’s ans.) Oil spill in US. Action Principle of Magnetic compass Grounding. Action. Factors that will decide foundering.F1
14-MAY-19JAIRAMNo situation. ROR cards of NUC, trawlers, fishing,    preferred channel region b n some more. Rule 7, 13, 17 asked me to quote but told me if u can’t then explain each point. I quoted. How will u take over watch? Publications on-board all. Magnetic compass working principle. ECDIS. Secondary port tide calculation. Sextant errors. Veering, Backing. Dimensions of cone, ball. Duration of long blast. TRS in bay of Bengal how wud u determine in which semicircle and avoiding action. {After that he kept 1 pen as my ship and then told me that now u are keeping wind on Stbd bow now tell where is the centre of storm. I gave ans as per buys ballot law then he said as per ur avoiding action u will be altering course to stbd and on the stbd only side u have storm centre then how is this a good avoiding action. I told him that I’m very confident about the action and I’ll take the same.)F1
8-APRIL-19JAIRAMAround 15 cards (day and night signal and preferred buoy channel). Weather Routing. Quote rule 7& 8. General understanding of rule 1. Passage plan Mumbai to London. Ship’s routing. Synoptic and prognosis chart. Solas ch V. Vessel aground n watch action? Sextant errors.F1
15-MAR-19JAIRAMRule no.6,8 &19, iala buoyage cards- preferred buoy, ROR Cards-Mine clearance, NUC. Ship routeing. Weather routeing, Ship reporting, outeing guide contents. Synopstic charts. Alrs contents. Navtex use, type of messages. Trs in detail. Why alter to stbd..where will the storm center lie, vertical sector, horizontal sector, screening of light & why Matt black painted, Passage planing as a chief officer, Errors of gyro compass.. Maintenance of magnetic to rectify bubble.F1
9-JAN-19JAIRAMROR cards and buoys Rule 13 Horizontal spacing, vertical spacing, shapes size and spacing TRS in northern hemisphere ALRS volumes ATT volumes Secondary port calculations What is seasonal corrections & why, What sign Routeing charts.F1
9-JAN-19JAIRAMAll about Magnetic compass detail Day and night cards Buoys cards Gyroscope properties Rule 6,19 Trs in detail. Obtaining bearing,avoiding action,why no trs in s atlantic Ship routeing in detail. And Hw to perform routeing. Ship reporting system Passage plan Mumbai to New Orleans as chief mate Noon sight What type of gyro compass on last ship?F1
12-DEC-18JAIRAMROR cards, IALA buoyage cards Technical details of lights and shapes Difference between composite flashing and group flashing Ship routeing. Weather routeing Routeing guide contents Synoptic charts ALRS contents Seasonal correction to tides TRS in detail Why alter to stbd.. where will the storm centre lie if you leave to stbd? Passage planning from NY to Europe. Errors of gyro compass. Maintenance of magnetic compass.. How to rectify bubble? Duration of short and long blasts Actions if you’re quartering seas Types of PSC inspection.F1
6-DEC-18JAIRAMRule 19. ROR card – Pilot vessel, Fishing vessel, Preferred channel to stbd, Cone shape diameter, Synoptic chart, Ships routeing system, Principle of gyro, Aneroid barometer corrections, TRS dangerous quadrant action in NH, How to find storm centre, ALRS diff volumes, Tide tables volumes, Diff between Composite group and group flashing, Publications required for the voyage from Mumbai to UK port.F1
6-DEC-18JAIRAMROR cards, IALA buoyage cards, Technical details of lights and shapes, Difference between composite flashing and group flashing, Ship routeing, Weather routeing, Routeing guide contents, Synoptic charts, ALRS contents, Seasonal correction to tides, TRS in detail, Why alter to stbd.. Where will the storm centre lie if you leave to stbd Passage planning from NY to Europe, Errors of gyro compass, Maintenance of magnetic compass.. How to rectify bubble? Duration of short and long blasts, Actions if you’re quartering seas, Types of PSC inspection, He got into a lot of technicality in all questions..F1
1-OCT-18JAIRAMTowing Vsl, Fishing Vsl and IALA Buoy Cards. Quote Rule 19,06,07. What is Ship Routeing and as per which Regulation? Publications used in Ship Routeing? Synoptic Charts. List of Meteorological Equipment’s on board and as per which Reg. Contents of ALRS & Tide Tables. What is Harmonic Tide Calculations. Action after Collision with Fishing Vessel. TRS in detail including avoiding Action. Aneroid Barometer Corrections. Echo Sounder Errors. Ranging and Phasing in Echo Sounder.F1
7-SEPT-18JAIRAMROR cards: Fishing Vessel, Pilot Vessel. Conditions for TRS. Weather Routeing. Ship Routeing. Ship Routeing Guide. Weather Fax. Passage Plan as a mate. Gyro error. Preferred channel Cards. Rule 14. High latitude Navigation. Screening of Side lightsF1
7-AUG-18JAIRAM1. Past failing questions 2. Pass plan Mumbai to UK 3. POLAR Code 4. Ice Navigation 5. Pilot v/l card 6. Towing v/l card 7. Fishing v/l card 8. Gyro error 9. Gyro use in higher latitudes 10. Duration of short n long blast 11. Weather routing 12. Routing charts 13. Coastal navigation from Mumbai to cochin 14. U r on Indian flag vsl, had collision with FV near Indian coast, action n reporting. 15. Preferred channel to stbd region B n port Region B buoys 16. Difference in composite n group flashing. 17. Special precautions to be taken having quartering seas.F1
7-JULY-21JB SINGHVoyage planning, Rv definition , Innocent passage, UNCLOS, How is fog formed, floundering, damage stability,  How will you tell master if ingress of water in hold or tanks after Vessel has collided, How ships magnetic compass gives heading, IALA buoyage system full form and in detail.F1
7-JULY-21JB SINGH1) What are the contents of Bridge team Management publication (My answer – Don’t know) 2) What are the errors in Magnetic compass while altering course & why does needle doesn’t settle during alteration of course: Explain him about Retentive & Gaussin but he was not happy. 3) why Voyage planning is required. 4) what all equipment is connected with emergency generator.F1
5-JULY-21JB SINGHWhat is restricted visibility – Wx phenomenon How you will determine its restricted visibility – I said using radar and objects in vicinity / backscatter of masthead light / hazy horizon in daytime. Was not happy and said talk like a chief officer. Then he said all this is bullshit rest visibility is 1000m. Asked which rule you can quote. Quote rule 10. Disadvantages of ECDIS – wants to hear prone to virus. You are on bridge and collision – action. How will you keep effective watch? Gyro principle. CSE gyro. Magnetic compass. Why magnetic compass is not stable when altering course – I explained retentive and gauzing error but said wrong.F1
8-MAR-21JB SINGHStarts with tell why u left great eastern other words for salary…other better word for wife  .. And den start after half hour lecture. Asked restricted visibility Limitation of ECDIS TRS origin movement decay.. Why its re-curve? Asked one preferred channel buoy Told to quote rule. I said I can explain the rule  Total no of rules.. Annex4 kitne point he.. he wants exact no. Den asked if moonrise today 9am, tmwr same place moonrise after how much time. Spring tide bore tide Why happen to magnetic compass when ship alter course? Stranding beaching foundering. Duties of chief mate as per STCW. Synoptic chartsF1
13-MARCH-20JB SINGH1. Two observers one 2′ north of me and 2′ south of me. Taking a long by chron sight during the day. Will we get the same obs long if yes why if no why ? And who will be east of you and who will be west of you ? 2. Why do we use a Polaris sight ? What is its advantage ? 3. Full form of IALA 4. What is wet moon? When does it occur ? During waxing or waning? 5. How many rules do we have and when did the new amendment to the rules come.? Explain 6. Explain rule 10 . Which vsls can violate this rules. 7. What is restricted visibility ? (He dint want the colregs definition. Says it’s second mates level) 8. What all equipments on the bridge ? 9. TRS formation, origin , path ? Why does it curve ?? 10. Anchor is dragging? Action as mate 11. Duties as per STCW 12. What is statutory, mandatory and class certificate.? Explain it 13. Disadvantages of ECDIS? ( He wants to hear that it’s virus prone, rest all every1 knows ) 14. What is collision? 15. Ships routeing? (When I explained it to him, he said that it’s not accurate and all and some shit) 16. How will you prepare for SEQ survey ?? 17. Weather routeing ?? How will you do it ?? 18. Emergency steering gear 19. Disadvantages of Great circle sailing ? 20. Stranding, foundering and grounding ( for foundering it’s loss of intact bouyancy and not intact stability ) 21. Currents in North America. How does it flow.? Where do the meet. Where does the gulf stream finally reach ?? 22. Which magnetic pole is near to true poles ?? North or south ?? 23. Synoptic chart ? What all info 24. How will you maintain a navigational watch? 25. Difference between close quater situation and risk of collision ?? 26. How many distress signals in annex 4 27. Heavy weather precautions 28. Gyro compass. Asked me what’s the new trend now.F1
12-MARCH-20JB SINGHQ. When will t alt be 90? Q. What is perigee? Q. Explain lee tide? Q. How will weather effect Radar picture? He wants to hear the word spurious echoes. Q. Limitations of Ecdis? Q. Errors of Echo sounder? Q. Angle between T. North and T. South and angle between M. North and M. South? Q. Ocean currents in East coast of N America? Q. Which sea has the highest salinity? Answer is Dead Sea. Q. Rules quote. Rules 2,6,9,10. Some cross questions on these rules. No cards or situations asked. Q. TRS formation, trend, avoiding action?F1
6-DEC-19JB SINGH1. Autopilot alarms 2. Cards 3. Arpa alarms 4. Situation with trawler 5. Gyro principle 6. Gyro errors 7. Singapore tss mob 8. Sound signals 9. Current 10. How will you come to knw that whether anchor is piled up or not. 11. Aground action 12. Metrological equipment. 13. 19D 14. Exemption as per TSS rule 15. Why rule 41 16. Changes in RORF1
6-DEC-19JB SINGHLimitations of Great Circle sailing? Lee Tide Synoptic charts What is RV (its a Wx Phenomenon.. Got pissed when i quoted the def from Rule 3) Full form of IALA (there is a new full form) Procedure and Precautions during anchoring Quote Rule 18 / 10 Define RAM with examples How will you cross a TSS (at right angles) When can you violate this (in emg)? What is Emergency? Diff. btwn Close quarter & ROC How many rules and annexes r there in ROR? Which are they, when did they come.. r they rules (they r not rules.. only supplements to add more weightage to the rules). Sound signal range for vsl less than 20mtr. 2 GPS onboard showing diff position (receiver clock error) How many GPS Satellites? Who operates them (i Said US Defence)? Who in US Defense ( I dint knw. then he said Air force) effect of lightening when it stikes the ship and Precautions (Ground all aerials to avoid damage) what all affect the turning abilities of a ship What kind of cargo do u carry on ur ship Precautions for heavy Wx how will u conduct good navigation What is Stranding /Grounding /Foundering Does mag compass run on battery or Electricity (neither) When u alter course.. how does the compass card turn then (Directive Force)F1
5-DEC-19JB SINGHIf 2 person taking long by chron as same time one have Dr late 19*58′ and other hav dr late 20* 00′ .obs log obtained will b same or diff..? Lee Tide. Synoptic chart. Full. form. of IALA. Quote Rule 07/09 When can you violate rule no.9 ?? How many rules and annexes r there in ROR?? Which are they, when did they come.. r they rules. 2 GPS onboard showing diff position?? Who operates Gps? Wet moon dry moon. Precautions for heavy wx. Are magnetic pole 180 apart? Origin of TRS..movement.. Why TRS recurve? Emergency steering procedure Current at east cost of America. Weather routine type and advantage. Spring tide. Difference between TRS and TLD.F1
18-NOV-19JB SINGH-When you can say there’s a fog in the vicinity? (When the restricted visibility is less than 1000 metres) – Perigian tides effects – causes substantial rise in height of tide ( perigee tides data not given in tidal atlas) – Nav equipments onboard ( say as per Solas ch 5 ) – Collision ( impact between two sea going vessel) – Though magnetic compass is not connected to any  power source or any other inputs how does it changes its course when we alter our ships course? (Co-efficients a, b, c, d & e) -Foundering (it’s loss of intact buoyancy and not intact stability) -Limitations of ECDIS (Virus is the main point) -Sight question – 3 persons using different DR lat ,will the obs long be same ( No) if not same then ? (All will lie on East or west but on the same PL) -Why TRS curves? (Cos high pressure in that area pushes the TRS away) -Heavy weather precautions – (follow heavy weather checklist and ensure safety of crew, cargo & vessel) -Ice navigation principle – Avoid entering ice region when a longer and warmer route exists.F1
11-SEPT-19JB SINGH1. What is apogee. 2. What is waxing and waning. 3. Wet moon n dry moon (i said i only know blue moon). 4. What is the effect of rotation of earth on tide. (I said it effects the range of tide.. he said it effects the height of tide). 5. What if three people taking sight at same but uses different DR. Will the long be same if yes why if no why). – I couldn’t answer. 6. Entering into ice towards berth. Procedures n princple of ice nav. – I forgot to say i will check if vsl is ice class. 7. How many rules n annex of colreg. Explain verification of compliance- he was not satisfied. 8. Anchor dragging. Action 9. TRS in detail. Why it curves to NE nly in northern hemisphere. 10. Stranding, beaching, foundering. 11. Rule 10 quote( i said i can explain he said no u have to quote as management level) 12. Are mag pole 180 deg apart i said no. Why? And which one is closer to true north SP or NP? Couldn’t answer dis. 13. ECDIS limitations. 14. Synoptic chart and how u will use it for passge. 15. Weather routing as mate. 16. Heavy wx precautions. Listened nly few points – answer him as mate.F1
18-JUNE-19JB SINGH1. At morning say 8:30 or 09:30 you took a sight ,if two persons are calculating obs long from two different lat say 19’58” and other 20’00” will both of them will get same obs long if yes/no why? 2. What all electrical requirements are required on bridge as per what? 3. Anchor dragging action? 4. What are statutory, mandatory and obligatory certificate? 5. What are BL and its type? 6. What is collision? 7. Disadvantages of ECDIS? 8. How will you prepare your vessel for  safety equipment cert survey? 9. What are rule 7,9,10,19,34? 10. How many rules in ROR? 11. How many annexes and what are they? 12. Formation of TRS, it’s motion and identification? (I said the formation and motion from oways metrology notes, he said ye sabb kaha see padhaa?)F1
15-FEB-19JB SINGH1. Started with twilights in details 2. Diff between moon & planet 3. How to check star suitable for site in morning and in which twilight 4. Sight Calculation in detail 5. Understanding of TRS 6. What is blue moon and how often it occurs 7. Ground 8. Stranding 9. Foundering 10. Beaching 11. Difference b/w Risk of collision and close quarter situation 12. Navigation light spares 13. What is difference b/w normal bulbs and Nav lights bulb 14. Do we required to switch on nav lights in fog 15. He wants rule 34 word to word. 16. Rule 10 17. Annex 4F1
8-OCT-18JB SINGH1) How u ll do ice navigation 2) If my lat is 19 55 n urs 20 deg n we take sun sight will we get same dr long .. i said no.. den he asked who will get more me or u 3) Total no of rules n annexes.. Asked all 4 annexes 4)Quote rule 2, 5 , n 9 5) one situation .. RV fishing vessel right astern.. roc exist..radar operational..action 6) principle of watchkeeping 7) principle of watchkeeping in ice navigation 8) Perigean spring tide.. i gv him defination..he asked how it is different from other spring tide 9) Full for of IALA 10) Diff bet close quarter situation n roc 11) wat is contingency n how many contigencies given in ur last ship contingency manual 12) wat is ordinary practice of seamanship 13) Errors of gyro compass 14) Currents experienced on east  coast of america 15) why 2 gps gets different position..told him pseudo range..den he asked me who controls gps..told him usa colorado ground base segment.. he wanted specific name i could nt tel 16) Difference bet region A n B 17) Diff bet TLD n storm..told evrythng from subra book but he said wat is d main diff..i dint knw 18 ) TRS avoiding action 19) What is SPSF1
14-SEPT-18JB SINGH– When is body’s Tr Alt. 90 deg. Wants to knw with ref to lat n dec n they shud b same name. – What is sun’s altitude today in mumbai. says tell me this irrespective of what you have studied till now just giv a basic and approx ans. Told him 60-70 deg, makes faces n says what 60-70 it is 72 with ref to lat n dec. – Why do trs recurve? Gave him 2 ans but was not convinced. As per him bcoz they try to enter into high pr areas and in doing so they stay stationary for a couple of days at that location, but when eventually unable to do so they recurve. – Are magnetic poles 180deg apart? I said no. Asked y. Told him bcoz of surface variation magnetic poles keep changing. Says that n all is ok why u have to giv so long ans. As per him they are not 180 deg apart as they are not opposite to each other. 😒 – Limitations of ecdis – what to do if you are in NH n in the dangerous semicircle? Started telling him the ans, after listening a bit he said, that n all is garbage. As per him just head south. *keeps making faces in between and saying that you dont knw anything, what material are you guys referring, only watching movies. – IALA full form. I said International Association of Lighthouse Authorities. Apparently it is wrong. Google it you’ll know. – Synoptic Charts ( Says whatever ans you have given is absolutely wrong. As per him the correct definition is that synoptic charts show a bird’s eye view of the weather in that area AT THAT SYNOPTIC HOUR. He wants to hear specifically these words only) – Currents on the east of USA with their origin n path. – You are going to take over for the 1st time as mate, what will you look in the stability booklet. (As per him EXEMPTIONS, what is not possible) – GPS full form. Told him global positioning system, says wrong it is Global Positioning fixing system. – Functions of VTS (gave ans was not satisfied with it) – NTM Contents – What is grounding, stranding, foundering. – How many contingency plans did you have onboard. (Say any number more than 25) then he asks you to name some. I said one of them as fire in galley then he stopped me there and said how will you extinguish galley fire. I said fire blanket if fire on stove. He said ok n what is that blanket made up of? I said I dont know. Then he said this is the problem with you guys, every ans your uncle has but you don’t bother to check. I askd him which uncle he said google. – Weather Routeing. I answered. He said ok but nt up to the mark. He wants to hear passage planning n stuff too with it. – How will you come to know that you are dragging your anchor. Standard answer. – How will you keep an effective watch? ( Be on bridge physically) Ok. What does effective mean here? I said but he made faces. He says effective means as per master’s desire. – Heavy weather preparations.  Wants to knw how will you make a passage plan considering heavy wx expected along. – What are disadvantages of GC sailing. Told him abt more distance and higher lat so more chances of adverse wx. Gives me a look and says you hav not studied a thing. – How many rules are there. 41. Name the annexes. – No cards, No Rules, No situationsF1
12-MAR-19JJAIRAMROR cards, IALA buoyage cards Technical details of lights and shapes Difference between composite flashing and group flashing Ship routeing Weather routeing Routeing guide contents Synoptic charts ALRS contents Seasonal correction to tides TRS in detail Why alter to stbd. where will the storm centre lie if you leave to stbd. Passage planning from NY to Europe Errors of gyro compass Maintenance of magnetic compass. How to rectify bubble? Duration of short and long blasts Actions if you’re quartering seas Types of PSC inspection. He got into a lot of technicality in all questions..F1
11-JULY-18JOHRIFew cards (trawler, mine clearance vsl, fishing, towing, pilot, buoys) Quote rule 15,17,18,19, Annex 1 definition (height above the hull) Synoptic & weather charts, ALRS volumes idea for all volumes, Indsar, Inspires, how much is the area covered by INDSAR & Inspires draw diagram, Is the coverage area same or different and why, Voyage Planning, star sight, how many methods for error calculations, Procedure for taking Error, AmplitudeF1
18-JUNE-18JOHRIRule 9, 10, 18, 19 , 34, 35 Cards almost 10 ( air cusion vsl, pair trawling, incospicutios object, vsl less then 12 me, Nuc, aground) Day signal 3 cards He will confuse u with similar type of lights cards and then day card Buoy to explain safe water mark, cardinal marksF1
9-MAR-21KHAMBATA1- Purging of ECDIS 2- Roll over of GPS 3- RA in detail for HRA 4- Position monitoring and fixing ng 5- Gross UKC and net UKC 6- Spare magnetic compass stowed posn and why 7- GPS and DGPS working 8- Date dependent in ECDIS. 9- Coefficient of magnetic compass and correctionF1
5-FEB-21KHAMBATAStarted with ROR (8,10,19,35) Few situations RV and TSS Current types TRS in detail and avoiding action Why no TRS after 20 degree Why magnetic and gyro don’t work in high lat Star sight (long by chron) in detail Lateral marks and isolated danger Grounding and steering fail actions Passage plan from Canada to Australia as a mate. Tidal stream and tidal diamond. Annex 4 and annex 1 specifications.F1
3-SEPT-20KHAMBATA1. Started with bwmc D1 D2. 2. Ship receive gallons of oil on board will u note it in orb? Which part? 3. Vsl @ haldiya port wat inst u giv 2 officer n crew on duty. 4. How will u order mooring ropes n wats d new ammendment. 5. DD critical moment n prepn.F1
16-MARCH-20KHAMBATACCRP in ECDIS Offset function in ECDIS ENC and raster chart Minor changes in passage plan after completion of plan, what r they? AIS, RAIM in GPS Squat depends on CB During anchor where to take load once brought up…stopper TRS in SH avoiding actions.F1
19-NOV-19KHAMBATAVoyage planning as a mate, PONR, Abort point Bore tide and what precautions needed BTM in detail Bridge visibility criteria in detail Tides ECDIS safety settings, anti-grounding cone specifications Weather routing in detail TRS avoiding action for slow vessel in SH Damage stability when grounded in detail Aft ETA deployment in detail and requirements Magnetic compass correctorsF1
14-JAN-21KHAMBATTA– Errors of GPS – Describe GDOP & User clock in detail – Quote rule no 6 – Errors of Gyro in details – Why Gyro unreliable in higher latitude – Errors of magnetic compass – Why Magnetic Compass unreliable in higher latitude – SV overtaking PDV who is responsible and as per which rule.. – Compilation Scale of ECDIS – Types of Rolling and Synchronous rolling in detail. -what action to minimize these rolling – Surf riding, broaching and pooping. – Region B marks random asking – Weather Routeing – What all things u will report to shore agency in Shore base weather Routeing If u r Wx ship -TRS in details: Formation, Avoiding action in Southern Hemisphere for slow vessel -Why no TRS on equator – Passage plan in polar water – 4 to 5 crossing Situation of CBD, SV, NUC and PDV – Quote 19d -Annex 4 – No cards – End mein rapid fire for 5 min que not remembering.F1
5-FEB-21MANHASROR situations, cards (7:8 cards mostly ram, persuine gear fishing, CBD) Practical questions as mate Rule no 19 situations and cross questioningF1
14-JAN-21MANHAS-How will you correct components of Mag compass – Principle of Gyro Compass – Precision – Principle of magnetic compass – Tidal stream – Currents – Bay of Bengal Current – Isobaric Patterns – Quote rule 8 – Part F of ROR – Duties as per ISM – Main point in passage plan as ChoffF1
7-DEC-20MANHAS1. What are ocean currents and Types of ocean current and describe each of them 2. Gyro compass principle 3. Magnetic compass parts.. (Binacle) 4. Your vessel grounded Action 5. Day and fog signal of Aground vessel 6. Aground vessel right ahead.. What actionsF1
6-NOV-20MANHASFast and rapid fire  of questions  without giving time  to think … actually  capt manahas was totally busy with his work Loadline zone  chart Routeing chart TRS semicircle Right hand semi-circle Dangerous quadrant Why it is called dangerous quadrant?F1
10-AUG-19MANHAS1) Ship on port bow who is give way 2) 1 ship crossing ur bow in a narrow channel from stbd   side who is give way Me – I told she shall not cross nd impede my passage nd I will sound  5 short blast he was like who is d give way vsl ,I said not to impede refers to rule 8f  where she shall take early action then he was like so she is give way na ,I said no rule  give way only is  for 12,13,14,15,18 and he went on saying not to impede means she has to keep clear, I told sir not to impede means when there is even no risk of collision u shall not impede nd risk of collision means it will definitely collide,he said tera ROR toh bahut gol hain I said no sir am very confident about my answer, and told as per rule 8f she shall keep clear of me much before a risk of collision exists and since now der is risk of collision I will take action as per rule 8f 3 too, I had confirmed with captain Iyer who is d principal of Tolani too, anyways he smiled nd  moved on 3) TRS formation criteria. 4) Action when in path of TRS. 5) Warm and cold current. 6) Gyro compass principal. 7) tidal stream Atlas nd diamond. 8) passage plan publication. 9) error of echo sounder. 10) vsl aground action. From question 3-10 he was only asking question nd not even listening to my  answer as he was busy in his mobile and asking ho Gaya kya. 11) magnetic compass principal 12) how will you correct magnetic compass and on which heading Me- I told pb, ib, pc ,IC nd + d correction but he kept on  asking which heading will find out the correction i said depends on what error I have + pb or + pc, later he was like how will u know that and to find out which error will u go on, I said sry sir I don’t know this.F1
9-AUG-19MANHAS1. Lot of crossing situations with the model he has. 2. Passage planning on Ecdis. How will you know on Ecdis that you have all cells. Second officer told you all electronic  charts . How will you check? 3. Navigable circle. Why is it called so? 4. Ocean currents. 5. Trs formation. 6. A vessel with angle of loll heels more due to wind. Now no more wind. What will happen. Why? 7. How will make sure as a chief officer that NOx requirement is followed?F1
6-JUNE-19MANHASGive an introduction of yourself. Why did u not get function 1 in your last attempt. How was your external? What are loadline zones, and how does it affect a chief officer. Passage from Norway to Indonesia, what will u do wrt loadline zone. Explain gyro compass in full. What are the errors and why is it unreliable in higher lat. Explain procedure for correcting magnetic compass. Why is the deviation card prepared.And how often. What does the soft iron sphere correct. Why is D mostly +ve. Give me information about TRS in the northern hemisphere. Which is navigable semicircle and dangerous quadrant.also define. Why is it called navigable semi-circle. What is ocean current. Types and causes. What is Benguela current?F1
6-MAR-19MANHASAsked a lot of cards basically preferred channel cards and buoys Flag W, S, V. When Devesh is external don’t forget to call master as I made dis mistake and he told action not made in ample time?F1
12-SEPT-18MANHASStarted with general questions like which company? Where you did your phase 2? Where do you live? Asked which types of ships I’ve done. What voyages? How will you go about planning a passage from Brazil to India? (I started answering from 2nd mates POV, chart catalogue etc.) What are the contents of the chart catalogue? What is a large scale and small scale chart? What projections do we use? Then said now inputs as mate. What all will you check. What is an HRA? Where on this voyage will you encounter it? What is BMP5? What is the information you’ll get from it? What is a citadel? What all does citadel contain? Can you steer a ship when inside citadel? (If citadel is steering flat) What is a magnetic compass? Requirements for carriage. Describe the compass. What liquid is used and for what? (After this he started asking formula of ethylene glycol, ethyl alcohol, ethane, potassium dichromate… he’ll keep asking till you say I don’t know. ) Box the compass from S to W. How many points? One point is how many degrees? Will you encounter a trs along that voyage? How does a trs form? How will you know there is a TRS in the vicinity? (Wants to hear barometric tendency and will check the tendency from 3 hours earlier) What is Coriolis force? Errors of sextant. How to correct error of perpendicularity? How to take long by chron sights? No ROR, no cards.F1
13-APRIL-18MANHASProperty of gyro scope Why it won’t work on high lat(bcz tan error becomes too high) Tell me about magnetic compass binnacle (Basically sab kuch sunana sphere, Flinder bar,magnets etc) What info in ocean passage to world Fishing vsl overtaking whose responsiblity A normal tug and tow crossing our vsl from port side whose responsiblity How TRS is formed. Which side is navigable side Nd Which side is dangerous side and quadrant and why so (Because in dangerous quadrant the wind Nd wave generation is high and it pushes the vsl to the eye of storm)F1
12-FEB-18MANHAS1. Started with introduction, he asked which company  r u working with and types of vsls u have sailed on. 2. Capt Manhas will first ask u all the questions which the external has marked (X), then he will ask his own questions. 3. What is ocean currents? 4. Types of ocean currents and causes? 5. What is the difference between tide and current? 6. Now he put a wooden ship on the table and said wind is coming from astern,now tell me in which direction will current come and how will it effect the ship ? 7. What is Coriolis force ? 8. What is the effects of Coriolis force on currents   explain? 9. Principles of gyroscope? 10. Why gyro compass is not very  effective in higher latitude? 11. Why magnetic compass is not very effective in high latitudes? 12. How will you carry out compass adjustments at sea? 13. On what conditions you will carry out compass adjustments ? 14. What is heeling error? 15. How will you correct all errors of a magnetic compass? He wants to know the procedure? 16. Errors of gyro compass? 17. Why TRS recurve?F1
9-FEB-18MANHASStarted with introduction. Scamin option in ECDIS explain? ROR cards. IALA buoyage system? TRS- [Again few things] Angle of repose? And which cargo shift first?F1
2-FEB-18MANISH1. Pair trawling card 2. What is skip zone and skip distance Ans skip zone is a zone where if the vessel lies she will not get any any transmission made by mf and hf from other vessel 3. Which speed is used in   radar for collision avoidance and why 4. What are the effects of tidal changes other than ukc Ans. Difficulty in manoeuvring when tide is from a stern 5. What are the sensor in Ecdis Ans speed log, GPS, gyro 6. What to do on ecdis if both GPS sensor fail Ans use DR mode 7. What is catzoc 8. Indication of trs 9. What is navigable semicircle 10. What is equation of time  11. Master is using speed over ground for berthing and you are assisting master what will be your input on sog Ans sog is used while berthing to get actual direction of movement of vessel 12. What is aspect Ans- brg of targetF1
6-SEPT-19MC YADAV1) You are in a narrow channel, state all things you will do. 2) TRS in nh, which is dangerous quadrant, what actions will you take in both semicircle 3) Tides, spring and neap tide defn, when does it occur, when it is needed, calculate the tide and write it down on paper for secondary port. 4) Spring range and neap range for a place 5) How will you take a sight, write all the steps of calculation 6) Indsar a little bit 7) A situation in tss, basically a coming out of a port and then going to another port on the other side, how to go. 8) As a mate plan your passage thru gulf of Aden.F1
11-NOV-20MEENA-polar code -why gyro n magnetic are unreliable there -working of gnss compass -passage planning as ch mate in polar regions -a vessel at stbd quarter…exactly 22.5deg abaft beam…spd 21kts…own spd 12kts…both side lights visible and masthead lt…action Then he changed it…similar situation, cpa is 0…action? -stbd quarter fog signal…nothing on radar…signal increasing…action? Answer is maintain co n spd…do not alter anywhere.F1
16-MARCH-20MEENAVsl 1 pt stbd …can see both side lt n mast head lt…action… 1short blast co altr stbd Rv situation AB reported fog signal cming frm stbd quater n sound intensity increasing….action…inform master…chng fog signal to aft altr co to port till sound intensity decrease…ask action as per which rule Passage planning from Rotterdam to Shanghai using northern route….. Screening of lights….distance Between nav lightsF1
11-MARCH-20MEENA1) if you have to sail more than 66 degree lat what ventures you will find in passage? 2) sailing from Korea to chille what will you do with gyro? 3) requirements for calling magnetic compass adjuster? 4) which ROR rule is very robust means you cannot change or override in section 2 of steering and sailing rule?F1
11-SEPT-18MEENAEcdis counter setting, alarms, corrections, testing, Rule 10 explaination, ROR cards towing, fishing, trawler, AIS, How will you assist master in decision making.F1
11-SEPT-18MEENAECDIS counter setting, alarms, Corrections, testing, Rule 10 explanations, ROR cards towing, fishing, Trawler, AIS, How will you assist master in decision making?F1
14-AUG-18MEENA1. Ice navigation 2. Requirements for ice navigation 3. Polar code 4. Types of weather chat 5. How will u assist master in decision making 6. PWOM 7. RV situation 8. Cold weather precautions 9. Effect on gyro at high lat. 10. U are n bridge and there’s explosion in 2 port cargo tank, Ur initial action. 11. Collision, action master is disabled. 12. Types of ice 13. Quote rule 19 d, e 14. Flags. 15. Meaning of one flag, 2 flags and 3 flags raised on mast 16. Benegula current characteristics and were it is found 17. TRS avoiding action 18 how will you know if you can navigate in polar water 19. What equipment in bridge helps to see, is it mandatory, why, where it is mentioned? 20. Bore tide. 21. Types of current.F1
10-AUG-18MEENA1. Started with voyage planning. What makes you mandatory to do voyage planning. Where it is written dat it’s mandatory.Which regulation which convention. 2.Bridge equipment and their Test 3.When to take VDR back up and how? 4.After collision when u will take VDR Backup ( not immediately after some time about hour or so coz he wanna listen VDR should record all actions you have taken after collision) 5. Bridge Electronic Publciation? How to correct them? How to check it’s corrected or no? What to do if not able to update? 6.What information given for light house on chart? What is Nominal and Geographic range ? Which publication to refer for? 7. Height of light house and bridge given on  chart? (For light house and other object MHWS for Bridge and overhead cable HAT ) what is chart datum? 8. SW Monsoon. Why SW? After saying Coiroilis and Gradient next question 9. Coriolis and Gradient Force? 10.Situation RV target vslon stbd qrtr and not appearing on radar but sound singal increasing action (Increase interval of sound signal and post lookout on to check any change, inform master, adjust radar setting and check if target appear) nothing asked then 10. How you will assist master in decision making 11.high Latitude navigation planning and precautions (Ice navigation) 12. How LRIT work ? How you will come to know LRIT Working or not? 13. ECDIS Performance test? Why to perform? ( But this test is now not required to do if upgraded to 4.0) 14. ECDIS advantages 15. Bore Tide, Spring and Neap Tide 16. How you will consider tide in passage planning and which publication ? 17. Gyro error? How will you apply course lat error? NO rules and cardsF1
7-AUG-18MEENA1. LNG cargo operations scupper plug requirements. 2. LNG Drip Trays requirements. 3. Collision situations 4. ROR Cards 5. Action as a ch mate after Collision 6. Weather routing 7. Ice navigation 8. Polar code requirements, training requirements 9. Buoys 10. Rule 10F1
16-DEC-19MIRANDAWhat is Gulf Stream n Kuroshio, Location. Day card of Sailing vsl, Night cards of Ram, Nuc, Aground, Trawler, Cbd. Crossing situation from 3 pts at Port bow at 5nm, then same situation 2nm (He wants to hear who is stand on n give way, sound signal used 34D). Vsl aground right ahead with 90degree aspect, action. (When vsl aground right ahead then always alter to the side opposite of her heading as it should be safe then other actions) Buy ballots law. Signs of TRS. Symbols of Cold Front. Wind symbols for calm wind n all i know. Indsar, Inspires. How will u assist Master (As per Pawan notes). Passage planning Mumbai to Far east. (He wants to hear his fav point Cold weather precautions if expecting cold wx along with all others). How will u get accurate Gyro error (Transit bearing, when Ship at berth)?F1
16-DEC-19MIRANDA– signs of approaching trs – LRIT and requirements – errors of echo sounder – passage plan from india to uk, points to consider as chief officer and also ocean currents you will encounter during the voyage – warm front symbol – fwd eta everything you can say – various situations crossing and also he keeps cards in front of you identify and take action normal crossing situation you are stand on and give way vessel has to take action , now same situation give way vessel not taking action 1.5 miles on start board bow action. White cards towing vessel right ahead seen from stbd side action. White card nuc vessel right ahead action. – ocean current and types – INDSAR & inspiresF1
11-DEC-19MIRANDALRIT as per which regulation Currents in North Atlantic 2, 3 situation crossing Cards in his cell phone towing and Ram Sextant error, how to correct them? Indsar, Inspires Draw warm front, weather symbols Errors of Echo sounder..F1
10-APRIL-19MIRANDANormal currents patterns TRS approaching sign Around 10 cards RV Overtaking situation Quote 19 rule part d only Inspires INDSAR LRIT carriage requirementsF1
13-MAR-19MIRANDA1 ROR crossing situation South China sea wala TRS ques. Signs of TRS. Cards- safe water mark, towing, FV, CBD, RAM, etc. (all day signals only) Name few currents with region Going ind to uk precautions as chief officer EKMAL spiral Front symbol Synoptic charts INDSAR VTS mandatory??F1
13-MAR-19MIRANDAChart symbols, weather fx symbol for cloud and wind, ROR situations cross questions, lateral buoys, Cardinal buoys, night and day signal cards, annex 1 ROR some questions, all major currents to be experienced while transiting cape of good hope, Ekman spiral, LRIT, inspire, diff btw both, On tanker fwd eta arrangement, South China sea all satisfying condition for TRS identify the quadrant and actions (ans the actions as per ch off he wants to listen about lashing and informing ER and stability), turning circle of the vessel, causes of current and types of ocean current.F1
13-JUNE-18MIRANDAEkman factor Spiral gyres 10…12 cards, he used to confuse candidate with night signal of CBD and day signal of aground. Hw will ask this frequently to trap u. RV situation one horn in port bow and one horn in stbd quarter Chart symbols light house, wreck, tower, From a to b distance given, ship speed given, current given asked abt cts. (silly question bt I did mistake.)F1
14-MAY-18MIRANDAMethod to find gyro error, 20 cards including day shapes buoy cards , errors of echo sounder, LRIT in detail, INPIRES, Currents( he will take names and ask where it exists), TRS, errors of sextant, errors of gyro, heavy wx.F1
15-MAR-18MIRANDAFew lights and shapes. Errors GPS. Error gyro. Echo sounder. Sights in detail. Tides. TRS signs and avoiding action. Sextant. ROR situation rv and normal very simple. Rule 2. Ship handling some  def.piovt pt .tactical dia Clouds  ocean currentsF1
11-JAN-18MIRANDAPassage plan Goa to UK Currents expected All the cold and warm currents and the area where they occur Cards , said ur power driven vessel you see these lights right ahead, so for eg u see a stbd side of avessel than roc doesn’t exist… (Failed all the second mates candidates for this as they said whatever was mention on the cards). Cards around 10 random Crossing situation action. Bmp4 contents. Echo Sounder errors. LRIT. INDSAR and inspires. TRS formation. Actions All the methods of calculating gyro error.F1
6-JAN-18MIRANDACards (15-20), including day signals ( pair trawling hauling nets, pair trawling net fast on obstruction) Situation- crossing situation. Turning circle and why it is important. Chart symbols(No bottom found till this depth, SD(Sounding Doubtful), Rock awash near the level of the chart datum dangerous to navigation. Weather symbols for cloudy sky, wind(50 kt, 10kt, 5kt) etc. Ocean currents- Falkland Current(Malvinas Current). Tell me all the currents you know and whether they are warm or cold. Given ship’s speed, point A and Point B and current. Find course to steer. (Drawn on paper)F1
8-APRIL-19MITTAL1) Situations with ship models ( will show on sheet & post them as an attachment). Capt. Mittal gave me one to one situation, i.e. only one target vessel. Quoted following Rule 19(e) with the situation. Rule 15 in crossing situation 2) Night Cards, Buoy Cards (Preferred channel region B) 3) Gaussian Error 4) Errors of Gyro 5) TRS (avoiding action in SH) 6) Structure of TRS. (Track, Path, Trough etc.) 7) Currents in the East of Africa. (He wanted to hear all the currents in Indian Ocean) Direction of Aghulas Current. 8) ETA requirements. 9) Course 270 and at night time u see VQ (9) flashing. Action? ( He was not happy with reduce speed and take all way off coz he said I am on sea speed, so I told him being right handed propellor I will give hard port and come to reciprocal course) (In this situation we are in danger water so keyword is, come on to reciprocal course as it was safe, we just came from there.) 10) Duties of Chief Mate in passage planning only related to bridge (BUT NOT THE 2nd MATE DUTIES) (Keyword was rest hour management and watch keeping schedule) 11) Now in open sea you encounter RV. Managing of rest hours? 12) Diameter of day signal ball. 13) Distance between the two shapes. 14) How will you obtain position using Celestial body. 15) Star sight full procedure step by step. 16) Meaning of Damp in Tilt. (Told him, it is achieved by Top Heavy arrangement. To make gyro North seeking17 gm weight is used on top of rotor and shifted a little to west of the centreline of rotor which finally settles it to the meridian) 17) Anchored Vessel RV Signal. 18) Aground vessel RV Signal. 19) Day Signal of CBD 20) Day signal of Aground vessel. 21) Meaning of Take All Way Off. (To bring the v/l to complete halt by stopping engines or by applying astern propulsion, ultimately STW should be zeroF1
14-MAR-19NAKHWAAs chief officer passage plan between 2 ports that ur last vsl has done. Further more, if ur vessel is trading in Arabian sea during SW monsoon, how will u go about it. If your vessel is trading in WNA, action. Port in Kandla or sm other port with tidal range upto 6m…action? What’s so special in rule 9,10,13 with reference to rule 18. Situation, crossing vessel on Port side and u are overtaking a vsl on ur stbd side.. Action.. Actions ul take to avoid a TRS…. When ur in d dangerous semi circle, taking action he will finger u saying Dat ur action is putting the vessel in dangerous semi circle again… What’s the point? Stick to ur answer and tell him, Dat ur atleast avoiding the dangerous quadrant. Sector and 123 method as well… Equipment which have a backup power. If in blackout, how long will the power come back? What is the biggest disadvantage of gyro? When power comes back can u safely resume navigation? Plan a navigation watch schedule for RV and piracy Situation and as per which rule.. And what does it say. Ocean currents of the world. TRS in detail with sketches… Assisting master with anchoring… How will u go about it… Specifically bridge side… So explain everything how ul go about anchoring, then also mention bridge procedures… Normal stuff How will u prevent ice acretion Weather routing, ship routing, ship reporting, ROUTING GUIDE, SYNOPTIC CHARTS, prognosis charts, have u used fascimile on board. Who sends fascimile data in india… And station.. That’s on ECDIS and paper chart same Contents of bridge procedure guide. When to call masterF1
8-JAN-19NAKHWANo ROR cards. Voyage Planning from Europe to Canada in winter north Atlantic as a mate. Visibility Criteria for Container Ships. He made me quote the rules, which I was unable to do so. But he didn’t mind much but kept on insisting you should know it by heart. Told me which all rules say not to alter to port (Rule 14. 17, 19). Lights for fishing vessel at anchor. Ship Routeing. Ship Reporting System. INDSAR. What all alarms will GPS give. What all are the other methods for checking on the position. (Radar fixes, Visual Fixes, if near coast and celestial fixes if in open sea). What types of celestial fixes (Star and suns, have you done on your ships yes). How will you take fixes from star and what all you will keep in mind (Told me draw it on paper)? TRS in SH, its track and movement, Draw and show, Which is dangerous semi circle which is navigable semi circle, He gives a position on the paper which side you will alter and pass clear of the TRS Errors of gyro. Where is vertical magnets used for correction of Magnetic Compass Your watch at 0600 you receive weather message heavy weather in 6 hours, how will you go about planning stuffs, What all preparations required, what all checks list you will follow. You encounter restricted visibility in your watch, what all actions you will take. What all information is provided in weather faxes How will you know that the ECDIS charts you using are up to date, on your watch you find that the present chart is showing not up to date. What actions. (He wants to listen to that you will ask the shore authorities the corrections for that chart and apply manual corrections to it)F1
8-MAR-21NITINTold to quote overtaking rule..I said I can explain.. N den rule 19 And den annex 4 distress signals. NUC light..NUC light when underway. Which code support ice navigation. Explained details of polar code and powm Anchoring procedure in detail Limitation of ECDIS Barometric tendency TRS formation Synoptic charts. Weather routing charts in detail (he wants to here..routes are also shown on routing charts) Avoiding action for TRSF1
12-DEC-18NITINProblem of gyro with high latitude navigation Errors of gyro FV at anchor lights Diff between grounding stranding and beaching Polar code and pwom Distance between 2 all round lightsF1
8-OCT-18NITIN1) Region B How to identify preferd channel to stbd 2) crossing situation n tss..i said reduce speed allow other vsl to pass..he said one more ship astern..i said alter to stbd n keep clear 3) fishing vsl overtaking roc exist ..action.. asked me whose give way..i said fv he said action..5SRP ..still no action alter course to port or stbd depending on sea room 4) TRS avoiding action 5) How to correct magnetic compass 6) Wat happens to gyro in higher lat 7) When we come from open ocean to sea wen do we start eco sounder n why 8) How eco sounder is use in position determining..he wants to here PL 9) Ocean currentsF1
17-MAR-18NITIN– Cards – ROR Situations – Rule 2, Rule 7 (Im sorry sir, would not be able to quote that. Explained both rules to him, this time no sketches tho.) – Weather fax gives you what all informations? – Magnetic compass. Errors. Correction. Deviation card. Why unreliable in higher latitudes? – Gyro fails. Action?F1
14-MAR-18NITINPassage Plan – What to check in passage plan made by 2nd Mate(Specific to Chiefmate) Certificates required by Polar Code EMG Towing Arrangement (ETA) requirements What is Grounding, Stranding & Beaching Why Gyro cannot be used in high Latitude All details of BUOYS (South Cardinal Buoy / Isolated Danger Mark / Emergency Wreck Marking Buoy) What is Weather routine COLREGS LIGHTS ( RAM, Mineclearence Ship & P/D less than 12 mtrs) Few COLREGS Situations and which rule applies Sound signal for Aground vessel (Attract attention of other vsl) Lights for aground vsl.F1
7-JUNE-19NITIN MUKESHPassage plan Mumbai to Hamburg. Ship reporting system, name reporting in route. Ship routine system. Trs formation and why recurved. Why right hand semicircles dangerous? Upwelling current and example. Rule 8f. Parts of colreg. Names of annexes. Annexe 4 in brief. All Lights for dreger. Also at anchor. Day signal for vsl aground. Sound apparatus with respect to size of vessel. Noon site. What is Geographical position? What in intercept? IALA Buoyage in brief. HRA limits (new regulation). Beaching precautionsF1
8-APRIL-19NITIN MUKESH1-Cards- two red lights in line and white light much below it Ram dredger with obstruction on stbd. 2-Situations .1-Restr visb, one vessel on stbd bow and one vessel stbd qtr..action as per which rule and quote the paragraphs. .2- normal visb, vessel on port bow, crossing.. action and as per which rule? If you say 5sb as action before altering he will ask will the other ship be able to hear? So if it at 5 miles then why to sound?  At what distance would you take action? If both vessels are doing 15 knots what is the tcpa? 3-What is a tack line? 4-What is hydrographical information?F1
6-JULY-21OAKEquipments connected to emergency supply ( he wanted to hear nav lights) MOB on stbd side….action 3 points on stbd bow ….masthead light and both sidelights seen….just sighted…..what is the range? Explain the situation. Performance standard of radar Isolated danger mark Region b preferred channel to stbd Synopsis and prognosis Dilution of precision TSS with fog ….u are overtaking another vessel action Westbound approaching OFB….Engine failure in TSS still having headway which lights to display Wind force 4….both bulbs of forward masthead light fused…..action You are on bridge wing….how will you know steering has failed…….further what steps you will take…..emergency steering drill explain and duration How does TRS behave in the northern hemisphere? Define dangerous quadrant You receive info….TRS in vicinity…..action Rule 13, Williamson turn.F1
5-JULY-21OAKStarted with which all alarms did you experience on the bridge. I mentioned a few on ECDIS, GPS, etc. but he then asked about Auto Pilot Alarms and what all adjustable parameters. Vsl in Japan, preferred channel to port buoy shape, characteristic, etc. Asked how will you identify fairway buoy by day and by night and then asked about emergency wreck marking buoy. Flag G & B and describe. Rule 8 quote and 2-3 situations. One was RV situation. Asked how will you indicate to other vsl that our vsl stopped in RV. Basically tell him about fog signal. When can you be alone on bridge and which publication mentions it. Define Tide and current and name a few currents. When I said Labrador he stopped and asked where is it experienced. TSS formation requirements.F1
5-JULY-21OAK1. Sailed on which ships, trading areas. 2. Are you aware of OFB ( One fathom bank) in Singapore strait. How much is 1 fathom? 3. You are a loaded tanker, westbound in TSS, you have a loaded bulk carrier right ahead of you? How will you overtake her? What sound signals? 4. Will you ask her permission for overtaking in TSS? Why not? 5. Let’s say you are overtaking her from stbd side, you are parallel to her. Now your engines failed? Action? In above situation when will you call master? Suppose master is not answering, what will you do? Suppose master is unconscious in his cabin, what will you do? Who will attend him? (2/off) Then who will go for anchor station? (3/off).  How will you reduce speed in this situation? (Rudder cycling).                         At what speed will you drop anchor? (0.3kts) Who will take responsibility in absence of master?                          How will you arrange for medical help to Master? 6. Symbol Flood tide, Flag A, Cold & warm front, occulsion. 7. What is TLDZ (Temeprate Latitude Depression) and weather associated with it? 8. Region B preferred channel to port. 9. RV. You listen fog horn on port bow? Radar in operational.Action. (Rule 19e) 10. NUC day and night signal. 11. Performance standards of radar? How many targets can you select on ARPA? 12. How many log books on bridge? 13. Aneroid barometer correction. 14. GMDSS tests? 15. On/Off load test of GMDSS battery. What maintenance on battery? How much is the voltage? 16. How will you know that Nav lights are working? What is name of that panel on which you have nav lights indication? 17. What all controls on steering panel? ( Say all autopilot controls and NFU, hand , auto) 18. Emergency steering frequency and procedure. 19. What is STCW? Why do we have CODES? 20. Your duty as per STCW, how will you establish watch keeping arrangements? (Managing crew work/ rest hrs).                                  How much rest? 21. Mer pass limits? Where to find? (Norris) Approx. limit (66 min) 22. How will you assist master in heavy traffic? 23. Gyro 2 deg high? True co:125, what gyro course to steer?F1
12-APRIL-21OAKFlags. Buoys. Head on situation. Quote rules – 7,8,10,19d,e. Situation – Head on / overtaking. Restricted visibility overtaking in TSS. GNSS working principle. Gyro not working in hugh latitudes – why. Gyro spares Chart symbols Interaction in Bend in narrow channel. What forces acting?F1
14-JAN-21OAK1) How to beach the Vsl? 2) Azimuth circle diagram and naming of AZ. 3) Details In TRS. 4) LTA throwing procedure. 5) Various ROR situation. In overtaking, RV, head on, crossing. With cross question in between. 6) Preferred channel buoy specition. 7) Fishing vsl light and specification, spacing between them. 8) Shapes and specification, spacing between. 9) Interaction between vsl. 10) About Singapore one fathom bank. Guys looks like very basic but sometime we forget basic only… And if back to back someone ask this we might not reply fast…and correct. I able to manage to get out of this.F1
7-DEC-20OAK1. ROR situations of crossing situation in R. v ; overtaking in RV ; TSs ; narrow channel… (Guys he changes the situations again once you give your answer and hel ask question as per which rule you took action) 2. Asked light rythm of Special buoy; prefered channel to starboard in region B; west cardinal mark; east cardinal Mark 3. Ur vessel in TSS in restricted vissiblity n u want to overtake one vsl ahd of you.. Action and sound signal….  (Guys he wants to hear dat 1st action vl b that you call Master on bridge) 4. Gyro spares 5. Gmdss batteries and testing procedures.. Daily and yearly requirements including d voltage 6. Annex 4 7. Polar code 8. Definition of NUC and RAM  .. Rule 3 9. Day and night signal of NUC; RAM; CBD and their fog signal in restricted visiblity 10. Tidal stream and how dey are formed 11. Spring and neap tides in details and how many times will you get them in one month 12. How many Navareas in world and india falls under which Navarea 13. Navtex frequency and under which volume of ALRS ul refer to select Navtex station whole planning passage 12. How to plot great circle on paper charts and ECDIS 13. Asked me abt ADLRS and how to install them and how many icons will b visible. Snd in each icon which all volumes are covered. 13. AIO corrections and T n P. (He wants to knws that not all countries produce AIO.. The list of those counties who gives AIO vl b found in d Base CD) 14. Formulas of GYro error.. Damping error and CSE 13. Vessel aground.. Watch actions 14. Steering fail in TSS… Wat actions 15. Fog signal of vessel at anchor and Aground vessel in restricted vissiblity 16. Vessel going astern propulsion fog signal in RV 17. Dragging anchor vch flag will you hoist and colour of Y flag. 18. Golf flag when made by trawling vessel.. Wat does it mean.. Golf flag to draw and to show colours. 19. Chart symbol to identify of Ocean current; wreck ; histroic wreck ;bench mark ; sand; SDF1
11-NOV-20OAK-flags J, K, G -Buoys identification and lights -day signals for aground -Narrow channel situation: sv crossing -one vsl on stbd beam 5 cables…parallel course n same speed. Another vsl head on…tcpa 5min…action -spore tss engine failure near 1 fathom bank -bow cushion effect -Tld weather -symbols SD, PA, benchmark, obst -front symbols -fog signals -how to send urgency msgF1
3-NOV-20OAKAground vl light, NUC light making way, Trawler day signal, Trawler shooting net day signal, Rule no 8,19, ROR situation In TSS, RV, overtaking, TRS and it’s avoiding action, TRS formation, What is veering n backing? Passage planning, Vl at Singapore strait at critical point master not receiving call action (medical emergency), What is roaring forties? Anchoring. Ground tackel, Navtex frequency Who issue nav warning in India, List of equipment on emergency power. ALRS volume, Steering test, Emergency steering test. Pm standard or radar in detail, Different ocean current, Plenty cross question.F1
6-OCT-20OAKAground vl light, NUC definition, NUC light making way, Trawler day signal, Trawler shooting net day signal, Rule no 8, ROR situation, TSS, RV Overtaking, Many more, TLD, Why south Atlantic no trss, TRS formation. How to determine wind in TRS? Vl NH TRS action draw, keeping changing ship position. What is veering n backing? Different type of occlusion, Amplitude, He gave some value lat n declination rising sun. Draw n hw vil u calculate. STCW, Passage planning. vl at singapore starit at critical point master not receving call action (medical emergency). Gyro error, Gyro spare, What is roaring forties? Anchoring, Ground tackle, Navtex frequency, Nav area. hw many nav cordinate in india, who issue nav warning in india. list of equipment on emergency power, ALRS volume. steering test, emergency steering test. Tide, Lunar tide. PM standard or radar in detail, DIP. Visible horizon sensible horizon draw. Clear bearing clearing mark draw. Parallax horizontal parallax. Different ocean current & many more … plenty cross question.F1
14-FEB-20OAKFavorite flag identification A , C ,F,Y ,G,H Cardinal buoy identification without top mark (N,S, and W important) and action on seeing on N heading  or S bound. Safe water buoy, red cone. raw preferred channel to port in region B. Aground action. Types of seabed and abbreviation. Sh favorite , SD ,sd , flood tide, ebb tide, current symbols as per 5011 Which site preferred for star sight and why. Frequency of occurrence of spring tide and neap tide .how many times it occurs. Arpa performance standards. Rule 19 part e quote. Situation of RV, wherein fv on our port and another vsl on stand quarter action with radar working and with radar not operational. RV signals.F1
5-DEC-19OAKFlags Identification Chart Symbols RV situations Buoys Difference between close quarters and Risk of collision Emergency supply to which all equipments on bridge Various Alarms on bridge Android barometer Lat 20S Dec 20S draw diagram and name Azimuth. What is TLDZ?F1
13-SEPT-19OAKStarted with flags Azimuth diagram on paper pilot ladder specification emgcy genrator emgcy  steering spare for magnet compass …anchor testing turning circle …buoys gave situations in  japan and  all  areas …Ror grilled heavily …Vl agorund and other lights sound signals …chart symbols many …emgcy communication …TLDZ  all  dettails …aneroid barometer everything …TRS  all things ….tides  all details from spring neap to calculation … aground situation  actions.F1
12-MAR-19OAKFlags -A, K Buoys -Lateral n Cardinal buoys Draw Pref Channel Specs of Pilot ladder n draw Situation from his notes TLDZ n wx associates wid it Clearing mark n bearing AIO, ECDIS Updates, n Publications Updates Performance of ECDIS, Radar n Arpa. What is Relative n True Mode related to Sea n Ground Stabilisation? Symbols- Historic wreck, SD, SD, SH, PB, Benchmark, Ebb n flood current.F1
14-FEB-19OAKCardinal buoy isolated danger buoy, Three Flags meaning 4 situation RV Arpa performance Standard radar four five chart symbol historic wreckF1
10-JAN-19OAKDescribe flag Golf and purpose IHO symbols draw and purpose SD, PA, Benchmark Historical wreck Describe region B preferred channel to port Various RV situations Upon my astern propulsion to keep clear  he said vessel ahead anyway came and collided you ruptured your 2DB .. master fell and serious injury  .. Action Damage control plan in detail Medical assistance and evac procedure in detail Helicopter equipment use and procedure how will you prepare master for evac Heavy traffic situation – make watch schedule as per STCW. TRS. Which is dangerous semicircle, dangerous quadrant, Action when in dangerous quadrant. What is veering and backing?F1
13-DEC-18OAK1. How to identify Golf flag 2. How to identify Hotel flag 3. Situations same as his set    1. One vessel head on one vessel overtaking you      from stbd what is your action     2. In RV you hear on the port Bow the fog signal of another vessel 4. Actions after collision. No.2 db bilged 5. Chart symbols    1.Historic wreck    2.What does PA mean    3.What does SD means and what does sd mean.. one in caps and one in small    4.What does sh mean 6. Polar code contents and certificate under it 7. Fairway buoy identify at night 8. Range of sound signals 9. Vertical spacing of mast head lights.F1
12-DEC-18OAKBuoy east cardinal and fairway buoy without top marks and identify lights at night Flags to identify A, C and Y. What is occurrence of spring and Neap tides in a month? Day signal for vessel aground. Situation simple head on and beam vessel overtaking sight of one another action. RV fog signal fwd of the beam radar not operational action If Ur on bridge wing how to know gyro has failed. 125 true , error is 3 degree low , what course to steer Np 5011 symbols. Indsar requirements and where to get the co-ordinates from Symbol for historic wreck Symbol for wreck not dangerous to surface navigation Symbol for wreck dangerous to surface Alarms of ECDIS. Performance standard of radar Correction for enc update in ECDIS Navigation equipment connected to emergency power How to know that other vessel going astern in rv How to take star sight Emergency steering procedure And requirements for the same Overtaking in RV IN TSS What signal you will give and which side to overtake? Precautions while overtaking in RV. Interaction between vessels while overtaking. Polar code and polar water operations manual. Some abbreviations from np5011 (Sd, pb). If your proceeding on a course of 090 and see a wreck which is not dangerous to surface navigation action. Approaching signs of TRS. Actions to be taken during coastal watches with heavy traffic densitF1
18-SEPT-18OAKRule 8, 18. 5 ROR situations good visibility and RV. 5 Buoy identification and action, lateral mark, preferred chnl to stbd, safe water, west cardinal. 4 Flags Identification. 4 Chart Symbols, wreck different types, pa, sd, rock awash. In passage plan what u will check Performance standard of RADAR. Gyro Errors, if error 2 deg low what course u will steer. Pilot ladder requirement, if damaged how will u repair, dimension of ropes and steps. Tld & weather associated with it. How often there is spring and neap tide occur.F1
17-SEPT-18OAKQuote rule 8 Situation one vessel on stbd after overtaken us and going parallel with same speed and one head on vessel One RV situation ROT cards mostly day signal and flags Requirement of ARPA Chart symbols as per ISOF1
12-JULY-18OAKWest cardinal buoy top mark missing alpha flag. Region B buoy rhythm lateral marks and also preferred channel buoy marks Isolated Danger mark. You are coming out of Mumbai green buoy right a head action. Vessel aground action. Rule 8, 19 (only explained not quoted) 3-4 RV situations and Normal situations Around 10 cards Chart Symbols Historic wreck, wreck dangerous to navigation, swept depth sounding 26m Performance standard of Radar Performance standard of ROTI TLDZ weather associated with it Barometer Correction TRS avoiding action Flag for Emergency steering. Around vsl signals and lights Passage plan from Gulf to China Spring tide neap tide proxegian spring tide. Weather chart symbols. What is pressure tendency?F1
13-JUNE-18OAK1. Many buoys and there meaning 2.  Fishing boat and signals 3. 3 situation easy ones and one rv..  in one situation after taking action he said vsl collided and action.. so collision  actions as per chief officer.. Capt. is unconscious  then actions… 4. Gyro general 5. How will u carry out emergency strg drill 6. Amplitute how will u train ur cadet.. draw rational horizon diag and explain 7. currents across oceans 8. duties as watch keeper as per stcw ..i ans few and got stuck.. 8. shapes and there dimentions 9. anx 1 of ROR.. in genral horizontal spacing.. 10. complete visbilty criteria.. 11. TLDZ and the wx associated with it.. 12. few wx symbols  cold front warm front etc etc 13. Draw turning circle and explain  its terms..F1
8-JUNE-18OAK-Rule 8 -Situations 1) Vsl in fog, radar inoperative, u hear sound signals ahead of u, action, wat all sound signals?? 2) Own vsl overtaking in tss, fog , How will you overtake, action?? Wat all sound signals?? -Vsl collided, action -Amplitude, explains it to Cadet how will u carry out naming of amplitude, not to use formula. -clearing mark nd clearing brg -U r on bridge, ur third mate on watch, heavy fishing traffic, ur action as mate, as per stcw? -sound signal of aground vsl, length 120m, table pe tap karke sound karne bola. He wants to hear tapping noise on table. -safe water mark bouy showed and asked wat bouy is it? What is top mark of dis bouy, what is difference between ball and sphere. -what signs in waves, seas, clouds u see incase of trs generation. I answered it, he strtd to add and to every ans i gave, atlast i said barometer tendency. By the time he changed Q. -life boat ration expiry?F1
8-JUNE-18OAK-Rule 8 -Situations 1) Vsl in fog, radar inoperative, u hear sound signals ahead of u, action, wat all sound signals?? 2) Own vsl overtaking in tss, fog , How will you overtake, action?? Wat all sound signals?? -Vsl collided , action -Amplitude, explains it to Cadet how will u carry out naming of amplitude, not to use formula. -clearing mark nd clearing brg -U r on bridge, ur third mate on watch, heavy fishing traffic, ur action as mate, as per stcw? -sound signal of aground vsl, length 120m, table pe tap karke sound karne bola. He wants to hear tapping noise on table. -safe water mark bouy showed and asked wat bouy is it? What is top mark of dis bouy, what is difference between ball and sphere. -what signs in waves, seas, clouds u see incase of trs generation. I answered it, he strtd to add and to every ans i gave, atlast i said barometer tendency. By the tym he changed Q. -life boat ration expiry?F1
7-JUNE-18OAKROR cards Rule no 8 Historical wreck symbol Made some symbols on papers Nd asked what is it Depth symbols Lateral and cardinal buoysF1
15-MAY-18OAKSituation 2 nos. No ROR card. Flag G. Preferred channel to port reason B. Content of Polar code Spare of Gyro. Radar range and bearing discrimination. Draw Latitude and Dec he gave me some values and told me to name morning Amplitude. Some 5011 symbols like depth doubtfull, no bottom at certain depth. Transmit safety message. Spares of Gyro. Correction to aneroid barometer. Formation of TRS. Distance between lights.F1
7-MAY-18OAKRULE 8 quote ROR situation: vessel CBD is overtaking your vessel from stbd side and vessel right ahead: Action? Draw Bench mark symbol Flag G and Z. Restricted visibility: radar un-operational: vessel on your port bow 1.5 M. What action? Dangerous quadrant? Seasonal corrections. Why do we do? Buoys: preferred channel to port in region B Barometer errors, Collision. Action. Gyro spares, Steering drill reqs dec 16 N lat 34 N..tell me azimuth?….F1
13-APRIL-18OAKFlood tide symbol Wreck with historical data symbol Shown me west cardinal mark and isolated danger mark and told me to identify them Light of fairway bouy In Japan u see (2+1) flashing green which side to alter Quote rule 8 What do u mean by “constraint imposed by radar range scale in use” Ecdis what are various alarm What are spare of gyro on board Latitude 18 S and declination 45 N draw it and show on rational horizon ,what will be azimuth Port 45deg vsl coming down and our vsl doing 000 ROC exsist in rv What action radar inoperational ( I told I will increase the frequency of fog signal and will post a lookout ahead and will reduce my speed or take all way off)  How will u let other vsl know that u have taken all way off (when PD not making way 2 prolong blast in interval of 2 min) In r.v how will identity vsl is nuc or ram or tug ( he wants to hear they will transmit security message and tell him content of security message…he doesn’t  want to hear that we will get it’s info from Aid etc) U have a vsl ryt ahead in TSS moving on same course in rv how will u overtake ( I told I can overtake her from any side ) He said OK if overtaking from port side of target now what action (Basically he wants to hear ship to ship interaction wala condtns while overtaking) While overtaking engine fail what action ( I told inform master and vts and will enter in separation zone and will drop anchor there) At what speed u will drop anchor ( less than 0.5 knots) Now u have current in there so what will u do now …how will u know which current is there ( he wants to hear about tidal diamond wala funda. .like what info we get from the tidal diamond tables etc)F1
14-FEB-18OAKRULE 8 Region b preferred channel to port draw.  Kept two vsl Rv radar inoperational fog horn from port bow action. I told slow down and take all way off. He kept more closer what now. I could not able to answer. He showed two buoy safe water and w cardinal buoy and asked how will u identify at night. Day signals for trawler hauling net. Draw flag G. Collission.action master fainted. No cards How many spring tide and neap tide in a month. Diff bet current and tide Emcy steering frequency and procedure. Course up north up head up. Naming of amplitude. 9 deg north declinatio 20 deg south draw RH DIAGRAM name the amplitude. Draw symbol of flood. Synopisis and prognosis. How trs forms. Approaching sign of trs. Spare of gyro.F1
6-JUNE-18OP YADAVQuote rule 4,5,11,28 Dimension of Cylinder. You have a Chinese master with whom u have a language problem what all information will you ask to him before proceeding to Anchor stations? Which equipment on the Ship will affect Magnetic compass the most? As a senior officer how will keep a navigational watch? How will you determine a risk of collision for a target? In a TRS if the wind is veering what action will you take? In the towing arrangements what is a catenary?F1
12-MARCH-20PANIGRAHIVTS regulation CH V reg 12 Explain any regulation of SOLAS. Contents of Polar Code. High latitude effects on Gyro compass Quote rule no. 8, 19. ECDIS performance standards Actions in a TRS dangerous quadrant. Ocean currents Tidal current Anchoring in waters with high tidal range. Explain IALA buoyage system Information on a Synoptic chart. Fire scenario actions as a mate.F1
15-JAN-20PANIGRAHIQuote Rule 8 19.. Solas chapter 5 TSS regulation and requirement.. TRS dangerous quadrant.. TRS avoiding actions.. Performance standard of doppler log, gyro.. Emergency Steering gear requirement as per SOLAS.. Watchkeeping standard as per STCW..F1
15-JAN-20PANIGRAHIRule 8 19 10 Foundering Grounding tackle n tug advantage Collision vsl dep port action Solas chapter 5… vts TRS avoiding actions High latitude navigation Performance standard of echo sounder ECDIS Steering gear requirementF1
11-JULY-19SANTOSH DARODKARPassage planning as a mate, Anchor dragging master ashore action, Lights shown by trawler and fishing vessel, difference between AIS and LRIT, Conditions for TRS formation, Difference between TRS and TLD, squat formula.F1
17-JUNE-19SANTOSH DARODKARMostly he will start last among all the internals (After 1800 usually) and together with master candidates. So me and a master candidate together questions to one and relevance to other. 1. Crossing situation in TSS. 2. Lights of dredger making waking. 3. VTMS 4. How will you assist master in decision making when transiting Singapore strait. 5. Disabled shipF1
15-JUNE-18SANTOSH DARODKARHow to assist master on bridge What is BTM Difference between VTS AND VTMS some 3 4 loghts of trawler fishing vsl towing vsl Explain rule no 9 and 10 Ship reporting system Indsar and inspires Trs avoiding actionF1
8-NOV-17SANTOSH DARODKARDGPS Terrestrial AIS and Celestial AIS TSS situation 2 vessel crossing one from Port one from starboard action (c.v) Cross situation VTS not respond How to inform other ships LRIT and AISF1
8-MAY-17SANTOSH DARODKAR1. towing vsl on port bow…mine clereance vsl on stbd  bow 6 points n trawler at anchor on stbd bow 12 points..action??? He said he wants answer specifically as chief mates management lvl,. 2. Star sights n how to calculate set n drift..explain how to calculate to 2nd mate candidate which were called in between my orals.. 3. why MINE CLEARENCE vsl doesn’t show RAM light..   Wrong answer: it’s on naval duty..not practically possible..F1
6-APRIL-17SANTOSH DARODKAR1) 1 Situation NUC on port bow and two white lights right ahead, one trawler starboard side ROC exists action Lights and shapes of all the three vessels. Singapore strait transit your input to master as OOW and how will you assist him in decision making. Singapore strait two vessels crossing from port and starboard, action.F1
15-NOV-19SHARMAAll previous question – he will keep u asking until he is satisfied that u remember wat last surveyors questioned u and did u rectified ur mistakes of last attempt (suggestion- with dis surveyors u can b lucky cuz he ask same previous question n little extra from his side) Dry moon Wet moon Rule 10 TSS-he asked if i by hearted ??cuz Capt. JB Singh put remark last tym-“not able to quote”/ i said yes dis tym i knw all by heart- he said ok tell me its content Situations in TSS – as i started to tell him its content Passage plan in english channel TSS- practically on paper. Action – ur ship aground on soft bottom ( action as chief mate on bridge) – he wanted to hear abt tide n chances of refloating to b ascertained with stability point of view. Lights of aground vessel/ NUC Shapes dimensions He will give u situations and question u on basis of ur answer – so basically answer in wat u r good at n confident No cards were shown TRS-once he understands dat u knw it he will move to next questions Synoptic charts Actions in heavy weather as mate Wat is spring tide Perigean spring tide Neap tide( as i was answering he asked wat is nibbed (neaped) vessel ? I said never heard abt itF1
10-JULY-19SHARMATRS fani Various RV situations Vsl engine broke down near the coast action (alter course away from shore considering traffic) Wt all to monitor in dis situations (monitor rate n drift n shallow patch depth) How to use anchor in dis situation ( pay out d anchor once it touches the ground pay out fully under power fr 100 mtrs of depth) so Dat u cn avoid going aground U r at port strong winds.. Heavy weather wt actions (can advice Master to proceed to sea with approval from DPA) If u don’t get permission ( double up the moorings n use different bollards use additional moorings) he wants you to rig fenders n tug to be stand by U r at anchor n heavy weather is predicted your action. (secure the ship as per heavy weather and proceed to deep waters n take land shelter till d weather dissipates).F1
3-APRIL-19SHARMAFunction 1 1 . One vessel on your stbd side near to qarter brng. Constant action 2. His fav situation tgt vsl on port bow  5 miles action 3 . RV vsl on stbd bow then next at stbd. Quarter radar operational 4 .rule no 6 and 19 quote 5. Margin of safety of vsl factors  to detemine the same 6. Navigation in ice 7.trs dangerous quadrant why dangerous 8 why pl is straight for celestial and why circular for terrestrial 9 characteristics of radar hbw why less and why vbw is moreF1
3-MARCH-20SHUKLACards, frequency of non-displacement craft light, frequency of purse Seine gear light When will you call a compass adjuster? As a mate what will you do before compass adjuster comes maintenance of magnetic compass, gyro, tests and maintenance of radar. What rules will you expect a first time third officer to know by heart, practical questions on TRS, avoiding it etc., Correction of sextant errors (told him all about them but he wanted to know how exactly we’ll adjust the screw)F1
10-AUG-19SHUKLA1) what is the first thing you will check in the maneuvering booklet for a car carrier Me – windage area 2) what is the max wind heeling moment? Me – Sry am not able to remember 3) he showed me two diagrams one of which was angle of loll and the other severe wind and rolling Me – I said second one 4) spairs for magnetic compass Me – I said more than 150 GT spare magnetic compass and spare corrector magnets ( but he said not spare sufficient no. Of magnetic corrector magnets) 5) how will you order a spare magnetic compass if you are magnetic compass is broken and you have replaced it it with your spare Me – we know the make ,type , area where ship was built  ( he added internal dia , gimbal size and  said ur spare will come only from the shipyard ur ship was built nd all) 6) how will you train your cadet to learn side error and which time will be the best to teach him practically day or night ? Me – i explained him about side error, then told him that I will teach him in the morning or evening Twilight where you can see the stars and to check whether they are horizontally displaced 7)rule 6 and understanding specially second part 8) what are the rules that you want your cadet to be thorough in? Me – I said 5,6,7,8 lol then told many more than told party m B steering and sailing rules 9) current near new foundland nd y is that area of significance Me – because of advection fog , great circle traffic converging, ice , heavy weather 10) how does ice come there Me –  told him  about  east Greenland current West Greenland current then baffin bay and then labrador current bringing ice to new foundland 11) plan a voyage a HRA by bmp 5 Me – told him the 5 fundamental and normal HRA things that we do 12) which is the first thing you will check in a wheel house poster Me – stopping distance 13) inertial stop or crash stop Me – inertial stop 14) picking up pilot on car carrier in a busy area and pilot is delayed nd beam winds Me – reduce your speed to minimum, use bow thruster,keep anchor stand by , co ordinate with pilot stationF1
9-AUG-19SHUKLA1. You are on a voyage from Chile to Japan. Places where you won’t get any service technician on time, high latitude. How will you as a chief officer make sure that gyro will be in order? ( I told him all the maintenance, he said this is all operational level… Think as Management level) 2. What are the spare requirements of Magnetic compass. 3. In North Atlantic, what weather will you observe. 4. Index of colregs. In section 2 of PART B, which is the most important rule? What rule you will ask your cadet to by heart the rules. 5. Which is the most important information given in wheelhouse poster? 6. Draw frontal depression as seen on surface chart. What is the speed of frontal depression? 7. Have you done dry dock? What information you will ask from docking master? 8. Your company took over a ship which is 25 years old just came out from dry dock. 300 tonnes of steel renewed. What will be your concern as chief officer? 9. You are going for Anchorage at a depth of 60-65m. As a chief officer, what all information you will check on bridge before you go forward. Action after going forward And what all information you will provide to Master from forward 10. What is beaching. When will you consider beaching? 11. Official logbook entries.F1
15-MAR-19SHUKLASitting together and asking, Started with My Name, Company Name, Types of Ship, last ship info like Bridge equipment makers. He wanted to leave early n was taking his time thinking of questions to ask. Most of the questions were practical but he wanted to hear some typical answers what he had pre meditated n kept on asking deeper n deeper on every answer. No colregs, ror cards or situations. Voyage from South Korea to Chile, how will u prepare ur Gyro compass as its a long voyage n in Chile der is no servicing facility for Gyro if something goes wrong.  Ur in a dry dock n it has been two months everyone is busy with something or the other. Steel replacement, Surveys etc. Tell me one thing that Master might have forgotten. Magnetic compass inspection n maintenance is going to be carried out. What all preparations we can do to facilitate it. Spares for magnetic compass n how will u order spare compass.You’re  in Kandla awaiting berthing n TRS has formed in Arabian sea just outside the Gulf. It might recurve east or north east towards Kandla. How will u ride the Trs and what kind of Ships ride the TRS.Ur a selective Meteorological Ship. What all equipment’s do u carry? What is the frequency of reporting n Masters obligation. How to report n what all to report.He told me ur in north high latitude above 60deg north. Draw cold front n frontal depressions for that area on the paper.Why beaching is done. What is the types of Ships that do beaching. How will u teach ur Cadets about Sextant. Sextant errors and how to correct them. Side error. How to correct. He wanted to know by turning second adjustment screw what all things happenF1
12-DEC-18SHUKLAMajor steel renewal in dry dock, wat wud u advise master to check in terms of navigation Magnetic compass spares Preparation to be carried out b4 compass corrector comes onboard Corrections of magnetic compass How wil you check & ensure gyro compass is working properly on voyage form China to Chile Frontal depressions n draw how to identify it on a wx facsimile Most imp rule in Colregs in part B sect 2 n related cross questioning While proceeding to Fujairah anchorage how wil u assist master from fwd stationF1
6-MAR-19SINHA1)  ice petroling in detail , Laki 2) How to plan a passage from Uk to Canada , what all thing u get from routine charts + many cross questions 3) Use of Dgps 4) Difference between gps and dgps  & requirement 5) 3-4 situations in Rv , one vsl at port bow fwd of beam & 0 visibility then he put 2nd vsl on stbd bow also and asked action of all ships 6) Just fwd of beam u listen fog signal in rv , action  7) In overtaking  situation, u see astern lt , action and which side will be safe to overtake and why 8) He put one head on situation 9) He put one east cardinal mark ahead of own vsl , action + top markF1
4-APRIL-17SINHA*How will you transfer positions from gnomonic chart to mercator chart? *Everything about TRS *Your ship was in a dry dock and a lot of steel and iron work has been done and is now at anchor. You are expecting a compass adjuster tomorrow. What preparations will you do? *Rule 8 *Rule 19 4 to 5 cardsF1
15-MAR-17SINHA1. Situations 2. Ror card, aground vessel, trawler 3. Rule 19 to expalin. Not to quote. 4. Errors of echo sounder . 5. What is zero error. 6. What is pythagoros error in echo     sounder. 7. Range of fog signals 8. Buy ballots law explain 9. Signs of trsF1
11-MARCH-20SRIVASTAVA2 ROR situations. – RV-You hear fog signal on port bow range is decreasing. No target on radar . ROC exist. Action – vessel on 22.5 abaft your beam. Own vsl speed 10 kts target vsl 15 kts. ROC exists. Action.( Failing question) No further questions. Said your application of ROR is poor come next timeF1
11-MARCH-20SRIVASTAVA2 Ror situations. – RV-You hear fog signal on port bow range is decreasing. No target on radar . ROC exist. Action – vessel on 22.5 abaft your beam. Own vsl speed 10 kts target vsl 15 kts. ROC exists. Action.( Failing question) No further questions. Said your application of ROR is poor come next timeF1
11-MARCH-20SRIVASTAVA– Passage planning as chief mate – international ice patrol – polar code – weather routing – weather routing charts – types of weather charts – Quote rule 13 – NUC card – south cardinal buoy – Emergency steering requirement and drill – what is global warming and it’s effects. Measures taken by government.F1
3-JULY-19SRIVASTAVANo cards, No buoys, No situations, No Colregs. 1. How will you go about voyage planning as a Mate? What all aspects will you look at? 2. How will you assist Master will all information regarding voyage planning? 3. Emergency Steering Drill. How is it carried out. How often do we do the drill? 4. Routeing Charts. 5. How to carry out weather routeing? 6. Your barometric pressure falls by 5mb. Action? 7. Difference between Depression and TRS? 8. Maintenance of Magnetic compass. 9. What are the different coefficients. Give small info on them. 10. How to prepare for drydock as a Mate? 11. What is declivity of dock? And it’s purpose. 12. A lot of collision and close quarters situation is happening with vessels and small fishing boats here in Bombay waters. With regards to Rule 5, 6 and 13 give a short description why these rules failed to be followed onboard. 13. You are about to sail through the Bosphorus strait into the Black sea. As Mate, how will you prepare the vessel?F1
19-JUNE-19SRIVASTAVAPassage planning for mate, how will u go about planning taking bunkers at Anchorage, magnetic compass coefficients and stepwise  corrections, maintenance of magnetic compass, deviation card, ROR quote rules 6,13,9,5… Indication of bad weather barometric pressure falls by 5 mb (doesn’t want subra answer).. Stepwise actions, formation of depression in ur path 12 deg N.. Instructions for second and third officer, avoiding action TRS, reason for cyclone vayu, categories of cyclone with wind speeds, Anchor dragging master not onboard. mandatory certificates on-board stepwiseF1
6-JUNE-19SRIVASTAVAROR- rule 5 n13 quote, nuc day and night signal, South cardinal buoy, Metrology- buys ballots law explain, if pressure drops by 3mb where is the low pr, BTM- if you are in fwd stn, and vessel entering port and pilot gets delayed master panicking, what will you do from fwd stn (main point he wants to hear you will call 2/o to relieve you and you will go on bridge to assist master and if reqd take over) Passenger Vessel has main engine failure action, if towing is reqd who will you inform and why, what is salvage towing, what is the best action if you are drifting towards an island ( he wants to hear the quote from dantons- never go ashore with the anchors in the hawse). Action in case of grounding. Bridge eqpt – Magnetic compass- what are the coefficients, how will you correct a magnetic compass, who does corrections for the magnetic compass. ECDIS- what to do if you need enc for a place to divert and your contract for chart supplier has expired. Echo sndr – errors. GPS errors. ETA- what is ocean towing and Harbor towing, what is the difference in the tugs, what are the eqpts in ETA of passenger vessel ; draw the top view of the fwd ETA and tug, What wire dia is used, who gives the wire to who, as chief how you know when to reject the tow line, what should be the MBL of the tow line, what is bollard pull, how to calculate it.F1
15-MAY-19SRIVASTAVAVarious cards, ROR situations, buoyage system, isolated , special mark ,safe water mark buoys as per cards. Voyage planning as per chief officer, important consideration for the voyage… Factors necessary for formation of trs, what is buys ballot law…just becoz pressure fallen below 5mb u will consider formation of low pressure…not necessary how will u confirm it at that tym???? Navigation in high latitude…to which all vessel apply….what is ice class vessel…types of ice… what should b the thickness of ice considered safe for transit… Prepare checklist for vessel arrival port… Prepare checklist for any one Emergency experience on board… Tides and ocean current Action as chief mate for grounding…F1
14-MAR-19SRIVASTAVAIce patrol, Ice accretion, Factors for ice accretion, Ice limits, Weather Routing, shore based weather routing, 3-4 ror cards and buoys, hygrometer, dew point, sweat, ventilation, few more meteorology questions, tide and current, why some places in India has high tide more comparative to other places, No rules or ROR situationsF1
14-MAR-19SRIVASTAVAGave me a paper and asked me to draw ETA, While drawing he asked as per which regulation, I said SOLAS chapter and regulation I don’t remember, He gave me SOLAS and asked me to find out, it was in chapter 2. He asked me why is it chapter 2 and not 5. Requirement for ETA deployment, I answered. He was not satisfied. He wants exactly what is quoted in SOLAS. Again asked me to read from SOLAS.F1
14-DEC-18SRIVASTAVAQuote 6,13,17,19. Define Nautical Mile Errors of Magnetic Compass How will u correct Magnetic Compass Methods of finding Gyro Error. Weather routing, Passage Planning as Mate. Routing charts, Wx Fax, TRS Auto Pilot n controls of Auto Pilot Emergency Steering. Significant wave height, Freak wave, abnormal wave, Tsunami, Odas bouy, Tsunamic alert system.F1
7-SEPT-18SRIVASTAVADuty as chief mates (basically he wabts to hear as per stcw nav, cargo n shipping) Rules-5,6,13 In singapore strait rv  wht safe speed wd we maintain Cards- grounding day signal, also anchor v/l signals RAM SIGNALS Magnetic compass adjustment (only wants to hear as per solas) Gyro error adjustment Grounding action as chief mate, ERS.F1
10-AUG-18SRIVASTAVA-Weather routeing in North Pacific during winter’s -GPS fail -Star sight calculation -Buys ballot law -Rule 5, 6 -Cards -Buoys -Malcca staright passage precautions -How will u determine safe speed in straits -Heavy weather precaution -How will you use weather information And how it’s given -Vsl disable how to connect towing in heavy weather -Higher latitude navigationF1
12-JULY-18SRIVASTAVAQuote rule no 5, 6, 13 & 19. Day cards. Night cards. Cardinal Buoys. Voyage planning in detail. Anchor dragging, take action. Allison with jetty while departure, actions. What information is obtained from Weather routing charts.F1
6-JULY-18SRIVASTAVA1. How r south west monsoon formed (i knew he wud ask dat as now v facing monsoon) 😜 2. Passage planning as mate, inputs to 2 off 3. ers, wat info v give at dep n arrival 4. Types of ice 5. Bore tide 6. 2 cards 7. 1 narrow channel situation. Own vsl pd overtaking sailing. If sailing vessel stopz wat wil u do. Ans is rudder cycling 8. What is rudder cycling 9. What is occulusion. Draw n show 10. Types of ice 11. Gyro erratic in high lat. Y. With formula 12. Bearing discrimination in radar 13. U r mate n vdr service done. Wat chcks to b done. Mention u wil vil chk perf stds as per solas 14. What is kick aheadF1
6-JULY-18SRIVASTAVA1. Navigation in light ice precautions 2. Gyro maintenance onboard 3. Wat is dry n wet type methods used for making gyro north seeking 4. ERS 5. Quote rule 6 n 19 6. Rule 10. How to join n leave TSS, what precautions. Aft i gave my ans he also elaborated.F1
13-OCT-17SRIVASTAVAWhat is weather routing? Different equipments u use for it? Quote rule 5, 6 and 19 Few situations on TSS and RV Cards of NUC, CBD- day card, dredger, fish with persuine Ur on watch and baro goes below 6mb? How to determine location of TRS What are weather routing charts and info u get from them? Symbol of occluded front Maintenance on mag and gyro compass Why we prepare deviation card? Who does it and how? When do GPS fails? He wants to hear the Jamming of signal and world war situation Errors of GYRO.. and what is ballistic effect- i screwed up in this but he was ok.. said nobody usually is able toF1
6-DEC-19SUNDARAM1. Gyro 2. Magnetic principal 3. Sound signals with pencil 4 Cardinal marks without topmarks 5. Head on situation between 2 CBD . One coming out and other coming in.Justification with rules 6. Use of Flinders barF1
11-SEPT-19SUNDARAM1. How does GPS work 2. Why is DGPS more accurate than GPS. 3. Explain VDOP and GDOP 4. Principle of working of gyroscope and gyrocompass. 5. 90-PZ =? 6. 90-Px =?F1
10-JAN-19SUNDARAMExplain what do you mean by ‘taking way off’ Explain Critical RPM Master ashore you are at anchor and vessel anchored ahead of you is dragging towards you very fast  – ActionF1
8-JAN-19SUNDARAMYou are using parallel indexing on radar and your gyro fails can you keep using parallel indexing (Yes) What does Signal NC signifies (Distress) Explain 19(d) and 19(e) What does all way off means in rule 19(e) Situations Two vessels head on both are CBD which rule applies How many flashes are there in Quick flashing and Very Quick Flashing and how frequent Make South cardinal buoy Vessel making way 180 and identifies South Cardinal buoy Action Two vessels at anchor other vessel dragging anchor towards own vessel action, Master gone ashore for medicals Two PDVs crossing one of the vessel is give way but having 6 knots of following current. Who will take action (He wants to hear there other vessel – stand on to alter to stbd and take a round turn pass astern of give way vessel as the give way vessel would be having less manoeuvrbility due to following current Rule 2 responsibilities) You are coming out of Japan, which buoyage system they follow and which buoy colour would be at your port and stbd beamF1
13-SEPT-19TIWARIPassage planning Buy ballots law in detail TRS approaching signs & avoiding actions? Polar code? Date in force. Weather routeing. Precautions as a mate while transiting polar regions. Synoptic chart and prognosis chart in detail. Piracy area? Precautions as a mate. What is manoeuvring light? Situation – PD VSL and towing VSL (what lights &symbol) narrow channel and overtaking. Another situation in RV.F1
4-AUG-21UPPALLights for towing fishing trawler Many situations cross questing ROR – full index chapter wise section wiseF1
3-AUG-21UPPAL-ROR index how many parts and sub sections how many rule in each section. -tell me in brief about part 6 verification compliance and why it came into force. -Lights for towing vessel,crossing from port ur action risk of collision exist and as per which rule. Cross question -You see two red light in a line above white light what type of ship ur action.Cross question -Nuc light,she dropped anchor which lights. -differce between Doppler log and electromagnetic log. – what is Navtex explain in detail Navtex msg transmission format. -dimensions of shapes spacing between them. -more cross question on lights and situation.F1
13-MARCH-20UPPAL1. ROR Situations – – Trawler crossing from port – Action, what lights will you see. – A tug towing alongside crossing from port – Action, what lights will you see – Contents of ROR – New Part and it’s purpose? 2. Vertical and Horizontal difference between lights? 3. What difficulties will you face when in high latitude areas? 4. Why will the Magnetic compass show an incorrect reading? Why will there be less directive force in high latitudes?F1
9-SEPT-19UPPALcontent of ROR annex of ROR in detail( Vertical and horizontal separation of light) he was mainly into annex only give me situation: me on pdv and trawler on port bow, identify the light, what actio, according to which rule.( he want to know according to which rule and which paragraph). No ROR cards.. various situations wrt nuc, ram, cbd and vsl aground didn’t asked to quote the rules dimensions of shapes  and their separation errors of eco sounder and Doppler log. Advantage of Doppler log wrt other speed log. Vsl rolling and pitching, effect on speed on vsl. how long will show the speed. Gyro compass error( give formula), properties of gyro compass. Steering failure action, follow up and non-follow up. Why part f of colreg came.. and what cam which was not earlier.F1
17-JUNE-19UPPALStarted with introduction. Will ask written result too. What were the subjects for phase 2 written exams? 1. ROR situation pdv crossing from Port bow. What lights shown by Target vsl? (When u say alter stbd so as per which rule u will not alter port). 2. PDV pushing alongside. Lights for pushing vessel and being pushed. (Did not show ROR cards. He had model of ships kept with him. Only described vsl and asked what lights shown). 3. NUC vsl lights and shapes separation between them. 4. Annex 1 separation of mast head lights 5. How many rules in ROR. What are the additional ones which part and what is Part B. 6. Navigation in Polar Water. With respect to nav equipments. 8. Gyro compass and magnetic compass not functional at high lat. Why? (Explain damping error and steaming error w.r.t formula, and explain why directive force is zero at poles). 9. Tele-motor, hunting gear. 10. Synoptic charts, Routeing chartsF1
3-JUNE-19UPPAL1. ROR situation pdv crossing from Port bow. Roc. Action as per which rule. What lights shown by Target vsl. 2. Towing vsl same situation. Action. (Towing vsl not RAM) Lights. 3. Trawler same situation. Action.  (Wants to hear if you can alter to port or not) Lights. 4. Pdv pushing alongside. Lights. (Did not show ROR cards. Only described vsl and asked what lights shown) 5. How many rules in ROR. Why additional rules came. What was the need. 6. Doppler log principle. Cross questioning. SOG STW obtained by doppler. 7. Navigation in Polar Water. With respect to nav equipments. 8. Gyro compass and magnetic compass not functional at high lat. Why? (Explain damping error and settling error w.r.t formula, and explain why directive force is zero at poles) 9. Explain follow up and non-follow up. 10. Positioning of masthead lights (be thorough with Annex)F1
13-MAY-19UPPAL– Started with crossing situation with pdv. What is rule 17d? – Situation with pdv and trawling – Lights & shape of trawler of 100 m in length – How many rules in Ror, New added rules, why they added and what is the need of verification of compliance. – Vertical separation between head light, horizontal spacing between mast head light, – Height of side light wrt to Aft mast head light – Types of steering gear – Mechanism of NFU wrt to steering platform – What is synoptic charts – Practical cut of lights explain with diagram alongwith intensity – What is Col? – Weather associated with col – How SW monsoon occur? – Problems in high latitudes – What will happen to magnetic compass wrt latitude(went in deep) – Gyro wrt to speed – Drifting and tilting – Why gyro and magnetic behave ineffective in high latitudeF1
11-MAR-19UPPALSituation. Identify the light of a towing vessel on the port side and take action 2 situation. Identify the light of a trawler vessel on the port side and take action What is a synoptic chart Drawn the symbols of col , cold and warm from admin the synoptic chart How are navigation equipments affected in higher latitudes. Some cross questioning on the gyro and magnetic compass.F1
9-MAR-19UPPALTrawler of length more then 50m underway  wat lt it will show? If same vsl on ur port bow crossing situation. U have power driven vessel port bow not taking action. Wat will be ur action. Precautions in higher latitude with respect to navigation. LRIT data. How will it be transmitted? How you will receive it? When can coastal state ask for LRIT data & how? What is limit for LRIT data for coastal stateF1
11-JULY-18UPPAL1. Contents of ROR 2. Vertical position of side lights as per ROR. 3. Vertical difference between mast head light 4. Trawler Vessel lights 5. One trawler on port crossing situation Action. (Wants to hear if you can alter to port) 6. Two Red lights Identify Vessel. 7. What is synoptic chart. 8. Routing chart and info 9. ASD & info in it. 10. TRS Avoiding action 11. Difficulty in POLAR region? 12. Why magnetic compass & Gyro Ineffective?F1
5-JULY-18UPPALPolar Navigation difficulties Lights for Trawler and Towing vessel Situation with Trawler (Trawler on port side — tell lights and then action ) NUC vessel lights and shape Why magnetic compass behaves erratic on high latitudes Failure of steering gear. Action?F1
18-JUNE-18UPPALWhich company, how many ships, type of ship and cargo. 1. Have u done dry dock. I said yes. Y class surveyor is present at docking of the ship. Who other person are der while docking of the ship. As a mate duties in dry dock What is class? Wat is renewal survey and den he asked me wat is special survey. Basically he will keep u asking on everything u say. U should av idea of wat u saying. What is condition of class. Many y? Y we go to dry dock? Wat requirement , wat if we don’t go, ? 2. What are statutory cert. validity of each, wat to renew them? 3. ISM cert any docs onboard. 4. What is major nc and nc, wat happens to the certificate? 5. How ISM cert are interrelated. Many y??? 6. What all work is done in drydock. Related to anchor, how u do it? Wen a anchor cable will be discarded? Many why?F1
18-JUNE-18UPPAL-South Westerly monsoon -Why India is operating on area 3 -Gmdss requirements for area 3 -Epirb alert how help in search and rescue.. who all recipients of this -MRCC -MCC -Polar navigation -Gyro and magnetic errors in higher latitude If both are having this error.. how will you navigate then? -Trawler of 100mtr in length.. what lights -Horizontal sector -Practical cut off -Vertical sector of lights -side lights position -fwd masthead lights positioning -crossing situation with trawler, tug – radar inoperative, clear day vl is on port side converging – now u r on that vl.. radar is inoperative.. how will u know wether overtaking or crossing.. now tell me aspect of that stbd vl – what is LRIT, Why it is introduced – If your flag state want information of other vsl how they will get itF1
4-JUNE-18UPPALTwo red lights ahead action ; identify making way or not Practical cut-off of side lights. Vsl trawling more than 50m what lights she will show, she is in port side roc exist ….. action! What is running moor he asked to explain ship model . North cardinal buoy seen sight ahead action , what lights buoy will show. RoR Dulles how many parts Sections how many What are synoptic charts Problem faced by Ships in polar region , gyro/ magnetic problem in those waters? Why?F1
15-MAR-18VAZAnnex 1 1.Mast head lt specification .. as per him lt is not above hull and not even cont upp deck .. dont know which word he want 2.What is lux 3.What is candela … define candela …  4.Why mast hd lt should be distinguished from 1000 mtr …. why 1000 mtr only 5.Manoeuvring lt characteristic and why only 2 mtr above or below where diff between fwd and aft is 4.5 HE WILL ASK U REGULATION AND THEN HE WILL ASK WHY IT IS LIKE THAT.F1
4-SEPT-20VIBHUTI-you are on PDV, and towing a vessel in distress. What lights will you show? -same situation, what lights if you are a normal towing vsl? -vsl on port bow, at 6nm, bow crossing at 3nm, cpa 5 cables. What action? -autopilot errors, rudder setting and setting on your ship -RV, vsl on port quarter, what action -what lights will u see if you are overtaking? -engine breakdown, vsl drifting and running aground…what action?F1
4-SEPT-20VIBHUTI-Actions on grounding. – How to drop second anchor and by how much if vessel immobilised and at anchor,dragging towards shoal. – Radar usage on gyro failure. – Compass co. To steer in case of gyro failure & chart changes (ie: Variation)F1
6-MARCH-20VIBHUTIGYRO FAILS GYRO HEAding: 200 Compass heading: 210 Variation 3 deg west What will be your action (wanted to hear what magnetic course u will stear) ? You are in same condition going from one chart to other and variation changes in other chart what course u will steer now. Calculate accordingly and answer. A vessel approaching from 25 degrees on ur port side  range 5 miles and CPA of vsl is 6 cables on our stbd both vsls speed 15 knots. other is not taking action ? Open sea master decides to switch off both radars. u see a target brg constant and range very slightly decreasing. 30 min brg constant and range very slightly decreasing. Ans is overtaking situation. We are overtaking TRS in SH Gyro fail what all equipments affected? And how? Radar failure. Action. Situations in Radar after failure. How do you take a bearing after it? Few more questions/situations from his set. (PawanF1
15-JAN-20VIBHUTIGYRO FAILS GYRO Heading: 300 compass heading: 310 variation 3 deg west. What will be your action (wanted to hear what magnetic source u will stear) you are in same condition going from one chart to other and variation changes in other chart what course u will steer now a vessel approaching from 25 degrees on your port side range 5 miles and cpa of vsl is 6 cables on our stbd both vsls speed 15 knots other is not taking action? Open sea master decides to switch off both radars. u see a target brg constant and range very slightly decreasing.  as u start telling about roc things he will say 45 min brg constant and range very slightly decreasing not happy with answers.F1
9-JAN-20VIBHUTI-Started off with Rule 13. -No cards -He prefers drawing on the paper -Lights of all RAM -Again 4-5 Situations on paper -Annex I of ROR -Then he drew 2 paper charts side by side .. ur course is from 1 chart to another with different variation … What will be the course to steer? -On d Radar there r 2 targets, 1 on d Port 1 on stbd..Port one is clear but stbd is close quarter, suddenly your Gyro fails what happens to Radar screen and how will u monitor the bearing of the stbd target.F1
18-NOV-19VIBHUTIVarious ROR situations .some of from Pawan notes… Answer given as per pawan notes but he is not satisfied . Gyro fails….what all equipment will hamper How will you take compass bearing…. I explained him TMC but this concept was new to him hence he didn’t satisfied Gave various situations on Radar PPI in head up mode Effect of gyro failure on ECDIS Drawn towing vessel and tow on paper and asked me to draw lights Towing light definition Overall he is not satisfied…. Example: In ROR situation I said alter course to stbd he said wrong then i said alter to port…again wrong. I asked what is answer…. then he said alter to stbd….then i said initially i said stbd only …. No reply…proceed to next questionF1
13-MAY-19VIBHUTIVarious ROR situation. Lights. Gyro fail. What happens to radar? What all equipment’s will be affected? Anchor drag. Ship aground your action. Ship port quarter aground.. Ur action (list to stbd) Ground tackle. Using anchor as ground tackleF1
2-APRIL-19VIBHUTIROR situations 5-6. ame situations in RV. Few Cards. Rule 8, 19, 10. Mag 309 Gyro 300 Var 5w Steering failure.. what mag course will you pursue. Now Var has changed to 1E what’s the mag course. Radar trails and trail manoeuvre. Limitations of radar. BCR and BCT related situation( bow crossing range/time) Steering gear alarms and failure action. Auto pilot failure and alarms. Default settings on autopilot. How will you assist master in passage plan? Dynamic UKC six factors of calculation. IMO PS for VDR, where do you get that( luckily I knew the circular number so he left that midway). VDR SVdR difference. Lat 40 N at Winter solstice , Altitude of sun at merpass. Passage plan in RV, Critical areas. How will you define a critical area in Navigation. Rule 19 explain. Master in capitated in Navigation critical area.F1
8-FEB-19VIBHUTIVarious situations and deep questioning. RV. Effect of Gyro failure on radar, Action? Gyro fail then what compass heading to steer , given Dev?  Search pattern? No cards. Questions on Radar vector’s understanding.F1
11-DEC-18VIBHUTI1. You are coming out of port and you see white over red light just one mile away , what is your action ? How will u come to know if she is making way or stopped? Which vectors you will use? Difference between sea stabilised and ground stabilised mode? Which do you prefer and why? 2. Gyro hdg- 205, Magnetic -195 Var- 4w gyro fails , now what magnetic course will your steer ? Answer: 195. Now you enter a new are and variation is 2E now what new course you will steer? 3. If gyro fails how will u take bearings? What will happen to radar? 4. Restricted visibility u have a vessel on your port bow on collision course your action? 5. Clear visibility and same situation. 6. You are at anchor engineers carrying out repairs and engines not available for next 12 hours, your anchor is dragging what is your action? 7. Same situation continued and now you are. Aground how will come to know you are aground? 8. How will u clear your vessel from shoal patch without external assistance of tugs? 9. How do u find track spacing? What is the formula? 10. What are the search objects for Uncorrected sweep width? Have u seen that table in IAMSAR? 11. How to determine bottom of the seabed without looking at charts? Some more situations and his standard questions don’t remember other questions.F1
15-JUNE-18VIBHUTINarrow channel situation overtaking.. Sea stabilisation and vectors representation. Magnetic compass co 300, Gyro co: 295 variation 4°W Gyro fails – what happened to radar and vector Gyro fails what magnetic course u will steer Now u r entering a new variation area of 2°W what would be the mag co Vsl on stb bow both side lights n mast head light visible. Action Vessel overtaking from port qtr. Risk of collision exist. Action. Same situation in RV. Vsl on stb bow in RV.risk of collision exist. RV situation vessel overtaking, forward of the beam at a close range Vessel anchored close to the shore anchor dragging action, engine Unavailable. Finally vessel aground action. Anchor dragging. Engine didn’t came and u beached on soft mud by astern wind strong Gyro fail actions. Anchor dragging actions.  Grounding actions. how will u re float her(use both anchor as ground tackle de ballast to change trim wait for tide). TRS. Southern hemisphere. Dangerous quadrant. Navigable quadrant. Avoiding action. Veering and backing of wind.F1
7-MAR-18VIBHUTISailing vsl more den 100 m anchor lights What is fishing boats, pilot boats, towing vsl with d tow cards in full details nd situation Rule 19 IAMSAR in detail Collided with fishing vsl- actionF1
8-APRIL-19VIKRAMROR cards night signal and preferred channel.  Two crossing situations one in TSS and in other case narrow channel.       How to correct magnetic compass? Principles of Gyro compass. Errors of Gyro. Responsibility of mate as per STCW code.F1
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