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Chief Mate F.G. Orals Surveyor Question Set Function 2

Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Surveyor Question Set Mumbai Function 2

4-SEPT-19AGARWALNSWMAns- not satisfied with my answer. Same points he asked me what he asked me in my last to last attempt. -Prep for coal loading carriage disch – NSWMAns -prep for wood pulp loadingnot -what’s CSM , its is for which vessels? As per which regulation NSWMAns -categories of IMDG- switched to how many magazines-i cudnot explain the types so NSWMAns -Loadlines – which loadline does indian coastal belt has -loading in a tanker – tank half loaded how will u calc quantity ?whats UTI -what all criteria for ventilation of cargo hold -NSWMAns -what is Bundling? -difference between LOI & LOP -suppose u have sailed out and cargo in your hold liquified , action , whats NOP ? – NSWMAns -Loadicator test explained all but again NSWMAnsF2
9-JULY-19AGARWALChem tanker X cat cargo discharged. How will you proceed for tank cleaning? Hazards of coal Hold prep for coal Sulphur caught fire in hold at port. Action How to calculate max cargo that can be carried on board?F2
5-APRIL-19AGARWAL1) Define load density , broken stowage 2) Bill of lading and mates receipt in detail 3) How will you load coal -preparation of hold, precautions while loading 4) Imsbc contents 5) Draft survey calculations 6) Concentrates, Fmp, TML 7) How will u go about for making man entry in a crude oil tanker after discharging – lots of cross questions 8) Imdg classification, segregation 9) Nop and lop 10) Angle of repose 11) Calculation of hourly rate on tankers if loadicator fails while loading gasoline? All calculationsF2
9-MAR-17AGARWALStowage factor, Load density, Bale capacity, Grain capacity, What all info you get from Hydrostatic particulars? Precaution for Coal – before ldg, during ldg and enroute. Ventilation for Coal? Groups of cargo as per IMSBC Classification as per IMDG, Define concentrates. Angle of repose, Chain register. Entries in ORB 1 and 2, Garbage disposal criteria, Loading steel plate. What is mate’s rcpt and DG manifest? What is shipping bill?F2
5-JULY-21ANISHWhat are the things that can go wrong in a gas carrier and action How will you determine max lodables How will you do caro calculation in bulk carrier How to find out constant Significance of constant How will you load dangerous cargo on bulk carrier How will you load IMDG cargo Does IMDG apply to Gas carriers and why ?F2
11-MAR-21ANISH1. How do you calculate maximum cargo? Can we exceed load line? What are the limiting factors? 2. Which all ship IMSBC applies to?  Can you load all cargo written in IMSBC on bulk carriers?                   How do you which cargo you can load? Can you coal on all ships? 3. Stowage factor and load density? How will decide max cargo based on them? 4. Certificate related to cargo on tankers? 5. Group of cargo as per IMSBC. Group C cargo what hazards? 6. Shipper gave name of cargo which is not there in IMSBC Code? How will you load? 7. What all IMDG applies to ? 8. IMSBC as per which Convention? Which chapter of SOLAS says about IMSBC. Latest amendments to IMSBC code? 9. Documents related to cargo on bulk carriers? document without which you can’t even start loading? 10. Mates receipt, shippers declaration. Is shipper declaration mandatory? Which regulation? 11. Grain loading criteria. 12. Angle of repose? Angle repose of grain cargo? 13. Coal precautions during carriage? 14. Concentrates hazard?F2
8-MAR-21ANISHhazards of coal ? hold prep? sulphur hazard? what is concentrate? hazards of it? how to load? wet shift /dry shift? trimming of cargo? how is it done ? whatnis angle of repose? why is grain code different when imsbc there ? stowage factor? why draft survey in bulk and tank gauging in tankers? broken stowage? can you load heavy lift on ur ship? how will u load ? what happens to the g? ho will u make sure you have positive gm throughout ? what is fsc /fsm? what happens because of it ? imdg vols ? emg and mfag ? can you load containers on dry cargo ? as per csm ! , what is csm ? then what is css. now how will u load steel cargo ? stresses on ship ? iopp survey ? bl/mates recpt? isgott , why is it there ? flamable range? diagram ? oil tanker precaution while loading ? dirty oil/oil with low api , how will you load ? and precautions when on voyage ? note of protest? claims against chartere? lop hazards of grain?intact stability criteria?doa?grain stability booklet ? volumetric heeling moment ? DOCF2
14-JAN-21ANISH1. Procedure for loading cargo on Gas Carriers 2. Is IMDG code applicable to Gas carriers 3. Requirement for DOC on Gas carriers 4. Intact stability requirement for gas carriers,where will you find it? 5. Cargo calculation process without loadicator. 6. Stiff ship and tender ship.How will you know if the ship is stiff or tender. 7. Is it possible to make a gas less stiff when completely loaded 8. what is the Solas chapter which mandates the IGC code for gas carriers.F2
8-APRIL-19ANISH-is IMDG applicable for bulk carrier, he said NO, hd little discussion on dat. -cert required for bulk Carrier -how will you plan to calc stowage of cargo – vsl planned to load cargo from LA to Mumbai, upto wer home much max’m  cargo u’ll load. No restrictions on any port. -if vsl is hogged, fwd nd aft draft already submerged, still 10cm remaining at plimsol, will u load or not, if yes, why..F2
12-MAR-19ANISHIMSBC code Potash hazards and how will you refer to IMSBC. Though you were on bulk, did you carry imdg code..does imdg code apply to bulk cargoes.. Vessel in Australia gets detained coz cargo of manganese ore was not trimmed..what could the reason be?F2
13-OCT-18ANISH-IMSBC content (i just said few of them then he changed the ques ..(No need to say in correct order ).. -How to load the container on a ship which is not designed to load the container . -3 grades to load on a chemical tanker. -where u will find compatibility chart on chm tanker. -which all conventions applies for carriage of cargo ..( i hv not ans correctly) -how to reduce a free surface effect on ship.. -how does kg affect by FSC . -ship sweet -diff between purging and padding -draft survey in details -loadicator not working wt action n from where u ll find out the sterss. -wt is VEF -wt is a the polymer cargo .. -tanker calculation from start to end .. -VOC -precautions to take to avoid static electricity.. -tell me something abt ODME And some more ques on tanker ..F2
11-MAY-18ANISHHow to make stowage plan gave me one cargo name ( arebian light ) How you will make sure that u will max cargo and ur not breaking any law also .. (all loadline, FWA , DWA , bunker consumption funda .) and max filling limits on what basis ? Why there is no code for oil cargo? ( ALL TECH DETAILS ARE GIVEN IN ANNEX 1 MARPOL AND FOR OTHER SAFETY/OPERATION GUIEDENCE ISGOTT IS RECOMMENDED )To which vsl IMDG IS compulsory..Then why we keep IMDG ON tanker?? ( HE JUST WANT,, TO FIND OUT MFAG AND EMS OF CARGO LOADED )EXPLAIN IMSBC: (he wanted me to  explaination that how u will load cargo where to look what … start from annex 1 of imsbc and which all things you will get from individual schedule)any relation between IMSBC and annex 5 Marpol : (HME / NON-HME GRB PART 2) Draft survey cal not much in detailStresses on ship due to cargo and from where you will find How will you come to know that ur loading with in specific stress limits if loadicator not workingNo 2 cargo hold explosion 💥 ur action How you will will calculate ur damage stability ? Loadicator testing What is BL and tanker need any BL Types of BL u know What is seaway bill ? Mates receipt?? Why there is no mates receipt on tanker ?   ( I DON’T KNOW )F2
15-MAR-18ANISHTues of ship have done asked chemical…..but asked more about bulk & container. CSS code. IMDG segregation, IBC content, Type of chemical tanker, Chain register, Load density, SF, Who will u load bulk cargo. Draft survey …. Told steps ….found OK formula asked …then moved to next Concentrate loading and precautions,F2
6-JAN-18ANISHWhat is IMSBC code? What does it contain? Which ships is it applicable? What is CSS code? How will you load IMDG cargo on a car carrier? Which certificate? What are its contents? What are the types of separation as per IMDG code? What is ship sweat and cargo sweat? Explain both. What is Bill of lading? What is Mate’s Receipt? Does a car carrier have a bill of lading? Why does it not have a Bill of lading? How will you load containers on deck? Lashing system on a container. What precautions will you take while loading Reefer containers? The set point temperature of a reefer is -6 deg C and its return temperature is 4 deg C. What are your actions as a duty officer? What is ISGOTT? What information is given in ISGOTT?F2
8-JULY-21AWASTHIContent of IMSBC Content of ISGOTT Contents of grain code What is IMDG code ans explain How will you know what is the weight of container? Angel of repose, Stowage factor Bill of lading, Mates reciept Docs required for carrying different types of cargo… I said for grain DOA… ImDG k liye DG manifest, certificate for moisture content, TML, certificate giving detail of cargo like stowage factor, any specific hazards etcF2
14-FEB-20AWASTHIHeavy lift precautions, how to determine COG of heavy lift, what information to be supplied by shipper, Cow requirement, Cow operation and precautions, IG requirement, Cargo planning, Loading without a loadicator, etc.F2
5-FEB-20AWASTHI1. ISGOTT contents and explaination on MFAG and EMS 2. Grain code 3. Bundling criteria 4. Precautions prior loading, during loading n after loading on container ships 5. VGM 6. B/L features ( in leagal terms) 7. Mates receipt 8. LOP and NOP 9. CSC plate info 10. Container lashingsF2
12-DEC-19AWASTHIAs usual Awasthi started with some GK questions Where are you from as i am frm kolhapur he asked me Kolhapuri Chappal is famous so why it is famous, what spcl about it? How u don’t know? Which vsl u sailed, i did crude oil tanker How will calculated stability of the vsl without Loadicator What all precautions you will take while loading, carrying and unloading cargo? How you will prepare loading plan? What all info you will get from shipper? What is ullage? How to measure ullage? Full form of UTI? How UTI works? What is ISGOTT? What all info it gives? How many content? Which is the 1st Chapter? Have you seen lashing manual? What info it gives? How will you load Heavy lift Cargo onboard? Content of Stability Booklet. What is NOP? How will you collect evidence to file NOP?F2
8-NOV-19AWASTHIWhere are you from Which part of goa Which kind of ships u have done How many chapters in isgott, which is 2nd and the last chapter What is lpg carrier Elements of grain code IGC code contents IBC code Contents As a mate what all precautions you will take while loading, carriage, discharge of cars in car carrier What is effect if trim on stability What is dunnage, uses of dunnage How to load trucks in a Roro ship Hazard in Roro vsls How much fuel is required to be carried in the cars in a car carrier Defn of fwd and aft perpendicular Note of protest defnF2
9-SEPT-19AWASTHIAsked about LNG carriers Asked me to draw and label all parts inside the LNG cargo tank and around Then cross q on the material of construction of LNG The loading procedure of LNG About grain code Some terms on dry docking Like sholar and bilge block Dry dock procedure Prepare dry dock specks IMDG how many books IGC codeF2
11-JULY-19AWASTHIAsked which all ships I have done Types of chemical tankers, categories of cargoes, p and a manual, entries in cargo record book, Contents of IBC code, Precautions during loading-unloading-transit of palm oil cargo, ISGOTT, Documents for loading IMDG cargo. What is heavy lift and how will you load heavy lift, Types of gas carriers, Livestock capacity plan. What is boat note? Mates receipt? Bill of loading and types. Difference between note of protest and letter of protest, What are grain heeling tables?F2
14-FEB-19AWASTHIHe will not ask those ships which u have done. Before loading cargo how will you go about stability of ship if loadicator fails?? IMSBC code cross questions. IMDG code. How do u know if any container loaded has correct weight?? Angle of repose?? How do u know loaded cargo has correct angle of repose? Bundling?? Cross question on that. As a mate how will you prepare your vessel before loading if loadicator fails how will you calculate SF BM manually? Timber code. Draw timber loadline?F2
13-DEC-18AWASTHIISGOTT content. How to maintain LNG temperature. Lots question on LNG. How to prepare arrival in port. Procedure of loading in details. How to monitor temps of tanks. Draw cross section of tank and explain. What is insulation. What is invar, perlite. Membrane material. Formula for methane Ethan propan.F2
13-DEC-18AWASTHIWhich type of ships u sailed on? LPG Molecular formula for propane, methyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol? Draw midship section of your last ship? Questions based on figure- Working of deepwell pump? Material of pump shaft? What is invar? What are antirolling chokes? How will you make cargo tank entry? How will you check Oxygen content in the tank? What u will do if oxygen analyser is giving wrong reading? Working principle of oxygen analyser? Procedure of COW? What is pitch of cow machine? How will you reduce time at dicharge port during COW? Parts of ISGOTT? Contents of IGC code? What is MARVS?F2
13-DEC-18AWASTHIAsk me you did only bulk so do you have any idea about ISGOTT… told him purpose and content …. satisfied What are the precautions carrying Urea …. told him whatever I can …. kept on asking anything else … I told I don’t know more…. MS act reference number when carrying timber from kandla MS act reference number when carrying grain from Mumbai  Draw GZ curve ….. what is on X axis Y axis… how you get GZ ( told KN – corrected KG ) From where you get KN What all information you get from GZ curve …. than asked me why you draw line 57.3 dekh that intersect tangent drawn to the curve for finding initial GM …. I answered because 1 meter radian is 57.3 …. What is angle of contraflexure…. couldn’t convince him …. he started explaining to me what it is….😆 he was in a very good mood today so lucky for me Angle of loll and remedial actionsF2
13-DEC-18AWASTHIWhat is grain code. What information you get from grain code? Hazards of Grain. Loading of Heavy Lift. IMDG code. How to go about loading IMDG cargo on a container vessel? Bundling of grain surface. Why it is done? How it is done? He need strength of lashing material and all that? What is GM solid? What is Free Surface Correction? What is Free Surface Moment? Why it is called Moment? Where you get it from? What is Lashing Code . have you used it? I told it’s not applicable to bulk and liquid cargo and as I have done only bulk haven’t used it but I have seen the book while preparing for the oralsF2
14-NOV-18AWASTHIHow will you proceed with loading on your ships cargo? What if loadicator fails? Contents of intact stability booklet. Angle of repose concept. Grain loading.F2
12-SEPT-18AWASTHIWhat is ISGOTT? What is Grain Code? Bulk carrier prior loading procedures. What is “FRAMO”? What maintenance is carried out on Framo pump? What is cofferdam? What is Note Of Protest?F2
1-MAY-18AWASTHIVHM, Nop, Lop Timber lashings Cargo difference.. what to do? IG failed while discharging? Why to inform master if IG fails, what’s the legal implications? Contents if mate receipt? (Don’t know what he wants to listen…told him name cargo quantity condn..still he said some legal term? What does ISGOTT tells about high oxygen content? Contents of IMSBC?F2
17-APRIL-18AWASTHI1. Volumetric heeling moments and grain loading precautions, preparation of hold for grain loading. 2. Bundling and specifications of separation cloth. Y bundling done, DOA for grain in full detail. 3. CSS code use and contents. 4. Imsbc code application and how to use. 5. As a mate how will you ensure safe carriage of cargo. 6. Cargo documents on bulk carrier. 7. Mates receipt, BL, note of protest. 8. What is dunnage, use of dunnage, how to place dunnage for steel coil loading.F2
20-MAR-18AWASTHIAsked me which ships have i done, i said product and chemical tankers – Things you will you do as a mate to make sure your ship crew is not affected by the cargo you are carrying on the chemical tanker. – Types of chemical tankers – Categories of chemicals as per MARPOL – Preparations to be done before loading operations – Number of chapters in ISGOTT – How will load a heavy lift if it is exceeding the load density of your deck – What is 4X4 ( i was not very sure , i said dimension of dunnage used, he just smiled… if anybody knows please share) – What factors will affect the ‘allowable heeling moment’ of a ship which is to carry grain (Stumped! If anybody knows, please share) – What is VGM and the amendment associated with it ( dint know )F2
12-SEPT-18AZADLast times failing questions. What is critical Temperature? Why is is important for us? What is Coke? What are the hazards of coal? While carriage of coal during voyage, fire in hold, action? Then he asked lot of vessels do not have hold fire fighting system even when they are carrying coal, how and why?F2
3-APRIL-18AZAD1)  What is a DOA and the regulation regarding the same. 2) Can u carry a cargo if a ship does not have a DOA? 3) How will you carry out load testing of cargo lifting gear and at what intervals? 4) How will you perform dynamic testing of Lifeboats?F2
13-MAR-18AZADVGM regulation Maximum loadable quantity hw will u decide Tanker line up Tanker topping up Tanker loading rate determination Tanker topping up rate determination Vef wat is the factor Ullage calculationsF2
6-JAN-17AZAD-Why u faild last tym? – written status – which ships hav u done – i said tankers n then this guy jst dig into all possible ways… all practicle… he said whatever u’llsay jst giv me what u’ll actually do… Procedure as.mate… 1. Loading i started everything from.prior arr checks till completn 2. Discharging gaseous cargo 3. Cow… i started with req n then my answer 4. Tank cleaning 5. Tank entry procedure… started with inerting n so on… 6. Flam diag(complete explanation) 7. Equipments 8. Odmcs operatn, test 9.chemtanker loading 10. Chris code, 11. Pn A manual 12. DOC 13. Bl n functions of BL, LOP n tell me which all have j seen. 14. As a mate on tanoer which all papers u’ll signF2
19-JUNE-19BAIJALTalk about the grain code and why do we have it? After some bad weather your vessel has listed, action ( Same grain vessel)? Contents of the IMSBC code? What are the dangers when a cargo liquefies? What are the things you will look for when loading crude oil? What are the dangers of double hull oil tankers?F2
14-DEC-18BAIJALHow will you go about loading grain? What will happen when grain will shift? What happens when ship heels to the KG, KM…and then went too deep into it..around 15-20 min grilling on stability with diagrams. How will you prevent grain shift? Can you eliminate grain shift? What things to keep in mind when loading concentrates What will happen to the KG, KM when cargo shifts (not heel)..and again around 15 mins grilling on stability with diagrams. Explain the process of static electricity generation. What are the precautions to take? What if you don’t have IG? When will you use IG? Do all tankers have IG? What are the regulations for same? Carriage of IMDG class Stowage and segregation of Class 1 in detail. Hazards in loading a heavy lift and precautions you will take. What will happen when the vessel lists while loading heavy lift? Kept on asking anything else ?F2
10-FEB-17BAIJAL1. Explain grain code 2. Stability criteria for grain code 3. why grain code needed. 4. strapping & lashing 5. concentrates almost everything, hazards, precautions what happens and many other questions. 6. heavy lift precuations 7. Tanker calculation 8. Dg manifest contentsF2
8-JULY-21BAWEJA1. Documents for cargo claim again. 2. Undocking precautions. Most important point for him – Stability condition to be same as wen we entered 3. Navigation light maintenance 4. Navigation lt. Arc of visibility 5. Document and plans for dry dock 6. Anchor PMS (wanted some specific point was very angry cuz I didn’t say his points) 7. CO STCW duties (told him all points as Pawan but was not satisfied) he wanted 2nd in command after Master, head of deck department. 8. Oil spill during loading 9. Anchor dragging action (wanted some specific points .he didn’t tell me) 10. Vessel grounded action 11. Intact stab requirement 12. How will u motivate the crew? 13. What training u will give the crew on tankers. 14. Explain PMS on board ur last ship 15. SF and BM explainF2
8-JULY-21BAWEJA1. Load density 2. Stowage Factor and Broken stowage. What is the relation between them. 3. Can u load a cargo with higher load density if ur ship is less (Yes if I divide the load by keeping dunnage). 4. Dilution and Displacement method. When to use dilution and when displacement explain? 5. Iron ore loading before, during and after precaution. 6. Cargo inhibitors explain 7. What is the stress measuring device and what are the main documents required for it. 8. Polymerization explain 9. Cargo claim documents 10. Trim and Stability booklet content. he want in sequence. 11. Define Heavy lift. 12. What precaution to be taken when lifting heavy lift. 13. Loadicator testing procedure and frequency 14.  Segregated and clean ballast tank difference 15. Advantages and Disadvantages of COW. 16. What all checks you will carried out on loaded oil tanker while sailing. 17. Contingency plan for oil spill while loading. 18. What is the difference between hazardous cargo, dangerous and harmful cargo. 19. Deck seal use 20. Is RORO vessel safe? Explain.F2
5-JULY-21BAWEJA1. Load density 2. Stowage Factor and Broken stowage. what is the relation between them. 3. Static accumulator oil. 4. Dilution and Displacement method. when to use dilution and when displacement explain. 5. Coal loading before, during and after precaution. 6. TML and hazards of coal. methane emission is imp for him. 7. What is the stress measuring device and what are the main document required for it. 8. IMDG is for which cargo. 9. Name the Supplement of IMDG all 6. 10. Trim and Stability booklet content. he want in sequence. 11. Define Heavy lift. 12. What precaution to be taken when lifting heavy lift. 13. Types of Chemical tankers as per IBC code. be specific on terminology. 14. Difference between PV valve and PV breaker. and its working. main diff is pv vlv for each tank and pv breaker is connected to common ig line he wants here this. 15. Advantages and Disadvantages of Cow. 16. What all checks you will carried out on loaded oil tanker while sailing. 17. Contingency plan for oil spill while loading. 18. What is the difference between hazardous cargo, dangerous and harmful cargo. 19. Full form of RORO vessel. Hazards of RORO vessel 20. Is RORO vessel safe?F2
17-JUNE-21BAWEJAIOPP cert foram A n B, coal hazards, grain criteria, Sampling points, how u wl load IMDG cargo, Segregation content of CSM, Inert gas alarm, CSS content, subsidary risk, bilge cover disch along at cargo-tell issue note of protest, boat note, clean mate receipt issue and cargo found damage wl u wl suggest master, prep loadline survey, damage stability booklet content, how u wl calc trimming of cargo to achv desire trim, grain st.criteria, loadicator test procedure and accept error, bracket damage action-issue LOP, operator load damage cargo-action.F2
17-JUNE-21BAWEJAGrain code contents, imsbc contents, css contents, how will u load reefer container, bagged cargo, power supply off during loading action, hazards of chemical tanker, loading on chemical tanker, diff btw harmful & dangerous substance, dg manifest, mates receipt, effect of trim on cargo, loadicator fail action, sf bm calculation, damage stability booklet how to use, angle of repose of grain, bulk code for which cargo, IMSBC groups, load density.F2
5-FEB-20BAWEJATold to write down previously asked questions. Flammability diagram Mates Receipt, Boat note NOP and documents to be produced before notary. Load density, TML Action if cargo liquefied during sailing COW advantages n disadvantage Concentrates loading IG relatedF2
2-DEC-19BAWEJA– ISGOTT contents and most imp chapter – SSSCL – VOC/ VECS – types of chemical tanker – COW adv disadvantage – heavy lift precautions before and after lifting – concentrate def – TML / FML def – IG composition with percentage constitute – types of BL and function of BL – Diff between boat note and mate reciept – Iron ore precautions – Nop/ Lop/Loi def diffF2
4-NOV-19BAWEJAAsked me to write all previous questions Loading coal Sulphur Contents of CSM Explain polymerisation Loading plan of chemical tanker as i was from chemical As per Regulation which reg MSDS. Explosives stowage n types of magazines. Now he asked his questions- composition of IG. What do u mean by Contingency?F2
18-OCT-19BAWEJA*Cow advantages and disadvantages * PV valve PV breaker * IG system *TML, FMP, MC * How will you load coal? * Loading of crude with high H2s * Load density stowage factor * Heavy lift and precautions and what info will you ask from shipper and what declaration will it give. * Documents that will be required for cargo claimF2
17-OCT-19BAWEJA* Define load density and stowage factor snd it’s unit and how it is in interrelated * Hazards snd precaution s associated vth carriage of Coal * Hazards and precautions associated vth carriage of iron ore and sulphur * Define TML ; MC * Hazard and precautions while loafing heavy weight * Hazards and precautions of Logg loading Asked me in details about log loafing lashing materials and their breaking strength and holding capacity * Contebts of Imsbc *Contents of ImDG * Contebts of Isgot * Diffrebt type of cointainners and lashing used * if loadicator fails.. Action (He needs to hear dat v hav a bckup Loadicator CD on board dat to to be installed on other bridge pc as a backup) * Latest amendments in ISGOTT * Difference between LPG n LNGF2
10-OCT-19BAWEJAIMDG applicable for what kind of cargo Precautions when loading chemicals drums on ur Deck Precautions for loading Heavy Lift What all will you check on the heavy lift Contingency.. Cargo Gear broken down (Mention will inform Master and Ch Engineer). Difference between LNG & LPG (Wants temp). Load density. Stowage Factor. What is the density of Heavy Density Cargoes? What is ISGOTT and whom does it apply to?F2
7-OCT-19BAWEJA1. VECS requirement. 2. ERS according to which regulation, which type of ship and size of ship, 3. IMDG code applicable for which ship. 4. Primary and Secondary means of venting settings. 5. Loading of 2 grades of oil, which all documents, publications, codes, plans and manuals to refer for loading. 6. Winch PMS and setting of brakes.F2
7-OCT-19BAWEJA1. Last failing questions. 2. FMP, TML. 3. Documents for heavy life. 4. IMDG and supplement content. 5. Cow procedure. 6. Inerting and purging and reason for carrying out.F2
6-AUG-19BAWEJAStatutory and mandatory certificates, Form a and form b, Oil record book, Dry docking plan, Drydocking is it mandatory as per which convention, Chain register, How will you slip cable, PM’s on anchorF2
5-JULY-19BAWEJAChemical tanker (type of ship I have sailed on). Types of chem tankers. X-y-z categories. Loading of palm oil. Caustic soda soln. Sulphuric acid. Drying / inerting / padding. How to gas free tanks? How to clean tanks for palm oil? Segregation tables. Venting system on tanker. Hazards of palm oil.F2
3-JAN-19BAWEJALoad density. Stowage Factor. Markings on container and CSC plate. What is tare weight of container. What to check in reefer container? What are Heavy lift precautions while loading? DG Manifest. IMDG Code. Segregation of IMDG. DOC – imdg. IG contents. Lastest amendments to ISGOTT. Boat Note. Types of dunnages. Types of BL. What is Note of Protest and who and where it is lodged? Lashing for timber cargo?F2
3-JAN-19BAWEJAAmendment to ISGOTT CSM IMDG Segregation And all his set questions Secondary venting arrangements if oil tanker.F2
4-DEC-18BAWEJAGrain stability, Time requirement for not of protest. Steel coil precautions.. Heavy lift cargoes prec.. IMDG code and supplement.. LPG and LNG carriage temperature Cargo securing manual… VOC, VGM, Factor for loading IMDG container. Container markings. Load density/stowage factor.F2
4-DEC-18BAWEJAAmendment to ISGOTT CSM IMDG Segregation And all his set questions Secondary venting arrangements if oil tankerF2
14-JUNE-18BAWEJAWhich types of ships hav you done. I said crude oil tankers. 1) Types of BL 2) Reason for spontaneous combustion in coal ( Told him as per errol fernandes book) 3) What is NOP. If your ship is in Mumbai where you vl go to make a note of protest (Initially I said high court, he started smiling. Then I changed my ans and said I will ask the local agent to take me to the notary public. Looked satisfied.) 4)Heavy weather ballast requirement 5) Seachest pressure testing (3.5kg/cm2 for 15 min) 6) Paramount clause 7) Union purchase ( he wants to hear swl of the union purchase will be 1/3rd of smaller derrick). 8) meaning of purging and inerting 9)Why do u carry out purging ( I told him purging is done to to reduce hydrocarbon concentration in tank, then he asked what else. I was silent. Gave me time to find out answer but finally he said bcoz shipper will tell u to do so) 10)Oil spill from slop tank. Action? 11) what is the purpose of equalizing valves in slop tank and how they are situated in each tank?( to separate clean slop from dirty slop. One vl b at a lower level than other one. Can also be used if one tank is overflowing.) 12. Three most important points in ship shore safety check list ( communications, loading and discharge procedures hav been agreed and ESD arrangement) 13) overhauling of Pv valve 14) Amendments to Isgott.F2
15-MAY-18BAWEJA1) What is Heavy Lift and Precautions during loading? 2) Difference between LPG and LNG? 3) ISGOTT changes? Changes to SSSCL? 4) VGM?? (He told to go to DG site for this) 5) ORB requirements? 6) Difference between RORO and Pure car carriers? 7) Chemical tankers’ types? Explain the types? 8) Chain register and it’s parts?F2
12-FEB-18BAWEJAAngle of repose Load density Use of both Bilges overflowing into the hold of iron ore, action – pump bilges out, inform shipper and actions suggested, make for port of refuge since MC could be more than TML ISGOTT Contents and amendments VGM and where can u find this- DG website Convention of IGC code – SOLAS CH 7 What all consideration when loading a gas tanker to Max capacity- I said density of cargo, loadlines, and drafts.. they seemed content Coal loading and hazards Sulphur loading and hazards.F2
11-MARCH-20BEHLIMDG detailed Timber stability Heel due to wind How will u load class 1.1( wants to hear inform mmd prior) Care on reefer cargo Loadicator fails, how will load on bulk carrier in final stages to achieve 12.5 even keel. ( Use trimming tables.. explain how to use it)F2
18-NOV-19BEHLLoad density If carhi hold load density 10t and coil density load density 15t ..can u load?? Imsbc content Heavy lift def and precautions Cargo damage which docs required Loadicator test DOA Can we load without DOAF2
16-NOV-19BEHLBlue card, Certificate of entry Types of welding What is TIG? What is the use of tungsten? What is the use of slag? Defects in welding caused by slag? Marlpol regs effective from 2020 MGO reg. from 2020 D2 reg, ballast performance standard? Tell me the contents Marpol Annex 1 apart from discharge criteria? Tell me the contents of Marpol Annex 4 apart from discharge criteria? Tell me the contents of Marpol Annex 6. Details of Nox/Sox technical manual, VOC, ODS? Tell me everything that is covered by ISM? SMS onboard as per what reg? What certificate issued as per ISM? Audit criteria for SMC? Fund convention? What liabilities does fund cover? Sound pollution convention? Where will you find duties of crew Anti fouling convention? What is banned and permitted as per Anti fouling convention?F2
18-JUNE-19BEHLhow to prepare load plan for car carrier how to lash a car (standard car ) how to load a car (  not standard dimensions ) draft survey in details. then  he asked  which ship u have prepared well expect car carrier. I said ask me anything. he said if I ask from tankers about  spiked crude cavitation npsh curves and phrophoric oxidation u want be able to answer.F2
14-MAY-19BEHLIMSBC n categories under it ISGOTT. Draft survey Coal loading Many other ship specific questions MLC. Doc validity Noise pollution: MLC amendmentsF2
9-DEC-18BEHLLashing of timber carrier I told all lashings but he wants how much u will tight hog lashing. I told I will keep it a bit loose later I will tighten it…but he says I also know that….tell me how much will you tighten it? Dimension of hog lashing wire and wiggle wire…. When is DOA supplied to a ship …he don’t want basic answer….he wants answers as per chief mate. Who supplies DOA. How will you order nav bulb? I told about impa and all..also about filament and all….he wants volt…I told I will ask E/O… He made pig face…. 3rd mate calls u on watch …..and he will give u situation and some buoy around and 2 mile CPA… Take action take action take action fast he keeps on moving the target towards u he is telling u have no time to think…..F2
2-AUG-18BEHL1. Dry dock.. Documents required. 2. Anchoring procedure when tight space. Explain in detail. Draw. 3. MARPOL annex 1 – oil record book for cargo entries 4. Drills frequency. 5. Ship shore checklist 6. Duties of mate as per ISM 7. Load line survey, what will you check as mate?F2
19-JUNE-18BEHL1. Tell me about the different pumps you know of. 2. What is NPSH? 3. What is cavitation? 4. What information will you get in the stability booklet? 5. You as a chief officer on chemical tanker have received a query from charterers to load 4 different cargoes. Prepare a stowage plan for the same. He wanted a detailed answer. 6. What is polymerisation? 7. What is putrefaction? 8. What is rollover? 9. Hazards of gas tankers 10. What all information provided in shippers declaration for solid bulk cargoes 11. What all information provided in individual schedules for solid bulk cargoes in IMSBC. 12. You see smoke coming out of an IMDG container on your watch. What action?  I said will first immi refer to the DG Manifest, he cut me short and said your cadet lost it, what now? I said will identify the class of the container from the placard. (Had read this from one of his previous sets). He just laughed. 13. What is COGSA? 14. Which are the rules which govern COGSA and multi modal transport Act? Had no idea about this. 15. What is FOB, FAS? No idea again. He told me these are INCO terms but said at ur level i can understand but not for a masters candidate. 16. On arrival discharge port, receiver asks you to discharge his 1200 m3 parcel, will you? I said will ask for the B/L stating its his parcel. He asked no B/L, what now? I said wont discharge. Will contact charterers and owners. 17. What is a LOI? Does it hold any value? I said from a shipper it doesnt. He asked and from a receiver? I hesitantly said yes. Guys does it? Just want to confirmF2
8-MAR-17BHATIA1. Grain stability criteria for both DOA and without. 2. Draw stability curve for grain. 3. What is lambda 0 and lambda 40. 4. VHM. 5. IMDG in details. Segregation, compatibility. Draw. 6. Latest ammendments to IMDG. 7. change over from gas oil to veg oil. Procedures. Tank cleaning. 8. Which book u r referring on oil/chemical ships for tank cleaning.(Dr. Varve). 9. Steel coil loading. Hold preparation. What all info u give to 3rd and 2nd mate to monitor during loading. 10. What angle for lashing for tipping and sliding. 11. CSS code. 12. How many damage stability conditions are given in ur last ship. 13. Iron ore precautions. 14. ISGOTT CONTENT.F2
13-JAN-17BHATIA1. You are on bulk carrier. Can you load grain into bulk carrier? If yes by which regulation If NO by which regulation. 2. If you are loading grain but it is partial loading means some tanks will remain slack after completion. How many tanks are allowed to keep a slack and by which regulation? How will you decide upon it? 3. If vsl is not having DOA then can you load grain? If yes explain. 4. Grain securing specially saucering and bundling. Hold partially loaded what precautions you ll take 5. What was ur last vessel? If you are joining as chief mate and vsl is discharging. How will you take over from previous chief mate 6. You are chief mate of vsl,What all info you ll provide to 2/off for passage plan making. 7. Content of ISGOTT in details and general description of each of it.F2
9-FEB-18BK SINGH1. What was the dimensions of cargo line in last vessel? 2. COW line dimensions, how cow is carried out, beginning to completion procedure 3. Grain code, doa, how to load without doa 4. Heavy lift planning 5. Loading procedure diff bw oil tanker and lpg 6. Ship type IGC AND IBC 7. how to load chemical or product on crude oil tanker, tank preparation procedures.F2
10-SEPT-18C.L. DUBEYWhich plans u will refer to load general cargo. What info u get from rigging plan. Hazard of loading Concentrate, what precaution u will take when loading Concentrate that was lying on jetty for a couple of weeks, what is TML, test procedure for determining moisture content in cargo, what all info shipper will give you. What is ISGOTT, contents of ISGOTT, What is static electricity, what precaution u will take against it? What is load density, tare weight, where will u get these info. What is loadicator, what info you get from it? How will you ensure that loadicator is working satisfactorily? What will you do if loadicator if not working? How to calculate SF /BM of vessel without loadicator? Marpol Annex 5, what measure you will take to implement the Requirements of Annex5 on your ship. Can u through plastic, dunnage overboard. What is critical period, critical moment?  If You have list of 2degree on port side, and u load 200T of cargo on center line, how will this effect list of ship. Formula to calculate list.F2
12-JUNE-18C.L.DUBEYStack wt,load density Draw imdg segregation table Zinc concentrate loading preparation Proof load, breaking strength,swl  Relation between swl and breaking strength Heavy lift precautions Static electricity Chemical tanker tank cleaningF2
18-DEC-19CHANDInformation available on gen argmnt plan Info given in IMDG pertaining to mate Tanker loading… topping up in progress..chickson burst..action? Types of heavy oil and light oil P & A manual What is FCL and LCL wrt container Types of containers and explain them What is electronic B/LF2
13-DEC-19CHANDGrain Loding manual, ISGOTT content, IMDG content and Class, MFAG, EMS, What if DG container on fine? Type of LPG. Draft survey formulas. Caine Test. SWL proof load. CSS content. CSM. Precautions for iron Ore , DRI , Sulphur.F2
16-NOV-19CHANDSWL of crane on last vessel? Proof load of crane? Crane test to be carried out, preparations for the surveyor? During cargo operations ship listed 7 degree, Action? During Cargo operations shore gantry broke and fell on vessel, Action? Contents of DG manifestF2
15-NOV-19CHANDStarted with what is the proof load 10t crane and how much proof load Prepare for crane survey you have 24 hours Lpg grade change, loading of butane and propane What docs you need for lpg Can you burn lpg as fuel As a mate what all you need to check for lpg loading Docs for lpg Can you jettison cargo Oil spill during bunkering actions as mate (fn3) Offical log book and sopep in relation to oil spill How will you assist master in oil spill events Grain stabilityF2
7-NOV-18CHANDHow will you prepare hold for grain loading after coal discharging CSC plate. Proof load of 30Mt crane. How will you prepare your vessel for crane testing various method of crane testing? Grain code content. Grain loading condition. Will vessel load grain without DID. CSS code content and how it will help chief officer IMSBC code content. Group of cargo under IMSBC code. Which chapter is more important for chief officer from IMSBC code? Container segregation table. What is x in segregation table? ISGOTT content.F2
7-NOV-18CHANDWhat is difference between survey and audit? What audit you did? How take external audit? Various case of for Dredge vessel right ahead action. Light fishing vessel shooting net and hauling net. Can you load grain whose angle of repose more than 60. What is maximum angle of repose till you load grain cargo?F2
11-SEPT-18CHANDIBC Code Flammability wants in detail IMDG oiltankers don’t carry…but why do u have that code as per which regulation Crane markings (swl and what else) where can we find what markings to b there Proofload of crane Purging and gasfreeing what is more dangerous BL (ans as per actual BL as seen on ships not notes answer) LOADICATOR not working how will u calculate cargo + stresses In detail ( college u did box shape ship what is in actual ship)F2
17-JULY-18CHAND1) IMSBC code. Content n importance. 2) IMDG code. 3) CSS code. 4) Cargo securing manual. 5) Chain register. 6) ISGOTT content . 7) COW requirement. 8) Tare weight , Stack weight , CSC plate , Bay plan 9)Proof Load. ( carne SWL 20T) 10. Concentrate hazard n precaution. 11. Heavy lift lading preparation , precaution. 12. Oil spill action . Entry in which log book. Under which point you will mention oil spill.F2
11-SEPT-19COUTINOBale capacity, load density, stowage factor. CSS code. CSM.  How will you load different grades of cargo on oil tanker? Different types of oil tanker. Venting arrangements. Grain loading. DOA. Intact stability criteria. VHM. Critical period & critical instant. Mates receipt? BL. Can you write remarks on BL?F2
18-JUNE-19COUTINOHow will you load steel coils? how will you load Reefer ? wt all documents? There is a problem with the refer your action? How will you load IMDG? What are the information in schedule 1 of DOC? How will u go about loading grain? Publication you will refer? Hazards of grain? CSM applies to which all ships? a bit of cross questions on this topic . Stowage Factor? Load density? Broken stowage? B/L not ready at departure what will u do? Procedure if master does nt sign the B/L? (then he asked me Ship specific questions like)  what is the regulation for  how much fuel is carried in the cars fuel tank ? the air pressure on the tyre of a car ? how will u discharge a car with a flat tyre?F2
17-MAR-18COUTINO– Draft survey. – IMSBC – Concenterates. – If you found cargo damaged in cargo hold #3, as a mate what actions you will take and what advice will you give to master regarding singing of bill of lading? – Stability requiremnts for general cargo. – What kind of cargo you can take on your last vessel. I said last vessel being a semisub DP vessel, we were limited  to heavy lifts. – How will you load heavylift? (Many cross questions)F2
17-MAR-18COUTINO– Mates receipt. – Bill of Lading & types. – Cargo Manifest. – Boat note. – Stowage factor & where you find it. – Load density & where you find it. – Trimming tables & it’s use. – Grain Code. Stability criteria. Loading with DOA & without DOA. (Asked me again which vessel other then DP have you done?) – Test on containers. – CSC – CSS – CSM – How will you load DG cargo. (Lots of cross question.) – What is check digit? – Container not on loading plan but about to be loaded. Action? – You are loading two different chemicals. Procedure? – Shore stops one chemical. Action? – IG fails. Action? – Publications to refer for loading and tank cleaning on chemical tanker?F2
12-JAN-21DANIELProcedure fr tank cleaning. What all precautions? One crew feell down in tank action? What is static accumulator oil? What all precautions fr electro static hazards? How will u test heating coil at what pressure? What is test presure fr fire line? Where pressure gauge is situated fr fire line? What is usually working pressure of fire line? U hav to carry 9 parcel of chemical how will u go about that? If one of the parcel is not in COF what will u do?? Stability critaria fr the vessel? What is AOR ? which is more dangerous low or high AOR? what is bay ? How it is numbered? If one container seal is broken what will u do? Example of cargo claim? Load density?F2
14-FEB-19DANIELHow will you load sulphur in India? As per what Indian Reg? As per what MS Notice?? What u will do if PV breaker leaks? MLC requirement for Indian ship? MS act? Regulations in MS act? What is your role as per MS act? What is IOPC? Fund? Maximum liability? Supplementary fund? What is SDR? Calculation for SDR? What is certificate A and certificate B?? Many more questions for Indian ships as per rules and regulation.  He said u should know regulations for Indian ships also??F2
12-SEPT-18DANIEL– Gas tankers. -Each and every thing u can think of Gas tankers – Draw reliq plant . Cross question on this – write down safety features in compressor room . – Cross questions on knock out drumin compressor room.  – Tanker calculation – How do u test low level and high level alarms in gas tankers . – IMDG Amendments Many more but grilled nicely on gas tankers only.F2
16-MAR-18DANIELWhat is ISGOTT ?? Next ques he asked what types of ships u r sailing on : I said Gas carrier He told me that is bad for you i am LNG guy. Different types of gas carrier as per cargo ?? Different types of gas carrier as per igc code How will you go about loading ?? What are limits sets for loading in Gas carrier or how much you can load your charterer is asking??  What is boil off?? What are hydrates?? Explain liquefaction cycle with diagram various cross questioning. What is knock out drum he asked me that as i had drawn in liquefaction diagram?F2
16-FEB-17DANIELWhich ships have u sailed on. VLCC. can u load chemical on VLCC? Loadicator tests carried out and how u do it Tolerance limit for lodicator values. How is permissible What is SMPEP? Types of chemical tankers with definitions of eachF2
8-NOV-19DASDefn of load density, stowage factor Hazards of coal Contents of imdg Oil spill, actionF2
16-SEPT-19DASContents of css code, segregation table of IMDG code, precautions for loading explosives, What is IBC code and contents, Documents required as per Marpol annex 2, what is timber code and lashing requirements.F2
11-OCT-18DESHPANDEIMDG content IMSBC- he said tell me everything u know abt imsbc. Annex 2 Marpol – he said tell me everything u know abt Annex 2 What is DPP How you will change from dpp to cpp. What is rocking test What  is padding? Crew burn his hand with Sulphuric acid- ur actionsF2
3-OCT-18DESHPANDE1. Loading of concentrated with hazards, MC, TML, FMP. 2. Contents of Grain Booklet. Loading of grain with DOA. What is DOA. How will you compare heeling moments of grain obtained? Angle of repose. 3. Hazards of Coal, precautions. 4. Test for loadicator. 5. IG system on tankers, alarms, flammability diagram and hazards. 6. Draft survey. What is the importance of initial draft survey. 7. Letter of protest and why do you issue. Have you issued any LOP and why??? 8. Functions of Bill of Ladding. Why so important? 9. CSS Code and contents of CSM Code. 10. Loading on Bulk carriers and types of loading. 11. Stability criteria of Car Carrier.F2
15-JUNE-18DESHPANDEWhat ships have you done? Why do you not have DC. I said that I don’t sail on tankers. He said you should still have. I said okay Started with basics 1. Angle of repose and what you understand from it 2. Stowage factor. Load Density 3. Received instructions to load Iron ore. How will you go about doing it? 4. Precautions while loading. 5. Care for cargo during voyage. Here I accidentally said ventilation for Iron ore so he asked again. Then I said no you won’t. 6. Ventilation criteria ( Dew point ) 7. Ship sweat. Cargo sweat. 8. CSM contents 9. How will you secure Iron Ingots. Draw and show. Here I just made a box shape vessel so he asked me to draw a transverse section of bulk carrier. 10. Alternate hold loading 11. Types of dunnage 12. How will you secure a container on general cargo vessel. 13. Flammable limits. Flammable range 14. How to measure CH in tank. 15. Explosimeter explain 16. Purpose of BL. How many original copies 17. Negotiable and non negotiable BL. Why to have non negotiable BL 18. Stability criteria for general cargo ship. 19. What is angle of loll 20. Vessel at angle of loll. ActionF2
7-JUNE-18DESHPANDEStarted with basics load density stowage factor permissible load density Loading heavy lifts in detail everything Loading high density cargo by checking it from IMSBC Loading Grain and how u will use grain code How to use IMSBC code Documents required to load IMDG Change of grade in tanker what action u will take as mate and vessel at berth Hazards of heavy density cargo Ship listed 5* stbd side due to cargo become fluid action as a mate? ( Both were taking orals at same time and they were quite satisfied with Function 2 but finally internal did not give though I got 6/10. Internal said study Kore about tankers as I am bulky guy and for exam purpose should know about tankers…as can’t put limitations on COC)F2
3-OCT-18DESPHANDEWhat is polymerization? How will you carry out a cargo tank cleaning. Cow procedure? 4 Advantages and 4 Disadvantages of COW? What is VGM? Cargo gear breakdown. What action as per Mate? What is critical Temperature? Procedure for Purging and inerting. Can Purging be done in inerted condition? What is multistage centrifugal pump? Primary and secondary venting arrangements and the pressure settings CCR. Container lashings.F2
8-APRIL-21DEVESHWhat is Reefer Monitoring System on container ships? What procedure you will follow in case of a reefer malfunction? If you receive claim for that cargo, what will you do? What all documents Shipper gives for carriage of general containers, reefer containers, DG cargo? Is there any Bill of lading signed on container ships? No Then how does Master acknowledges receipt of container cargo onboard? What document he signs? Cargo crane breakdown? Action.F2
8-APRIL-21DEVESHGrain loading how will u do? Can u load all IMDG cargoes in container ships? Tankers how PV valve n PV breaker works How to load grain cargoes without loadicator? Last cargo coal n next cargo grain, how will u prepare holds? Will u discharge the chemicals used for cleaning with bilges?F2
5-APRIL-21DEVESHCan you calculate SF & BM Manually onboard ships. Loadicator Requirement on ships. Testing of Loadicator, who approves it. Can you load all types of IMDG containers on a container vessel. What factors does an administration consider when issuing Document Of Compliance to ships. Wash water requirement on tankers & calculation. Cargo sea chest testing requirement. RA for fitting of a spool piece. When do you carryout RA. Mooring tail replacement and as per which publication? Can a mate write anything in chain register, if yes then in which section and what entries? Hazards of coal. Why spontaneous combustion occurs? Can spontaneous combustion in a coal occur if I keep a bag of coal here ? Why ? Where will you find load density?F2
12-MAR-21DEVESHPassage plan from argentina to rotterdam, ITCZ, ROR situation, crossing and rv, cross qts, how loadline zones are decided, argentina to rotterdam gc or rumb line, skiffs approaching action, diff between psc and flag state, AOA and CBA, crew did not get salary for last 2 mnths action as a mate, coal precaution, loading high density cargo so calculate max cargo for that hold, type of gas meters carried onboard, before container loaded on ship where all does it go through, spontaneous combustion (cross qtns…why temp increases, how co2 is formed, how it ignites), purpose of ig system, on ships where ig system is not mandatory what do they use? VGM, what is use of soft iron spheres, ballast water regulation D1 and D2, requirements for ballast water exchange, certificates as per ISMF2
4-MARCH-20DEVESHDevesh asked me what all ships you have done. I said LPG. He started with Loading from start to end , cross question and went in deep Documents on gas carrier Cargo at disch port arrival is less than BL  action Compressor fails action Crane test- Proof load Cert of fitness Gas monitoring equip. OnboardF2
4-MARCH-20DEVESH– what is Q-H curve – all topics on coal ( hazards , loading ) – all topics on grain – ig system failed on ship , ur actions – pyrophoric iron sulphide – P/v valve leaking during loaded voyage at sea , ur actions – Stcw amendments – anchor cable maintenanceF2
16-SEPT-19DEVESHPrevious oral questions How will you carry out the cargo seachest test? One of the PV valve is leaking heavily and need to do maintenance. Action? ODME test procedure. When it is to be carried out? How does the sensor detects the instantaneous rate of discharge 30 litres/NM? What would happen if its more? Alarms related to ODME? What is the source of water to flush the sample line? Why do we need to keep the bilges dry in cargo hold? How will you try out the bilges? What are the precautions for carrying coal? If coal is on deck and deck is to be washed, will u flush it in overboard? What is draft survey? What is 2nd trim correction? Why do we add the 2nd trim correction?F2
9-SEPT-19DEVESHDocumentary credit system. Coal loading. BL types, Explain straight BL. LPG calculation. Tanker types for gas ships, Difference in LNG types (I’m a gas hand), Gas propulsion, Container types, Reefer precautions, Coal why does it spontaneously combust (dont answer as per notes) he wants details, Chemical tanker passivation, Which is better active or passive tank, Some other stuff, CSS code and CSC plateF2
9-JULY-19DEVESHWhat all ship did, said tankers then he said why no one asked single qstn from tanker in last 3 attempts- my bad 1. Pressure testing of line requirement and procedure. Will you use stripper pump for line testing 2. Tell something about surging 3. Asked pressure gauge is fwd or aft of manifold valve 4. Loading 3 grades of cargo 5. Has freeing of tanks 6. Loadicator rest requirement and how these test are donF2
6-MAR-19DEVESH– Define Load Density. Explain – Explain working of Centrifugal Pumps. – During a cargo discharging tank comes to 3 m sounding and you hear abnormal noise / hunting, first Reactions. – If vessel does not have DOA can she still load grain ? Criteria / how can a ship load grain without DOA ? – Requirement to carry loadicator on-board, is it mandatory? Mandatory as per what regulation. – Procedure for monthly testing of loadicator. – COW washing procedure & requirements. Role of IG during COW. – Coal Hazard – Concentrate Hazard – Contents of ISGOTT – Contents of IMDF2
12-DEC-18DEVESH1. Asked which vessel. I said Gas Carriers. 2. Types of Gas carriers. Including cargo wat dey carry n temp. Containment system etc. 3. Use of anti-rolling tanks on containers. 4. CSC n its significance. 5. How will u know that u can carry IMDG in container on ur ship. 6. Prep your hold for carrying Coal. 7. Fire in hold with coal. Action. (FFS not working)- too many cross question. 8. What ventilation on coal cargo n why. 9. All about COW n its requirement. 10. Why IG necessary for COW. 11. General cargo ship carrying timber in hold n other it is loaded Container. Which loadline to use. I said the normal assigned loadline 12. Now if she loaded that cargo ok deck. 13. Checks in Load line survey. 14. What is straight BL. 15. Can non-negotiable BL be negotiated? I said no. He said den it does not serve the purpose of BL if it is non-negotiable.F2
11-DEC-18DEVESHHow do you load water in slop tanks? How much water you will load for cleaning of tanks? How will you do pressure testing of cargo chest valve loadicator failure? Significance of CSC plate as mate. What information will you take from CSC plate as a mate was what he asked? Broken stowage it’s unit!!! Load density and from where will you find broken stowage and load density on ship.F2
4-NOV-18DEVESHWhich ships cannot load grain i said all without DOA? Not satisfied with DOA answer. Union purchase system. Why draft survey calculation is not done on tankers but carried out in bulk carrier? Various question on timber ships? Which ship can carry timber cargo? Cross questions. Cargo dispute after discharging what action as mate? Coal ventilation requirement?F2
11-SEPT-18DEVESHWhich ships cannot load grain i said all without doa? Not satisfied with DOA answer Union purchase system? Why draft survey calculation is not done on tankers but carried out in bulk carrier.? Various question on timber ships? Which ship can carry timber cargo? cross questions Cargo dispute after discharging what action as mate? Coal ventilation requirement?F2
3-JULY-18DEVESH– Cargo record book. Annex 2 discharge criteria. – What are groups for IMSBC.. – If cargo liquifies what action. – What is saucering – bundling. – Pyrophoric oxidation ? – IMDG applicable to chemicals ? – asked me to load plan with 4 grades of cargo – clean BL ? – Pump room ventilation requirements – Timber lashing – loading grain without DOA – PA manual – Angle of repose ,, when is it dangerous ? – Ship shore safety checklistF2
19-JUNE-18DEVESH1. Contents of ISGOTT 2. Procedure to prepare tanks for man entry after discharging 3. Working principle of tankscope 4. Which gas will you use to calibrate O2 sensor. 5. How often will you calibrate gas meters? 6. Requirement of gas meters on non-tankers 7. Hazards of coal 8. How will you use trimming tables. 9. How will you come to know the contents inside a refeer container just loaded on your ship are in good condition. 10. Why no draft survey required on tankers?F2
3-APRIL-18DIXIT1) Show all the Grain calculations as per the Grain code and state the criteria with and without DOA. 2)What are the precautions you wrt refer cargo. Draw a refrigeration system and explain what is brine. 3) You have 5000t to load on a bulk carrier for trimming. No 1 and no 5 holds will be used. Show by calculation how you will distribute the cargo. 4)Describe the construction of a PV valve. What is the pressure in the PV valve. What is the difference between a PV valve and a  PV breaker. 4) In an IG system what is the purpose of the scrubber? 5) How will you maintain the temperature of the Cargo tank in a chemical tanker if the outside temperature is more? Which code gives u the guideline? 5) How will you cool the cargo in a LNG carrier? Explain the system used to do so. 6) How will you maintain a positive GM on a container ship at all times?F2
15-MAR-18DUBEYInfo IMDG code brief Segregation, what info. How will you refer and how does table look like Xxx concentrate, how will you load Hazards of concentrate What is dry shift and wet shift IMSBC code in brief Types of B/L What is foul B/L Diff Between load density/stack weight Wer all info will you get this info Lifted weight using crane and then blackout action What is static charge How to reduce it IBC code Disch criteria Annex II Prewash ORB & CRB which all ships Will chemical tanker carry both. Which ships will carry both? Entries in CRB, specific code for Prewash Tank cleaning how will you do Wall wash how will you take Wall wash tests? P & A manual contents ans detailsF2
13-JULY-17DUBEYHeavy lift You have to load 60000t grain in us and uscg inspection how will you proceed for loading Chemical tanker alongside for loading, what all checks u will carry out. After that he said u have to load two parcel of chemicals how will u carry out the operation NOP/LOPF2
20-FEB-17DUBEY1. What is load density and  Stack waight? 2. Where did u find Stack wait ? 3. What is ISGOTT in detailed 4. STATIC ELECTRICITY 5. IMSBC 6. Chain register and which regulation 7. How ll u load Heavy lift on General cargo vsl 8. Black out and ur crain lift heavy lift by ur crain. 9.zinc concentrate loadin 10.IMDG segregation table draw… what is *X* 11.Type of Bl and stop in between and asked what is Foul BL. 12. Proof load and SWL 13. How will u decide how much cargo u loaded. 14.document sign  as mate wrt to cargo operations. 15. Trim stability bookletF2
11-OCT-19GUPTANote of protest n docs Mates receipt Grain stability criteria Grain loading Tanker calculation full Chain registers n content SWL Breaking stress 6*24 BS formula How to avoid static electricity? Crude oil washing in detail? Capacity plan IMDG classes and class 3 symbol to draw? Loadicator use n testing Type of chemical tanker Factor of safety Shipshore safety C/LF2
9-OCT-18GUPTAWhat type of ships do u sail on (when I said crude oil tankers, he said ok then lets not talk about tankers) Cotton or Steel which has more SF LNG or LPG which is heavier Categories of NLS cargo How will you load heavy lift if load density is 5T on excess What is angle of repose How much angle of repose does grain cargo have Molecular formula of few chemical cargoes Hazards of coal What causes static inside cargo tank while doing cow and how will you avoid it? Lashing of timber Most critical stage while loading heavy lift What material is used to distribute load of heavy lift vargonF2
8-MAR-18GUPTAContents of cargo securing manual, how to check cargo sling swl, how to check whether crane wire is suitable for the crane and testing, Fore pump requirements, checking, back up for the same, Fosm system on deck,  IMDG code details,  what is Ems, mates receipt details and condition how affects BL, difference between LPG and LNG,  action of chief officer immediately on loading crude oil tanker, how to avoid static build up during crude oil washing, difference between pv valve and pv breaker, setting on both, action to take in case of Crew disobedience, duties of ch. off, actions in piracy zone, action as per what, duties of ch. off during transiting river, dry docking, type of blocks, bilge and keep blocks.F2
15-DEC-17GUPTA1) why IG used on tanker 2) cargo calculation in detail on tanker (wcf, vol in air , vol in vac) Use of tank trim table how to use 3) chain register all entries , if during dock operation a shackle (your ship) broken accident happens how will you prove your shackle is tested (he want to hear serial no. punched on it and will show certificate in orignal) 4) 6/24 wire breaking load(formula) 5) certificate and documents for grain loading 6) imsbc content 7) RO-RO ship and timber carrier what documents on boardF2
9-DEC-19IYYER1. Securing of Oversize cargo 2. Types of timber lashing 3. Grain lashing and VHM 4. Container lashings, reefer boxes checks, racking stresses and where they will be maximum 5. Difference between IMDG and Bulk cargo Segregation table 6. Bilges leaking in cargo hold. State your actions 7. What all documents are signed by chief officer ( ship type specifically) 8. Loading plan ( ship type specific) 9. Stowage factor and load density 10. Calculate SF and LD for 2*2*2 mtr and weight 2 tons 11. Where do we load IMDG cargo and from where to findF2
9-DEC-19IYYER•what is liquefaction and actions u will take for the same While loading how will you knw MC of the cargo is above TML •imsbc contents •calculate lD and SF of cargo which is 2x2x2 and of 2t •calculation of grain – cross questions in that how will u get VHM and WHM •what all securing methods of grain •why we can’t use saucering on bulk carriers and only for grain- I said grain has more shifting hazard compare to all other cargoes I don’t know whether it was correct or not •Does segregation for imdg and imdg containers are same or different and why – it is different but why didn’t knw •THIS IS HIS PET QUESTION- he will show u picture of a cylindrical tank and say it’s a heavy lift how will u go about loading and securing it • what is sliding and tipping •pv valve and pv breaker difference  •what is surge pressure •what arrangements are given on tankers to avoid mixing of vapoursF2
16-SEPT-19IYYERStarted with previous attempt questions first…. Contents of IMSBC code, contents of IMDG code, contents of ISGOTT, stiff-tender ship, precautions for heavy lift, loading-carriage-discharging-tank cleaning for Palm oil, documents with respect to cargo claims, cargo gear breakdown actions, Hazards of concentrates, method for determining angle of repose, types of RORO shipsF2
9-JAN-19IYYERLashing of timber i said hog lashing n he went into detail evn i draw it he said what else While loading container found container giving smoke, Imdg content n more details in supplement What is liquefaction n what all precaution u ll take for the same How to load grain without loadicator n asked me wat all details u get it from loading manual Contents of Grain, IMSBC n CSS Code draft survey on bulk carrier, Load a cylinder on bulk carrier how I’ll u proceedF2
12-NOV-18IYYERGas meters! Tankscope and explosimeter and their calibration What is surge pressure and how will you control it Types of gas carriers based on construction Types of tanks of gas carriers Load density calculation Stowage factor calculation Showed me a picture of a cylindrical tank with dimensions and said it’s a heavy lift and asked how will you go about loading the cargo and proper securing of it. What all will you do prior loading during landing and after the loading of such cargo with cross question in whatever you tell him?F2
3-AUG-17IYYERDraw timber load line. Than gave a photo of a big machine. Which had its weight..lenght..height mentioned. Asked can we load this on a bulk carrier. Asked to calc the load densitt. Wht al lashings..and how to take it. Imdg code. Its contents Etc. Classes of imdg. Markings on a dg container. Wall wash methods on Chemical tanker. How to to open a framo pump. What are the key points? What is explosivemeter? What is tankscope. What is the diff..and which to be used when. What all cargo docs u will be dealing with as a mate.F2
13-FEB-17IYYER1) What is flow moisture point , wer it is given, how to tackcle it 2) Why we can’t do saucering in bulk carrier – guessed but not correct 3) Grain loading procedures, vertical shift of g ….wasn’t happy don know wat he wants to hear. 4) imdg code 5) loading containers as per imdg 6) asked me to draw timber loadline 7) isgott contents 8) 2×2×2 parcel weight 2T aksed to find load density and stowage factor 9) wat is d angle to prevent tipping nd sliding 10) one cylindrical heavy weight showed me the picture asked how to load stowage and securingF2
13-FEB-20JAIRAMLoad density, angle of repose. Bulk carrier loading procedure Loading in US what extra thing . Oil spill in US waters whom to inform. Types of bill of lading. NOP. Content of IMDG ISGOTT. How will you load heavy lift. Wire breaking stress formula Loading of steel coil. How will you secure what you will check as mate. Breaking stress of that chain. Coal hazards Grain stability criteria On tanker how will load 2 grades of cargoF2
19-NOV-19JAIRAM1. Hold preparation for concentrate 2. U are carrying coal, 25 days voyage,  as a Chief mate what u will do 3. P. V. Valve setting 4. U r in U. S.  Waters loading oil,  pollution takes place what action 5. Precautions while loading n discharging oil cargo. 6. What is load density 7. Precautions to be taken while loading heavy lift cargo. 8. Is the pressure setting and vacuum setting in P. V. Valve is same or different.F2
13-AUG-19JAIRAM1. IMDG contents, classification 2. IMSBC contents, stability booklet contents 3. How will you load graIn a as Choff in America 4. How will you load coal, what precautions, what type of ventilation 5. How will you load 3 chemical cargo At one tIme such that you are arriving port, action as per choff 6. Heavy lift cargo by using Own ship gears ,precaution  as Mate, what will happen to stability At each stage 7. What is lashing code (CsS) 8. What is Receipt for shipment AnD who issue it. Others don’t rememberF2
14-MAY-19JAIRAMSulphur loading and precautions. Why only FW for dust why not salt water? IMDG code in detail. Heavy lift precautions, then he went in deep about stability during lift. ISGOTT. IG system. Grain stability criteriaF2
8-APRIL-19JAIRAMHazards of Sulphur. Hazards of grain. Loading criteria for grain with DOA and without DOA. Grain loading calculation.   Definition of AOR, load density. CSM manual.      F2
8-APRIL-19JAIRAM-IBC code contents, IGC code.              -IMSC code, Shippers declaration -Sulphur Hazards.                -Coal precautions. While long voyage for at least 25 days -Loading three different grade chemical, how will u load. IMDG code contents.       Heavy lift precautions,      F2
13-MAR-19JAIRAM1. Angle of repose 2. Loading of sulphur,  why sea water is not sprayed 3. Breaking stress of wire rope 4. Cow operation 5. Content of IG 6. Precaution to be taken while Loading 2 different grade of cargo in tanker 7. Timber cargo loading precaution 8. Heavy lift cargo loading precautions 9. Type of refer cargo 10. IMSBC content 11.  Grain loading without DOA 12. Car loadingF2
12-MAR-19JAIRAMGrain loading. Concentrates. How will you go about loading heavy lift with ships crane? What will happen to metacentric height when you just pick up cargo? Coal cargo loading. Angle of repose, tml. Loading of sulphur in full detail.. including chemical formulas when mixed with water. How will you prevent dust for sulphur cargo..why would you use a spray of fw and not SW? What would contaminate the cargo..what’s the chemical formula for byproduct if you use SW and not fw..a lot more questions on the same topic How will you determine tml If shipper has declared a certain tml, and if you feel tml of cargo you’re loading is right on the borderline, what would your actions be as a mate Nop. Who nortarizes it? Bl types? What’s a received for shipment bl, who signs it Rigging plan How will you go about loading steel coils, plates and what lashings you’ll use You’ve to load 3 types of cargo on a chemical carrier, what instructions you’ll give your duty officers IMDG code and it’s supplements..F2
9-JAN-19JAIRAMGrain loading in detail Chemical tanker loading procedure Ms Reference for loading iron ore in India (MS notice 09/2010) Heavy lift precautions Gases carried in gas tankers Hazards of gas cargo Container loading and lashing in detail CSS code and csm manual Draught survey all calculations ISGOTT contents COW procedure Wall wash test dry docking with damage forwardF2
9-JAN-19JAIRAMLashing code and contents IMSBC code Loading sulphur what instructions to 2nd and 3rd officer. Sulphur dust explosion actions Why use fw and not sea water (He was not satisfied with corrosion or formation of h2so4 answer). He said as choff you should know(failing quest) IMDG classification What is COW? Types of gas carriers as per IMO What is 1G as in what is 1 and what is G? Why use IG? What is pv valve, location requirement? What is heavy lift, precautions, why vessel heels on side load is lifted (failing question)?F2
12-DEC-18JAIRAMGrain loading. Concentrates. How will you go about loading heavy lift with ships crane What will happen to metacentric height when you just pick up cargo Coal cargo loading. Angle of repose, tml. Loading of sulphur in full detail.. including chemical formulas when mixed with water. How will you prevent dust for sulphur cargo..why would you use a spray of fw and not SW. What would contaminate the cargo..what’s the chemical formula for byproduct if you use SW and not fw..a lot more questions on the same topic. How will you determine tml. If shipper has declared a certain tml, and if you feel tml of cargo you’re loading is right on the borderline, what would your actions be as a mate Nop. Who nortarizes it. Bl types. What’s a received for shipment bl, who signs it. Rigging plan. How will you go about loading steel coils, plates and what lashings you’ll use. You’ve to load 3 types of cargo on a chemical carrier, what instructions you’ll give your duty officers. Imdg code and it’s supplements..F2
6-DEC-18JAIRAMGrain loading. Concentrates. How will you go about loading heavy lift with ships crane? What will happen to metacentric height when you just pick up cargo? Coal cargo loading. Angle of repose, TML. Loading of sulphur in full detail.. including chemical formulas when mixed with water. How will you prevent dust for sulphur cargo? Why would you use a spray of fw and not SW? What would contaminate the cargo? What’s the chemical formula for by product if you use SW and not fw..a lot more questions on the same topic? How will you determine TML? If shipper has declared a certain TML, and if you feel tml of cargo you’re loading is right on the borderline, what would your actions be as a mate. NOP. Who nortarizes it? Bl types. What’s a received for shipment bl, who signs it. Rigging plan. How will you go about loading steel coils, plates and what lashings you’ll use? You’ve to load 3 types of cargo on a chemical carrier, what instructions you’ll give your duty officers. IMDG code and it’s supplements..F2
6-DEC-18JAIRAMGrain loading (each and everything) Precautions on loaded passage with Coal cargo Ship grounded, actions and if there is a hole on ships side and water coming inside tank, what is your actions as chief officer Oil spill during discharging in US port , actions Who appoints QI IMDG code contents and how many classes of IMDG cargo Formula for volumetric heeling momentF2
7-SEPT-18JAIRAMAngle of Repose TML, Concentrates High density Cargo Grain loading Full Chemical tanker loading full Heavy lift loading Shipper’s declaration Breaking Stress of Wire Rigging PlanF2
5-JULY-21JB SINGHBoiling point of propane, butane, VCM, butadiene, ammonia Types of gas carriers as per IMO What all contingencies you have on gas carriers RORO and car carrier difference Which certificate for gas carriers How will you gas up a tank after dry dock gas free condition?F2
8-MAR-21JB SINGHWhy so many Codes. What is code  ..answer it is law Why grain code …why can’t u carry as per IMSBC.. Tell angle of response is different.. so Type of container, Type of open container. What is high cube container? IMDG classes. Timber intact stability criteria He will say u have cert of fitness ..can u load grain.. Say grain required DOA . Explain DoA Load ship without DOA Explain segregation as per imdg What is DG it helps. Difference between roro and pcc..tell roro we can carry trucks and pcc only cars. Type of heavy lift carrier ships . Action if any emergency on will u assist master. LOP And NOP explain in detail Urea carried from Canada to dome country.. action Type of gas carrier ..(LNG LPG ethylene butadine chlorine carriers) Steel coil loading ..action n precautions. BL main function and types of BL (he wants exact no of BL are there)F2
12-MARCH-20JB SINGHQ. Imsbc code and why grain code when already Imsbc code present? Q. Imdg code in detail and segregation? Q. Types of gas carriers? He wants to hear the ones from his set not LPG, LNG. Refer pawan notes Q. Difference between Roro and Pcc? In Pawan notes it’s only mentioned that trucks can be loaded which I told him but he said no loaded trucks and said you need passenger cert for Roro as truck drivers will also stay on board which is not in Pcc. Q. Mates receipt? Q. Bill of lading types? He says only say 14 types no need to list them. Q. Checks to be carried out after completion of discharge on bulk carriers? He meant hold inspection by officer where he wanted to hear damage by payloader to the nuts of DB tank manhole and regular checks. Q. What is loadicator and what all details will it provide? Q. Who prepares stability booklet? It’s made by Shipyard with help from Class and submitted to Flag state for approval. Say this only. Q. Types of heavy lifts? Only say submersible and non submersible type Q. What is ORB why and who requires it? Q. He drew just plimsoll mark and deck line without load line marks on a piece of paper and asked which type of ship has this? Answer is ship which can only sail in summer zoneF2
7-DEC-19JB SINGHGrade change for gas carriers. Working of compressor and condenser in the reliquification plant. IMDG classes. And why call 4-5-6 start from 4.1 etc. Note  of protest.  How many bill of ladings are there- 12. Loading carriage and discharge of urea. Transported from montreal to kakinada How to determine max loadables from a voyage from ras laffan – Australia. What is a loadicator. – wants to hear ship specific computer based programme.F2
5-DEC-19JB SINGHPrecaution while loading h2so4? Precaution while loading urea from Canada to India? Content of stability booklet Diff between CPP nd car carrier Segregation table as per imdg What is timber..grain..imsbc code? Type of refer cargo with temp? What is b/l? What is DG manifest?F2
18-NOV-19JB SINGH– Chain register as per which regulation( Required as per ILO under Dock labour act & chain register is issued by any dock labour organisation) – Loadicator ( mention it’s a ship specific instrument) – BL ( contract of carriage is not mentioned on reverse side of BL but only carriage requirements) – Why grain code separate from IMSBC( mentioned in Solas ch 6 part C) – Timber ship definition ( ship of length more than 24 m fitted with fixed lashing equipment to carry timber on deck) – Dangerous goods ( goods mentioned in IMDG) – Types of heavy lifts ( semi-submersible type & project cargo ships) – Steel plates of some dimension to be loaded on the ship using what type of lifting equipment? ( Self locking wire sling)F2
11-SEPT-19JB SINGH1. Mates receipt. I answered everything about it but he was not happy. 2. B/L – how many? I started saying names he said he want nly figure i said 14. 3. Lifting gear stopped wrking n having load suspended on it. Action. 4. All about loadicator. 5. Steel plate of some dimensions (i forget )needs to be loaded. Load it using sling . As i started answering he stopped n said wat material of sling shud be- I couldn’t answer. 6. Why separate code fr grain. I said abt AOR non cohesive n hazards of shifting n settling etc.he said no you r wrong. I mentioned abt the incident which tuk place while carrying grain n al. He said no.. 7. Contents of timber code. 8. Reefer cargo types n temps. 9. Gas ships as per imo. I said LPG LNG ethylene chlorine etc he said no. I started saying 1G 2G n al he said no. I started saying fully pressurised n al he said no n shifted to other question. 10. Who signs BL and what is purpose. 11. Explosimeter and tankscope. 12. Convert Propane tank to butane. 13. Type of heavy lifts.F2
18-JUNE-19JB SINGH1. what is code? 2. why IMDG,IMSBC code and so many codes  required on board? 3. what all precautions. Will you take while loading heavy lifts? 4. you are about to load oil cargo  in gulf and discharge at new Zealand how will you go about? 5. what is DG manifest and contents of it? 6. contents of stability booklet? 7. what information you get from displacement chart given in your stability booklet? 8. contents of damage stability booklet? 9. different types of refrigerated cargo as per IMO? 10. different types of refrigerated ships as per IMO? 11. what are contingencies?F2
10-JAN-19JB SINGH1. Grain code timber etc. what are they and why necessary? 2. Type refrigerated cargo 3. Type gas carrier 4. Ro-Ro PCC 5. What is dangerous cargo( cargo mention in imdg code) 6. Capacity and general plan 7. Content of stability booklet 8. Some definition load density etc. 9. Loading of urea voy Canada to Mumbai precaution 10. ISGOTT content 11. Dg manifestF2
8-OCT-18JB SINGH1) How u’ll prepare loading plan for voyage kuwait to auckland 2) How u’ll use stability booklet in preparing plan 3) What is timber ship 4) What is diff bet pcc n roro 5) Diff types of containers 6) Diff types of referigeted cargo 7) How many types of BL… 14 8) Mates receipt 9) NOP 10) what is dangerous cargo n how it is segragated 11) what is dg manifest n how it is useful?F2
14-SEPT-18JB SINGH*Asked me which all ships have I done till now. I said only LPG. Said ok. – IMDG segregation of cargoes. (Started telling him in between he stopped n said dont give me values, why is it done tell me. He wants to hear that it is better to keep this dg cargo away from other cargo as well as away from PERSONNEL) – What are livestock carrier ships? I said they carry animals. He said that even cadet knows. From where you will get info about how to load, carriage n other stuff. I said I dont know. He said there is no International Regulation as such. Normally these types of ships mostly trade from 3 countries namely Australia, New Zealand and Brazil having Cattle, sheep n beef as their cargoes respectively. These countries/ports have their own national/local regulations which you need to follow. – IMSBC full form. Why IMSBC is different and grain code different. Why not same. Gave him couple of answers. Was not satisfied. Says as grain is the largest commodity shipped all over the world thats y. – Types of gas carriers. He does not want 1G, 2G n all. He wants his ans which is types of gas carriers are lpg, lng, ethylene, chlorine, ammonia, butadiene etc. I knew this so gave and first time he smiled n said ok good. – Precautions with carriage of urea on a voyage from montreal to vizag. Moisture n sweat ans u hav to give – How will you load steel plates of dimensions 6”x2”. Didn’t knows this ans. – Mate’s Receipt – Types of cold cargoes. Air chilled, frozen n 1 more which I forgot along with their temperatures. – Difference between PCC and PCTC. Former you can carry only cars whereas in the latter along with cars you can carry trucks and heavy items too. Was satisfied. – What is B/L. How many types? Who signs. When do you sign. If master signs after receiving cargo at load port and then freight is not paid to owners at disch port what will happen? (Told him what all I knew, god only knows what he was expecting. Last part I din get) – How will you stop cargo incase of an emergency on a gas carrier. I told him we have an emergency shut down button. Asked locations for the button. Gave him 6-7. Kept on saying and and finally I could tell 10. – What is timber code. Draw timber load line. – Dg Manifest. Purpose and what info do you get from it. – Why do we have these codes such as imsbc, igc etc and why do we need to follow? He wants to hears as a code is a law we need to follow thats it.F2
14-AUG-18JB SINGHHow will you load steel slabs Testing of cranes using proof load Urea precaution during voyage Types of refrigerated cargoes & precautions B/L & types how many- 14 Mate receipt Document credential system Why grain is not listed in IMSBC code Dg manifest How will you load Dg cargo & classes of it Loading explosives precautions How will you determine angle of repose ? How will you prepare a loading plan from brazil to sydney Thats all i remember guys.There were other questions also which i dont remember.Oral went for 2 hrs almost.He is difficult man.Azad was sitting nxt to JB Singh so he didn’t ask me any question & signed Exn.F2
2-AUG-18JB SINGHGA and Capacity Plan all info, prepare for loading, timber code n timber vsl, imsbc, grain, isgott code, stability booklet, loadicator, vsl sailing from montreal to india precaution for urea n mop, types of reefer cargo, pcc & roro vsl, types of containers, gas carriers as per imo, segregation table, mate receipt n BL when will master sign, Dg Manifest Note of protest, contingency plan.F2
17-JULY-18JB SINGHLoad density Ship sweat and cargo sweat Cargo planning as a chief officer What will see 1st in stability booklet after joining Code of safe working practices?published by whom? Urea loading precautions. Css code. While loading grab got stuck action Dangerous goods manifest, why we require to have dg manifest Various types of container Precaution while loading reffer container What is timber vsl How will you load timber cargo What are pcc and roro vsl Loading heavy lift cargo explain procedure Types of refrigerated cargoes Explain ig system Explain framo pumps Loadicator what all info.. Cow procedure and requirements Content of p and a manual Types of gas tanker as per imo Mates receipt. Nop How many types of bl ( i said 12 he told 14)F2
15-MAY-18JB SINGHContents of chain register. How will you load steel plate of some dimensions he will give. Types of gas carriers as per IMO ( 6 types… Lng lpg ammonia etc) Types of containers. Types of refrigerated cargoes. IMDG code applies to dangerous cargoes carried via sea or all modes of transportationWhat are the disadvantages of loadicator.F2
11-APRIL-18JB SINGH1. Chemical tanker hazards 2. ‎loading of Hazardous chemicals,  precautions 3. ‎what all information you will get from IBC code 4. ‎cargo not in COF, action.. Will u load or refuse cargo and on what basis 5. ‎timber deck cargoes,  define and what all lashings required.. Y not wood pulp 6. ‎why grain is not in IMSBC code 7. ‎what all do u know about IMSBC Code 8. ‎precautions for concentrates 9. ‎container lashing systems 10. ‎difference between RORO and CAR carrier 11. ‎how will u maintain stability on RORO 12. ‎define heavy lifts and precautions 13. ‎which code gives DG cargoes 14. ‎how will u stow IMDG cargoes 15. ‎requirement for IG systems on tankers 16. ‎what info do u get from Stability booklet 17. ‎what will u first check in that when u join a ship 18. ‎what is GZ curve, what info,  draw 19. ‎stability criteria for grain 20. ‎what all will u check for enclosed space entry 21. ‎type of gas carriers as per Imo ( LNG,  LPG,  AMONIA,  CHLORINE,  ETHYLENE,  REFERIGATED) 22. ‎what is Reliquifaction 23. ‎what is high density bulk cargoes 24. ‎timber deck loading and stowage 25. ‎what is mates receipt and when is it made 26. ‎what is bill of lading, when does master sign it( once it is confirmed freight is payed)..  Who issues it and on whose behalf 27. ‎what is foul Bill of lading 28. ‎how will u take lashings for equipments on deck before rough weather 29. ‎what all docs will u sign after loading cargoF2
2-APRIL-18JB SINGHWhich type of vessels u have done? Grain stability criteria? Types of gas tankers? How to load 25tons steel coils and it’s securing? COW requirements?  What is IMSBC code? Non volatile cargoes? VEF in details?F2
13-SEPT-19JOHRI-Explain WNA in loadline -DOA -Grain stability Criteria -Grain loading in USA, which document is important before loading (National Bureau Certificate NBC issued by USDA) -Using shore side Grab in ships crane, what all checks u will do(he wants to hear about certificate stating SWL) -through B/L -loading in tropical zone for winter zoneF2
11-JULY-18JOHRILoading heavy lift precautions & while loading crane, cargo hold hatch cover, cargo hold got damaged tell action as a C/O, What is angle of repose, tell few cargoes angle of repose, is the angle of repose given for any cargo very accurate, grain stability criteria, can vsl load without DOA criteria for that, timber & tanker stability criteria, hazards of concentrates, how to load high sensity cargo and its hazards, why grain code for loading grain? Contents of ISGOTT, IBC, what is B/L and its functionsF2
18-JUNE-18JOHRIISGOTT content. IMDG content. MFAG procedure. CSC plat content. Test of container and why they do that. How container located onboard (Bay Plan), Lashing code content.  Grain loading. Grain stability criteria also draw on paper. Angle of repose – whts for grain and water. How to check onboard AOR. Where to find it and why it is important. Loadline stb side. How to use loadline? What is Solas ch.12 and then screwed me there – asked for all regulations To whom it apply, whts endorsement in it * couldn’t and this but sent me out for 2 min to find abt ch.12. Bulk carrier alarms. BL why it is imp? Types? Mates receipt. Boat Note. COW. Heavy lift precautions. Ships and Cargo SweatF2
18-SEPT-17JOHRIWhat is IMDG and explained the procedure how will you load a d.g container? Segregation and stowage table details and latest amendment Stability criteria of timber carrier. What is hog lashing? Contents of IMSBC. Hazards of concentrate. Loading preparation for coal and precautions. Hazards of grain and what are the securing method. Contents of ISGOTT. Types of chemical tanker. What is cargo record book and details? Then he comes to the container … What is bay? How to locate a container on board a ship? Container marking and explain them like container code and no.  What is CSS and CSC code and contents of them?F2
18-SEPT-17JOHRIContent of IMSBC. Content of ISGOTT. What is lashing code ? What a STP ship? Certificate A & B of Passenger Ship. How are cargo hazards of IMSBC identify. What is tpd? Boatnote. Types of Sweat. Voyage from UK to India , what about ventilation of hold. Flow moisture point. Hazards and precautions for cargoes that may liquefy. Bill of lading and purpose. How to determine moisture content onboard Where is it given If you do the above test and it’s showing moisture action ? ( Told him send samples for lab analysis ) Lab report is positive , will u load the cargo ?F2
19-NOV-19KHAMBATASF. Load density. Heavy lift. Loading cargo above ur Load density how. IMDG why on tanker. Loading of grain in detail from starting. Loading of two different parcels in chemical ships. Letter of quality for cargo in tankers contents. Letter of origin contents. Wallwash procedures in tank in detail, what chemicals used with in what ratio etc Carrying cargo with high H2s and benzene content. Crew member exposed to H2s action. Loading of heavy lift all details.  Container lashing and as per what, wants to hear Csm and contents. VGM regulation and details. Damage stability calculations. Documents required on container ship for loading. Cargo not mentioned in COF, how to load. LOP is it legal?F2
22-MAR-17KHAMBATA1. Shearing Force & how does it acts on ship. 2. Major Forces Acting on Containership in seaway and  how it is countered. 3. IMDG code and how to use it. 4. Diffrence between Segregation and Compatibility. 5. IG Plant Failure during disch. and repair not possible in the same port, how will you disch. the cargo. 6. ISGOTT content 7. P&A manual 8. Grain stability criteria 9. Can you load grain without grain stability booklet and how? 10. How do u test cargo hold bilges. 11. Heavylift precautions during loading.F2
20-FEB-17KHAMBATA1. Loading of grain 2. How abt loading edible oil after cpp 3. Cargo book entrie 4. Loading of rice after cement 5. Heavy lift loadings precations 6. What is heavy lift 7. Capacity plan 8. Loadicator req 9. What’s fosfa list 10. Ship shore checklist 12. Cow 13. P and A manualF2
11-FEB-20KHATRIStarted with the introduction of last vessel General information. Cargo calculation on gas tanker. While loading operation tank pressure rising action. During cargo ops sounding gauge is damaged action. What is slip tube? When vessel comes out from dry dock procedure to be followed and precaution. To be taken prior loading ops. Why do gassing up. How we check dew point during gassing up? During cooling down procedure how we check the time requirement for same.F2
13-MAR-18KHATRIP & A manual Cow manual Certificate of fitness How to load cargo on tankers Wch documents signed by mate Who issues bl and is bl signed on board or edp New load orders of 10000 t How to go about it?F2
4-FEB-21MANHAS1. What is angle of loll and what happen when vsl is heeled more due to wind and suddenly wind stops blowing . 2. What is angle of repose 3. What is csm and what info you will get from it 4. Document for loading grain 5. Can you load grain without doa 6. Grain stability criteriaF2
13-APRIL-18MANHASTML. FMP. AOR. Why it is required (I said we will get the idea at what angle of heel cargo might shift if untrimmed) He asked but even some cargo with high Aor shifts why so (because of moisture content increasing more than Tml…so a liquid state will develop) Tell me which were the bulk carrier which sank in India and why they sank (Asian forest and black rose bcz of M.C got more than T.M.L and cargo liquifiyed and vsl developed list… on google to know the detail) What is secondary means of venting on tanker (I said we have alarm system on chem tanker which is 10% before the PV valve setting ) But he still asked what is PV breaker (I explained him the working and then he told that PV breaker is secondary means of venting given in Sola’s) What is the nitrogen % coming from engine room? What is the oxygen %coming from engine room in IG system? Alarms of IG system (Total 9 alarms in IG) What is separated from in Imdg Hazard of coal What are hazard of roro (High freeboard so more windage area As I said lacks from the transverse bulkhead. From to which progressive flooding can take place easily) He asked if so then what is remedy for it. (bilge pumping system is there on decks) What all things u will consider while making a loading plan?F2
2-FEB-18MANISH1. What is angle of repose? 2. What are hazards of oil 3. What are hazards of liquifying cargo 4. Low angle of repose is good or not 5. Is any cargo included in imsbc which liquify and any special measure required Ans. Iron ore fines and special methods are used for calculating transportable moisture limit 6. Wall wash test procedure 7. What to do if charterer informs you to keep bill of lading onboard Ans. It should not be kept onboard with master as it is violation of law 8. Functions of bill of ladingF2
7-MAR-17MANOJ HIRAKNE– Angle of repose. – Load density. – If we hv to load a solid bulk cargo, where we will find the information about the cargo? – How will you make a loading plan of oil tanker ship? – How will you carry out crude oil washing? -what will be the tank O2 content? -What is debottoming? – what precautions will you take while loading heavy lift? – Why you need to remove slack tanks for loading heavy lift? -How will you go about loading grain? – Which all documents are required for loading IMDG cargo? – What is shipping document? -What items are there in Shipper’s list about cargo? -What is mate’s receipt? – what are hazards of coal? – How will you load iron ore? – You are loading a container and you found that container is leaking, what will you do? – which MS notice is there for loading iron ore? – How will you prepare for loading concentrates?F2
9-SEPT-19MC YADAVVGM Lashing code Grain code Lashing of flat racks Lashing of OOG cargo Testing of loadicator- how you do it and who approves the trim and stability booklet Refrigerated cargo Precautions for refrigerated cargo How to load refrigeration cargo? Reefer containers loading Dg loading IMDG codeF2
11-DEC-19MEENALoad density, dunnage types, Heavy lift n precautions MFAG in IMDG Everything n IMSBC Bunkering precautions Precautions while carrying concentrate CSC plate, Types of Chemical Tanker NOP and what docmnts u carryF2
15-NOV-19MEENAType.of ships Lpg calculation in detail Damage stability requirements and conditions Prepare lpg cargo plan and state which publications and why You are a 7 hold bulk carrier with 7 cranes having a swl of 15tonnes Owner had to load a 20 tonne cargo How will you go about doing it Oil tanker vecs in detail (color coding) and other stuffF2
12-JULY-18MEENAHow will you know how much cargo you can load in a hold and upto what height? Contents of intact stability booklet From where will you know which cargoes you can load in a chemical tanker. COF and what does it contain Damage stability booklet. Where all is it there onboard? (He wants to hear in CCR and on bridge) Is there any automatic equipment onboard tankers which gives continuous information on trim and stresses. Said its not the loadicator but something else. I didn’t know what it is. Loading of cargo with failed Loadicator. How will you go about it? What is ERS? When do we use it? Hazards of naphtha. Hazards of concentrates. Hazards of sawn timber. COW operations in detail. What is AOR? If a cargo has high AOR what does it mean? Examples of cargoes with high and low AOR. Gas cargo calculation, chemical cargo calculation. Which ASTM tables you use? How will you use benzene dredger tube (wants to hear about the tube you will break from the centre and use).F2
6-FEB-20MIRANDA1. Types of chemical / gas tankers. 2. IMDG call 1 segregation. 3. Contents of CSS code. 4. What is heavy lift. And precautions for loading. 5. What is ISGOTT. And what is ship shore safety checklist. What is A/p/r from the checklist? 6. What all check you will do prior entering enclosed space. 7. What is IMSBC code? 8. Grain stability. 9. Draft survey. 10. What is b/l. 11. Note of protest. 12. Actions if cargo shifts.F2
16-DEC-19MIRANDAWhat is constant, how do you calculate constant. Use of Fwd n Aft perpendicular (As per him we get Water plane area which gives Under water vol). Requirement and Entries in Orb part 2. Gas carrier types (Lng, Lpg, Ethylene etc). Types of Container. Contents of Csm manual. What is Heavy lift (as per pawans notes) and precautions? Ship shore safety checklist. What is APR n its significance. Ship sweat. SF, AOR, Load density, Tml. What is Mates rcpt? What is BL? Difference in Mates rcpt n BL Iron ore precautions Concentrate hazards SOPEPF2
13-MAR-19MIRANDABL types, IMDG class, MFAG, segregation table, ISGOTT, CSC plate, CSM, Constant as per draft survey, y u apply correction to draft to get draft at perpendiculars, load density, SF SWL, can u load cargo more den SWL Angle of repose Mates receiptF2
13-MAR-19MIRANDAAll the amendment to Marpol in last 5 yrs, discharging criteria for Marpol annex 4 waste in special area, Dry docking what all plans required, why docking plan required what info available, what are anodes where are they located and material of their construction, inspection of ballast vent, what is fwd and aft perpendicular, loaded vessel aground on the fwd port side action as chief mate, and how will u assess the extent of damage, and actions to be taken once afloat.F2
13-MAR-19MIRANDASF, load density, how to determine Wat dunnage to be used, types of dunnage, heavy lift, constant in draft calculation, enclosed space in dB tank on bulk carrier after discharging coal to rectify leak in tank procedure, types of gas detector available on bulk carrier, what is vrf in gas tanker calculation, cargo sweat, You are given 20t, 2×2″ dunnage, load density 2 t/m2 can you load? Full calculations asked,F2
4-JULY-18MIRANDALoad density. Stowage factor. Broken stowage. Angle of repose. IMSBC purpose nd contents and What was change in IMSBC from BC code. CSM purpose and contents. Draft Survey explain. Constants. Loading concentrate hazards and precautions. Heavy lift cargo precautions. Types of chemical tankers, what all specifications. Types of gas carriers. High density cargoes. COW req. Ship shore safety checklist carried on oil tankers. ISGOTT contents. Note of Protest and when will you issue. He wants to hear nop is extended. Multimodal transport doc. Types of containers. Straight bl what it is. Lop. Fwd perpendicular and aft perpendicular define. What is code and convention. What comes under what. Types of container. Lashing of container.F2
14-JUNE-18MIRANDATypes of tankers Then he asked me what type of i have sailed on and since i have sailed on tankers he started with bulk carriers What are concentrates? Precautions of loading concentrates Loading concentrates in goa discharging norway via cape of good hope what all precautions related to cargo will u take? Types of coal. Hazards of coal. COW in detail. If in detail Static electricity precautions. Definitions sour crude spiked crude. How u will load 5 grades of cargo. Heavy lift. Precautions. Which all plan will u refer prior loading heavy lift?F2
10-MAY-18MIRANDAPermeability, S.F, load density, stability manual, broken stowage, AOR, CSC , what is heavy lift, what is quarter mean draft, ship sweat, types of chemical tankers,  COW, SSCL, Concentrates and properties, Types of Bill Lading, Container lashings, EMS.F2
6-JAN-18MIRANDAStowage Factor, Load Density, Angle Of Repose, Broken Stowage, Permeability. Difference between Permeability and Broken Stowage. ISGOTT contents SWL definition CSS code, CSM contents MFAG, CSC plate What is a heavylift?(Say something along the lines of: An indivisible load that adversely affects the stability of the ship. DO NOT SAY 100 tonnes or give any other value) Precautions while handling heavy lift Precautions and hazards associated with concentrates. Types of containers Ship Sweat How will you calculate cargo loaded on a bulk carrier? How do you carry out a draught survey? What is Quarter mean draft? Types of chemical tankers.F2
8-APRIL-19MITTAL1) Hazards of concentrates (Small Book of Capt. Errol Fernandes) 2) Hazards of coal (Small Book of Capt. Errol Fernandes) 3) Contents of ISGOTT (No need to mug up the contents, I told him randomly and he was satisfied) 4) Number of classes in IMDG cargo 5) IMDG Cargo Type A,B & C definition 6) As per IBC code classification of chemicals. (X,Y,Z & OS) (Here I was not asked to give the exact definition, so I only mentioned X,Y,Z & OS) 7) What all information do you get from Loadicator (Key point GZ curve and told him other information GM(s), GM(f), LCG, quantity etc. 8) What all plans you will refer while making loading plan. 9) Definition of LEL 10) Definition of Purging 11) COW procedure ( all precautions from arrival till end of operations, keyword DE bottoming). 12) How to refer MFAG? 13) Load Density 14) Stowage Factor 15) Broken Stowage 16) Angle of repose 17) Precautions in Wood Pulp. 18) What is Bill of Lading and its functions. 19) Testing of Loadicator. 20) At what interval you will test Loadicator? (I said as per SMS, 3 monthly and annually in front of the Class Surveyor)F2
14-DEC-17MUDULIExplain entire grain calculation with grain loading manual explanation… Show draft survey calculations… Lots of cross questions… Technical reason for applying 2nd trim correction… Documents required for loading dangerous goods… What info on dangerous goods declaration???F2
1-JUNE-17MUDULIVGM in detail (cross questions) Mates receipt (samul’s is not enough for him ) Loading Coal at Richards bay-Vessel at Anchorage and it rained whole night .. Will you load cargo as u reach port .. Lot of cross questions Coal carriage precautions..F2
17-MAY-17MUDULI1) Load density, Angle of repose. 2) trimming procedure for cargoes vth angle of repose <30, 30 to 35 & >35. 3) timber code 4) draw stbd side  timber load line n how vl u use ths for loading, loading procedure including lashing n stability. 5) Intact stability for grain. 6) incoterms, what info thy provide n their legality wrt cargo.F2
17-FEB-17MUDULI1) You are going to load coal in Richards bay , you notice it is raining heavily and cargo is to start the next day , will you load the cargo ? If yes why , if no why and what will you do ?. 2) what is TML 3 ) where is the load density written down ? ( I told him capacity plan and ship trim and stability booklet ) 4 ) You are to load IMDG on your bulk carrier , how will you load it , what all documents should the port provide to you ? 5 ) what is written in the DOC , what does it contain . 6 ) you have 300 tonnes remaining to load on your ship to complete cargo, how will you load it , what trim would you prefer , by head , by stern or even keel ( I said even keel , he then asked me why ) why not stern trim , will you prefer a hog or a sag ? 7) What if your loadicator is not giving you the right readings .? What will be your action ? 8)how can you get information on the trim of your vessel with regards to cargo you are loading? 9 ) you are loading steel in Japan and have to discharge it in Bangladesh, what are you actions as a Mate during the voyage ?F2
2-FEB-21NAIKStarted with ASTM tables which one is used for what LNG how it is carried and what it’s temp Concentrate hazard and how will you carry Bol and mates receipt Haque visby rules and difference between both IMDG code contentF2
14-MAR-19NAKHWAWhat ships have u done…since my ships wer specialized vessels with completely different operation, and rare.. He asked me to explain the entire vessel.. Cargo that I used to carry was cement… So precautions, hazards, loading, discharging, carriage  With cross questions. Loading of coal, start off with obtaining info from the shipper, hazards, precautions. then talk about hold prep. Why have there been deaths when entering the hatches.. Action in case of fire in hold. Coal loading and calculation, grain stab requirement, how is the void space practically measured. Entries in ORB0 part1, HAVE YOU MADE ANY ENTRIES IN ORB (Trick question). Concentrates… Hazards and how will u load. What is wet shift. Why is it dangerous? Draft survey. Have you carried out draft survey on board? I said yes. He said.. Now days it’s easy with excel.. Only enter the drafts and values u get ur ROB… Can u explain manual procedure.. How will u carryout draft survey prior loading, post loading, prior disch and post disch. What u know about cargo securing manual. Explain d securing manual on last ship. What are container lashings? How will u trim the holdF2
8-DEC-17NARANG1) grain code stability requirements and cross questions 2) Timber code stability requirements 3) Contents of CSM 4) major hazards in oil tanker 5) what is  min. toxicity level 6) what is TLV and STLVF2
8-MAR-21NITINDischarging completed  explain in detail for man entry Decanting settling tym Dump valve and its main use (U section ..check water to be filled …and he wants to here.. that before opening dump valve  …check gas and present cargo in slop compatibility with the overflow oil mixture.) All ships Min gm requirement Sulphur and urea hazards Nop and lop How u will take evidence? Loadicator test how u will carryout .. Types of chemical tanker LPG and LNG major difference . Which ship u carry lng and lpg Reliquefaction plant Boat note ( he specifically needs answer  ..thag chief officer gives the barges the boat note..of details of cargo loaded or discharged) Dg manifest, EMSF2
8-APRIL-19NITIN MUKESH1- Detailed procedure for tank entry after oil tanker has discharged tanks. Practical answer and in correct order. 2- How and why you do draft survey? Practical he wants some procedure given in Errol text book chapter 2 first page apparently. 3- What is constant? Why u calculate it? Why u do draft survey initially? 4- How would u load IMDG container? 5- Smoke from IMDG container, action as chief mate? 6- Documents required for grain vessel 7- You have prepared a mates receipt showing condition of cargo as good, suddenly crew informs you of damaged cargo loaded. Shipper asks master to sign clean BL. 8- What is your action? Owner, PNI not answering phone. 9- Shipper ready to give LOI or any document required for u to sign clean BL and he doesn’t allow vessel to depart without clean BL.. actionF2
8-OCT-18NITIN MUKESH1) How many types of BL . Wat is BL. When it is signed 2) NOP n LOP diff 3) Wat is subsidary risk 4) One cargo has 15 AOR n other has 34 AOR ur concern. I said cargo will less aor will shift easily.. he sAid many ships r sinking with cargo having high aor.. recently one ship sank off phillipines wid high aor ..i said may b not trimmed properly.. den i asked which cargo.. he said concentrated den told him abt liquifaction 5) secondary venting on tanker.. i said pressure gauge..if no pressure gauge den pv valve primary n pv breaker secondary 6) wat is grain code 7) GM for timber ship 8) If a vessel goes to angel of loll n after dat wind acts on it n she heels further.. den wat vil happen wen wind dies down.. i said she will come back to angel of loll coz of gz which was formedF2
8-AUG-18NITIN MUKESH1. Hazards of grain 2. Hold preparation for wheat 3. IMDG Code Contents 4. Imdg container smoke 💨 coming out, actions ? 5. You are discharging oil at berth and have to make man entry in cargo tank, how will you proceed ? 6. What precautions will you take for hot wash ? 7. How will you recognize a imdg container on a container plan ( dg manifest and bay plan ) 8. Ship shore checklist, Explain ? 9. Loading grain in a ship without DOA 10. Coal, everything from loading to discharging 11. Smoke coming out of hatch with coal, actions ? 12. Concentrate had deceloped a flow state, actions ( do not say port of refugee) One of the points i said was port of refugee and then he started asking me which convention calls for port of refugee, what does it mean, what all requirements and all. Basically he got pissed off with port of refugee. 12. Minimum requirement for gm for all types of vessels ( he specifically wanted to know for a vessel liaded with coal) 13. What will you look at before ballasting and deballasting as a mate in a port 14. What is draft survey, why is it used and which ships use it, formula 15. Iron ore loading, can it be loaded in any vessel ??F2
15-JUNE-18NITIN MUKESHIMDG, segregation between two classes with 3 in segregation table. Went into depth in imdg. How to identify MP DG list contents Shippers Decl Contents Heavy lifts – List of 10° when you pick up weight, action How to load heavy lifts What is the most critical point when loading heavy lift cargoes Hog lashing of timber – draw Draft survey explain How to calculate constant, final cargo Boat note – for him CO issues after conducting draft survey of each barge and it is not a custom docF2
14-MAR-18NITIN MUKESHTypes of Chemical carrier & explain. Difference between LPG & LNG. Draw Flamability Diag and explain. How to Gas Free after discharging operation. Precaution for carring concentrates(What will you do in sailing if wet shift occurs) Water entered in cargo(What all certificates / How will you assist investigation) How to test Crane. How to test lodicator(how much error is allowed) Difference between Note of protest & letter of protestF2
6-JULY-21OAKWet shift, dry shift, Load density, Stowage factor, Stiff and tendor ship. Imdg segregation, Coal carriage requirement, Hazards of coal. Fire in hold carrying coal, How to take gas sample and check temperature? Gas meters onboard carrying coal. Why we discharge bilges when carrying coal? How to check ph value? Hazards of iron ore. How will u load? Difference between inerting and purging. Different types of cargo claim. Discharging coal….grab gets stuck in hold in the cargo….action. Type of valve at hold bilges, their location and construction. Stability criteria….why is it required. Timber carrier…..distance between uprights. Lashings as per timber code. Angle of repose 17 degree…..load as per what? 6000t cargo remaining at intermediate draft survey… 1 and 9 are trimming holds….present trim 100cms….trim to achieve 40cms…..loadicator not working….no trimming tables….how to distribute?….i explained the procedure as per hindship….but then he wanted exact formulas.F2
5-JULY-21OAK1. Take over as chief mate on chemical tanker. 2. Loadicator tests. 3. What cargoes carried previously? What precautions for methanol? 4. Cargo Sample failed at discharge port? How will you prove that you took proper care of cargo during voyage? 5. Intact stability of cargo ship. 6. Contents of Stability booklet. 7. Heavy lift defn. How will you go about planning to load heavy lift? 8. Bay plan. 9. What types of pumps worked on? (Framo) How to operate them? What oil is used in them? (Hydraulic) What is the exact name? 10. What is MSDS? What info will you get from it? 11. Lashings on timber deck cargo. 12. Spacing between stanchions as per timber code. 13. What is TML? 14. What is ASTM? How many tables? 15. What table do you use on chemical tanker? 16. What is BLU code?F2
12-APRIL-21OAKIMSBC Contents. Why IMDG book carried  on tankers? Testing of steam lines. Explanation of container number. Timber spacing of stays requirements. BLU code. How will you load when loadicator failed. Testing of containers. Hazards of coal. How will you prepare stowage plan? Windage area of container. Main stability concern on container ship. Smoke from IMDG container action. Testing of containers.F2
4-FEB-21OAK1. Started with group of cargo in bulk carrier 2. What is low angle of repose? 3. Loadicator failed have to do final trimming 6000 mt remaining on completion trim should be 60 cm how you will load 4. Why vessel trim when vessel goes from dock water to salt water 5. How you will test loadicator and tolerance limit and what data you get? 6. Types of dunnage. 7. How to clear cargo bilges if the nrv flap is stucked do you cargo . 8. How will you load heavy lift on a container vsl  if you don’t have securing arrangment 9. If cargo is damaged on arrival how will you save your back 10. What is cohesive cargo 11. What to the temp inside hold loaded with coal is increasing 12. Ro Ro lashing  13. Draw flammability diagram and explain. 14. How will you calibrate gas meter?F2
13-JAN-21OAK1) Types of temperature gauge on gas carriers? 2) Requirement of gas detectors on gas carriers 3) DCP requirements on gas carriers 4) Why gas carriers freeboad high 5) Timber- spacing of uprights 6) Marvs settings how to change requirements as per igc 7) Load density 8) IMSBC contentsF2
5-DEC-19OAKLoad density BLU code contents PV valv pressure Dilution and Displacement Static accumulator oil Consignee sends u letter that Cargo is damaged , Action ? How to take sample from bilge and for what we take sample? inspection of cargo tank , what all things u will report to supritendent What is whipped corrosion?F2
13-SEPT-19OAKload density ….  types of dunnnage …loading imdg on general cargo …subsidary risk …general stabilty  criteria …stabilty booklet … coal hazard loading …tml …tlv …water ingress system …types of  valves .. accumulator …acctuator …framo pump …pressure surge …static accumlator oil …protective tank chemical …p and a manual …testing steam pipes …imdg in depthF2
12-MAR-19OAKLoad Density Hazards of Concentrates How will u measure MP Which valve used in bilges (Ans-Nrv i.e Screw down NRV) n how will do maintenance Draft Survey- Calculations Tanker- Calculations What is Purging?F2
13-DEC-18OAK1. What ships have you sailed on 2. Loading 6000t to go. Present trim 1 m. Final trim req 0.6m. How will you go about if lodicator has failed. 3. Loading heavy density in a gearless container hatch cover. 4. Coal loading and on fire 5. Types of cargo damages 6. Timber uprights distance 7. Infact stab criteriaF2
18-SEPT-18OAKHow will u load iron ore. Pump room ventilation requirement. How will u load heavy lift on hatch cover of container. Types of dunnage, how to load a heavy lift on it? Load density, where to find it. Prepare hold for reefer ship, Brine contents. Grain code, lashing procedure. IMSBC code, types of cargo. Subsidiary risk, how will u identify subsidiary risk of package. VGM. Trimming question- gave me initial trimm final trimm and amount of cargo to be loaded, asked distribute in no 1 and 9 hold, need to explain him what values to take from hydrostatic table and do it on paper. IG system alarms. U have discharged cargo, consigner is saying cargo is damaged and issued letter of protest, action.F2
17-SEPT-18OAKStatic accumulator oil loading specific requirements ISGOTT Contents MSDS contents Trim and stability booklet contents Hydraulic oil used onboard name – VISGA 46 And loading and heating of the same Detailed grilling on cargo heating Steam system with leakage identification Timber loading and lashing Snake loose on timber vessel on deck-ActionF2
12-JULY-18OAKContents of IMSBC Contents of BLU,CSS Types of pump on ur last vessel Explain full discharging procedure including COW Loading Plan from Gulf to China what all points to consider. Cohesive and Non cohesive cargoes Classes of IMSBC , IMDG Can u load IMDG cargo on General cargo vsl. Grain loading and Segregation. Securing of timber, action on sighting a snake, snake has bitten u what action. Helicopter operations. ISGOTT contents (many questions from ISGOTT all normal ones like flammability diagram and all) Storm valve Static accumulator Oil definition, precautions while loading this types of cargoes Pyrophoric reaction. VEF how to determine ,  when will it not be applied.F2
8-JUNE-18OAK-define sf -what all cargoes cn be loaded in bulk -groups of cargo -group 123, what does that mean as per imdg. -timber cargo lashings u cn do, what are uprights/stays, what are their requirements? -cargo trimming, calculate nd show. -tankers what alarm are der in pump room. -whats diff between flame arrestor and flame screen. -how will u load imdg cargo in general cargo ships? What u’ll chk?? -content of CSM. -Few Q’s tanker, which i cud hardly ans, told u shud do group studies much.F2
8-JUNE-18OAK-define sf -what all cargoes cn be loaded in bulk -groups of cargo -group 123, what does that mean as per imdg. -timber cargo lashings u cn do, what are uprights/stays, what are their requirements? -cargo trimming, calculate nd show. -tankers what alarm are der in pump room. -whats diff between flame arrestor and flame screen. -how will u load imdg cargo in general cargo ships? What u’ll chk?? -content of CSM. -Few Q’s tanker, which i cud hardly ans, told u shud do group studies much.F2
13-APRIL-18OAKTypes of dunnages Content of imsbc and csm ( no need to tell chapter wise …bas Fta fat bolo he will change the qstn ) what are the group of imdg not class ( never hear groups in imdg) Draw and explain me how G shift during heavy lift operation What is tlv,static accumulator What precaution u will take when loading static accumulator oil (Initial loading rate to be 1m/s until bottom structure is covered And then maximum 7m/s) How will u load grain on general cargo ship (Ship must have DOA and grain loading manual Then explained him about Vhm ) Timber lashings  How much separation is Allowed in UPRIGHTS (for a ht of below 4 m  timber deck cargo 3 m separation is required In uprights Ht of 4 m and above 1.5 m separation is required in uprights ) Wids (for bulky water detection alarm system requirements) Then ship specific What type of tanks did u have What is emrgncy framo pump at what pressure it work .. What hydraulic oil u use in framo ,where will u find info about itF2
15-JAN-18OAKWhat all test on container and programme for testing.. Said ACEP and period but wanted types of test.. I knew there are 6 in CSC code but never came out in words!!!! What does the container number i.e Alphabetical and numeral digits mean.. What is a check digit Problems faced with Container and RoRo ships Effect of wind.. Severe heeling criteria and how are the levers formed Where to find stowage factor.. What is CSM and its contents Imsbc code.. How to load concentrate You have 50 DG containers.. How to load What all documents to sign Imdg code and supplement.. Action in fire.. EMG MFAG You want to load heavy lift on the hatch of container what to check Isgott.. Static electricity and static cargoes.. Requirement for cargo to be static cargo wrt electric conductivity Dilution and displacementF2
12-MARCH-20PANIGRAHIRORO discharging, carriage and loading and hazards associated with RORO vessels. What all are arrangements are made in case of water ingress in the cargo spaces in RORO ships? Heavy Lift cargo. How will you discharge after 30days long voyage across ocean? Contents of IBC code Chapter 17 and chapter 19 of IBC code IMDG Class 1 loading How you will load as per IMDG code? (Asked by Capt. Behl) A random container loaded onboard by shore crane operator with smoke coming out of it. Action. (Asked by Capt. Behl) VGM VGM MSC circular and MS notice number? (Asked by Capt. Behl) Contents on a bulk cargo shipping declarationF2
15-JAN-20PANIGRAHIISGOTT, IBC, IGC Code Full Content.. Concentrate hazard.. COW Checklist all 3 checklist.. Flammability Diagram draw and explain.. Survival Capability of Oil Or Chemical Or Gas Tanker..F2
15-JAN-20PANIGRAHIShip shore safety checklist CODE grain…imsbc…IBC…isgott…stcw…ism (Content word to word ) Dg manifest Concentrate hazardF2
2-JUNE-17PANIGRAHI1. Wind heeling criteria (GRAIN AND RORO) Didn’t look satisfied 2. Grain loading how would you calculate Grain wind heeling moment Not satisfied 3. Concentrate precautions 4. ISGOTT contents word to word 5. Ship shore Safety checklist ( almost everything) 6. Loading of heavy cargo on deck 7. Survival capability for Oil, chemical and Gas 8. Dangers associated with RORO 9. Oil coming out from Mast Riser.  Action .. answer action for a mate only. No other crap 10. Vessel lists suddenly .. action? 11. COW checklist everything. 12. Grain stability criteria.   Make the graph .  ( He gets into details , so be quiet sure)F2
3-JAN-`17SANTOSH DARODKARGrain stability calculate With and without stab booklet If two oil cargoes contaminated wat will u do ?? Latest Solas amendments in chapter 2 Bi party triparty He send me outside to find out questions which i dint ans…F2
11-JULY-19SANTOSH DARODKARWhat is load density, storage factor, broken stowage, Angle of repose for grain cargo, How will you load grain as a mate, Stability criteria for loading grain with doa and without doa, Hold preparation for grain after loading coal, lashing code, What are trim tables, where you will get information for a particular solid bulk cargo, how will you load iron fines (do mention MS notice 9 of 2010), Actions in case of lifting gear breakdown, What is mimic plan, Actions in case of heavy weather as per css code, Hazards of concentrates.F2
6-DEC-18SANTOSH DARODKARLoading precautions for Iron ore. What all things you will check before you plan for loading Iron ore cargo? If two crude oil (heavy crude and light crude) cargo vapours got mixed with each other before issuing NOP how will you collect evidence for the same.F2
15-JUNE-18SANTOSH DARODKARPrecautions of concentrates Heavy lift Summary of isgott What all plans to be referrred prior loading Load density Stowage factorF2
7-FEB-18SANTOSH DARODKARAll grain questions Grain code Procedure to start loading Stowage plan of grain make before loading Where will u get info of coal if shipper does not provide What is IMSBC What r hazards of grain Procedure to load pipes Hazards of pipe loading Concentrates hazardsF2
17-MAR-17SANTOSH DARODKARSegregation table to dram Explain segregation in brief Csc plate and what all thing mentioned on csc plate Fire on 5th tier of container how to extinguish if water not be used it is a imdg cargo. Ring main and direct line system Ig sytem flammable diagram. Bay plan of container. Chemecal category xyz Prewash on chemical tanker Type of container. Car lashing on general cargo Car loading on flat rack containerF2
15-MAR-17SANTOSH DARODKAR1. What is form E 2. Content of form E 3. How will you assist 2 mate in passage planning 4. How will you assist master in sigapore strait. 5.mlc work and rest hour 6. Latest amendment of solas and marpol 7. What do you mean by mandatory.F2
15-NOV-19SHARMAPrevious attempts question u have to tell him he will verify n not ask anything unless u tell him atleat 50%. All abt LPG operations as i am LPG guy(suggestion- he will ask u abt last ship cargo u carried and basis on that he will question max of d questions). How many B/L – i said 12( as per Capt. JB singh) he started laughing. Documents for cargo operation. Grain hazard. Concentrates. High density cargo- he wanted to hear it will affect the stability more – as chief mate concern. Methods to secure grain cargo- i started mentioning abt bundlng saucering n al he said its all obsolete- den i mentioned abt special construction of bulk carrier with topside tank n al he was happy but asked how will u secure cargo which is between the deck level n hatchcover top(basically inside hatch coaming area) – i got stuck so he said u answered settling as hazards so how will u take care- i said i m not aware he said dont worry amount of grain in dat area is very less it will not shift. Action – cargo liquified/ i said abt reducing speed adjusting ballast course n al he said if it liquified u cant do anything u will straight go in water. Better take precautions before loading. Asked me abt TMC n MC. LPG discharge ops in detail.. Why we use heater? Why we use booster pump? (All dis were based on my answers to him). ImDg in detail kept me asking abt class segregation. As i explained he asked how will u stow m from where u will get- as per him it shud b stored as per category in DGL ( he said imdg not upto the marks). Types of LPG ship. Proof load n criteria. He is very humble and polite person and listens to ur answer very calmly. Gets frustrated if u answer him wat he dnt wana listen. If u get stuck in between he will explain u so that u can recollect n answer him. At 1830 Capt. Sundaram asked me if i can come on monday as he was having some imp stuffs to attend n seemed busy. He said its ur call if u wana come or i will sit n take ur orals now. Gave me 5 mins to think outside. (Just to confirm with fam n al if i got any commitments on monday). I went inside and told him i will come on monday- he said ok come prepared.F2
13-SEPT-19SHARMA-Past Failing Questions -CFR regulation related to IMDG for car carrier ( fuel oil tank and batteries) -Class notation for PCC -Loading precautions in PCC -LFL, FOB, MBL -SOLAS Ch 12, reg 12 & 13 -Can testF2
13-AUG-19SHARMA-Past Failing Questions -CFR regulation related to IMDG for car carrier ( fuel oil tank and batteries) -Class notation for PCC -Loading precautions in PCC -LFL, FOB, MBL -SOLAS Ch 12, reg 12 & 13 -Can testF2
10-JULY-19SHARMAIMDG code. Loading of DG cargo. Types of reefer cargoes. Loading of freshly cut pulses.(cooled or chilled cargo). Lashing of containers. How to Chek the lashing. Solas chapters for csm. DG cargo and its segregation. Cargo liquefaction. How to test? Shipper’s declaration. Documents for loading dg What is doc dg?F2
3-APRIL-19SHARMA1. Definitions stowage factor load density and angle of repose which is good low or high angle of repose 2. ISGOTT content 3. IMSBC contents & Amendment 4. AOA amendments 5. MLC contents 6. Boat note 7. Timber freeboard why less 8. Critical period why criticalF2
15-MAR-19SHUKLAOn oil tanker ur discharging n 20 percent cargo remaining. Company calls Dry dock scheduled after 7 days with 3 days of steaming to reach DD from current location. What will b ur immediate actions as Coff. I told him Cow, followed by tank Washing.Preparing to hot water wash all tanks. He wanted to know approx quantity of slops collected after washing n later how much qty of barge to order for deslopping. Can we load product oil in Crude tankers n vice versa n reasons n requirements for same.Also suppose ur doing Cow then what is that one thing which u will do to get better results. He wanted to hear increase the Trim to max poss.Diff types of tankers as per Class.F2
12-DEC-18SHUKLAIMSBC contents how to use IMSBC code During discharge operation on tanker you receive orders that next port is drydock how will you go about the preparation. During Final stage of loading 5% cargo left to be loaded 80cms trim by stern, how wil u complete loading Pipeline diameter of various pipes on tankers Early departure procedureF2
10-APRIL-18SINHA1. Load density / stowage factor. What’s the use and where to find this on all ships? 2. Hazards, loading and precaution for sulphur/ coal/ iron ore.? 3. Stability booklet contents? 4. COW procedures and precaution? 5. How will to carry out Gas freeing operations on tanker? 6. Flammability diagram? 7. Loading of refer cargo? 8. ISGOTT contents. What edition.  What info contained. Everything? 9. Bill of lading and who issues it? 10. Note of protest? 11. While Loading steel coil, it fall on deck and in hold, and also stevedor injured, what action? 12. Planning / Loading of heavy lift?  By ship crane as well as by shore crane?  What difference and what happens? 13. Grain loading / stability criteria? 14. Loading of IMDG container?F2
15-MAR-17SINHA1. Details of mlc 2. Chief mate role as per mlc 3. Definition of special area And name of special area for annex 1 4.chief mate duty as per ism 5. Pms for streering gear 6. What are the facility for crew for recreation as per mlc 7.what all plans are required for dry dock 8. Explain each what info we get from it (shell expansion plan, docking plan, last dry dock plan) 9.why last dry dock plan requiredF2
3-JULY-19SRIVASTAVA1. How will you go about loading IMDG cargo on your ship. 2. Give short description of IMDG Code and Storck Guide. 3. How are Hatchless container ships constructed differently from Hatch cover container ships. 4. What safety measures are provided for cargo holds carrying IMDG cargo. 5. Recently there was a Maersk vessel that had a DG fire near Lakshadweep (Maersk Honam). What was the reason for the fire? And how did it spread so fast. 5. What Bilge Monitoring system is present on container ships. 6. What is verified gross mass. Give short info. 7. How is IMDG segregation carried out as per IMDG code. 8. What is CSC plate. 9. How is lashing carried out on container ships? 10. What kind of stresses are most common on ultra large container carriers. 11. How to check on these stresses during Cargo operations in port? 12. How does Anti heeling tanks play a role in maintaining stability in portF2
19-JUNE-19SRIVASTAVAContents CSM, monitoring of lashing on container ships, instructions for OOW, VGM, IMDG code contents, stowage categories, how to load imdg container, information in doc for dg goods, fire fighting arrangements on container ships carrying dg, procedure to plan loading conatiners- in what sequence and order will you load what measures to be taken, non negotiable b/l purpose, how many copies of b/l issued, letter of creditF2
15-MAY-19SRIVASTAVAWhat is IMSBC code…wht all information u get…contents of imsbc…what is angle of repose… what is hazardous cargo with high AOR or cargo with low AOR,how will u figure out A.O.R of particular cargo…load density, stowage factor , broken stowage…wht is imp for u as a chief officer at the initial stage of cargo planning… Container bay row tier system…can u load container on a vessel not design for carriage of container…which code…any particular lashing requirement…show how will u lash it…show diagram as per css code…( I said since there is no such eye on the deck I will weld one with proper swl)length of timber shoring…hazards of coal, sulphur, concentrates,how will u carry out grain loading… hazards…what chemical  used for fumigation?? precaution during fumigation….can u load grain in wing tanks???I said if there is provisition then yes….and provided vessel is certified to carry in wing tanks…wht is bill of lading..who issues it?? information on b/l…who can sign it….wht is electronic bill of lading…wht is LCL and FCL..purpose…what is gross weight of container….what is CSC plate…have u ever seen a customs plate on container…wht is stack weight???F2
14-MAR-19SRIVASTAVAAsked which ship I have sailed, he said he is master of LNG/LPG vessels. Definition of Gas as per IGC code, mollier diagram, absolute pressure, gauge pressure, vapour pressure, governing factors for setting of MARVs, asked me to draw Reliq plant, purpose of suction knock out drum in Reliq plant, what if liquid goes to compressor and safety arrangement for that, cargo containment, ESD1 and ESD2 differenF2
14-MAR-19SRIVASTAVAHe asked me which type of ship, flammability diagram for LPG, boiling point for propane, Butane, Ethylene, cargo tank containment, Procedure for grade change, procedure for gas freeing before entering dry dock, LPG overflow at manifold action, Power cut during loading action, procedure for inerting, Bill of lading, no. Of originals issued, note of protestF2
14-DEC-18SRIVASTAVAIron ore cargo loading. Can u load Alternate? Coal Loading – voyage Care- Discharge Crosses questions on Loading precautions…y this y tht. Grain Loading…criteria etc. ISGOTT, IMSBC, BCH, COW,, tankscope, Ig system, Chem vsls, how to find rolling period, loll angle, Heavy Lift, CSS, Container loading precautions.F2
7-SEPT-18SRIVASTAVAIron ore loading Stowage plan Hw wd we monitor stress on capesizers while loading iron ore(hull stress monitoring sys). Can we load alternate hold loading( as per solas ships with 150 m n above  losds 90% of its deadweight s prohibited ) Rolling period n its formula How we ship behaves n angle of loll, TMP Angle of repose (how would u go about trimming cargo – he wants to hear about trimming procedure as per IMSBC) Flammability diagram –limits and what u measure with Explosimeter (HC gas lel in %)F2
12-JULY-18SRIVASTAVAPolymerisation in detail. Inhibitor in detail. Loading of 4 grades of chemicals, 2 reactive and 2 non-reactive, in detail (He wants to hear everything from the voyage order to loading operation). You have started loading, now your duty officer is on watch, you go and take a deck round, tell me what all things you ll see. Chemical spill, action ( Again he wants to hear everything from alarm to spill collection). Product carrier- Precautions required during voyage. Load two grades of white oil in a product carrier and precautions( in detail). You have to do hot work in a COT. Explain the full procedure. Critical temperature. What is its significance. Angle of repose. Hazards of bulk cargo with examples of each. Testing and maintenance of cargo hoses. 2 criteria for Static accumulating oil. Where can you get guidelines for carrying out hot work. how will you take water in your slop tanks. How will you inert your DB tanks. Primary and secondary means of venting.F2
12-JULY-18SRIVASTAVAIMDG-Classes, Contents, Documents, Precautions before loading IMDG container, Stowage & segregation. Phosphoric acid loaded in all the tanks, what all precautions to be taken during the voyage. Chemical cargo spill at manifold, take action. Make a discharge checklist for discharging of 4 grades of chemical. Types of chemic tankers. Load 4 grades of product in a product, in detail, precaution to be taken for their segregation, contamination. Top view of pipeline system for product tanker and chemical tanker. Bill of lading- What is it, how many copies, issued to whom, copies for which all parties, why u have this many no of copies. Note of protest in detail. Role of P&I club. Both to blame clause. Angle of repose. Stowage factor. Load density.F2
6-JULY-18SRIVASTAVA1. Def of AOR n TML 2. Grain loading. Procedure. When i said VHM he asked wats d value of allowable VHM. 3. Precautions at sea when carryin iron ore 4. What are high density cargoes 5. Container bay plan 6. Container lashings 7. EMS and MFAG 8. Container lashings 9. CSM 10. VgmF2
15-JUNE-18SRIVASTAVA-Parametric rolling -Synchronous rolling -Grain loading -What is lean gas and reach gas and their content. (Lean and Rich gas are type of natural gas. Lean gas high concentration of methane and ethane (95% or more) Rich gas have higher concentration of propane, butane and the intermediate weight hydrocarbon pentane C5, heptane C7) -Boiling point of Propane, Butane and Ammonia. -Explain full procedure to load propane and butane. -How to control cargo boil off during voyage – reliquifaction plant.F2
13-AUG-19SUNDARAM-Explain WNA in loadline -DOA -Grain stability Criteria -Grain loading in USA, which document is important before loading (National Bureau Certificate NBC issued by USDA) -Using shore side Grab in ships crane, what all checks u will do(he wants to hear about certificate stating SWL) -through B/L -loading in tropical zone for winter zone.F2
5-SEPT-19THAKUR1. What is DOA, why we need it? 2. Grain code, have you seen grain booklet? Give some info on what are its contents. 3. How to prepare hold to load grain? 4. What are hazards of grain? How to reduce the hazards? 5. Give some info on fumigation. 6. Prepare cargo oil tank for man entry. 7. How to test loadicator on a tanker. 8. DG spill – action, you see smoke from DG container- action. 9. How to prepare ship to load oil? 10. Difference between harmful and hazardous.F2
13-SEPT-19TIWARIBale capacity, load density, CSS code. CSM. How will you load different grades of cargo on oil tanker? Different types of oil tanker. Venting arrangements. Grain loading. DOA. Intact stability criteria. VHM. Critical period & critical instant. Dunnage. Heavy lift procedures. ISGOTT. P and AF2
4-AUG-21UPPALImgd code salient feature and chapter quote, Many Cross questions on imdg on basis of both volumes chapter wise, Imsbc contents , concentrate hazards and loading procedure, As choff what factors to consider on bulk carriers, Chemical taker types and define, Chemical tanker Construction parameters, Ig gas and proportion of all gases, Type of deck seals and explain wet type, Mate’s receipt, Bill of lading who issues it, Dg manifest and explain, Imdg code what all colums in list of dg, Some more I don’t recollectF2
3-AUG-21UPPAL-Imgd code how many volume explain each volume and chapter.(he wanted to know how many pages for volume 2 dangerous goods list and how many columns what information is written in columns) -ISGOT what it contains. -Imsbc contents , concentrate hazards and loading procedure – coal hazards loading procedure -As choff what factors to consider on bulk carriers. – grain stability requirement. – flammability diagram explain, what is purging why it is done, what is critical dilution line. -Mate’s receipt -What is bill of lading who issues it. -Dg manifest. Some more I don’t recollectF2
13-MARCH-20UPPAL1. Why are there different arrangements for PV Valve and PV Breaker it they are there for the same purpose? 2. What is the compatibility table and what is the segregation table for class 1 Cargo? 3. How will you go about a draft survey on a bulk carrier? Why do we add or subtract the first and second trim correction? What is the purpose? 4. How will you perform a flow test? What is TML?F2
9-SEPT-19UPPALTanker calculation in detail. Draft survey calculation and why we do. Static and dynamic test. Iron ore and concentrate loading, including precaution and hazards. Chain register. He is much in IMDG explosive. Classes of IMDG Subcategory of explosive Segregation of explosive( not away from, seperated from) Principle of UTI What is compatibility and segregation of class 1 IMDGF2
17-JUNE-19UPPAL1. Chain register. Who issues it? 2. Loading of iron ore in monsoon in India. Which circular what it mentions? 3. Hazards of ores 4. IMSBC codeF2
17-JUNE-19UPPAL1. Purging (Wants to hear gas freeing of tank in inerted condition) 2. What is TLV,TWA, STEL and ceiling limit. 3. Timber code contents and lumber load line. Is there any difference between lumber summer draft and normal summer draft & y? 4. On a bulk carrier Initial Draft survey in full detail. Why 1st trim correction 5. IMDG contents and Supplements 6. What is Ems 7. Segregation as per Imdg. 8. Chain register 9. HVV? Why 30m/sec 10. Bill of lading? Who issues it?F2
3-JUNE-19UPPAL1. Loading of Coal. Hazard, precautions. 2. What is concentrate? Loading of concentrate. 3. What is TLV? 4. Draft survey in full detail. ( Lot of cross questioning) 5. IMDG contents 6. How will you segregate Class 1 (Also list the sub classes of class 1) 7. Contents of IMDG Supplement.F2
13-MAY-19UPPAL– Imdg volumes – Imdg segregation – load class 1 with class 1 cargo – what is magazine? – Types of magazines – pv breaker and pv valve difference – why pv breaker is not in all tanks and what if we will put PV valve of same pressure instead of pv breaker – Purging and inerting, why we purge which is still in inert condition – TLV – why initial draft survey is carried out – Draft survey – why 1st trim and 2nd correction? – Is any segregation in imsbc – Coal loading in detail – Principle of css Code – how to go about cargo which are not in imsbcF2
6-MAY-19UPPALTank cleaning and tank entry procedure for oil Tankers, purging and gas freeing methods Content of Imdg and IMSBC DOA in detail, stability requirement for grain Method for checking the mc of concentrate on board, precautions for loading concentrate Imdg supplements in detail Flammable diagram understanding Hvvv’s and why vent speed is 30m/sF2
8-APRIL-19UPPAL-Draft survey explanation, all steps of calc -bill of lading, who signs it nd issues it, when not to sign BL -what is HVVV -PV valve -PV breaker -diff between pv valve nd pv breaker, why two system given -asked hv I done dry dock, I said yes during cadetship, so aksed what is shear strake, deck plate joining shear strake, what is that plate called. What is purging, why is it done when hold is already in inert condition -little bit of cross Q, not much.F2
11-MAR-19UPPALHow many vols are there in imdg . What all is included in the supplement How will you use mfag What is imdg class 1 and it’s relationship to segregation and compatible tables. Types of gas carriers. – he wanted to her the survival capability. And asked to explain. Isgott and what are its contents. Not word to word. Just a brief understandingF2
11-OCT-18UPPALLast failing questions Concentrates hazards How can you rely on certificate given by shipper for tml. I said many points but what he wanted to hear is that the laboratory which gives this cert is it approved by administration. You are joining as a mate on a loaded tanker to take over. Calculate the cargo loaded. Gave him all the steps of calculation but he figured out that i have never used api tables in actual. VGM, flammability diagram in detail, what is purging, inerting…..F2
18-JUNE-18UPPAL-why draft survey of ballast vl – use of constant – draft survey calculation – why trim correction – what is fwd perpendicular – what is frst trim correction – Bill of lading – what will shipper do with it – why PV valve is not ig line -how will u load class 1 good – compatiblty and segregation for class 1 – subclass of class 1 – grain stability requirements – full grain stability calculation and explain me with diagram, why it’s like that – what is void in grain ship – what is chain register – why annealing is Carried outF2
4-JUNE-18UPPALBulk carriers not sailed but must know – how u carry out draught survey. Difference between PV valves and pv breakers – they work for same cause but why different construction.  Tanks fully loaded u just signed on Master asks calc the cargo . Principal of UTI Requirements for loading grain . Compactibility n segregation as per Category 1 .F2
7-SEPT-18VAZ1.what do you understand by the requirement for having double bottom tanks on oil tankers and chemical tankers. 2. What is the defn of chemical tanker as per marpol? And as per solas? 3. What do you know about CSM? What is its purpose? Which ships does it apply. If its not applicable to ships which carry bulk cargo why do bulk carriers have it. 4. What u know about LASH ships. Do they require csm? Why dey require csm? What are the regulations? 5. Why did IMO bring in the regulation for requirement to have Double hull? What was the implementation date? Why der was a delay to implement double hull on chemical ships? 6. What do u know about solas ch 12? Tell me the regulations. What is the density range to classify high and low density cargoes. 7. What is the requirement for loadicator. Who does the inspection? What dey inspect and certify? 8. What is married gear? 9. Imdg ammendments? What is d diff between risk and hazard management? How does it help to mitigate dangers onboard? 10. What are the restrictions whilst using a married gear? There may be a few more questions which I cannot recollect. Vaz is a very tricky surveyor as we all know. He will ask anything other than wats der in d notes. He tried to confuse me, lots of cross questioning. But the answers i was confident about i stayed firm. No point in searching for the answers as he wil NEVER ask the same questions.F2
6-AUG-21VIBHUTI1)Segrgation of explosive. Class 1.6, class 1.9, wanted to elaborate on compatibility group 2)Category X cargo discharge in Sudan net port of load in Italy.(transiting Medeteranian Sea) How will prepare you tank for next cargo, He wanted answers with refrence to MARPOL. 3) Boat note,who issues and what are the contents. 4) Principal of liquification on gas carrier. 5) Gave bay , row and tire (100386), and said it has class 4 container , what is the nearest place where you will store a code 3 (segregation) 20 foot container.F2
4-SEPT-20VIBHUTI– Loading IMDG- wanted to hear DG Manifest to be sent to DG Office . – Seaway Bill, mate’s receipt – Cargo washing, dunnage disposal when vsl does not leave spl area Annex V – Disch for Cat X washings.F2
4-SEPT-20VIBHUTI– Loading IMDG- wanted to hear DG Manifest to be sent to DG Office . – Seaway Bill, mate’s receipt – Cargo washing, dunnage disposal when vsl does not leave spl area Annex V – Disch for Cat X washings.F2
4-SEPT-20VIBHUTIOil pipeline has hole in it action What is Boat note? 070084 what’s next number One is class 2 DG cargo one is class 6 how to load How to load heavy lift cargo with jumbo Derrick Entries in ORB a from load port to discharge port and when doing a man entry inside COT Pressure Testing of Cargo pipelineF2
4-SEPT-20VIBHUTI-container vsl, dox for imdg loading -what is shippers declaration? -segregation of imdg -DOC contents -loading iron ore. How will u find out the final quantity on board? -discharging cat X cargo and loading cat Y cargo in same tanks in next port. How will you  go about it?F2
6-MARCH-20VIBHUTIRing main and direct line system. Hole in cargo line while discharging. Action how would u change a leaking expansion joint in cargo line asking in detail about IMDG SEGREATION TABLES IN DETAILS what is class 1.5c Explosives details step by step Chain register detail. draft survey in detail what is a constant. How to calculate? During discharging grab breaks from d shackle of crane and falls on deck as a chief off what will u do? during investigation how will u show to port that d shackles was in good condition (wanted to hear about chain register entries) what all markings are there on d shackleF2
15-JAN-20VIBHUTIHow would u change a leaking expansion joint in cargo line? Asking in detail about IMDG? SEGREGATION TABLES IN DETAILS. What is class 1.3 Segregation in 1.3 and 6 everything step by step COC in IMDG What is secondary risk Annex 2 special areas X category You discharged the cargo now sailing how will u carry out carry out washing Draft survey in detail What are constants? What is boat note who issues it ,how will chief know that how much cargo boat has deleverd During discharging grab breaks from d shackle of crane and falls on deck as a chief off what will u do? During investigation how will u show to port that d shackles was in good condition (wanted to hear about chain register entries). Chain register in detail What all markings are there on d shackle?F2
9-JAN-20VIBHUTI-Boat Note in Detail -Difference between Mates receipt and Boat Note -Stevedore comes and tells mate they have finished cleaning the hold after Discharging .. what all will u ask d Officers to check on your behalf -Description of a bilge .. as to what pipes and arrangement  -He gave a container number wrt Bay/Row/tier and he  drew a IMDG Label, asked me to identify it after that he asked me the segregation for it ..then he asked me to right down as to where will i stow dis container wrt to the first one .F2
18-NOV-19VIBHUTIODMCS….. How this 1/30000 figure decided…..why only 1/30000 IMDG class 1 segregation On paper he wrote location of container 070306 …. He want me to draw container vessel and place this container…. He want me to draw segregation table …. Then place another container as per segregation type 3 Is DOC applicable for deck cargo? Overall not satisfied coz we both are confused with container vessel and location of container.F2
13-MAY-19VIBHUTIHow to load DG cargo.. Wt all documents required What all you will check in IMDG code? IMDG segregation and stowage Boat note.. Who issues d boat note? Mates receipt Who signs mates receipt n boat note Difference btwn dem Reefer ships Types of cargo on reefer ships What all r chilled cargoes? How will u load freshly cut pulses? Precautions b4 loading cargo in reefer shipsF2
7-MAR-19VIBHUTITowing vsl lights ( length 160m, tow 100m, length of tow 80 m)Crossing situation btwn 2 vsl.crossing situation sound signal rangeIMDG classessegregation table n typesdocument of compliance loading of dg container what all you will check under deck loading precautionChain register in detailsChapters of chain registerOne crane shackle broke and fell in hatch , 2 guys dead, relate the shackle to the book.Marking on a shackle Chemical tanker prewash requirement Discharged cat x in one port and going to load cat y in other port actions.Latest prewash requirement Recovery strops Recovering lifeboat in rough weather Hanging off pendant Liferaft explainHRU part and explain.Procedure and arrangement manual explain Bulk carrier loaded how will u know the exact amount of cargo loadeF2
8-FEB-19VIBHUTIPipe line rupture during discharging action Chain register Container questions Segregation table .. 1,2,3,4,X IMDG codeF2
11-DEC-18VIBHUTI1. Difference between stowage and segregation 2. How do u use IMDG code 3. Where will u find segregation and stowage in IMDG code? 4. How to find constant? long discussion on this one 5. How to do draft survey? In detail with formulas 6. Is draft survey required on tankers? 7. On tanker after loading the difference between ship and shore figure exceeds 300t what will u do ? What will u suspect as mate? 8. CSS code / CSM / containers / angled twist lock how does it look? When you turn the twist lock which direction does it turn. 9. IMSBC code and relevance.F2
8-NOV-18VIBHUTI1. Tonnage mark 2. IMDG DOC – (Cross Questioning) 3. Hold cleaning – Cross Questioning 4. Marpol Annex 5 dis Criteria – (Cross Questioning) 5. Lashing of Car in Flatrack Container – (Cross Questioning) 6. Cargo Securing Manual 7. Securing of Portable Tank 8. Hog Lashing – (Cross Questioning) 9. Wiggle wire lashing 10. Refrigerated Cargoes 11. IMDG segregationF2
7-MAR-18VIBHUTIVsl in Goa port loading iron ore- regulation, precaution, Indian rules Iron ore loading in Red Sea and to discharge in Mediterranean and preparing for grain loading IMSBC codeF2
15-FEB-18VIBHUTIContainer. 1) segregation table for class 1 with class 2-9. Meaning of code 1,2,3,4,X in segregation table. 2) Segregation table between class 1 compatibility grp. 3) If b/w reference package Nd compatible cargo Segregation reqd is 2.  If reference cargo is loaded in row 02 Nd bay 02 Whr wl u load the compatible cargo. 4) Identification of container ( Bay, row, tier)   Bulk cargo 1) Angle of repose of a cargo , whr u wl find it Nd it’s importance. 2) While at port wrkng cargo , angle of the cargo exceeds angle of repose a) Can it first of all happen. b) What r it’s consequences. c) Ur action if vsl lists at berth Nd at sea.F2
6-APRIL-17VIBHUTICarriage of RoRo cargo in hold and on deck. CSS manual content, how will you use it to secure the RoRo cargo. Vessel in Red sea next port in Mediterranean sea last cargo coal next cargo Grain how will u prepare the hold for loading? Discharge criteria for hold wash. IMDG cargo stowage criteria. How to use segregation table, what all information written on it? Container bay plan Gave a condition in which IMDG 40 feet container with stowage category is to load with stowage category 4. What will be the slot no? Sulphur loading hazards and hold preparation. Cow precautions and procedures. I sailed only on tankers but all his questions were from bulk carrier except the last one.F2
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