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Chief Mate F.G. Orals Surveyor Question Set Function 3

Chief Mate Orals F.G. Orals Exams Surveyor Question Set Mumbai Function 3

17-MAR-17ACHUTANAccidents In fujairah and chennai Ism compliance how will u ensure? How will u come to know if ur joining a safe ship? Safety equipment form e details and name Stcw details and Manilla amendments Also details of Rutc course Teamwork and leadership Decision making with Master Functional requirements of ISM 3off doesn’t have lsa manual onboard how will u guide him to make oneF3
4-SEPT-19AGARWAL-Galley fire -PSI & FSI differentiate -monthly checks on LB – requirements for launching ing FFLB – Rest hrs as per STCWF3
9-JULY-19AGARWALHeavy weather precautions Vsl going from Mumbai to HRA. Preparation and precautions Vsl bunkering at anchor. Anchor dragging. Actions. Duties of chief off as per ISM code PMS of crane Chain register contents, entries Lifeboat launching reqmts PSC, FS .. difference Article of agreement. How many copies? Biparty and triparty agreements. Examples of bothF3
5-APRIL-19AGARWAL1) Web frames, Garboard strake, How are frames numbered drawing. 2) Chain registers contents, what all entries you will do as mate 3) Statutory and mandatory certificates, examples 4) Seq. survey preparation as a mate. 5) Lifeboat lowering procedure, checks performed during annually and 5 yr interval . At what interval seq. Survey is performed. 6) PMS of gangway and windlass 7) Entries in official log book 8) Foul anchor 9) Dry docking related cross questions 10) Heavy weather precautions 11) Loadline survey preparationF3
8-NOV-17AGARWALYour anchor dragging action, Foul anchor, Cable struck  in Anchor how to remove, While cleaning anchor fluke broke action, Where you will get all details anchor, How to change anchor  which all parties to inform, Anchor in which survey, SEQ survey in detail form E, Statutory cert  & mandatory cert with examples, AOA in detail, oil spill action,  bilge keel, strakes shell expansion plan(info), decking plan (info), Stability booklet info Complaints on ship handling, Dry docking full in detail, Stability booklet info, ISM full in detail, Risk assessment, Loadline markings in detail full draw. Why triangle sometimes on load line? PMS, Disciplinary action. Coswp, OLB, ORB. Disch criteria Annex 1. Special areas (All Annex). Contingency plan. Ship aground you are fwd action. Ground tackle. Name 10 manuals onboard. Name 10 conventions. Chain register. Ballast water Exchange in detail. MOB. Anchoring. Types of mooring. Windlass maintainance. HRA precautionF3
9-MAR-17AGARWALWhat is bilge keel? What info in shell expansion plan? Name 7 to 8 diff manuals held onboard. Prepare for SEQ survey List the statutory certificates Diff between fsc and psc What you know about AoA? 2/o complains about AB – how will you go about resolving the issue? How to clear a foul anchor? Oil spill – Actions?F3
5-JULY-21ANISHStiff and tender vessel How will you calculate your vessel stability without loadicator How will you calculate stability while dry docking What is the diff between DB tank in general cargo ship and gas carrier Which certificate of security required as per MLC and what its for When is a vessel considered abandoned as per MLC When did the requirement of financial security as per ques5 come into force How will you motivate your crew How will you train 2nd officer and cadeF3
8-MAR-21ANISHSF/BM can be more than 100 percent ? Loadicator certificate? Testing of loadicator? Difference between PSI and FSI? Bilge shoring? Dry dock prep and stability? Entry prior hra? bmp5? Hardening of ship ? life boat maintenance all? accomodation ladder maintenance? you are assigned to rigg pilot ladder ? what will you do ? how will you train your crew ? induction training , familiarisation, joining meeting? pms in detail? which ISM chapter? ISM in detail? duties of chief mate as per ISM? ETA on your ship? ORB? 1 and 2. Who signs in orb 1 drills and their frequency? leakage during loading , leakage during voyage,leakage during discharging? collision on your watch action ? progressive flooding ? ILLC, type a ,b ,b100,b60? chain register,what is in it,which regulation? who is incharge of lsa/ ffa?how will u make sure it is good condition ? statury certificate ? name some? as i started naming he used to pause me and used to ask me to prepare for its survey ibc/igc as per which convention? ballst water management ? bwmp,d1,ballast exchange procedure,d2 standards? ballast water treatment system on ur vessel and how does it work? when to use it? Collision on ur watch action? damage contol plan ? damage control booklet ?F3
6-AUG-19ANISH1) plan training schedule for a cadet and a OS 2) importance of training 3) MLC in detail certificate/ title full explain / advantages of MLC 4) ISM: certificate/ functional requirements / elements of ISM code 5) loadicator in detail….. Certificate/ test/ allowed values/ failure of system 6) ballast water management plan on my last vessel 7) how to motivate crew 8) how to maintain decipline on board 9) COSWP : training and who issue it 10) duties of C/O with respect to STCWF3
13-OCT-18ANISH-rest hours exemption as per STCW -chain register. -chemical disch criteria . -ETA requirements..n exp the fwd eta arrangement -duties of chief off as per ISM n STCW -MLC -MLc req regarding crew accommodation -wt is MS act -girting of tug (he wanted to listen COF wala funda) -ism element -sleeping of anch -wt is EEDI -how to open the link of the anchor chain -wt is a form A and B ?? N wt u ll get in that ..F3
11-MAY-18ANISHTypes of moors u know? What is the meaning of moor ? Told me to explain any 2 and gave 2-3 situations about wind direction and current and then which anchor to drop 1st ..  with diagram Relation between ism and pms?How you will train ur crew ….( FAV QS . HE ALMOST GAVE ME  15 MIN TO COMPLETE THIS ANS :       Safety , security, operational , health , work related , emg training etc he dont want to listen CBT , video and drill .. he just want to listen above points i remember 6 now but as per him there r 10 points )What is OLB ??What all entries you will   make.other than normal which entries u will make in OLB ( i told him about fights or any death or change of command, any collision. But he said anything else which is more imp … and then gave me hint that it is related to cargo .. and I said any pollution due to cargo and jettisoning of cargo).What is F.O.B and some more terms( I DON’T KNOW SIR ) … which all charter party  terms u know ??Aft tug line parted ur action … ( he wants to hear check for any casualties and tell master to stop engines as bcoz of wire propeller can get stuck or damage) What is MS ACT?? And then his last and fav question … latest MS notice who is the approval authority? How many ms notice in 2018? Tell me one more … One Imp Tip: Try To Show Him That You Have Practically Done It Onboard Like Stowage Plan And Ship Handling, Loadicator Testing And All He Will Move On To Next Question And Also If You Know Regulation No Same Thing).F3
15-MAR-18ANISHMLC  few question Accommodation requirement Solas ch 5 overview Rest hr STCW MLC both Marpol orb 2, Annex 6, BL types, LOP, LOI, Drills, PMS, Mornings. .standing and …….all Emergency grounding ETA in detailF3
4-AUG-17ANISHMLC..he wanted to listen many titles…wht each has..etc. Wht all u do to comply with mlc on board. Objectives of ISM. Pms. How do u use pms onboard. What is INDSAR.. mooring …mix.moor.F3
8-JULY-21AWASTHIWhat is AOA What is foul anchor Ground Tackle What do u mean by moored and anchored Where is imo… Full form Whats the role of imo What action will you take to boost moral values in crew with multiple nationality wrt to safety on board… I didn’t get this question… He was read  the question from somewhere. And few more… How will you go ahead with postion fixing method in above voyage…And also how will you come to know gps is showing correct posn… How will you calculate celestial sights in detail… How will you know about the chronometer error for that sight and correction… How will you keep track about atmospheric pressure onboard…F3
14-FEB-20AWASTHINOP, LOP, B/L Mates receipt, PSC preparation, How will you motivate crew, COSWP operational hazards, Intact stability, collision and damage assessment,   Mates duty as per STCW, ISM compliance, ISGOTT, -Dry docking, preparation before entry, docs required, etcF3
12-FEB-20AWASTHIThen started with introduction and GK questions. Asked about company, its MD, office, crew, native place, birth place, questions related to both places, questions related to both the places, training institute DNS and first mate, asked full form of MASSA, rivers in gujrat (as my last sign of place was kandla) tide in kandla and many more general questions. Subject related questions (very few):- -How will you manage and train crew onboard -If ever done psc, and which places ( i told chile, saudi arabia etc),, asked capital of chile and what is it famous for. Port of saudi arabia. -How to prepare for psc Ground tackle ( this was the only question that I didn’t knew) -Dry docking, preparation before entry, docs required -why aft trim is preferred and not fwd trim for docking – what are shores and made up of -marpol Ax1 content, ORB entries -types of dry docks and difference between gravin and floating dock -familiarization checklist -How to train cadet and crew trainees He will ask many GK questions, and when your answer will contain any country or place in it, then again he will start asking u GK questions about that. Remeber whatever u say as soon as u enter, include only those places in your talks about which you do know a little bit. Knowing the most common things about those places will be a plus point i think, although i have heard he doesn’t pass based on GK questions but still if you do not know then his facial expressions do change.F3
11-JULY-19AWASTHIChain registers and contents-who issues it? Article of agreement and cba, Explain PMS in short, Official logbook entries, difference between grounding and beaching, diff between foundering and flooding, difference between pilferage and stowaway, Plans for drydock, difference between bilge blocks and bilge shores, requirement for collision bulkhead.F3
14-FEB-19AWASTHIYour AB is not keeping proper lookout in watch… what Action you will take?? Duties of mate as per ISM and STCW If new cadet is joined how you will train him (He wanted to hear about training. Record book) If PSC inspection is due how you will prepare?? What preparation u will tell your 2nd officer and 3rd officer for PSC. Chain register & contents? Your vessel is aground action??F3
13-DEC-18AWASTHIUnder whose authority you carry medical chest. Or who is the person who issue medical chest certificate. I told Port Health officer from where you will list of such PHO. He asked any latest changes that have come anything relating to this. As per what requirement you will carry medicines on an Indian Ship.F3
13-DEC-18AWASTHIName the different plans related to ship structure? How numbering is done for shell expansion plan? What is stealer plate? What is garboard strake? How will u check stability of the ship? Which software of loadicator u seen on last ship? What is chain register? Contents of chain register? Who examines lifting appliances? What is swivel and its use? What is annealing? Steering gear regulation? Predeparture steering gear test procedure? You are dicharging at port and sudden black out on board, take action? How will you ensure that safety equipment are properly maintained onboard? How will you train persons onboard? What is BL? What is mates receipt? NOP? What is dragging of anchor? What is foul anchor? What is foul cable? Which year new STCW amendment was adopted and which place? STCW-2010 Manila Philippines. Contents of STCW?F3
13-DEC-18AWASTHISTCW code Emergency Towing in detail. How to train cadet. Who published TRB. Stability with Loadicator and without Loadicator. Bilge block. What u know about DD.F3
13-DEC-18AWASTHIIn one port there is a crew change of total 12 numbers …. what all things will you do…. I told first take them to master collect certificate make them sign AOA…. he told me give your answer as a chief officer …. then told him about safety security round and assign them duties wrt to emergency situations …. drills and all that…. What is PSC observation . PSC code 17, 30, 50 and 70 what does that mean STCW code Is it in 1 part or 2 parts What is the difference between the 2 parts Is it two different books as 2 Different parts According to him Part 2 tells us how to comply with Part 1. Emergency Towing Arrangement. I told him about bulk carrier…. he asked me is it possible you can go on ships which have ETA … I told yes may be …. so do you have any idea about it I told yes …. so told him tanker towing arrangements . As per what Chapter of Solas ETA required.F3
14-NOV-18AWASTHIFore peak tank structures. Chain register. Lifting appliances. Mechanical advantage. Velocity I told him it’s a ratio n opposite to Mechanical this point he asked “So tells me that guy has really prepared good surveyor sets… you’ll just don’t study the sets but study them in detail..I said ok sir.. Types of dry docks. Training cadet. PSC. Heavy weather precautions.F3
1-MAY-18AWASTHIDeep anchoring procedure? Grounding contingency plan? ISM elements? Contents of STCW? Manila amendments? Slipping of anchor?F3
17-APRIL-18AWASTHI1. Chain register, entries, who makes entries. 2. Wats a lifting appliance, wats loose gear (basically every word u speak he will add “what is” and give a question back to you, so keep Ur words to bare minimum) 3. Anchor dragging. 4. Ism overview, Duties of mate as per ism. 5. Drydocking procedure,Critical moment, critical period, critical instant, jobs in DD. 6. Wat is training, how to carry out, is it a reqmt ? 7. Have you done a running moor? I said no, so he said then I won’t ask this. 8. Bilge shore, bilge block. 9. Eta reqmt, what ETA eqpt on ur last vsl? Towing pennant. Wats a pennant? Material of pennant. 10. Indiscipline Onboard. 11. Power failure and blackout actions.F3
20-MAR-18AWASTHI– definition and quick diagram of tumble home, rake, sheer, rise of floor, flare (for flare and rise of floor he asked what is the use of them?) – How will you motivate crew on ship – PMS of windlass – How will you maintain LSA/FFA equipment? – How will you take anchor lashing and loose gear, deck fittings used – If i have done a dry dock? I said yes. Asked me where? Setubal, Portugal. Capital of Portugal? Lisbon. Distance from Setubal to Lisbon. 😁Asked me what kind of a dry dock was it? – Critical moment during docking – Critical period during docking – What is ranging of cable And why is it done? – whether i have gone to a bottom of a chain locker, i said dint get the chance. Asked me how will you remove water from chain locker. Said will use an eductor to pump out water from CL. Asked me to explain principle of eductor – As a mate what all factors matter to you most when it comes to stability of a shipF3
10-JAN-18AWASTHI• Stealer Plate, Rise of Floor, • Why stealer plate in called stealer plate and where it is found on the ship? • Misconduct of crew actions • Surveys of Ships • Keel block , bilge shores and shoring • Pms on Life boat , Life raft and HRU • What is the Rope HRU • Why HRU is not for forward life raft • Have u don’t dry Dock??? Why have u not done dry dock? Why I don’t request your company to send u for dry dock so u can get expienrence in dry dock…. • What is PSC? Have you done PSC.??? Why u dint get detainable deficiency???? Lots of Cross QuestionsF3
19-JULY-17AWASTHI1. Ranging of cable 2. What is joining shackle, draw joining shackle and name parts, how to open n what all equipments required to open 3. How will you prepare drydock  job list, what all jobs you will carry out 4. Changing of windlass brk liner 5. Material of brk liner and type of bolt used. 6. Chain register 7. What is proof load 8. Testing of crane( dynamic n static) 9. Changing of lifeboat falls 10. Material of wire used in Lb davit. 11. What is galvanised iron 12. Critical moment, period and why it is calld critical. 13.How do u carry out annealing of loose gear. 14. What is critical temp during heat treatment. 15. How will you determine your anchor is dragging( Gyro n radar nt working) 16. Training of Cadets 17. How will u carry out maintenance of LSA n FFA onboard. 18. PMS in detail. 19. PMS of Chain locker 20. Anchor chain wht al tests and maintenance carried out.F3
18-JUNE-18AZADAOA, MLC Certificates on-board CLC expiry and who issues EEDI Classification society Condition of class and where to find?F3
9-NOV-17AZAD1. What is condition of class from whr u will get info whether ur ship has any condition of class 2. Cert issued under marpol annex VI 3. Contents of IEEC 4. What is EEDI 5. Unit of EEDIF3
12-OCT-17AZADStarted with all past  failing questions .The n started with his own set. 1) special surveys what all inspected.which certificate is renewed? 2) MLC regulations related to wages . 3)substantial corrosion. 4)ESP related few definitions and questions like close up survey, suspect areas etc. 5)when the plate has to be changed for example a plate of 20mm then at what thickness u will change plate…that is after how much extent of corrosion. 6) how will u come to know how much ballast to take in fpk tank to make even keel  if initial the trim was about 1 m ? 7) contents of stability booklet. 8)inspection of gangway in which survey ? 9)lifeboats annual thorough test .details of dynamic winch brake test . 10)how will u check load line marks are correct .?F3
12-MAY-17AZAD1) what is the entries u will do as mate in the OLB .. 2) how will u calculate the freeboard when making the entry in the OLB ..told him I’ll add the related freeboard and the draft at that time and then use this height as reference to get the freeboard at that instant.( He gave me a lot of hints here ) 3) what is condition of class.. 4) can condition of class be given to statutory items ..I said no …then what is done if some statutory item is found defective …I threw flag dispensation wud be reqd..he nodded and accepted it.F3
19-JUNE-19BAIJALLSA requirements on tankers? Life buoy requirements for vessels? As per the ism code what will be your responsibilities with respect to training? What are the dangers associated with dry docking? What is the formula for calculating up thrust when dry docking? Few questions, but he spent a lot of time on each one, let’s you speak until you run out of things to say with respect to that question or only when he needs some clarification on some point.F3
14-DEC-18BAIJALStatutory certificates. In what survey are Lights and shapes checked. In what survey is colregs compliance checked. Which is the specific document which mentions these (Not SEQ). Duties of mate as per ISM. Dry docking precautions. Virtual loss of GM and then deep into it with formula and actual calculation on paper for various stages of drydock and grilling for 15 mins. Have you anchored before? How will you come to know anchor is brought up. What is scope of cable.F3
13-MAY-18BAIJALWhat is ism code? Functional requirements. Mandatory? why? Onboard implementation. ? Who thick book is?  Colour of the book? Have you read it thoroughly? CBA and AOA content, In detail. Why CBA require. How thick CBA? Have you read it? Many more questions about but irrelevant to the syllabus. Steering failure ..then same situation grounding then action Then I said it betn angle of loll. So 10 min on angle of loll .he was trying to change my ans. But stick what you have read . He will act like you are answering is wrong . Stability little bit about. Stiff tender vessel, Not in detail Synchronous rolling. How many ways ship can have list? PSC inspection full on, Regulations about PSC. Where it is written, Is there anything written in Marpol? Foot notes in solas what is exactly given have u read it?F3
10-FEB-17BAIJAL1. Drydocking checks 2. docking plan 3. Calculation for upthrust and dry docking formula 4. broaching to 5. angle of loll 6. definition of stability 7. what is form e 8. How will u know how much persons u are allowed to carry onboard 9. Prepare ship for ism audit 10. Duties as a mate incase of ism audits 11. Latest amendments for ballast water management 12. Ballast water related docs onboard 13.orb1 and orb 2 which regulations. 14. Product spilled overboard action..F3
5-JULY-21BAWEJA1. Statutory certificate and trading certificate difference and examples 2. Triparty and biparty 3. Difference between CBA and AOA 4. Number of originals of aoa and who keeps what (its given in pawan notes) 5. Difference between commercial operation & technical operation (wants to hear in technical needs repair and maintenance). 6. Give 3 examples of strakes and where shear strake located 7. Chain register contents and as per which regulation 8. Duties of chief mate as per stcw (I started with plan & conduct a voyage and he said wrong ,nothing ahead) 9. Pms of navigation lt ( He wants to hear paiting of inboard screen) 10. Psi and fsi 11. If ship has indian flag state who will come for flag inspection ( He wants to hear authorized inspector from dg shipping) 12. PMs of anchor cable ( wants answer as per monthly, yearly,2.5 yrly and 5yearly) 13. How will u train ur crew 14. Who publish coswp 15. What is important for chief mate in coswp name any 3 16. Action if vsl grounded 17.How will u Berth ship with no tugs(said Baltic moor) 18. Procedure for beaching vessel 19. Foul hawse and foul anchor 20. Heavy weather action ( 1st point he wants inform everyone or else wrong) 21. Plans required for dry dock 22. Chief mate duties during bunkeringF3
17-JUNE-21BAWEJAOperational and enviromental difference, triparty and biparty examples, drydocking preparation, psi and fsi, Documents required for note of protest, pms of anchor cable, duties of chief officer as per ism, statutory and mandatory certificates definition and list, coswp how many chapters, isgott ammendments, contingency plan for collision wanted something specific, how will u train ur crew, plans required for ballasting operation (GA and pumping and piping), docking plan.F3
6-MARCH-20BAWEJAPast failing questions Manila amendment 2010-he wants each n everything 1-2 I missed out Defect of welding & How to avoid Convention and code Grounding action Don’t forget to mention first stop engine light /shape EEDI Screening of lights Fund convention Started explaining as given by Capt jaiswal on my sea time N stopped in betweenF3
5-MARCH-20BAWEJAHe will ask you to write down past failure questions, When you write it down be wise and make sure you know answers for that. 1. D1 D2 standard for ballast exchange. 2. Pilot ladder boarding arrangement with dimensions and solas requirement with rope strength etc. 3. Heavy weather precautions, wanted to hear you’ll inform all parties well in advance. 4. Critical period, moment, why it is of most importance. 5. Documents for Drydock. 6. Safety radio station certificate, not the Cargo ship safety certificate with form R. Other one. 7. Slipping of cable, in what all situations you’ll do it. 8. Wages not paid by owner, how will you deal with it. 9. Formula for P & VLG in Drydock. 10. STCW amendments, other than Pawan notes 13 points. (sent me out side to find out). 11. Free fall life boat launching requirement as per Solas. 12. MLC titles. 13. Anchor dragging actions (your vessel & then other vessel). 14. Smelling of ground. 15. Mandatory and Statutory certificates. 16. Certificates as per Solas.F3
13-FEB-20BAWEJAStarted with all past questions. Duty’s as per ISM. Difference between PSC and flag state. What is condition of class? What is MOU? Contents of MOU. Who carries out flag state inspection? How many MOU are there? What is chain register? Actions in case of grounding, Actions in case of collision. STCW. Discharge criteria as per Marpol. Difference for discharge criteria of engine room spaces (special area and outside special area). Statuary and mandatory certificates. Preparation for dry dock. Various plans onboard. What all jobs to be carried out? Precautions before flooding. How will u carry out load line survey?F3
2-DEC-19BAWEJAFrom my previous attmpt -Structure of IMO – MS Act – Diff between BMP 4 and 5 – contingency planning for collision – Manila amendments – Contents of Mlc title 5( after this he stopped asking func 3 and asked me to prepare better in func 3) He passed me in 1,2 He is nice guy, ask qstn with intention to pass not to fail. He asked me to write most of answers instead of verbalF3
18-OCT-19BAWEJA* Tri party and biparty agreement *Duties as per ism ( he wants exact and all of them ) asked me to write it down Contingency in case of collision( again asked me to write down in a paper and he himself writes down points 1 to 7 . So i wrote 7 points only. Then he said u forgot to write record data) and many more. Baweja was rapid fire. He asked million questions that I couldn’t remember the moment I got done with him. He wants to hear what he wants instead of what you know.F3
17-OCT-19BAWEJA* Chief officer duty as ISM * Diffrence between Statuatory and mandatory certificates  and name dem * Name all statuatory certificates as per SOLAS chapter vise * Contents of SOLAS * As chief officer wat all inspection vl u carry out on lifeboat and all LSA ewuipents * Difference between bi party and tri party… Difference between flag state and port state inspection. * Entries in official log bookF3
10-OCT-19BAWEJAMaster ashore dragging anchor in inner anchorage (I said heave up anchor.. he stopped it there saying. never heavy up without permission of port) Contingency collision (10 imp points) Duties of mate as per ism (7 imp points) ORB carriage requirements Contents of chain Register Who is competent authority Who will make entries on chain register Slipping a cable.. why u do it? Anchor PMS (Wants to hear. will refer to PMS ManualF3
7-OCT-19BAWEJA1.official log book entries while arriving port 2. Note of protest and documents required 3. Crane stuck during cargo operations action 4.chain register entries done by whom and contents 5.plan for dry dock 6.preparation for dry dock 7.dragging of anchor and master ashore 8. Collision action 9.Slipping of anchor 10.Maintainance of anchor,  bitter end, chain locker.F3
4-OCT-19BAWEJAAsk me to write previous remark on a paper but didn’t ask anything. Grounding tackle. AOA & CBA Elements of ISM Duties of co as per ism LL survey Collison action, he only wants to listen imp point. Anchor dragging, master ashore, here again only imp points Olb entries in port only Dd plan (he wants to listen GA plan first) Why small trim Why stern trim Declivity Orb in detail 1 and 2 Environment security LOF and changes i added scopic he was not interested Towage salwage PSC and FSIF3
11-SEPT-19BAWEJA1. Previous failing questions. 2. Contents of OLB and entries to be made in the same. OLB entries when entering port.OLB required as per which regulation. 3. Types of grease and uses. 4. Types of paint. Only asked me the list. 5. Duties of CO as per ISM.Wanted the keywords for the same. No keywords then u dont get the function. 6. Collision with another vessel. Action. Wanted 10 most important points in order. ( if order not followed then he said he won’t give the function. 6. Duties of CO as per STCW. 7. What is the meaning of statutory certificates and how is it different from mandatory certificates. 8. List 4 mandatory certificates. 9. Dry dock is required as per what. (as per Solas and classification society.) 10. Reg number for classification society and DD as per Solas.F3
2-JULY-19BAWEJAWrite 10 points on contingency checklist – mate on bridge , u have collided with a vessel-action as a mate. I wrote all of them he was happy but he said it isn’t in the order. Vsl at anchor – master ashore & anchor dragging. Dnt say u will heave up anchor n proceed to Sea. Dry docking as per which regulation of Solas. What all plans required for dry docking – he wanted to hear most of them?F3
2-JULY-19BAWEJADocs as per ISPS, audit requirement for ISPS – I got confused with the renewal survey and periodical survey. LIFE BOAT launching appliances testing requirements. What is D2 regulationF3
1-JULY-19BAWEJAWrite 10 points on contingency checklist – mate on bridge, you have collided with a vessel-action as a mate. I wrote all of them he was happy but he said it isn’t in the order. Vsl at anchor – master ashore & anchor dragging. Dnt say u will heave up anchor n proceed to Sea . Dry docking as per which regulation of Solas . What all plans required for dry docking – he wanted to hear most of them.F3
3-JAN-19BAWEJADuties of CO as per ISM Anchor Cable PMS Few points about PMS Bi and tri Party Agreement Praparation for DD Plans required for DD Any regulations for DD? ORB and it’s Parts Garbage record Book and it’s entries Who signs Chain Register? COSWPF3
15-MAY-18BAWEJA1) STCW manila amendments, all of them? 2) Anchor dragging, master ashore, Ur action? 3) Documents required for cargo claim? 4) Duties of Chief Officer as per ISM code? 5) Statutory and Mandatory certificates? 6) Contingency plans, action for vessel aground? 7) Flag state and Port state differences?F3
9-FEB-18BAWEJAChain register Stcw amendmnt What is diffrnc btwn statutory n mandatry certificate. MLC  Name some statutory n mandatory certfcte What is bi party n tri party, Giv some example What is AOA? What is CBA? Preparation for load line survey. Letter of protest. Note of protest. Note of protest hw u go about it. Anchor dragging action master went ashoreF3
11-MARCH-20BEHLEnclosed space Break rendering test SART EPIRB How will u train your crew Recovery strops and construction of it( material swl ?) Enhanced surveyF3
16-NOV-19BEHLWhat is LEL on container ship? Contents of IMDG code? How will you load Class 1 cargo onboard? (Answer as a mate- type of segration, stowage, procedures, triggers, labelling, packaging, markings) Where will you find details of whether you can load class 1 cargo on board or not? He gave me the imdg code and told me to find what triggers explosion in class 1 cargo and safe procedures for carriage. VGM contents in detail? Where will you find VGM details? How are the containers weighed as per VGM? ( 2 ways) Who declares the weight of the container as per VGM? ( Answer is not shipper) Tell me the details the shipper is supposed to declare as per IMSBC? ( As per him there are 17 points) What is shearing force? How will you calculate shearing force?F3
1-JULY-19BEHLDocs as per ISPS, audit requirement for ISPS – I got confused with the renewal survey and periodical survey. LIFE BOAT launching appliances testing requirements. What is D2 regulation – explained him nicely but he asked – where u will find it ? There I fucked up . He wasn’t satisfied with the answer given in pawan notesF3
18-JUNE-19BEHLSF and BM in term of shipping Loadicator fails how will u calculate? Noise pollution convention? Date adopted ? date into force ? Resolution number ? MARPOL annex 3 ? Give specific names of  marine pollutants (like shipping names ) loadline survey on ur ship ,what will the surveyor check ? EPIRB yearly and 5 yearly (I told him annual a shore technician comes onboard and he checks the unit for proper function and five yearly its send to shore and the transmission power os checked) [he said this is a second mates answer I want more specific ] Annex 6 what are the harmful substances . name 5 substancesF3
9-APRIL-19BEHLDifference between bush and bearing PMS for windlass D1 and d2 standards Certificates associated with isps Forms of csr IRS – who are they? What all info do you send to ERS in case there’s a damage Where will you find that form? How do you calculate damage stability? He did let me go out a couple of times to find out about ERS and difference between bearing and bush and later said that I could grill you all day on this ERS topic, but that’s not the point.. you need to continue the learning process and not stop here..F3
9-DEC-18BEHLContent of ISGOTT I said 1st 4 parts… Now he wants details in all parts as per sequence. ie first 1 const of 2 consist of and so on…. Test of wire in dry dock. I don’t know what he wants…may be i m wrong. I heard the question wrong. 1 yr and 5 yr…lb test…he wants shore test…not interest in company manual and all… I also told about dynamic and static test…but interchanged the values for same he was confusing me for same…so again pig face…. Tide tables how you correct it on board… Hazards of loading solid bulk cargo… Torried zone…i had no idea …Google it u will find it… ITCZ… He will ask full form and definition. What all s-vdr should record and where it is given. Winch brake test. I told him procedures and 75% of MLB (on actual its 80%) …. then he asked witch regulation. I got confused then. He also asked want u get by doing all this stuff…..(by that time I got totally confused). He was like u have red my notes I dont need my answers, I told sir I dont even know your name….. give me more specific answers….in detail u r now in management level….fck kitna detail du orrr.F3
9-OCT-18BEHLHe asked me if i was sailing as second mate and if tech library was under me. Then he said that with every answer you give, tell me which publications you will refer and their content in general. Latest amendment to marpol annex 5 Marpol annex 1 regulations that help in pollution prevention COW procedure in detail with line up Gas freeing procedure in detail Cargo tank water wash procedure in detail Decanting procedure in detail Things you will check in cargo tank inspection Surface preparation standards MLC inspection itemsF3
11-JULY-18BEHL1. CSR certificate what all information you get from it 2. Various plans on vsl 3. Capacity plan contains and information you will get 4. STCW Ammendment 5. MLC titles 6. Duties of chief off as per ISM 7. Articles of agreement in details 8. What all check you will carryout before flooding the dock as a mate 9. Antifauling paints 10. Life boat tests and frequency of testsF3
13-OCT-17BEHLTesting welding method onboard. Types of welding.Damage stability in case not tied up with ERS.Grounding, bilging formula, it’s effect, condition depend upon? Bow cushion effect, rudder cycling with exact helm, olb on master death, heavy wind why bow tend to move toward wind. Types of paint, lifeboat tests weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and 5 yearly. Parametric rolling (said as per notes) he said wrong.F3
11-APRIL-17BHATIA1 last time failing question IMO committee n sub committee 2 what is convention 3 psc preparation only 15 mins notice u have and grounds for detention ( here he grilled a little ) 4 dry docking prep as pe mate ( little cross question in docking ) 5 anchor ranging 6 checks on anchor cable ( here I knew 10% deterioration but in how much length I dint knew) 7 equipments used to open lugless shackle ( I told him sledge hammer and explained him d procedure he told to find out n wait outside)F3
9-MAR-17BHATIAStarted with intro , which company, what ships, what happ last tym n all 1. Suppose u r new mate n ship has to go for DD what all prperatn u’ll do 2. Aftr 30 days long voyage n u faced heavy wx inbetween what precautions u’ll ask bosun to take prior operating anchors for arrival 3. Pms 4. Pick up any dech mach u lyk n explain pms for it daily, weekly, monthly, qtrly, annual 5. Ism 6. DD- stability req, critical period, plans 7. Mates futies as per stcw 8. Master died… actionsF3
7-DEC-20BHEL– PSSA ..What it is ….name few area…who issue list of all PSSA (Mepc…marine environmental protection committee (Main committee of IMO). – Name few marine pollutants as per annex 6 – i said Sox n Nox… nothing else he asked. – What is Certificate of entry…i didn’t knew ..later he told me to find it out…Certi of entry is issued by P n I club when vessel enters in to therr club n when ship is insured against 3 rd party damage. – What all area covered under BMP 5…. saud all then he asked but gulf of Guinea is not der then how will we get information or guidelines for transiting in that area…ICS has issued guidelines which has to be read in conjunction with BMP4 – Parametric n synchronised rolling… is there any guidelines for master in case of heavy seas n who issues this…. msc circular no he wants – Alarms provided on motor room and compressor room – IGC code full form. – he asked which ship u have done…said lng then started asking abt Reliq plant – Publication used for ballast tank inspection guidelines – TLV – control measure as per annex 6 on navigation…told about smeep… weather routeing , speed optimation etc – CAS , CAP,  ESPF3
12-JUNE-18C.L.DUBEYLoadicator failure how will you calculate SF BM and GM What is ship stability Marpol Annex 4 Foul anchor Chain register Critical period and why it’s say critical How you file NOP Stcw 2010 content How to calculate damage stability Stealer plateF3
18-DEC-19CHANDEquipment onboard wrt environment protection Statutory cert ORB part 2 for which ships and entries Duties of mate as per stcw BMP5 what all you know How will go about training a cdt who is on his last ship as cdt with 3 months to sign off? Vsl blackout and anchor dragging..action? What is OLB and its entries Preparation of vsl 4 months before drydockF3
16-NOV-19CHANDArticles of Agreement (AOA) The first two lines written on AOA? The most important column in AOA? Marpol regs effective from 2020? Vessel is going to dry dock 3 months later, preparations as chief mate?F3
15-NOV-19CHAND– Duties as per STCW(say the standard points) -Training of Cadet ( tell about CRB) -Biparty / Triparty (AOA next of kin) -Marpol 2020 (Sulphur limit globally 0.5% , how will you implement? – low sulphur fuel , scrubber etc) – PMS of windlas – Drydock as per ISM ( he said something about following SMS of dry dock also ) – Entries in Official Log book as C/O – BMP-5 – Statutory Certificates (after definition tell him as many examples) – Anchoring, master not well, no astern propulsion, 3 mile anchorage, full speed…. (He wants to hear that u will use stopping distance to stop vessel within anchorage, as no astern propulsion). 2-3 questions more … But from his set Note – He likes to crack jokes in your every answer , laugh with him , praise him …  He will be very happy. Told me next surveyor will be MEENA . Also i read his questions from the set , he asked each and every question from his set.F3
11-SEPT-18CHANDDock labour regulation As per STCW what are the responsibility and duties of chief officer MLC has work hours whereas STCW has rest hours What kind of training does chief officer carries out…competency (cadets), contingency, safety related, etc and what else. Topping up .u r In ccr Duty office at tktop Duty officer reports flange leak at manifold, Ur actions!! Emcy stop.F3
17-JULY-18CHAND1. Article of agreement. Detail . 2. Most important information in AOA (He want to listen Next of Kin ) 3. What you understand by Environmental protection. What convention to control it. 4. Latest amendments of solas. 5. Annex 7 of Marpol. 6. MLC. How does it benefited seafarers. 7. Planned maintenance system why it is required. 8. Drydocking plan information. 9. Dry docking preparation most important aspect as chief mate. (He went to listen vessel stability ) 10. ISM elements. 11. Screening of light. L&SSF3
3-APRIL-18CHAND1. Duties of C/O as per STCW. 2. Your duties as per new STCW amendments…. monitoring of W and R hrs, to ensure Medical reports as per new standards and Fit for Duty stamp. 3. How will u train cadet..he wants to hear familiarization round by c/o as 3/O doesn’t do proper round..and understanding cadets capability of understanding. 4. Entries in OLB. 5. ORB entries. ORB as per which regulation. 6. What is accidental discharge? Give example. I said oil leak during Cow operation due to excessive pr. but he wanted to hear Malfunction of equipments/ valves. 7. What is unstable equilibrium. 8. Your Loaded ship listed to 10 degrees. Action?…he wants to hear that I will find the root cause like consumption of f.o. from only one tank, cargo shifting, hull breach…contact the SERS shore emcy response service. 10. If it will be hull breach than how will you tackle..I said will start pumping out he said it won’t help, then I will go for matting and he replied “Mai Buddha hogaya abhi Tak mat dekha nahi tum log Kya dekho ge even I have read this theory in Denton. You guys just read orals notes and nothing else. Your emcy response is very poor”.🧟‍♂ 11. You are at fwd stns visibility 20 mtrs .you are 100 m abeam of berth and there are ships moored fwd and aft How will you come to know that ship is moving arthwartship…he said by the wake at the bow. 12. Chain Register entries.F3
20-JAN-17CHANDChain register content. Olb content. What equipment u have on board for environment protection. Garbage record book. Bmp 4 content. Ur vessel is schedule for dry dock after 2 months what all preparation u will do as this he asked me what is the most imp thing that u will inform to company after looking up the previous drydock specs.i was like sir bottom plug and amount of paint used. He told wrong. And he told u will look for thickness measurement of steel plates and then u will inform company. Duties of mate as per stcw. List of satutuary certificate. Pms of Crain. Gave me a swl of a Carne 20t and asked me what be the proof load of it.F3
19-JAN-17CHAND1. Duties of C/o as per STCW.      2. Name few statutory certificates ,few cross ques regarding each certificate.  3. How to prepare for SEQ survey.   4. Which is the First certificate issued to the ship as per ISM .(I was sent out to find the ans by ques by Capt Santosh).                      5. How will you prepare for Dry Docking with respect to surveys and Dry Dock specs.                 6. How will you conduct a Departure station with Master not on Bridge and a New Second Mate in the aft station.              7. Validity of SEQ certificate.       8. Details about Load line Certificate.                                  9. Contents of BMP4,Latest SOLAS amendments with respect to FFA.                                        F3
11-SEPT-19COUTINOETA arrangements? Requirements? ETB contents ? Requirements? Chain register. Statutory and mandatory certificates. Certificate of registry. PMS. Anchor chain PMS. Criteria for changing anchor cable/links? Duties of a chief mate ? Can chief mate take over the command when the master is incapacitated. You are chief mate for the first time and there’s experienced  second officer with master’s license. Who will take the command?As per which regulation? Official log book entries as a mateF3
18-JUNE-19COUTINOPMS of anchor? how much deterioration allowed ? stud link deterioration found at dry dock action ? who issues Ship station certificate ? types of certificate ? if you have SSCC how can it be converted into SSEC ? how will MLC help you as a mate ? date India has adopted and ratified MLC ? Entries in OLB as a mate? AOA? Critical instant ? cricical period ? will P increase or decrease after touching the blocks ? Marpol annex 1 discharge criteria from machinery spaces ? any distance criteria ? Marpol annex 5 discharge criteria ? new amendments to annex 5 ? statutory certificate ? is certificate of registry a statutory certificate ? (he wants to hear your answer in reference to  MSA) Your vessel is streaming the current while berthing. How will you berth with the help of tugs? which lines will u pass 1st ?F3
17-MAR-18COUTINO– On Indian flag; how will you make sure that any crew or officer other then Indian nationality is MLC compliant. (Exactly same question which was asked by Capt.Coutino) – STCW amendments – Have you studied M.S.Act? Yes! Good then, tell me M.S.Act Reg no. @#¿ (I don’t even remember the number now. This was the time I knew he is not going to give me function 3.) – As per M.S.Act which actions come under disciplinary actions? – Polar code and what all certificates as per code? – EEDI – Dynamic and Static test for lifeboat. (Answered him, but he was asking me to answer like a chief mate and not a second mate.) – Chain register. (Lots of cross question)F3
17-MAR-18COUTINO– You are OOW, morning 5 o’clock. Vessel agrounds. Action? (Cross questions on damage stability and lodicator.) – Polar code. Preparation prior entering? – ETA. – MLC – Have India ratified MLC? – When? – On Indian flag; how will you make sure that any crew or officer other then Indian nationality is MLC compliant. (Have no fucking idea, what he wanted to hear as he was not satisfied with my answer; which was everything about MLC & DMLC- I & II.) – Drydock. – Anchor cable PMS. – Slipping of anchor. – Anchoring as mate on forward station. – Mates entries in OLB. – Discharge criteria Annex 1 & 5. (Cross questions) – Annex VI. Special areas. – Prior piracy area preparations?F3
9-MAR-19DANIELSolas chapter 5 reg 19 start speaking Chapter5 reg 19.1 Marpol annex 6 amendments. I started soeaking something about sox nox he stopped me. Wat is mepc n ppr. Wat is psc i started speaking. He gave me axn n told u passed. Go.F3
12-SEPT-18DANIELMarine insurance Deck log book Official log book MS Act Piracy Bmp5  Difference between act and rule . Functions of chief officer as per STCW STCW and amendmentsF3
16-MAR-18DANIELWas worst for me only indian regulations number he wants Master incapacitated which rule or law ?? Discipline on board ?? Which law What is Sire ? IMO regulations 1052 ?? What is CDI ? STCW contents and chapter 2 overviewF3
9-FEB-18DANIEL1 ship sanitation certificate, what is it, what regulation why is it required ( ans is WHO) 2. what is deratting certificate, regulation, under what rule it is required 3. All certificates issued under solas ch 3, under solas ch 5 4. Deratting Indian regulation and plenty other Indian regulations which I didn’t knew.F3
22-FEB-17DANIELBiparty and Tripaty Aoa ammendnents Anchor at 2 Kta Southly current How u know vessel stop and speed zero…practically Answer give astern kick and see the wave shd come to the bridge wing. Drop anchor, now dragging Heavy weather precautions Psc code for no.15 and 30 Dry docking detailed question Ism ammendnents and duties of mate as per stcwF3
5-MARCH-20DAS1. How will you prepare muster list onboard. 2. How will you mark load lines, if plate renewed where old loadline was marked. (loadline certificate). 3. Ranging of cable. 4. What all test you’ll carry out, markings. He wants detailed. 6. Maintainance on LSA. 7. Davit load test Static and Dynamic with proof load. 8. Immersion suit testing interval. 9. ISM contents. 10. Latest Marpol ammendments. (other guy he asked about IMSAR ammendments. 11. What all effects on ship maneuvering in river. 12. Pilot ladder resolution- 1045(27). 13. Structures of IMO.F3
3-MAR-20DASSolas reqmnts for drill L/b maintenance as per solas Psc & fsi Dd preparations Grounding beaching stranding difference Ground tackle Psc codes name few Duties of C/O AoA Cba Official log book entries Marpol latest amendment Solas chaptersF3
12-FEB-20DAS-Ground tackle -what is grounding and how will you act if happened onboard -what statutory certificates you had onboard your last ship -official log book entries as a mate -oil record book entries -Condition of classF3
6-FEB-20DAS1. What is the sequence of loading your hold in bulk carrier.  And finally how will your stowage look like. 2. Loading/ discharging / carriage of gas carrier and precautions. 3. IGC contents. And what all will be wet from them. 4. Internal for testing cargo flexible hose and precautions if the hose burst. 5. How to reduce pressure on gas carriers. 6. How prevent tank from going into vacuum during discharging in gas carriers. 7. Grade change of gas carriers and cargo compatibility. 8. Make a stowage plan on a paper. 9. What is stowage factor and load density – where will we find load density. He asked me if i can load a piston of 100 t’s and if I can load or not. 10. What is mates receipt? Who signs it? Who do we have to hand it over to? What significance does it hold. 11. Crane inspection interval. 12. PMs of life boat davit. 13. He cross questioned the externals questions.F3
10-JULY-19DASHe 1st asked me which company and wad ship.. Opened his book wrote P against my name, then began asking me questions, while questioning he asked for my exn Form and continued with questions. 1. Difference between foundering and flooding 2. Beaching 3. Critical period.. And why is it called the same. 4. Ballast water convention and plan 5. AOA wad all u get?F3
7-FEB-19DESHPANDEOil spill actions Imminent collision, actions Foul hawse.. How will you clear? Statutory and mandatory certificates with examples. Ground tackle. Dry docking.. critical period..why is it so? If collision is imminent, how will you go about it? PM’s for windlass and pv valve. Duties of chief officer as per ism. Annex 5 of marpol. Bi-party and tri-party agreement.. you’re employed on a foreign ship, between who is the AOA signed. Significance of AOA.F3
3-OCT-18DESHPANDEBallast water convention D1 and D2 standard. To which ships it applies? DIDN’T KNOW Dry dock preparations? Why it is required? REQUIRED by which convention? DIDN’T KNOW Oil Record book entries? How many parts? Applies to which ships? Anchor dragging in inner Anchorage. Actions? Told paying out, dropping second anchor but wasn’t satisfied. Running Moor? Explained but wasn’t satisfied. Which certificate to refer in order to determine if the chemical cargo can be loaded? COF.F3
11-JULY-18DESHPANDE1. Pooping, broaching,     surfing 2. Bilge shores what is the use 3. Kentar shackles, diagram and name of parts, what is the use of stud in it. and Then mondal shackles and name of the parts. 4. Make diagram of vsl sitting on the blocks 5. Formula to calculate upthrust, and various cross questions in that 6. What was the material of soft mooring rope on your last vessel 7. What is the material and diameter of wire rope on your last vessel, 8. How many strands on wire rope of your vsl 9. Types of anchors, 10. Type of anchore, weight and holding power of anchor on your last vsl. 11. Official log book entries as per MS act 12. Crew training is mandatory as per which chapter of ISM 13. Forcastle door is open, water is coming in it, wind force 8, action ? 14. How you will turn your vsl in this condition. 15. Engine room fire, tell me fixed fire fighting equipment on your last vsl, and explain full procedure to activate it.F3
7-JUNE-18DESHPANDEGrounding Stranding Beaching Dry docking everything in detail Statutory certificates Labour Act What is deciplinary action as per MS Act and what regulation deals with it? Can u sail without class? If yes how? And if NO how? Form A and B Attachments of all Satuatory Certificates Ground tackle how to rig? Girting of tug?F3
23-JAN-17DESHPANDEBow cushioning effect You have 2kt astern current and have to berth 2 miles ahead what advice you’ll give master How to turn around vsl in rough weather How many annexes in marpol and what is Annex 6F3
7-JULY-21DEVESHRelation between ballast and cargo capacity of a ship Article of agreement CBA In deep waters, anchor not coming up action and cross quest. Marpol annex 6 Lifeboat damaged at Anchorage during drills Olb entries Flag state inspectionF3
8-APRIL-21DEVESHAsked about last vessel route. Was it hectic? Was there any rest hour violations? How will you deal with rest hour violation as a Chief mate? As a Chief how will you provide training to crew? Was there any accident on your last vessel? What all entries you’ll make in log book? Who will cover medical expenses of crew and as per what? AB come and complains he did not receive salary for last month. Action? PSC inspector comes onboard and gives a unjustifiable deficiency. Action. – I said will info flag state. He said you can take help of MOU. Dry dock pre entry procedures. Info on Shell expansion plan. Docking plan.F3
5-APRIL-21DEVESHTriparty and Biparty Agreement examples Difference between mate receipt and B/L Functions of a mate receipt Straight B/L ISM Certificates Bosun tells cadet slapped him, your action (exact entries he wants as per MSA) Supplement to IOPP Certificate Information obtained from docking planF3
5-MAR-21DEVESH* BWM Reg D1 & D2 * Entries to be made in OLB by Chief Mates * Action as a Chief mate when one of the Crew Member Gets injured * Action as a Chief Mates when 2/E reports the high consumption of hydraulic oil * Who is the incharge of LSA FFA maintenance ( I said 3/O under the guidance of C/O, He then Probed me and asked anything about it mentioned in PMS..I said each equipment’s maintenance and the responsible officer for that is mentioned in the PMS) *Who is responsible for fire safety when in Dry dock. *Who is responsible for providing gas freeing certificate when ship is in dry dock. * After issuance of Gas free Certificate can hot work be carried out anywhere on-board- ( I said, even after the gas free certificate is issued the fire safety is still with ship staff.. so a hot work permit is issued for any job required and hot work will be carried out only under the purview of the hot work permit).F3
5-MAR-21DEVESH1.As per polar code which certificate issued to the ship 2. If one AB comes and complaint his wages are not being credited in account since 2 months what will you do 3. What is FORM A and B. VOC Plan 4.If u miss an entry in the ORB for loading figures and you already made entry for disch(human error). what will you do. 5. what is condition of class In which certificate is it mentioned the vessel can trade in a certain region 6.what is Mooring Management and line management plan.   when will you change the rope tail. what is the criteria to change the rope tail.F3
4-MARCH-20DEVESH-Seemp – AOA ( everything ) – PSC ( everything ) – ballast water management D 1 and D 2 criteria – duties of chief officer as per ISMF3
16-SEPT-19DEVESHWhat is SOx? What are the regulations related to SOx? What is Ballast Water Management Plan? What is D2 standards? What is DOC? How is DOC issued? What is SMC? Validity of DOC and SMC? How and when are the audits carried out and who conducts the audits onboard and ashore? Elements of ISM What is PSC? When do they carry out the inspection? What are the grounds of clear detention? What are the duties of mate onboard? As a mate, how will you carry out the training of personnel onboard related to their job? What is CSR? When are the corrections done to CSR? Is new CSR issued if there is change of shipowner?F3
9-SEPT-19DEVESHShip handling, Pivot point Statutory requirements Certificate, Preparing for survey Articles of agreement Crew welfare, Stcw amendmentsF3
13-AUG-19DEVESHFailing questions from last time, Dry docking loaded ship, BWMP standards, D4 standards, Bmp4 and Bmp5 diff, I’m m. statutory and mandatory certificates, Cyber security and safety, Social equality policy of your company, Gangway test & marking, Free fall lifeboat drills.F3
16-APRIL-19DEVESHWhat happened last time? Told him external had passed. So started asking Past Questions Paint Indenting Paint Thickness Measurement Margin Line What will happen if margin line submerged? Ballast Water Regulations D1 & D2 in detail Stresses in Above Methods Prepare Risk Assessment  for Ballast Water Exchange Mooring Safety Management Plan Regulation (New Regulation under MEG4) Actually it is Mooring System Management Plan Its contents Its approval Requirement Mooring Tail Renewal Requirement Details of Mooring Tails Difference in Tonsberg and Mandal Shackle Condition of Class IOPP cert has mistaken, how to correct it. Is class attendance necessary for Certificate Correction?F3
6-MAR-19DEVESH– Annual testing of cranes – Straight BL – Dangerous Cargo Manifest – Different ways of Ballast Exchange. Explain both the ways. Requirements for WBE. – IOPP Certificate Validity? Inspecions done for IOPP. Lots of cross questioning. Certificates under ISM? Validity for both DOC & SMC. – Surveys required for SMC ? Lots of cross questioning. – Whats are Clear grounds of detention from the PSC ? Examples ? Lots of cross questioning. – How will you prepare ship for MLC inspection ? Lots of cross questioning. – Difference between Foul Anchor & Foul Cable ? – Various Types of Shallow Water Effects? – Cyber security. How to avoid Cyber Threats ? – Vessel dragging anchor. – Slipping of AnchorF3
12-DEC-18DEVESH1. Info from shell expansion plan. 2. Validity of DOC n SMC. 3. Certificates under MLC convention. 4. What does DMLC stands for. (Was unble to recollect at tht time what is D ). 5. Which VIQ is in use now. 6. What all SIRE vettings u have done. 7. AOA is which type of doc. 8. Duties of chief mate. 9. Form E what all info u get. 10. What all new in BMP5 from BMP4. 11. Running n open moor. 12. Difference between foul cable n anchor. 13. What is declivity n how to alter it. 14. Why trim by stern for dd? 15. Tell me about cyber security. (gave some funda just to convince him that m aware of such thing.) / how will u avoid cyber threats.F3
11-DEC-18DEVESHPSC as per which convention authorizes them to come on-board and how do they come to know which vessel should they board. Then ISM if validity of SMC is expired then status of doc and then what things are covered by ISM. When is ISM survey carried out? Then mate receipt and difference between mate receipt and BOL. Boat receipt.F3
4-NOV-18DEVESHHow you will sustain Damage stability? Seq. certificates? Foul anchor and foul cable? He asked only practical questions….F3
11-SEPT-18DEVESHHow u vl sustain Damage stability? Seq certificates? Foul anchor and foul cable? So many questions he asked dont remember He asked only practical questions….F3
3-JULY-18DEVESH-Marpol annex 6 regulation – enclosed space entry on chemical tanker WBT . Checks ? -Ism into force and functional requirement – Load line survey – ISPS discuss. You as C/O are SSO . What all you will check – Anchor foul — cable foul -ISM contents -STCW manila amendments –  What is ERS – 3 stbd cot leaking? Action? – grounding action?F3
3-JULY-18DEVESH-Marpol annex 6 regs for nox nd sox -Change over procedure from hfo to lsmgo -Morning watch: 3/E collapsed in engine room- action as mate -loadline survey -fsi nd psc -master ashore, anchor dragging- action -ism contents -stcw manila amendments -special and enroute definition as per marpol -hot work on forwrd mast, in ballast voyage on tankers, full procedureF3
6-MAR-18DEVESHValidity of interim DOC and SMC What are the survey  frequency of both MLC amendments of 2014 Situation of anchor dragging  what will be your action ( please answer that I will give notice for Engine ) AOA procedure for Indian vessel ( told him about that 5 originals but he said their is some new regulation has come now )  F3
16-SEPT-17DEVESHPSC gives list of items to be rectified. How will the PSC of another port know about these items that need to be rectified by your ship. Req for GMP Annex 6. EEDI and what does it pertain to Monthly Maintenance on On load release gear of LB Plans to be carried as per Sopep Manual Conventions required/related to carriage of cargoes Straight BL MLC AmmendmentF3
18-MAY-17DEVESH1. PSC clear ground 2. EEDI 3. Doc and smc interim cert requirement 4. Dry-dock precaution 5. Ranging of anchor 6. Vsl dragging anchor action 7. Slipping of anchorF3
15-MAR-18DUBEYStellar plate Bilge plate / Bilge keel Chain register Official log book entries What is foul anchor, how to clear STCW contents and details Dry docking details and precautions What is critical interval What is critical instant Stability of ship, what is stable and unstable. When unstable and stable ship Heavy weather precautionsF3
13-JULY-17DUBEYYou are on bridge and Vsl agrounded action. 1p 1s DB tanks open to water how will you consider foundering Proceeding to dry dock for repairs duty as a ch off. Orb Oil spill action. Chain register CBA/IBF Itf blue card/ itf green card difference b/w them How MLC is related to your wages. How to use anchor chain to make fast with buoyF3
20-FEB-17DUBEY1. BWE PLAN 2. various plan on board 3. Ig Requirement 4. oil spill on board 5. Sewage treatment plant and certificate issue for Sewage Treatment plant. 6. v/l collided with FV 7. vsl grounded during High tide and after 1hr low tide …how will u calculate vsl I’ll b stable or not 8. ESP in detail and how bottom survey is carried out. 9. dry docking trim 10. stcw 2010 and watch keeping ch-8  content 11. use of bottom plugs 12. certificate for oil tankerF3
11-OCT-19GUPTADuties of c/o as per Ism Anchor, bitter end pms Drydock preparation Use of shore block Use of bilge block GA plan content Stealer plate Garboard strake Condition of class PSC in detail Fire extinguisher type How come to know which part of ship grounded?F3
4-OCT-19GUPTA1. What is squat and how  you can counter it. 2. Anchor dragging action. And after when I said inform master. He said master gone to shore 3. Chain register what do u get n intervals of crane load test 4. How you will Chk the wire of the crane to approve it for cargo operation. 5. When will you discard the wire and how u will know when. ( formula for broken strands) 6. Plans on ship 7. Define bale capacity n grain 8. What you can find capacity plan and docking plan. 9. Various certificates on board. 10. Bilge blocks are what n how many are there used in dry docking 11. Procedures to be done before dry docking 12. Which class division has better insulation .What is C division 13. How will you know what is the required quantity of B.A set your vsl will carry. 14. Maintenance of anchor, bitter end, chain locker. 15. Official log book entries 16. Ground tackle.F3
9-OCT-18GUPTAPreparation for bunkering Which all certificates have intermediate survey Which certificate has only intermediate survey and no annual Preparation for seq survey Timber loadline Which type of ship is required to have longitudinal framing Define rake of keel What is tumble home? Sopep locker contents Use of docking planF3
16-MAR-18GUPTAShackel got parted in port while cargo handling and cargo operation was stopped. dock safety officer onboard he was to check weather the shackel was properly tested or not. how will u show him ? – Transum floor – Stellar plate – If you want to secure a anchor if your bow stopper is stuck. what type of wire rope. what is it called. And what size ? – What maintenance on Anchor cable by ship staff? – Vsl dragging in Hazira master ashore what will b ur action ? – How does longitudinals and transverse run – what is the angle of longitudinals and transverse (des are the words wic he asked me. i also didnt understood what xactly he wanted. i asked him twice but he repeated d same again) – in panting beams what all things u will add to strengthen it ? And what can replace a panting beam ?F3
15-DEC-17GUPTA1) GA plan and capacity plan 2) dry docking – use of shore blocks and where they are as Ch. Off what you checkfor these ,  wt will you do if your capt. Want to come out on same trim as before( want to hear sounding same for all tanks as before) What you check before signing flooding cert. Maintenance of anchor , how you measure wear and discard anchor chain 3) anchore in very deep: 3 shackles down anchor fould how you release it (he wantfrom kenter shackl and full procedure) What all use you can take from anchored Ground tackle full Anchor equp maintenance 4) stcw which reg. For your COC 5) SMC cert. inspection interval 6) how you implement ISM on board as Ch. Mate 7) as Ch. Off  what entries in OLB 8) BL and how many original copy how you know frieght paidF3
21-JULY-17GUPTA1. Why Frame spacing Less in fwd part    of ship ? with proper explanation. 2. Certificate Dont have annual survey ? reason if any ? 3. Why Article of agreement onboard ?on what basis it is on board ? 4. Stcw 2010 originally comes at which year ? 5. Why passanger ship called passanger ship ? 6. Rescue boat Requirement Passanger and cargo ship ? 7. Lifeboat Requirement Passanger and cargo ship ? 8. Shackle damaged … auditor want to knw shackle before in good condition and tested properly , hows he got that info ? 9. Mooring Rope size?  Gant line size ? 10. What is bilge shore? How’s it useful? Where it fitted ?F3
21-MAR-17GUPTA1) sheer strake 2) which form psc use…i dint ans for this 3) crew refused to work action 4) as a ch/off what maintenace n checks you will do…explained him everything but he ws not satisfied 5) diff between balance n unbalanced rudder…i dint ans for this 6) condition of class 7) ship heavily pounding action 8) tanker 100000 T dwt…wt deck fire fighting sys…how long low expanssion foam system should lastF3
9-DEC-19IYYER•stcw 2010 changes •Asked me to tie a stage – gave me small stage and small rope – I could do dat I told him I don’t knw sir then he started “everything I can manage but safety I can’t u must knw this” •what does COSWP says about stage – I told him in general but he wanted does specifically about stage – I didn’t knw this too again he started “as a chief off COSWP must be on ur fingure tip” •statutory certificates and certs to load grain, imdg and for chem •what all precautions u vl take for dry docking •checks prior flooding the dock •what all plans u need and lil bit contents of those plans what dey give •static and dynamic test of crane •what is proof load •what will be the proof load for crane of 10t •duties of mate as per MLC •different types of mooringsF3
9-JAN-19IYYERCertificates to be carry onboard, AFS wic paint is banned n how ll u check whether d paint is in use is effective or not Surface Preparation as per wic guidelines Prepare stage n wic guidelines ull refer, PSSA n how dis area is designed BWMP D2 standard n wat all methods r used in D2 standard, Docking, Shell, Capacity plan , how ll u prepare for dockin n while undockin wat all ull check Grab fell on ballast vent wer ull check its specs n while weldin wat r checks n test ull do Ballast tank inspection as per wic guidelines, ISM n COSWP contentsF3
12-NOV-18IYYERAsked to rig the Bosun chair using Bosun’s chair knot ,…Could manage it Dry docking Asked whether have I done any dry dock and I said yes , then he started How will you go about with preparing  dry dock as a mate Told him all about the planning of it and all the exchange of information between ship and the dock and pre docking preparations of gas freeing Again he asked about the gas meters The he asked about the stability during dock Loss of GM formula and critical period Various types of plans and their use Checks that you will do prior flooding dock Marpol amendment regarding lighterage.. Mixed mooring STCW contents and it’s amendments MLC rest hour requirementsF3
7-NOV-17IYYERMostly from his sets he will ask wht happened last time, what have u prepared, he is kind of practical brings lots of stuff wid him 1. he gives u a small stage practically and rope and asks u to prepare it,  says onboard other crew doesnt know how to do. he also asks u different types of knots. 2. marpol in detail annex 5 disch criteria 3. drydocking how will undock vessel ita checks, while midway why flooding is stopped. 4. prepare vessel for loadline 5. what is fsc, what are its effect 6. how will release bitter end. 7. other ship anchor dragging towards your vessel(he wants to listen in worst last optn will tie up buoy and release bitter end) 8. static, dynamic test of lifting appliances,  also proof load,  he wants to. listen that. proof load 9. different types of mooring, especially Mixed mooring. 10. statutory cert, its max validity. 11. what is ISM. 12. duties of mate as per MLC. 13. what is Coswp, whatsl precaution you take while doing work aloft.F3
3-AUG-17IYYERGave me rope. And told to show bowline ..reef…and clove hitch… i was like….comeon…itna to aata hi hai. Then gave me a small wooden peice. Which was a proper mini stage. Told to tie knots for staging. He was happy to see the correct start i did. So he stopped in betn. He was like, when u tel crew ..u should know it .. Latest ammendments of sctw. What is article of agreement. Whts the use of ISM. Wht is pms. How is pms linked with ism. Different plans to be refered frequently as mate. Action in case of m.o.b. Dry docking prep. What all precautions to be taken during dry dock as a mate.F3
20-MAR-17IYYER1. Statutory Certificates 2. Certificates for loading IMDG and Grain. As perwhich chapters. 3. Certificate for ISM. How does the procedure for issue of this go about. 4. Crane load tests. What is difference between Static and Dynamic. When do you use either of them? 5. Latest amendment for Marpol Annex 1 with regards to Lightering operations (Did not know this) 6. Mixed moorings. 7. Contents of Chain register. 8. What is FSM. How does it affect ship. But why does it reduce GM. What is the theory behind it. (Did not know theory behind it) 9. Marpol annex 5 discharge criterias. 10. STCW 2010 amendments. 11. PMS 12. Have you done Drydock. No. Went into a tirade as to the inexperience of youngsters. I had to whole heartedly agree with his view. 😅.Then he calmed down. Procedure for docking, undocking. Checks prior flooding of dock. Works carried out in Drydock.F3
13-FEB-20JAIRAMMLC title. ORB entry What is CBA and IBF What is blue and green agreement Oil pollution action Critical period . Why GM become zero when Vsl sits overall How is framing done What is strake how strake are numbered. Chain register. What MoU you are aware of, India come in which MOU. What is PSCO which inspection does he carry. Abandoned seamanF3
6-FEB-20JAIRAM– Past failing questions  How to tie a stage hitch -what is CBA, AOA -what entries to be made in ORB -MLC Contents -what is abandonment of seafarer as per MLC -what is social security protection -tell me about certificates as per ISM -what all plans and manuals u know -cargo certs to be carried on board chemical tankers -oil spill in US action -what is transverse thrust -what is squat -action u vl take to reduce squat -what are positive points of floating dry-dock -how will you carry out maintenance of windlassF3
12-DEC-19JAIRAMITF, IBF,CBA, diff btw ITF and IBF, MLC title, which all plans onboard, certificate on chemical tanker and as per which convention, collision with fishing vsl, in US coast while discharging cargo of oil there is oil spill action, What is NWB- National welfare board, dry dock critical period why is it so important , transverse thrust, squat, certificate as per ism and their inspection interval, what are PSC MOU and what is CIC, Anchor dragging anchor, Oil record book entry and content, Action in case of quartering seas at port quarter, pooping? Maintenance of steering gear and accommodation ladder.F3
19-NOV-19JAIRAM1. Something about BL he asked, I don’t remember 2. Note of protest 3. Letter of protest 4. Letter of indemnity 5. Vessel grounded what actions u will take as C/O 6. Difference between PSC n FSI 7. What is PSC 8. What is Garboard strake 9. Numbering of platesF3
10-JULY-19JAIRAM1st he asked about previous attempts.. Wad happend n all.. Den he asked which company and what ships… I told him I have done bulk and specialized cement vsl. .. Point blank he told me Dat he will ask about tankers. 1. Name all d certificates on a tanker along with their conventions. 2. Discharging oil, in port. Tanker… Oil spill… Action.. 3. Disch oil, in US port, tanker… Oil spill action 4. Info in SOPEP. 5. How many MOUS are u aware of.. And india comes in which and which all countries cm along with it. 6. Prepare ur vsl of psc. 7. Prepare vsl for SEQ 8. Berthing Situation.. Vsl to berth port side alongside.. Berth is on port side.. And wind cming from about 3 pts on stbd bow.. I gave 3 methods… Including Baltic moor.. But even I knew Dat wasn’t the right way…and  ASM candidates told me he wants practical answers. So gave him practical how I wud carry out manoeuvre. Immediately he changed the question 9. Wad is transverse thrust.. Wad happens to bow for right hand prop. 10. Wen is it the most prominent. 11. Casting off vsl port side alongside. 12. Entries in OLD… Quoted section 213 and 214….immediately changed. 13. AOA… as soon as I said tri party… He asked purpose of aoa 14. CBA. 15. FORM E 16. Drydock critical period, why is it called d same? Wad is force P? Why and how is Der a loss of GM? Here the moment I began talking abt the derivation frm derrets.. He stoped me. Throughout the session he was giving me that look as if wad I was saying was completely wrong.. I stood my ground and confidently answerd based on wad I know, learnt and studied.F3
14-MAY-19JAIRAMTypes of B/L What is the other name of multimodal B/L? MLC contents and amendments. Anchor dragging. Vessel grounding. Swell from quarters & heavy weather action. Bunkering- oil pollution. Critical period n instant. Why is it called as critical period?  Why GM starts reducing- he tried to convince me that once the vessel touch the block, it gets additional support then it should be good for vessel then I told me everything about dry dock stability calculation. It took a lot of explanation to convince him. Documents under ISM & validity. Documents under ISPS & validity How will u ensure that ship is complying ISM. ETA. Defects of welding. Test of welding. How the plates n frames are numbers. Gardboard strake. Why I is omitted in naming, I said it can be read as 1. He wrote alphabet I on a paper and asked if this I or 1. I said I. then he asked is there any other reason I said this is the only reason I’m aware of. Article of agreement n it’s contents. Load line survey preparation. Statutory survey. Clc bunker. Wreck convention n Certificate under it.F3
9-APRIL-19JAIRAMPast failing questions. Where’s the headquarters for Indian Ocean MOU? NFU steering. Hunting gear. You’ve to berth your vessel starboard alongside, you’re approaching with the port on your port bow, wind on starboard bow, no current. Master incapacitated, no thrusters, no pilots and no tugs…how will you go about it L&SS code Sheer strake and numbering How will you dock your vessel if you’ve bilged in way of 2p db tank You’re loading on an oil tanker and there’s an oil spill… actions Clearing a foul hawse…wires to be used and their swl Hanging off anchor. Wires used on to calculate their breaking strength…what will the swl be… CBA, IBF, ITF, blue card, green card. AOA and contentsF3
8-APRIL-19JAIRAM– Critical instant, Critical period, Why GM reduces while critical period. How to numbering frames  and plate what is shear strake, deck plate joining shear numbering. CBA and IBF What is blue card and grey card. Oil spill on a deck action as a ch officer. What is statutory certificate, Statutory certificates on chemical tanker?F3
15-MAR-19JAIRAMAll basic principle of ship construction, strakes, gardboard strakes, keel strakes, stealer plate, meteorological instruments, screening of lights, Loss of stability Damage control plan Difference between ibf and itf Blue card and green card AOA, CBA, Certificates associated with ISM What will happen to SMC if doc is cancelled? Who issues SMC, validity, survey Bmp5 Numbering of frames..  numbering of plates Oil spill in US waters. You’ve run aground, action, vessel collided with fishing boat, Mlc amendments Mlc sections Stcw code training to crew as chief officer, record book as per marpol & requirements, What is PSC & type of PSC inspection?F3
12-MAR-19JAIRAMHow will you calculate mbl of wire rope..what other ropes used on board, how to calculate their mbl..he wants formulae. Where would you use a 6*12/6*24 and 6*37 rope? You need to be made fast to a buoy with your anchor chain, how will you go about it after you hang off your anchor Loss of stability Damage control plan Difference between ibf and itf Blue card and green card What’s a ro certificates associated with ism What will happen to smc if doc is cancelled Who issues smc Bmp5 Foundering in will you determine you’ve foundered with respect to immersion of deck edge and gz curves Numbering of frames..  numbering of plates Oil spill in US waters Foundering of will you know you foundered.. You’ve run aground, actions as a mate You find you’re taking in water in two compartments.. actions now You realize that you’re taking in water in 3 to 4 compartments, what will your decision be as a mate Mlc amendments Mlc sections Stcw code This is all I can remember..he asks questions mostly from his standard sets, but he requires very technical answers..very reasonable fellow, but difficult to pleaseF3
9-JAN-19JAIRAMVessel in US, oil spill actions. Will u use OSD if yes if not why what it is U r deck and oil tank explodes-action Drydock everything ,critical period,why P and what happens if P is there Vessel dragging u r on watch Types of CBA, what is CBA too many cross questions of CBA and IBF Blue green card Ur company complies with what ITF or IBF or CBA – why IBF is complaint with ITF ? Why how ? How to berth vessel without pilot master tugs with a current Shell expansion plan – what is frames What is plates Why numbering from aft and not fwd Why aft perpendicular is zero Collision of vessel on port bow His facial expression does not change if any of your answer and you will not know if you speaking correct or wrong. He will behave as if he is cool with all of your answers. Does not give marks. Only totally wrong or totally right.F3
9-JAN-19JAIRAMGrounding action Damage stability calculations Ism certificates and docs,validity and inspection Mlc ammendments IBF, Itf blue card and green card too much in depth Multimodal transport Rpsl issued by whom And requirements for rpsl Hanging off anchor procedureF3
12-DEC-18JAIRAMHow will you calculate mbl of wire rope..what other ropes used on board, how to calculate their mbl..he wants formulae Where would you use a 6*12/6*24 and 6*37 rope You need to be made fast to a buoy with your anchor chain, how will you go about it after you hang off your anchor Loss of stability Damage control plan Difference between ibf and itf Blue card and green card What’s a RO? certificates associated with ism What will happen to smc if doc is cancelled Who issues smc. Bmp5. Foundering in will you determine you’ve foundered with respect to immersion of deck edge and gz curves Numbering of frames..  numbering of plates. Oil spill in US waters. Foundering of will you know you foundered.. You’ve run aground, actions as a mate You find you’re taking in water in two compartments.. actions now You realize that you’re taking in water in 3 to 4 compartments, what will your decision be as a mate. MLC amendments. MLC sections. STCW code.F3
6-DEC-18JAIRAMHow will you calculate mbl of wire rope.. what other ropes used on board, how to calculate their mbl..he wants formulae Where would you use a 6*12/6*24 and 6*37 rope? You need to be made fast to a buoy with your anchor chain, how will you go about it after you hang off your anchor. Loss of stability. Damage control plan Difference between ibf and itf. Blue card and green card. What’s a RO? Certificates associated with ISM What will happen to SMC if doc is cancelled? Who issues SMC? Bmp5. Foundering in detail.. How will you determine you’ve foundered with respect to immersion of deck edge and gz curves? Numbering of frames..  numbering of plates Oil spill in US waters. Foundering of will you know you foundered.. You’ve run aground, actions as a mate. You find you’re taking in water in two compartments.. actions now. You realize that you’re taking in water in 3 to 4 compartments, what will your decision be as a mate. MLC amendments. MLC sections. STCW code.F3
7-SEPT-18JAIRAMIBF, ITF, Hanging off Anchor with 5 seaman available. CBA, Tri Party Agreement, MLC amendment, Intact Stability, STCW, Dry docking, Force P, Loss of GM, SOPEP. Oil spill in US watersF3
16-JULY-18JAIRAMIBF, Green card Blue card Any ISM certificates onboard DOC AND SMC.. CBA Sheer strake, Garboard strake. How frames are numbered from aft and from keel? Vessel going to Dry dock with damaged forward how u ll plan. Vessel grounded…action Vessel hull breached. No 1 port n stbd tanks n forepeak taking in water.action.. What factors to be taken into account for re-floating the vessel? Flooding n foundering Formula for foundering Heavy lift precautions Critical stages while heavy lifting U r loading crude in USA..oil spill..action…whom all u will contact He is very quiet fellow and he doesn’t react to any answer but incase you said something slightly wrong then he will reask you Anchor dragging..action MLC amendmentF3
13-JULY-18JAIRAMBill of Lading. Received for shipment bill of lading. ITF, IBF, Green card. Blue card, How a owner can become a member of any organisation? Hanging off an anchor, DOC AND SMC. CBA, AOA, Sheer strake. Garboard strake. How frames are numbered from aft? Vessel going to Dry dock with damaged stern how u’ll plan?F3
15-MAR-18JAIRAMGrounding actions as a mate Oil spill in US waters actions while you are discharging Actions you will take if No.1, No.2 FWD WBT are bilged CBA, what do you understand by it? IBF, TCC, Use of anchor chain for mooring it to bouy. How will you secure the anchor, and what type of wires will you use. Different types of wire, and the calculations of using the same for breaking strength and SWL.F3
7-DEC-20JAYKUMARPreparation for dry dock.. explain what happens start to end from stability point in dry dock including critical period why/how virtual loss of gm and what will happen because of that Why stern trim? What is there to strengthen stern part ? FSE , how there is virtual loss of GM with diagram explain? How will u deal with vessel of negative stability? Angle of loll? Moment of inertia? COVID-19 contingency plan on your last vessel( he asked me when I signed off)F3
12-JUNE-17JB ISNGHSydney web and Luthdale or something he asked based on bi and tri party Chain register n contents  who issues certificate and chain register book What is environmental protection as per Which marpol annex? Persian gulf to Singapore seq certificate expired including 3 months what actions Ballast water treatment Advantages and disadvantages of flow through BWMP. Statutory mandatory and class certificate. (Mandatory he wants to hear as per imo regulations ) Seq and loadline survey Heavy weather precautions Standing and running Moor Indiscipline actions (as per olb) Technical definition of foundering (loss of intact stability he wants to hear ) What is stranding and grounding Have you done a dry dock ? What’s coswp? Who issues it ? Full form of MCA what is mca what authorities they have ? Certificate of clas ? Authorized person ? Who is competent person onboard (top 4 ) ? Who surveys the lifting appliances ? Draw timber load line ? What is L in timber load line ? What is timber ship ? Define ? What is piracy and armed robbery? And difference between them ?F3
5-JULY-21JB SINGHWhat was GM of your last ship in loaded condition – wanted figure What is intact stability What is damage stability OLB as per which regulation and what all to record You go for anchor station ahead and when heaving only chain comes up and no anchor what can be the cause.F3
7-DEC-20JB SINGH1) Why Marpol came in to force(said abt Torrey Canyon) – said fine 2) When did marpol came in to force- Exact date he wanted 3) What are statutory Certificate , Mandatory cert n class certificate. n how all 3 are connected- said without these certificate vessel cannot said…was not convinced …. then he only said if ur class certificate become invalid then ur statutory n mandatory cert also becomes invalid. 4) Emergency generator will supply power yo which all nav equipment- All equipment as per solas ch5 reg 19 5) Preparation for SEQ survey 6) 1st principal of watch keeping- He wants that navigational watch is kept on the bridge n this is the 1st principal of watch keeping . 7) Difference between GA plan and capacity plan 8) What is OLB, CRB , ORB. 9) How will you maintain Discipline on board? 10) Duties of Chief officer as per STCW. 11) How will you assist master in decision making? 12) Effect of MLC on ship operation. regarding MLC he said there is a book as frequently asked questions and answers on mlc…he said ye padlo aur mlc meh kuch padne li jarurat nhi 13) Chain Register 14) If chain register is full no space for entry..  how will you get new chain register n from whom… i said will ask the dock aur port to arrange for us…said fine 15) Preparation for PSC inspection 16) Difference between glass fibre and fiber glass n where it is used ..i said glass fiber is used in fire blanket whereas n lifeboat  is made of fiberglass 17) Difference between normal bulb n navigational bulb…could not answer thisF3
13-MARCH-20JB SINGH1) Entries in OLB 2) Why do you need official log book ?? 3) How will you maintain discipline onboard? 4) Preparation for PSC 5) Dry docking what all jobs ? 6) Chain register 7) Ballast water regulation . When it came into force .. what about your last vessel. Did you comply with it . 8) How many contingency plans on last vessel 9) Fire in galley action? 10) material of fire blanket 11) what’s inside a DCP extinguisher 12) Difference between a glass fibre and fibre glass. 13) what will you Tel mate while bunkering ??F3
12-MARCH-20JB SINGHQ. Ballast water management? What method did you use on your last vessel. Q. Crew member asks for porn CD what will you do? Answer as mentioned in Pawan notes. Q. How will you maintain discipline on board? Q. Chain register? Q. Mandatory and statutory certificates? Q. Why is OLB required? Q. PMS? Q. What is collision? Q. How will you prepare for PSC inspectionF3
7-DEC-19JB SINGHWhat is a code. And why are they mandatory. Ballast water management code and when it came. He drew the plimsoll mark and asked what load line is this. – he said the line in the centre is in conjunction with summer load line . Summer load line. Jobs to do at dry dock. Dry dock survey.  How to handle multinational crew. Intact stability booklet contents. Duties of chief officer as per stcw. What is grounding stranding foundering. Statutory , mandatory and call certificates. F3
6-DEC-19JB SINGHhow do u maintain discipline onboard How do u motivate crew Bi party & tri party agreement with eg what all Fire Fighting arrangements do u have onboard what is Fire blanket made up of (Fibreglass or Kelvar) Tell. me about LSA & FFA maintenance (pms & makers inst) Jobs carried out in DD what conditions make ur ship unseaworthyF3
5-DEC-19JB SINGHhow do u maintain discipline onboard How do u motivate crew Maintenance of FFA Jobs carried out in DD Olb as per which ms act Action in power failure What is mandatory cert/statutory cert/class certu What is Stranding /Grounding /Foundering How wil u carry out psc inspectionF3
18-NOV-19JB SINGH-Coswp despite not being a mandatory publication is still carried on board because it’s published by MCA which is a governing body. -Crew asking for porn ( impose riders ( set conditions) with crew when to watch the porn).F3
11-SEPT-19JB SINGH1. Contents of SOLAS. 2. Prepare for LL survey, safcon survey, isps survey ( listen few points n den moves to next) 3. COSWP who issues and where? 4. Full form of MCA. 5. Measures for transiting piracy area. 6. OLB whu issues and enteries. He wants as per Which MS act is OLB req. 7. Crew indisciplined. Action. 8. What is collision? 9. Prepare for PSC.F3
18-JUNE-19JB SINGH1. you are dragging anchor action?(he repeated the same question  from function 1 may be wanted to hear as per function 3 ) 2. what are duties of C/O as per STCW? 3. How will you maintain harmony between multinational crew on board? 4. what are bi- party and tri-party agreement? 5. what are grounding, stranding and foundering? 6. your crew is asking for blue film CD your action? 7. what is the importance of DG manifest and other contingencies? 8. what all jobs you do in drydock? 9. how will you go about PSC?F3
14-SEPT-18JB SINGH– Chain Register – GA plan, Capacity plan – LSA n FFA Plan – Hanging off an anchor procedure – Ballast water management. Which procedure your ship used. I told him we had a treatment plant. So asked abt that. How it works and stuff. Wanted to hear that it was used both ways when taking in ballast and while disch also.  Said that hence was convinced. – COSWP published by whom? MCA. Ok what is mca? Can somebody just go abt printing books and everyone will follow. Mca is maritime coast guard agency. It is like Uk dg shipping and hence has been given the authority by imo. – Statutory, mandatory and class certificates. Told him but he dint like the ans. Said not correct. – What is OLB. Official log book. What entries? Started telling but was stopped in between says not required. All entries to be made are given on the first page. No need to memorise. As per what regulation you should have official logbook. Ms Act reg 212. Was convinced. – ORB. Entries – Difference between collision and allision – Docking plan. Started telling abt dry docking plan says you are telling abt drydocking plan. I asked docking which is berthing. You should ask again if not sure, ok contiue with drydocking plan. What info you get from it. – AOA. What all is there in it. – Bi party n tri party – How will you prepare your vsl for load line survey. Started telling him about checks to be done etc. Stops midway n says no need of ram kahani. Its very simple and dont make it complicated. Load line survey is done to ensure the watertight integrity of the vsl. Thats it. I said ok. – PMS? Advantages and Disadvantages. – How will you resolve problems when sailing with multinational crew. Wants to hear keeping one language preferably English as common language and taking care of everyone’s liking in food menus. – How will assist master in making an important decision. Told him loads of stuff. Not satisfied and says you will provide all available information to him and then let him make the decision with all resourced at his disposal. – Loading bunkers. What standing orders you will give to the duty officers. – How will you punish a seafarer and as per what? Olb – Drydocking jobs as mateF3
2-AUG-18JB SINGHEnvironmental Protection, Bwn, S/M/Class certificates, olb, orb, chain register, maintain dicipline on board, prepare for loadline, Lsa, ffa, pms, personnel management, grounding, stranding, Hanging of anchor to release cable, dry docking.F3
17-JULY-18JB SINGHWhat do you mean by environmental protection Ballast water management plan and various methods OLB and ORB As per MSA definition of unseaworthy Chain register contents What are statutory and mandatory certificate What is bi party and tri party agreement How will you maintain discipline onboard Duties of choff as per stcw Psc and flag state inspection How will you maintain lsa and ffa Contingency plan Pms?as per which regulation How you will train your junior What is foundering,beaching, Stranding ,grounding Faul anchor. Faul hawse. Anchor dragging action Heavy wx what all precautions Content of stability booklet What all jobs needs to be carried out in dry dock?F3
15-MAY-18JB SINGHHow will you maintain discipline onboard as a chief officer. What is bi part and tri party agreement Difference between grounding and standing n foundering What is mates receipt and bill of lading….. When does master sign the B/LYour chain register is full…. Who will issue the chain register. Who is MCA.  whom is it equivalent to in India.. ( maritime and Coast Guard agency equivalent to dgs) Contents of stability booklet.F3
2-APRIL-18JB SINGHOLB entries? Discipline onboard? How u will take care of the welfare of multinational crew? AOA in details? Annex 1 discharge criteria? Difference between OLB & Deck Log Book. How to deal with crew if they ask for Porn Movies? Prepare vessel for dry docking ?F3
7-FEB-18JB SINGH1. Chain register and contents , 2. If chain register fill up completely then what will you do,  3. What is environment protection as per marpol,  4. Ballast water management and types of methods of water treatment,  5. Entries to be made in ORB Part 1 & 2, 6. Any latest ammendment for marpol and solas 7. What is statutory certificate and what is mandatory certificates,  8. Load lines survey preparation,  9. Heavy weather precautions, 10. Port state control preparation,  11. Bunkering operations what instructions you will give to your oow,  12. How will maintain discipline on board,  13. Handling of multinational crew procedure,  14. Bosun asked for porn movies what you will do,  15. What is stranding and grounding,  16. What is MCA,  17. WHAT is ganger length, 18. What is OLB,  why it is on board, 19. Entries into OLB by which regulations 20. What is bi party agreement and tri party agreement,  21. What is PMS in details including types of PMS and advantages of PMS, 22. What should be the gm while entering into dry dock with formulas,  23. What is class certificate and conditions of class,  24. What is collision and Alison,  25. Why marpol came into force,  26. PMS for LSA and FFA…. This much right now I remember…..F3
12-JAN-18JB SINGHHow will you address issues with regards to multinational crew. OLB requirement under what? Entries in it Application of paints in various areas Orb cargo spaces entries Hiw will u assist Master in emergencies Vsl in port detained by psc actions. How will u immplement ism as mate Ballast water latest req. Total number of b/l and explain. How will you brief your officers prior to bunkering operations. Mates receipt. Statutory n mandatory certificates.F3
10-JAN-18JB SINGHFailing questions- Replacement of plugs in DD and MLC amendments Ballast water latest amendments Olb and Orb Handling indiscipline onboard(he wnts to hear by following guidelines in olb) Statutory,Mandatory and Class certificate. Are these interrelated? Yes,if anyone is not valid,then ship is unseaworthy. Suez canal tonnage certificate comes under what? Types of Containers( Don’t say refrigerated,say temperature controlled ,3 types : Self ,ship-shore supply and air cooled, open top is two types – tarpaulin and hard cover top ). Diff in stranding,grounding and foundering? Dry dock plan. Difference in ton,tonne,long ton,short ton. Duties of chief mate as per STCW. Training Onboard. Info given to duty officer before bunkering. What is PMS? Why is it required? What are its advantages? At the start ,he asked you failed because of only these two questions? (MLC and Dry dock,plugs)F3
6-JAN-17JHA1. Statutory certificates?. 2. ORB entries when pumping out p/p room bilges. 3. Discharge criteria of Annex-1 4. Chain register 5. Work and rest hours as per MLC? 6. How u record rest hours/(planning in advance for compliance in the software) 7. Crew refused to work.what will u do 8. Chief cook and GS are fighting .How will u handle? 9. YOU have to transit Somalia and u agreed to sail.what preparation u will do? 10. What all checks u will do before undocking?F3
13-SEPT-19JOHRI-Annex 1 Discharge Criteria -ISM (wants to hear whole content) -PMS -Proof Load -SSCEC validity (6 months)F3
13-AUG-19JOHRINoise regulation Annex6 ( EEOI , what plans related to annex 6 , for engine the certificate needed, sox nox discharge criteria) Dry docking , critical period and formula. Moulded breath Moulded draftF3
18-JUNE-18JOHRIISM code Chief mate Ism duties What is PMS What’s chief mate areas in PMS PMS for bulk carrier AOA and what’s new column added to it? (NO IDEA said some new column added) OLB and ORB entries MLC & STCW rest hour PSC inspection STCW amendment Annex 5 amendment Dry dock preparation Dry dock plans to refer Critical period and calculation Bmp4 Piracy preparation onboard and citadelF3
19-SEPT-17JOHRIWhat is statutory and mandatory cert and name them MLC 2006 latest amendment ISPS code in detail You are a sso and ship route is passing through a piracy prone area explain your duties Annex 1 disch criteria How to implement ism on board Life bouy specification How many chapters in solas and name them Mlc cert . In detail What are the fire division then explain A class divisionF3
18-SEPT-17JOHRIDifference between STCW and MLC rest hours How’s to implement ISM on yard delivery vessel Solas requirements for lifejacket Oil record book part 1 and 2 What is LWNA , LS , LW ? How do you determine the length and breadth of vessel from the LWNA and LW load line?F3
18-SEPT-17JOHRITesting methods of lifting appliance Titled of MLC MLC details with respect to payment of wages What happens if payment of wages not done Certificate as per Marpol all annex What is EEDI What is mentioned in EEDI certificate ? Purpose of EEDI certificate Difference with respect to IAPP and EEDi ? ( Failing question)F3
6-APRIL-17JOHRI1) How you will implement ISM on your vessel 2) Discharge criteria for marpol annex 1 3) Oil record book requirements part 1 n 2 And entries to be made How will you motivate your crew on boardF3
16-MARCH-20KHAMBATADamage stability Sewage treatment plant requirement How I’ll cm to knw u r incinerator is plastic compliant.. Flexible cargo hose testing requirement Gas detection system requirements Fore pk store wid no gas detector…hw I’ll carry out fire petrol Damage stability requirement Bilge shore Dry docking plan info Why we use tail in mooring ropes Tug rope parts …wht preacaution required n wht went wrong Eta aft Chain register contentF3
19-NOV-19KHAMBATADrydocking preparations, planning, stability calculations Rest hours requirements When violated how much compensation to be given after that Lifeboat drill requirements Silting problem in river berth, what precautions Stowaway found on ship, as a chief off what all u will do, this is his pet question Anchoring in deep waterF3
22-MAR-17KHAMBATA1. Diff. between MLC and STCW rest and work hours. 2. Crew deserted ship, action. 3. Oil in drums loaded on poop deck, what entry to be made in ORB. 4. Grounding actions. 5. Dry dock preparation. 6. Critical period in drydocking. 7. Statutory Certificates. 8. Windlass Brake testing annual. how it is done? 9. Working Aloft. 10. Oil spill actions.F3
20-FEB-17KHAMBATA1 paint scheme 2. tft reguarding paint thickness 3. drydocking 4. dragging anchor action 5. emergencies 6. additional passenger sab reqF3
7-DEC-20KHAMBATTAWhat is Overdue in PMS. PMS for mooring ropes. Line management plan requirement and full name of plan( i explained him content but couldn’t remember full name he gave me 1 min to think) Bmp4 vs bmp5. Reporting requirement as per bmp5 Indian water reporting requirements. INDSAR. Ship shore safety checklist, what all items for recheck. Difference between MLC and STCW work rest hr and exemptions. ORB part-2 entries for bulk carriers (he specifically asked bulk carriers to confuse). Once i said not required on bulk carriers then requirements for orb1/2, crb and entries. How will u handle indiscipline onboard? Heavy wx precautions. During heavy wx one of container slides off- action. Slop tank requirements and differences between slop and rot tank. Is I.G required in ROT tanks? Action in case of I.G failure on product tankers/crude tankers and where u will find such guidance.F3
3-JUNE-19MANHAS1. Declivity of the blocks. 2. Critical period. Explain. 3. STCW amendments. (Asked what exactly is the amendment) 4. Clearing foul anchor. (Use mooring hawser instead of wire rope as it can be cut) F3
14-MAY-19MANHAS1. 3 red lights in Vertical Line, what does it indicate 2. approx. 5 situations and action by which v/l and as per which rule 3. Why magnetic not reliable in High lat – answer weakening of DF, and dip increases and tried to explain and he jumped to another question 4. Vertical Sector of light, I asked PD v/l – told him 1005&60% intensity thing and 5/7.5 degrees 5. Skip distance and Skip Zone – HF Transmision (Not MF) GMDSS and also ranges par se. Mentioned also daytime and nighttime transmission thing. 6. Which is Dangerous SC and Dangerous Quadrant in NH – answered this, and then why dangerous is dangerous – v/l will come close more to eye etc etc 7. Why Gyro is not reliable in Higher lat , I  told him formula of CSE, but he wants to know like  statements that the speed of earth at higher lat is higher, u can add up the same in the formula as like in denominator of CSE formula and it shall suffice beautifully. I was not able to do that. 8. What is prognosis chart. 9. Sound signals of aground v/l – this was last question and I started with like 3 distinct strokes on bell followed by rapid ringing ………..and meanwhile he took EXN and did what he had to do and asked to Carry On. (a few 2-3 Questions by the Internal which i am nor able to recall  )F3
5-JULY-18MANHAS• Introduce yourself • Why u failed last time, Failing questions • Surveys is details..  Type and how many surveys • Principal difference between Flag state and PSC • Types of Anchor Mooring…. how many types and procedure for same..F3
7-MAR-17MANOJ HIRAKNE– If you are going to experience bad weather, what all precautions you will take? – latest Marpol ammendments? – list all statutory certificate? – What all surveys are there? -What is form E and how will you prepare for SEQ survey? -which survey is for tanker and bulk carrier? What does it includes? – What is harmonised system of surveys? Which all certificates comes under it? -What is shell expansion plan? What is most important thing in it? Ans: plate thickness and grade? – As per MLC, how will you maintain discipline onboard? – MLC rest hours? – How fatigue is important? -you are undocking, before giving flooding certificate what precautions you will take? – How to carry out leak test of bottom plugs? -your anchor is dragging, action? How much you will pay out? What all things you check in anchoring? What is scope of cable? – PMS for windlass?F3
9-SEPT-19MC YADAVAnchoring in the river- here i replied that i will do mooring either running or standing for which he said have you ever seen that… No…. So y are ypu saying smthing which you havent seen……i said in river i got restricted sea room to swing so thats the only option i have… Then he changed the question ans said anchoring in which i replied all the points for anchoring Prprn for seq survey Prpn for Loadline survey Liferaft maintenance interval Hru- here again he suggested that ita better that u check inside of hru ho it works when u get opportunity… Coz i replied all thay knife inside funda which is incorrect Gm value at drydock- i said sufficient… He wanted value.. Then i explained him alk the loss of gm and said after loss i should have positive gm.. To which he said u should have min gm as pe IS code all the time as it says so… So guya when anysurveypur asks for exact valie fo gm at drydock then say. 0.15m +expected loss of gm when the vessel is all over the blockF3
16-MARCH-20MEENAAsked about written status…why fail last tm. Mlc five fundamental function….name ILO 5 convention because of which MLC 2006 come in force…could nt ans dis. Salary not received for last 2 month…told about on board complaint procedure….next ask how much compensation to give in such case…n wht if nobody replay to u r complaint….then how to revoke n get the compansation…. Winch maintainanceF3
15-NOV-19MEENAAsked me where i live …which company… Scrolled my file. – Competent / responsible person as per Dock labour act definition – MLC – PMS of Crane – Oil spill – tanker cargo opt / bunkering both – Synchronous Rolling. No face expression, wasn’t satisfied with my answers 😅 , but did not said anything just cleared.F3
4-OCT-19MEENAMlc Stcw Sea time calculation as per stcw Co duties Check after berthing as a mate Oil spill Lng massive spillage going overboard action Sopep Scupper plug not required on lng regulation no Provisional seq Interim seq Seq with form and difference Lng engines only basics Lng tanks material Lng temp Reliq plant Boil off only basic Brittle fracture Mlc standard ( not interested in titles) Mlc alternate before mlc Isgott Full form of sigttoF3
12-JULY-18MEENAWhat is an operation as per ISM? ISM code as per which chapter? Is compliance mandatory? How will you make sure your vessel is complying with ANNEX 6 requirements Statutory and mandatory certificates with examples Spill at manifold during discharging, actions. Marine casualty. ORB 1&2, CRB differences. Difference between foul anchor and foul cable.F3
11-JULY-18MEENA1. Difference between ROC & RANSCO course. 2. Ice classification, Ice Nomenclature (1/10, 2/10 etc.) 3. Where will you get info regarding ice. 4. What is POLAR code. 5. Which ship can go to ice? Which All certificates are required for Polar región and as per which regulation? 6. Difficulty in ice navigation. 7. How will you navigate in ice? 8. How will you prepare your passage/voyage plan in ice? 9. What info will you obtain and from where? 10. What preparations / precautions will you take for ice? 11. Is training required for officers and crew on ship? What training with respect to ice is required for officers and crew as per Polar code? 12. As per which legislation is voyage planning required. Which regulation number? 13. Difference between voyage and passage plan. What is mentioned in SOLAS Voyage or passage? 14. What is bore tide. 15. What are duties of C/O duties as per STCW 16. How and when will you take star sight. 17. How will you assist Master in decision making. 18. What is requirements Side light, sternlight and Masthead lights in horizontal directions ( cross question on this one) 19. Now you come to know that you are not complying 3 deg in fwd direction what will you do. (I answered him but then he said your ship is 15-20 yes old now how will you do) 20. What is synoptic chart and what is mentioned on it. Which symbols. 21. Damage control what is it. Did you had damage control plan or book let. As per which regulation. 22. Tell me everything about ETA (Requirement, Equipment, Deployment procedure etc) 23. Foundering and sinking difference. 24. How will you train your cadet and crew on board? 25. What is your opinion on digital cadet record book? Asked how did you prepared for the exam. What all did you refer? Then asked me why did it took you so long to clear your exam and asked for EXN. He keeps all publications near him and most of the time confirms your regulation numbers that you quote.F3
4-JULY-18MEENAWhat is shipboard operation/operation(as per ISM) You are a chief officer taking a yard delivery. What all plans will you check are there onboard? what all plans will you send to dry dock prior to drydocking?  capacity plan. what is bilge block. what is parametric rolling. Will you incorporate contingencies in cargo plan? Bosun complaining about AB not working well . Action. Master asks you to drop anchor in deep water. As a mate what will you do ? what is triparty biparty agreement? what is AOA? You are on ship.. your article of agreement expired. what will you do? Duties of mate as per STCW.F3
4-JULY-18MEENAwhat is shipboard operation/operation(as per ISM) You are a chief officer taking a yard delivery. What all plans will you check are there onboard? what all plans will you send to dry dock prior to drydocking?  capacity plan. what is bilge block. what is parametric rolling. Will you incorporate contingencies in cargo plan? Bosun complaining about AB not working well . Action. Master asks you to drop anchor in deep water. As a mate what will you do ? what is triparty biparty agreement? what is AOA? You are on ship.. your article of agreement expired. what will you do? Duties of mate as per STCW. MEENA will asks you questions very indirectly and will drop hints..He will guide you for the answer.F3
3-JUNE-18MEENA1. What is ORB and CRB? 2. Entries of ORB 3. GRB entries? Category of wastes? 4. Can we throw e waste overboard? 5. What is CAP? 6. To which ship it applies.Who carries out? 7. What is Statutory and Mandatory certificate? Give examples? 8. What are Form P, E, R,and C? 9. Ballast water standards D1 and D2. 10. How does the ballast water treatment plant works?….look for YouTube videos. 11. What is the MS act Regulation no. For Prevention of discharge of oil or oily mixture?… Regulation 356C in Part 11A. 12. PMS of Mooring winches? 13.What is BHC and BRC?Break Holding Capacity -80 % of MBL of the rope and Brake Rendering capacity -60% of MBL of the rope 14. How to test the Mooring winches? 15. 20yr. old ship with different sizes of ropes and different MBL.How will you go about testing and what Rendering capacity will you set?… I told him all winches Will have different Rendering capacity i.e 60% of MBL. He said wrong and asked me to find out .I called up my C/O and he called up his Superintendent just to be sure and replied that we will set the value of lowest 60% MBL  rope in all winches.F3
6-FEB-20MIRANDA1. Orb part 2 entries. 2. Capacity and shell expansion plan. 3. Load line survey preparation. 4. Define load density and stowage factor. 5. What plans do you need for dry dock. 6.  Article of agreement contents. 7. MLC titles. 8. How the train second officer. 9. Entries chief officer makes in the official long book. 10. Interval for abandon ship and SOPEP drills. 11. How to anchor in a river.  And explain running moor. 12. What action if ship is grounded in Lakshadweep.F3
16-DEC-19MIRANDAHeavy weather precaution. Plans for Dry docking. As a CO how will u prepare for a Dry dock. Precautions for entering Dry dock, ETA. LRIT carriage requirement n info. Difference in AIS n LRIT. Hours of rest requirements as per MLC. Safety equipment survey in details.  (he wants to hear as per Form E and then what it contains). Types of Moor. Running moor. Draw n explain. Drill requirements. Lifeboat drill. Fire drill. Enclosed space drill. Mob drill.F3
14-JUNE-18MIRANDAFrequency of fire and abandonship emergency steering drill to be carried out Statutory certificates reqd Then he asked me about SIRE inspections whether ive done any or not Why sire insp are done and general checks Maintenance of anchor cable windlass Duties as per ism amd stcw Rights of seafarer as per mlcF3
10-MAY-18MIRANDADrill requirement Abandonship (duty wise)enclosed space (2 monthly), ORB, DD precautions, Enclosed space permit, Amendments to Marpol, ISM, STCW, open moor, bi tri party agreements, ETA, capacity plan.F3
6-JAN-18MIRANDAChecks to be done prior a load line survey. What are the latest amendments to MARPOL? Discharge criteria for oily water mixture from Engine room in Special Areas. Enclosed space entry precautions. You and another crew member are inside a DB tank(0.76m high) near the bell mouth. The crew member collapses. How will you rescue him? Ans: By Tied Hands Crawl method. (He called it Drag and carry method, which is also correct, as Tied Hands Crawl is a type of Drag and Carry method) Entries in the Oil Record Book What is a chain register? Multi modal bill of lading. What is Note of protest? When is it written? What are anodes? Where are they used? Difference between the ones found in the ballast tanks and the ones placed around the hull. Where are they located on the ship’s hull? What is their purpose? Ans: They are sacrificial anodes that are placed on the hull near the propeller because the propeller and the ship’s hull are made of different metals. The hull being more reactive, behaves like a sacrificial anode. Hence, sacrificial anodes are placed to protect the hull from corrosion. A fully loaded gearless bulk carrier runs aground on a rock(Fwd portside) at high tide. Range of tide is 4 metres and the next low water is in 5 hours. No damage to the hull. Actions as chief mate. Ans: Ballast the tanks on the starboard side which will create enough list for the ship to slide off the rock.F3
8-AUG-17MIRANDA1.Loadline survey prep 2.heavy wx precaution 3.what is MLC ( told 5 titles..was enough for him) 4.Rest hours as per MLC 5.Grounding of vsl …action ( ground tackle n change in tide) 6.what mooring preffered in river ( running moor…asked proc) 7.Marpol amendments 8.Hot work procedures n precautions 9.Enclosed space entry procedures n precautions n abandon ship drill freq as per solas will u train ur second mate 12.Contents of capacity plan 13.Annex 1 cargo disch criteria 14.ORB part 2 entriesF3
19-JULY-17MIRANDAMarpol annex 1 amendments, Drills interval, Expansion plan, Documents for Drydock, Type of anchoring to be used in a river with constrained sea room, ( standing, running moor) … Which is more preferable.F3
12-JULY-17MIRANDAMLC contents What is COSWP Rest hour Orb Olb Latest amendment to solas and marpol Heavy weather precaution Duties of Chief off as per ism How will u motivate crew Standing moor and running moor U r in tidal water which anchor u will use Ism code How will u train u r 2 ND off Interim cert What r certificate for is code and when they r carried out Form R what is itF3
15-JUNE-17MIRANDAAmendments od ISM Rise of floor What is MLC Rest hours of MLC Drydock preparation Solar n marpol amendments SEQ survey preparation How will you train your second mate Orb part 2 entries Olb entry for indiscipineF3
15-JUNE-17MIRANDAMarpol amendments Discharge criteria Aft perpendicular Bilge keel Bilge blocks Docking plan Precautions while dockin Dock labor chain register nd contents who issues it COSWP Duties of chief as per ism How will you train ur second mate on ship Orb 2 entries AOA and CBAF3
8-APRIL-19MITTAL1) Chain registers contents (as per Samsul’s notes) and retention period. (5 Years from Date of last entry). 2) Criteria of condemning wire rope any other criteria? 3) Social Responsibility 4) Own ship dragging anchor. Actions? 5) List of Statutory Certificates. 6) How will you carry out training session on-board? 7) What is Bilge Shore? 8) Which one is more critical Instant or Critical Period, reason? 9) Indiscipline Action as per MS Act. (Section 196) 10) Bunkering during heavy rain. What precautions you will take. (Told him will ask for the permission from terminal if they allow to drain the water if yes I will keep my one watch keeper at constant watch till scupper plug is open) (Keyword: Absorbent Pads to be kept ready, in case oil sheen on board place the pads on them to absorb the oil) (Will follow ISGOTT Bunkering C/L). 11) In Floating Dry-dock, Critical Instant and Critical Period.F3
14-DEC-17MUDULIConditions of assignment of loadline with all specifications… Mlc amendments… N what led to the amendments… Mates receipt??? Issued by whom??? He misleaded me first and then caught me… What all info on mates receipt… Bill of lading and why required… Difference between stranding and beaching??? What all actions ul take on stranding and on beaching??? Lots of cross questions… More than an oral it was an argument… What he did on many occasions is that he will misguide first and once Ur on wrong track he will catch u on that… A suggestion to all that be confident n stick to ur answers and don’t fall for into his misguidance…F3
14-MAR-19NAKHWAindisiplin on board. Cadet hammerd chief Cook. How will u go about it. Entries in OLB. STCW amendments, marpol amendments, How will u carryout final trimming. Subdivision load line Type A and B shipsF3
8-JAN-19NAKHWAWhat types of pollution a vessel can do, What is Annex 6 What is PMS, what all PMS items come under a mate. Dock Labour Act what does it say. What is the difference between a STCW 95 and STCW 10. What is a drill planner, why is is used. Training record book required by which crew members, who all signs it. Have you done a dry dock What all plans you will refer and prepare for dry dock Whats critical moment, critical period and critical instant Which all certificates are issued by class Steering gear failure emergency AOA (If you tell him tri party, he will tell you was it tri party in your last vessel, tell him politely ki that is required only for Indian ships) What all information is there in Article of Agreement You are transiting Piracy area, what all preparations you will do, what all equipment’s required. You are an assistant master, how will you go about anchoring in particular position. How will you clear a foul anchor, with external substances (Lower down the anchor till anchor aweigh position and use engines astern, pick up to see any luck otherwise send someone on the bosun chair once the foul is out of water)F3
5-JULY-18NAKHWA• On what rules ship is constructed • Who makes construction Rules for ships • IACC what are they…. Name them • Chain register contents and who endorses and issues it • ORB part 1 and 2 • what all logbooks are carried on board ship • Types of dry docks • Official Log book • ORB A and B and entries • MARPOL Annex 6 what does it deals with. • SOPEP and contents of items in SOPEP • If you have SMPEP are u required to keep SOPEP • What is RPSL, how it benefits the seafarer • What is PSC? • What is PMS? • What regulations make PMS Mandatory • Dry docking preparation • Dry docking hazard when docking • Types of Bulkheads • Duties of mate as per STCW • How to train you crew • How to handle crew and deligate jobs to deck crew.F3
8-DEC-17NARANG1) ISM code objectives 2) AOA contents 3) Flag inspection contents 4) Preparation of LL survey 5) what all information given in shell expansion plan 6) preparation of renewal survey 7) Contents of cargo ship safety  certificate and preparation for it F3
8-DEC-17NARANGAmendment to STCW Action in case crew misbehavior DD in full 6 months advance preparation AOA CBA PSC flag state MLC in detail Ism functional requirements ask me total 12 all of them he wanted to listen Vessel grounds and collision actionF3
7-JULY-19NITIN MUKESHOfficial log book entries . Difference between PSC AND FS INSPECTION ?  Flag state inspection who do and PSC inspection who do ? Grounds for detention . After CLC convention which convention takes over ? How much is the liability for ships in CLC . Fund convention is for whom ?? How Fund’s generate for FUND CONVENTION ? What are the requirements of collision bulkhead -asked by Aggarwal ? Where it is situated . PMS for windlass .F3
8-APRIL-19NITIN MUKESH1- London dumping 2- When CLC limits exceed what convention takes over? Who pays the premium in fund? 3- Which Marpol amendments are coming in force in the future? He wanted with dates. 4- Orb 1 n 2.. What entries? What particular entries for tank cleaning to be done in orb? In detail. 5- Action as chief mate in case of collision? (He waited for damage stability point) 7- Damage stability how will u practically use it? And why is it done? And what else will you do for damage stability? 8- Anchoring vessel in calm waters, anchoring in choppy seas full procedure from startF3
12-MAR-19NITIN MUKESHIf CLC fails what takes over (fund conv) What is fund convention? London dumping convention Explain indiscipline as per MS act No wind no current how will u anchor Certificates under IsmF3
9-NOV-18NITIN MUKESHIf limit of CLC gets exceeded, what to do? Who pays money for fund convention? What is form-a and form-b? Interval for pressure testing of immersion suit.F3
8-AUG-18NITIN MUKESH1. What are the certificates you carry on board ? 2. What is CSR, contents, who issues it ? 3. ISM contents 4. MLC Structure, titles, dMLC 1 and 2, amendments 5. CLC and fund 6. If CLC AND Fund is exhausted then where else will you get the money from ? 7. Who forms the Fund ( i said ship owners… but he wanted to hear ship owners of 150000 dwt and above) 8. Anchoring procedure 9. Flooding, actions 10. Your vessel hit a fishing vessel in 2nd mates watch and he didnt inform anyone. You as a mate came to know at 4 in the morning after you took over the watch. Your actions as a mate  ? ( he specifically wanted to hear vdr extract, which is missed) 11. STCW 95 and 2010 major features changed ? 12. Official log book entries as per MS Act, also to mention which section ? 13. Where can you find the capacites of pumps and lines and max loading rate etc( the answer is VECS Manual) 14. AOA, Explain 15. Shipper asks your master to sign a clean B/L, where as the cargo loaded is damaged, as a mate what will you suggest your master ? 16. Contingency planF3
15-JUNE-18NITIN MUKESHPMS of crane How to check particulars of crane wire Contents of Chain register Annex 5 amendments Discharge of cargo, cargo wash water, cleaning water, deck water from passage from red sea to Medi ISPS – how to change security level, who will inform you – tell him procures in SSP and that CSO will inform you to change.F3
14-MAR-18NITIN MUKESHWhat is bi-party & tri-party aggrement What if CLC fails? What is Fund Convention? How will you know when ship has touched block in dry dock MLC PMS for anchor chain & Anchor Pressure testing requirement for immersion suits Foam A & B During bunkering Oil Pollution (First 3 actions) What is dump Valve Precautions to open dump valve.F3
5-JULY-21OAKVsl to anchor what all checks. Then asked about stripper bar(mentioned not to imagine Brazilian stripper). Brackets in bulk carriers and gusset plate to be drawn. Then went on to scantling from Shell expansion plan. Asked me what type of grab you had last ship I told him but he asked me working pressure for it. Gangway wire renewal and where it goes on the gangway and which part comes first when fixing the new wire. Different types of grease. Different types of fenders. Hatch cover which type and how it opened.F3
12-APRIL-21OAKWelding tests done. Wind heeling criteria. IOPP form A and B and which ships applicable. Chartering terms – FOB, CIF, CAF. Drydock preparation. Loadline survey preparation. Different Conventions with respect to liability. Why is there a limitation on liability. Documents for ImDG. Documents after loading for oil tanker. Preparation for SEQ survey and what is SEQ. Stripper bar. Types of couplings. Types of joints. Types of floors. Template joint. Cable chain is coming out of spurling pipe even with stripper bar. What modification? Fire pump requirements. ISM amendments. No payment for 2 months what to do.F3
13-JAN-21OAK1) CO2 extinguishing system Time delay between alarm and discharge / Procedure for activating 2) Critical period 3) AoA 4) ISM and PMS 5) SEQ survey preparations 6) Statutory Certificates / Form E 7) Open Moor/Mediterranean Moor 8) Change in trim when going from dock water to sea with diagramF3
7-DEC-20OAK1. Types of frames 2. On your last ship wat type of frames were there 3. Type of floors 4. DMLC 1 and DMLC 2 5. Vessel going in high traffic density as per STCW how you will arrange watch 6. Amendments of Marpol Annex 5 7. List all statutory certificates 8. Static and dynamic test of lifeboat at drydock and how to do it 9. Ammendments in STCW 10. Latest amendments in Marpol Annex 6 11. Maintenance on windlass and types of grease and which grease will you use for maintaining windlass and deck cranes 12. Chain register who has the authority to check apart from PSC 13. Chief officer can make entries in chain register?? 14. MLC chapters 15. When MLC came into force and whn India ratified MLC 16. Entries in official Log book 17. Entries in Oil record book part 1 18. Define Stealer plate 19. Snubbing anchor and splitter plate in anchoring (the exact word can’t remember guys).F3
6-OCT-20OAKTorsional stress hw to reduce it, Type of floor, Flare, Gusset plate, Striper bar in windlass location, To much in ship construction, Stealer plates, Stealer plate numbering, Shell expansion plan n use, Plate numbering,  Choff dutties, Casualty in pump room action, Loadline survey preparation, GT, NT, Differnce between flagsate n psc, Marpol certificate, Dry dock work, Derick test at dry dock, Block maintenance, Different type of grease, How determine crack in tank, Inspection of tank, CLC, PnI, Critical instant, Critical period, Life boat test at dry dock Flag state can detain ship, Code 30, Code 15, Bosun fight with cadet action, How to determine hull painting in dry dock, How to measure paint coating, Ism amendment, Stcw amendment, Pms in detail, Anchore cockbill, Anchoring, Beaching, Foul anchore procedure, Aoa, Drill. Bwm d2, Advance transfer stopping distance  draw, Surface preparation, Welding type test, Squat, Many more. Every topic cross question.F3
2-SEPT-20OAKAsked why I took so long to clear orals since i am appearing since 2018. Started by what ship i have sailed on, then asked be about frames on tanker, what is transverse web? When to change anchor cable. Name of the pin in kenter shackle.  How to change gangway wire? How is the end of wire attached to drum? Expiry of lifeboat ration (I had no idea about that). Types of hose coupling onboard. What is MLC convention? What is DMLC 1 & DMLC 2?F3
12-FEB-20OAKHow to change brake lining and risk involved in it? Paint required to fully paint the ship-how much liter of paint. DMLC n its part Lifeboat starting method apart from battery Lifeboat fuel capacity Latest MS notice issued by dg Shipping – regarding corona virus Critical period M notice type Various form of certificate and type of certificate Latest ISM amendment Shell expansion plan Types of framing Triparty and biparty agreement Fixed foam system n its capacity Pilot cylinder use…why 2 provided n how does fixed co2 system works Difference between plan and drawing DOC and SMC audit intervalF3
12-FEB-20OAKhow to change brake lining and risk involved in it paint required to fully paint the ship-how much litre of paint DMLC n its part lifeboat starting method apart from battery lifeboat fuel capacity latest Ms notice issued by dg Shipping – regarding corona virus critical period m notice type various form of certificate and type of certificate latest ism amendment shell expansion plan types of frameing triparty and biparty agreement fixed foam system n its capacity pilot cylinder use…why 2 provided n how does fixed co2 system works difference between plan and drawing DOC and SMC audit intervalF3
5-DEC-19OAKScantlings Pilot ladder dimensions, quarter listing Naming of Stealer strake Amendment to Marpol Amendment to ISM Characteristics of Rescue boat and few more easy onesF3
13-SEPT-19OAK…chaffing ring …companion ways …chequered plate …gratings …stealer plate …dmlc …ism ammndmnt …inspection and reporting …annex 5 …seq form E …l/b starting requirement …swl ka details …life raft things weak link and all …emgcy  fire pump …co2 system …fire control station …running wire on crane chhannge …snubbing of anchor …stripper bar …scope of cableF3
12-MAR-19OAKPMS of gangway When to condemn a wire? Marpol amendments in detail. Annex 6 in detail. Fire in dg container forward action. What equipment we have on-board anything to puncture inside the container (water mist lance which is like a nozzle). Entries in OLB Types of floor Framing system ISM amendmentsF3
14-FEB-19OAKType of Rust tank inspection strengthen member Bulb angle bar diagram amendment to Marpol. How to change wire for Ram grit and sand blasting pressure? Hydro blast meat room malfunction action discharge criteria for that Official Log Book entry shell expansion plan numbering stiffeners diagram. How will u report about tank inspection DMLC and MLC?F3
13-DEC-18OAK1. Latest Marpol amendments. Asked me how will you pump out home cargo wash water after cleaning 2. Latest ism amendments. 3. Seq survey prep. 4. Galley fire at night 5. Bank cushion 6. Naming of strakes and frames 7. How to overhaul nrv and where is nrv for cargo holdsF3
9-NOV-18OAKWhat us stellar plate, how is it numbered. Relation between kg/sqcm and bar. What pressure u will test fire line, how many relief valve are present and where? If scupper in galley is chocked, what plan to refer and how will u clear that? PMS on windlass. What will u do if u don’t receive salary on board, certificates required as per MLC convention. What is critical period, what are standards of grit blasting? Prepare for SEQ survey. What is anchor a cockbill? What is snubbing of cable?F3
18-SEPT-18OAKEntries in OLB Action if u r not getting salary as per MLC. Foundering Bosun and cadet fighting action. Dry Docking, critical period and critical instant Tank inspection and reporting Seq survey, equipment in seq certificate. Draw ‘Bulb bracket’ How to change gangway wire, how one end of the wire secured on the drum. How to do ISPS initial survey. MLC requirement, how to obtain certificate. What to check in bottom inspection, and maintenance of same.. Standards of grit blastingF3
17-SEPT-18OAKAOA , CBA What if you don’t get wages on board MLC OLB entries Loadline survey preparation Draw the diagrams of different types of brackets. Shell expansion plan Why letter ‘I ‘ missing from the naming  of the strakes from bottom Types of plating’s Types of floors Detailed grilling on ship construction with diagrams Latest MARPOL annex 5 requirements Bulk carrier hold bilge alarm systemF3
12-JULY-18OAKFrame numbering. Plates numbering. Types of Floors. Slop tank requirements, Anchor cock a bill , Snub anchor. PMS of anchor and how will you change the brake band. ISM amendments. Marpol amendments. Critical period why is it important. Have u done dry-docking (asked many questions on Dry-docking) What all thing u will check prior flooding of dock. Bi party and tri-party agreement. u have not been given salary for 1 month action. Grounding action, how will u come to know where ur vessel has grounded. Fire in the galley action what all things will u check, How will u bring back the galley in to working Condition. Load line survey preparation. MLC, MS ACTs for not following discipline on board. Name some statutory certificatesF3
9-JULY-18OAKConstruction: types of floor, sheer stroke Snubbing of anchor, a cock bill Slipping of anchor. Ground tackle Tank inspection report . Meat room provision spoiled action as mate. Company doesn’t pay u salary for 2 months action Ism amendments Olb entries Marpol amendments Statutory certificate Loadline survey Tri party and bi party agreement Critical period Jobs of chief officer Replacement of wire rope Ffa arrangements in cargo hold of PCC: as I had sailed on PCC Ventilation in cargo holds for PCCF3
8-JUNE-18OAK-what is guset plate, bracket, both draw nd show. -what is transom floor, -what is ceiling of a cabin or masters cabin called in shipping term. -what is companion way -what entries u’ll make in OLB. -ur vsl collided, action.? -what are the contents of stability booklet. -ur gallery drain choked, action, i don’t know what he wanted to hear. -how will u heavy lift cargo, ur vsl doesn’t hv crane, what all precautions u’ll take. -Ammendment to ism codeF3
8-JUNE-18OAK-what is guest plate, bracket, both draw and show. -what is transom floor, -what is ceiling of a cabin or masters cabin called in shipping term. -what is companion way -what entries you’ll make in OLB. – your vessel collided, action? -what are the contents of stability booklet. -ur gallery drain choked, action, i don’t know what he wanted to hear. -how will u heavy lift cargo, ur vsl doesn’t hv crane, what all precautions u’ll take. -Ammendment to ism codeF3
15-JAN-18OAKFlare What are Statutory certificate and name few Official log book Cadet hit bosun.. Act… If no witness.. Then.. Still misbehaving the.. How to warn and entries in log book ISM ammendments STCW… Manila ammendments.. Duties Your cable which was let go in TSS.. Now with Ch engr replace the brake band.. How… What is the post for lifting the brake band called Fire on container… Did you have one on board… How to fight on deck.. . DG action… Not a DG now action….. Do you have something you can puncture into the container.. What is it called.. How will you deploy it.. Master says jettison the container with ship’s crane.. How and what to use.. Types of slings.. How will you let go off the sling once the container is over the side.. What is snotter What plan to refer to for accommodation scupper.. Wire used to clear the scupper.. Spurling pipe cover.. How arranged and what is the use…. Where does the pipe lead to and what will happen in heavy seas.. . Messed up here Ranging of cable Drydock plan Grit blasting standards What information does the GA Plan give.. Why the profile view is of the stbd sideF3
12-OCT-17OAKStarted off with introduction, which company which ships done . Then rapid fire questions. 1)salient features of MLC. 2) role of flag state In MLC. 3)how to change gangway wire procedure .Also sketch of wire securing arrangement on  drum . 4)meat spoilt in meat room  actions ,went more deep into it with temp of meat room precautions, garbage disposal criteria. 5)types of floors ,purpose of lightening holes in floor. 6)Gusset plate . 7)how will u disconnect joining shackle . 8)heavy weather precautions. 9)bow cushion effect . 10)ballast tank inspection In detail along with report to made. 11)Weeping rust . 12) Fight between cadet and bosun  action  ,lots of cross questioning . 13)ISM ammendments. 14)preparation for seq survey . And few more questions can’t remember coz it was a rapid fire round.F3
15-JAN-20PANIGRAHIWind heeling criteria.. Grain Stability Criteria.. Angle of Loll(Thumb Rule).. Collision as vessel departs from port.. Critical instant/moment/period.. When P will be maximum.. Formula to calculate Loss in GM.. Content of ISM/STCW.. Foundering and action.. Ground tackle n tug which is better and why.. Note of Protest.. Entries in Official Log Book.. PSC inspection.. Prior arrival Drydock preparation.. Types of Convention..F3
15-JAN-20PANIGRAHIWind heeling criteria Critical instant Damage stability criteria Angle of loll (Concentrate cargo hazard n listed during voyage )F3
13-APRIL-18PANIGRAHIWhich ships have you done? Bulk Carrier Then he started with his standard set. 1. Ship shore safety checklist for tankers 2. Contents of ISGOTT 3. IBC code 4. IGC code 5. Vessel loaded with Concentrates and sudden heel experienced. How will you determine if angle of loll or list due to shift of cargo? 6. Wind and weather criteria 7. How to calculate windage area 8. Wind feeling criteria for vessels with large fretboard 9. Hazards associated with RO-RO vessels 10. Flammability diagram 11. What is LEL 12. What is SF and BM and how to calculate? 13. Heel due to wind formula.F3
2-JUNE-17PANIGRAHI1. ISM content and functional requirements word to word 2. Emergency preparedness 3. Critical moment and period.  Why is it known as critical period? 4. Various plans onboard, What is docking plan? 5. Why trim required in drydocking? 6. COSWP contents word to word 7. What is ground tackle, draw and show! Why is preferred over tugs? 8. What does IMO say about Emergency Preparedness.. quote ! 9. Vessel foundering.. action? 10. MLC amendments 11. Mediterranean moor.. advantage ? How would you decide you  have to moor that way? 12. Damage stability criteria for tankers..F3
12-MAY-17PANIGRAHI1) What is IOPP certificate. What is the info u get from it. Who issues it .Validity… 2) How to calculate the GM when drydocking : I couldn’t convince him over this I told him I’ll calculate the P force then the virtual loss of GM and subtract from the initial GM. 3) Definitions wrt drydocking the ones in Samsul was okay for him. 4) Ground tackle uses and advantages 5) Definition of foundering. 6) Contents of Is code. Why is it mandatory (wants to hear as per solas chapter 9) 7) STCW convention, contents. Pretty much the same questions from the question bank…F3
12-MARCH-20P-ANIGRAHIShip shore safety checklist Survival capability requirements of oil tankers as per Marpol Annex 1 Chain register contents What are Dock labor regulations? Entries in ORB Severe Wind heeling criteria Grain stability criteria Dry dock pre entry precautions in terms of stability What happens at critical instant? Ground tackle using tug. Anchor fouled with underwater obstruction. How will you clear it? Explain PMS as per ISM code Annex 2 discharge criteria and P and A manual contents (asked by Capt. Topinov) STCW what are the standards of watchkeeping Contents of Code of Safe working practices Enclosed space entry checklistF3
10-NOV-17RANGANATHAN(Covered everything from that portion checklist, ”samsul first page”) Marpol annex 5 discharge criteria Various ship plans Shell expansion plan detail Stealer plate Olb , chain register , What is dock labour act AOA , triparty biparty Lsa ffa maintainance , prepare pms schedule ( lot of cross questions) Anchor cable maintenance Chain locker construction ( draw) Show how eductor works What is foul anchor, how will u free ur anchor from underwater obstruction How will u slip ur anchor Kenter shackle construction How is anchor connected to chain ( draw ) Emergency steering change over procedure and wht are the requirements Ship aground action ( he wants all practical on priority basis) Sopep equipments Bunkering preparation (And mny mre cant remember, he went on fr 1.5 hours) ( for this new surveyor just prepare that checklist on first page of samsul and he wants all practical answers)F3
11-JULY-19SANTOSH DARODKARDuties of mate as per stcw, What is disabled ship, unsafe and unseaworthy ship (state as per ms act), SOPEP and SMPEP plan, Orb 1 and 2 entries, Difference between survey and inspections, Are class survey and psc inspection mandatory (I said yes as per solas chap2 part1 survey and solas chap 11 part 1 psc mandatory so he was satisfied).F3
16-APRIL-19SANTOSH DARODKARIntroduce yourself Form A and Form B What is ISM. I told him contents of ISM word by word. Repeats: What is ISM. I told him full form, date of entry etc etc. Repeats: What is ISM. Then realised he was looking for practical meaning Which audits have you done on board First Audit after delivery and certificate Oil Spill- Duties as mate Anchor dragging West coast of India- Actions Disabled ship: Told him definition word by word – That was the tipping point!F3
14-NOV-18SANTOSH DARODKAROrals along with master candidates. Situation of TSS crossing CBD and NUC from different sides Loading and carriage of ATF/ Naptha/ HSD together. Grain loading, How will you proceed ? What is a disabled ship and unseaworthy ship? For PSC standard compliance what will you refer. SOLAS latest amendmentsF3
15-JUNE-18SANTOSH DARODKAR-Form e and Form r -What is disabled ship. -What is unseaworthy ship. -What is arm robbery -What is piracy. ( He wants definition of piracy as per UNCLOS article 101.F3
12-DEC-17SANTOSH DARODKAR1) diff. btwn resoultion, code, guidelines Then in detail what is code , guidelines , convention on board examples How code , Guidelines ammended , what is protocol 2) INDSAR , INSPIRE 3) BMP4 detail ( how issue nd what in it latest version), Piracy prone areas in world 4) LRIT, SAAS , how you know positioning of equips on bridge 4) TSS ror situations 5) MLC what is imp things for chief mate 6) ISPS and ISM why mandatoryF3
8-NOV-17SANTOSH DARODKARMLC Financial security provider Audit and survey IOPP form A and form B in detail Prepare for Load line survey Prepare for SEQ survey Prepare for Safety const survey Fire in dry dock How will you prepare report to give to master (master has to give it to supt tomorrow) Survey and inspection Which is mandatoryF3
5-JUNE-17SANTOSH DARODKARChain register contents who issue certificate, Oil record book entry and regulation, STCW contents, Draw load line, Dry docking preparation, wt u will check as mate, wt is shell expansion plan, critical period and critical instant, anchoring. Quite frequently he is asking some GK question ,and many more but I couldn’t recollect …F3
12-MAY-17SANTOSH DARODKAR1.Form e and r 2.Preparation for iopp survey form a and b 3.Fixed fire fighting system on last ship draw and explain to cadet. 4.Ism in detail 5Latest amendments of solas and marpol 6.Stcw amendments 7.Mlc and stcw rest hr 8.2/0 thinks he collided and calls u action as mate and master unconscious. 9.Preparation for safcon 10.Drydocking.F3
8-MAY-17SANTOSH DARODKAR1. Form A and form B w.r.t. IOPP 2. Preparation for dry dock 3. Audits n inspection difference 4. At haldiya Anchor dragging and master gone shore action?F3
22-MAR-17SANTOSH DARODKARwhat do u know about GAGAN Do you give sound signals for altering course in RV.Trs avoiding actions in south china sea.1.Documents required from shipper for grain loading.Note of protest.VHM diagramHow will Prepare for seq surveyRequirement of surveys…where is it written that surveys is required.Survey and inspection difference.L&SS planF3
9-MAR-17SANTOSH DARODKARAftr waiting period capt darodkar emerged from sumhere behind da front desk along with our files n askd for 1st guy to come inside… i was 2nd Started with intro, name, company, attempt, written result status, when u cleard Then rapid action started 1. Ism 2. Which audit for ships n schedule 3. Certificates 4. Stcw ammendments 5. Solas n marpol ammendments Aftr solas i satrted woth marpol Inbetween this he had already wrote ‘p’ aginst my name in his register 6. Disabled vsl I cud say only half n then i admit that i rade it but now forget so he smiled n askd me to go outside n findout… Aftr sum tym calld me back askd again about disabled vsl n exn….F3
13-SEPT-19SHARMA-Bow door construction -COGSA -Unberthing Ship without Tug and BT and current from ahead (ships alongside at both fwd and aft of the ship) -SF BM -Loadicator Failure -Static and Dynamic test -proof load -OLB (reqd as per MS act 212 and entry as per 214) -MS Act Articles (461 Secttion and 17 Parts) -Wreck Removal Convention (Nairobi) -VOC in detail -BDNF3
13-AUG-19SHARMA-Bow door construction -COGSA -Unberthing Ship without Tug and BT and current from ahead (ships alongside at both fwd and aft of the ship) -SF BM -Loadicator Failure -Static and Dynamic test -proof load -OLB (reqd as per MS act 212 and entry as per 214) -MS Act Articles (461 Secttion and 17 Parts) -Wreck Removal Convention (Nairobi) -VOC in detail -BDNF3
9-JULY-19SHARMAVgm. Chain register.  Competent person. Responsible person. Tests of lifting appliances. Eta regulation n in brief. Wires and its maintenance. Anchor chain n maintenance. Chain locker maintenance. PMS. Ship lists 5 degrees no external force.. Action ( stop ballast or fuel transfer ops if Goin on.) n den odr procedures. Why such list (he answered consumption of fuel). Hw to increase GM if u dnt hav any dB or wing tanks fr ballasting( transfer fuel oil in one tank to reduce fsc n ballast fuel oil tank). Bitter end inspection n hw to Chek its availability (DD n chekd as per sms). Stabily comes in wich certificate.F3
3-APRIL-19SHARMA1. Annex 6 pollutants what is particulate matter 2periodic survey of lifting appliance 3 cargo ship safety certificate 4. Load line survey 5 cba 6 pms 7 ism contents 8 duties as per ism 9 coswp amendmentsF3
13-MARCH-20SHUKLASlipping of anchor, how will you tie the buoy to anchor chain(told him the exact procedure as given in Pawan but he wanted to know how exactly we’ll tie the buoy) Asked me if iv done a drydock. When I said no, he said you need drydock experience to become chief mate. Procedure for preparing ship for drydock, how will you get credit for your tanks before esp as chief mate(didn’t understand the question, when I told him so he asked me if I knew that chief officer need to get credit for cargo tanks before esp survey), preparing the ship for mlc inspection by port state, entries in olb(told him all the entries but he said that Co only has to enter freeboard), eta deployment procedure,F3
12-DEC-18SHUKLAChain registers. Contents & Entries. Checks on lifting appliances by ships staff & shore Hull protection ICCP anode protection Various types of surveys done Certificates renewed in dry dock. Dry dock carried out as per what regulation. Interval of Dry dock, when and how can exemption be taken to delay drydocking. And too much cross questioning as I had told him I did a drydock (when another candidate said didn’t do Dry dock he replied minus 2mks for a chief mate u shuold have prior DD experience) When would u consider beaching?F3
6-MAR-19SINHA1) latest amendment in MS act 2) Latest amendment in marpol, solas 3) Enclose spla entry permit , why we use it 4) Can u discharge bilge water in special area , more about ows 5) Cargo ship safety certificate & expiry + cross questions & Many moreF3
3-JULY-19SRIVASTAVA1. What are Bore tides? How will you keep a check if your vessel is alongside/made fast in a river port? 2. What all certificates are needed to be carried on modern ships? 3. How to carry out initial ISM and ISPS inspection (prior to issue of certificate). Lots of cross questions. 4. Latest MLC Amendments. 5. What is Bill of Lading? It’s functions and how many copies will you have? 6. What is CBA. Describe in short. 7. What kind of Ballast water management did you have on your ship. When will it be enforced on your ship? 8. When can a ship be detained. What is the difference between NC and detention. 9. How often do you carry out security drills on your ship. 10. Who carries out SSA. Can you show the SSP to everyone onboard? 11. Contents of SEQ, Form E.F3
19-JUNE-19SRIVASTAVAImminent collision action, Aoa- key points on seafarer contracts, tripartite agreement, new amendments for mlc, maintenance of rescue boat quick release arrangement as per OEM (equipment manual), pms as per which reg, Dry dock version 1 and version 2F3
15-MAY-19SRIVASTAVAHow will u prefer to enter vessel in a dry dock….reasons for small stern trim…wht is requirement for dry docking….how will u make sure tht anchor cable is safe to use…where will u measure the thickness of anchor cable…wht is ranging of cable???..wht is dry dock version 1 and version 2….types of blocks… Wht is chain register…who issues it… contents…who is competent person… competent authority???…what is bi party and tri party agreement…why u say AOA is tri-party….but when u join ship only u and master sign it…are u sure??? List all important certificate in priority order….what is ism code…how will u implement it…revision of ism manual…who does it???? Procedure for emergency steering…why u carry it out…interval…how will u transmit the command from bridge to steering flat…how many means are there…why gyro reapeater installed in steering flat if he has to follow ur orders from bridge…action in case of grounding….can u calculate the damage stability??? What is mlc…dmlc part 1 and 2….how will u ensure tht seafarer is secure as per mlc…. amendment to mlc,solas and marpol…I don’t remember all questions…F3
14-MAR-19SRIVASTAVATitles of MLC, difference between ms notice and order and who issues it, Who issues medical chest in India, Condition of class in detail (who requests, who gives, is administration involved), Certificates issued by class, IMO subcommittee.F3
14-MAR-19SRIVASTAVAVessel aground at high tide action, condition of class, lifeboat/rescue boat annuals, Rights of seafarer as per MLC, all amendments to MLC, detention as per MLC, dry dock preparation, critical period, calculation of P and virtual loss of GM, all the certificates Carried on-board and regulations related to it, HRA transition preparation and precautions, Articles of agreement, CBA, procedure to clear foul anchorF3
14-DEC-18SRIVASTAVAGround tackle, beaching, duties of c/off as per ISM , STCW in brief, MLC in brief, MLC certificates, mlc n stcw rest hour difference, BL, types of BL, non – negotiable BL, dry docking procedures Arrival n departure, Dock Inspector comes onboard, what will he check, powers of Dock inspector, Annealing, Chain register, Marpol Annex, New Amendments to Marpol, ballast Water Management, D1, D2, BMP5 in brief, how will u prepare for HRA transit, COSWP, Maintenance of Anchor cable in dry dock- link inspection, Mooring system PMS, What plans u will refer while dry docking..explain all.F3
12-JULY-18SRIVASTAVAVGP. How many categories. What type of fluid can be discharged. Vessel aground action. Now the vessel has started leaking cargo and all your tanks are 98% full. Actions. D2 method of ballast water management, he asked me specifications. Effect of change of density.F3
12-JULY-18SRIVASTAVAEntries in ORB. ISM- Major NC, motto of ISM, How SMC is issued to a new ship, Detain-able deficiency as per ISM, Chain Register Interval for annealing. PMS- mooring winches, windlass, anchor chain, discard criteria for anchor chain. MLC- titles, certificates, detonable deficiencies of MLC. Docking plan, info in it, Docking plan Version 1 & 2. Emergency response system, How does it work, in detail.F3
15-JUNE-18SRIVASTAVA-MLC: titles, fundamental rights, social rights, PSC inspection as per MLC. -Official log book enteries. -two crew fighting onboard- your action. -Anchor foul- how to remove. -You encounter pirates at sea- your action.( mention BMP)F3
13-OCT-17SRIVASTAVAWhat is chain register? Duties as a chief officer Talk about Ism code Talk about Isps code? What is Note of protest BL and types of BL? In this he wants to hear the clauses about Hague visby and hamburg mentioned at the back of the BL What is force maijure? ans: situation out of control of humans What is tri party Agreement Purpose of Article of Agreement Entries in ORB and official log book Why annex two of marpol is Control of pollution and the rest is prevention of poll? Drydocking prepare ur ship? Critical period? What will u touch first? Bow or stern during docking and why??F3
11-SEPT-19SUNDARAM( All answers had to be again written on a piece of paper. Min 15 points required in each question ) 1. List all statutory certificates you know. 2. Vessel undocking, precautions to be taken. 3. Vessel to drop anchor in deep water, precautions to be taken. 4. What do you mean by loadline certificate and what all will u do at the time of annual survey/ preps for the same.F3
11-SEPT-19SUNDARAM1. Loadline concept, why it is? I thought he is asking for history why LL came. Then he said dont give me history. I want nly wat to be checked. I started telling him abt hatch cover vent pipes n al. He said he want very concise answer in one line. I said LL is basically related to checking water n weather tight integrity of vsl. He said he wanted to listen dis. 2. Critical period n instant. He asked weather i have done DD. As i said yes he said tell me wat is floating graving yard. I explained all abt it n declivity But he wanted to knw wat is critical instant n period for floating dock. 3. Loadline surveys when duration of certification. 4. ship safety certificate n validaty. 5. Tell me abt ISPS survey as i started he said tell me only upar upar se… den he asked me security items onboard you will show to me. 6. Citadel 7. Baltic moor 8. Why anchor is used in dis. 9. What is over ridding authority of master as per ISM.F3
13-AUG-19SUNDARAM-Annex 1 Discharge Criteria -ISM (wants to hear whole content) -PMS -Proof Load -SSCEC validity (6 months)F3
13-AUG-19SUNDARAMwhat is lugless schakle ? how to connect  and  open a  lugless schakle ? wire rope construction how to discard wire rope pilot ladder in depth . pilot ladder inspection is a part of which certificate ? enclosed space and multi gas detector ?F3
3-APRIL-19SUNDARAMBerthing alongside in a river with strong currents and wind Your anchor chain has broken while picking up action Amendments to IMSBC SF BM. Which is better HOG and SAG? Oil record book entry. Your second mate has loaded extra cargo and SF BM has exceeded the limit action.F3
8-JAN-19SUNDARAMMade me write down all the statutory certificates onboard and their validity with the surveys required (I wrote down 7 not happy) Draw lugless joining shackle and name the parts When will you discard a wire, he will actual give you a case and will tell you to solve it. During mooring, mooring rope parted, can we use manila rope (No manila rope can’t be used as it has no elasticity, and in wet condition it has tendency to expand) Baltic moor, In what position you will drop anchor so what you reach the berth as planned What all checks you will do before flooding the dock after completing dry dockF3
5-SEPT-19THAKUR1. ISM code and it’s contents IN ORDER. 2. What is pssa? Now Capt Mukesh takes over. 3. There has been an oil spill from one of the ships in Vishakhapatnam. You must have read it on WhatsApp. What can affected do to obtain compensation, i.e CLC bunker. 4. Now if Owner cannot cover the entire cost of liability, then? i.e. Fund convention. 5. Who funds the Fund convention? 6. What are the Marpol annex 6 latest amendments.F3
13-SEPT-19TIWARIETA arrangements? Requirements? ETB contents ? Requirements? Chain register Statutory and mandatory certificates Certificate of registry PMS Anchor chain PMS Criteria for changing anchor cable/links? Duties of a chief mate ? Can chief mate take over the command when the master is incapacitated. Death onboard ship action. Official log book entries as a mate. Dry dock procedureF3
4-AUG-21UPPALChain register, Oil record book and who signs it, AOA, ism documents and cross questions, Stcw amendment, Who does Hull survey on drydock, Transverse thrust, Ranging of cable and if discarded then on what basis and who rejects it Marpol all annex, Salient features of annex V, In drydock which trim you’ll prefer and what all info to docking master.F3
3-AUG-21UPPAL-Chain register – MARPOL how many annex’s and discharge criteria for oil.what is instantaneous rate of discharge of oil. – Explain in detail annex 6 what information it contains.Many question related to it like what is EEDI, SOx NOx requirement. -AOA -What is note of protest. -ISM documents and cross questions -Stcw amendment -MLC and it’s title -Who does Hull survey on dry dock,during survey found one damage how you will go about it which plan u will refer, cross questions on it, how plates and framed numbered. -Girthing of tug -what is sheer strakeF3
13-MARCH-20UPPAL1. Types of BL? Who issues it? What is a liner BL? 2. How much trim will you prefer to enter a drydock and why? 3. Shell Expansion plan? 4. Who goes for rounds with a chief officer in a drydock? What is required to be checked? 5. What is ESP?F3
3-MAR-20UPPALIntroduction Dd as per what? As a co wht trim u will like and why in DD Ship sitting on docks who   accompanies u for hull inspection You found damage in hull how you will report Shell expansion plan Garboard strake sheer strake stellar strake Chain register Docs of ISM Docs of ISPS Mlc titles Dmlc part 1 and 2 Pms Running moor Anchor dragging action Types of rudder and describe themF3
17-JUNE-19UPPAL1. Shore crew dies onboard detailed action (First to inform master. I said inform port before master so said first inform master and he will inform concerned parties as you don’t have any overriding authority over master) 2. Oil spill action in detail (Wants to hear SOPEP and QI) 3. Flag state and port state 4. Flag state dispensation 5. If near Australia who is coastal state and port state. 4. Difference in piracy and armed robbery. 5. Why codes are mandatory. Are all codes mandatory.F3
17-JUNE-19UPPAL1. Condition of Class. 2. Snatch block. How it is different from normal block. 3. Wire rope ? How it is constructed? How the diameter of the wire rope changes ? What does 24 mean in 6 X 24 wire rope? Can the strands be less than 6 ? 4. DOC and SMC in detail. Why interim certificate is required 5. Orb entriesF3
3-JUNE-19UPPAL1. Drydocking procedure 2. What is critical period. 3. Measures for corrosion prevention of Hull. (Paint,Anodes and ICCP) 4. How will the vessel behave if she goes from fresh water to salt water. (explain the shifting of COB and water plane area change which causes the vessel to trim ) Lot of cross questioning. 5. Condition of Class. 6. Snatch block. How it is different from normal block. 7. Lay of cable. Why different lay of cable present. How will you uncoil a new wire rope? B.S of wire ropes?F3
11-MAR-19UPPALWhat is sheer strake. And what is the lowest strake of the ship. Who goes for external  hull inspections when in drydock. What plan will you use to identify a damaged plate How are plates numbered. What all you get in a dry dock plan. What all documents are reqd as per ISM and Their validity. MLC amendments STCW amendmentsF3
6-MAR-19UPPALMarpol annex 6 salient features. Many more questions in annex 6. Static n dynamic test. ISM related docs n der validity. Stealer plate n diagram.F3
11-OCT-18UPPALRaining of cable How to find out that cable is damaged? Runner wire damaged when and how to change ISM documents as per ISM Enclosed space entry procedure  Gave example of cofferdam Told him about risk assessment and permits but he dint agree and dint told me what he was looking for. STCW amendmentsF3
11-JULY-18UPPAL1. Chain Register, Annealing 2. Drydocking, Calculations, surveys checks 3. ISM – audits, SMS etc 4. Ship Plans, details etc 5. Draft Survey calculations. 6. Little bit about ship constructionF3
18-JUNE-18UPPAL– what is Enhanced survey system – enhanced survey criteria for bulk carrier of 10 year old – marpol Annex 6, tell me what u know abt it – voc management and it’s regulation – IEEC – What is Seemp – Eedi – Annex 6 requirements for ship constructed before Jan 2013 – what is ranging of cable – what is criteria of discarding it – now u discarded it but new cable is not available , what will u do – condition of class – stcw 2010 amendments Now tell me what DG shipping has done with respect to this? For every answer he was asking why why like that?F3
4-JUNE-18UPPALDry docking – how much trim u will proceed , I said small trim he asked why small trim there is a reason . I said about the stresses he wanted to hear something else. MLC: tell me something about it . What is chain register? Contents Back on MLC and contents STCW convention- tell me in detail , your certificate as per which regulation . Amendments to STCW convention , he tried to help me in gaining the answer but I said I couldn’t remember. He asked if seafarer stranded at one port how he will get his wages from owner as per what regulation -ISM docs Certificate as per ISM What is the document as per SMC carried onboard . – he answered it is your SMS manual.F3
14-MAY-18UPPALSSP, ISPS documents & certs, ISM docs IOPP cert, statutory certs. Types of paints What is BL & its types? Ranging of cable Chain locker paintF3
6-NOV-20VAZExternal started with what went wrong last attempt. I said i wasnt prepared for insurance. Then he asked me what are the connections between insurance and mlc tell any three points Then he asked me what the first word before insurance- marine is Why it is called marine insurance What is ISSC Interim ISSC validity when it is issued SSAS preparation SMC validity ISM code Elements of ism chapters.. This is all in my layman’s language.. what he asked me his wording i dont even remember or u can say i didn’t understood what he was asking me..F3
15-MAR-18VAZ1.MLC rectified on which date .  2.ISPS rectified on which date 3.In which all codes n conventions amendments came due to ISPS.  4. As per which regulation OOW is responsible in case of collision and if he does not call master .. 5. Deviation clause and warranties when i gave ans his next question Marine insurance date of enforcement and  and many more regulation number like these.F3
6-AUG-21VIBHUTI1. Chain register parts and what enrties to be made. 2. A man has falled , all the williamson turn and other action is already taken, wind force 4 , master order to prepare resue, how will you prepare for it. 3) Discharge criteria of category X cargo. 4)Garbage record book part II entries to be made. 5) How will you prepare ship for Safety equipment survey.F3
4-SEPT-20VIBHUTI-liferaft securing arrangement diagram -diff between lifeboat as rescue boat and independent rescue boat -recovery strop and hanging off penant -anx 2 discharge criteria -grb part 2 entries -cargo residue in wash water discharge criteria and deck wash water discharge criteriaF3
4-SEPT-20VIBHUTI– Loading IMDG- wanted to hear DG Manifest to be sent to DG Office . – Seaway Bill, mate’s receipt – Cargo washing, dunnage disposal when vsl does not leave spl area Annex V – Disch for Cat X washings.F3
4-SEPT-20VIBHUTILoading via crane in port , cranes shackle break ! How to explain to dock inspector SOLAS chapters Seq survey Internal Full form of STCW convention STCW code Full form of MLC What will you do if you are not getting salary on-board? How to renew mooring wireF3
4-SEPT-20VIBHUTI-MLC Convention made out of which all other conv(many thx to the guy who posted this earlier👍) – Drydock preps – Loadline survey – Damage Stab criteria for Gas tankers. – Clearing Fouled Anch.F3
6-MARCH-20VIBHUTIhow will u prepare for Loadline servey in detail How do you recover rescue boat. Draw the recovery strops and connection IAMSAR patterns You’re the OSC. In Atlantic. 4 ships with you. How will you go about it? Ans Parallel sweep. Asked me to draw and show. Function of dampers Mushroom vent diagram and detail.F3
15-JAN-20VIBHUTIHow will u prepare for SEQ survey in detail? All equipment that u will check no. of life bouys required on 2oo meter ship in dry-dock how will u locate bottom plugs. Practically how will u know when standing on deck that plugs are in between these frames.F3
9-JAN-20VIBHUTI– Lifeboat recovery Strops in detail – Stevedore damages d crane how will u prove to the inspector That From your side the crane was maintained properly as per Chain Register – Chain Register in detail – Recovery of Lifeboat in rough weather – Markings on a Lugless Joining ShackleF3
6-AUG-19VIBHUTI1) Started with past questions: latest, future amendments to Solas, Marpol, ISM, MLC STCW 2) dry-docking: everything from star to end : from planning/preparation for dry dock, stability calculate, plans, various jobs, undocking. 3) PMS on LSA/ FFA/ anchor chain/ gangway. 4) How to recover rescue boat in bad weather. 5) How to test crane wire : static / dynamic test 6) How to carry out maintenance of crane wire 7) HRU working principle with diagram 8) How to do the test on mooring winches 9) Transverse test: definition and explanations 10) Standing / running mooring 11) Rigging plan 12) Fire on 4 high IMDG container: explain all steps from start to end 13) When India ratified mlc and isps 14) New coordinates for HRA 15) ISM code: duties of mate / functional requirements 16) Content of chain register 17) Power of inspector 18) OLB entries 19) what all statutory certificate required to carry on board…. As per which regulation….. additional for oil tanker/chemical tanker/ and gas carrier 20) eg of what all practical maintenance work that you will plan as a C/O for next 3 months 21) indention of paint.F3
13-MAY-19VIBHUTILifeboat requirements Hanging pendants Marpol amendments Solas amendments Any amendment regarding container ships.F3
11-DEC-18VIBHUTI1. Why do we need a docking plan? How does it look like ? 2. Work carried out in dry dock? 3. What all surveys carried out in dry dock? 4. Why do we need to do bottom inspection, as per which regulation ?frequency ? 5. What is the paint used on sacrificial anodes? 6. ICCP system where is it located on the sides or at bottom? 7. Marpol amendments / regulations? 8. Diagram of lugless schackle / bitter end 9. What is snubbing the cable 10. Which type of moor In congested waters?F3
8-NOV-18VIBHUTI1. Safety construction certificate 2. Dry dock 3. Chain register 4. Loose gear 5. Recovery strops and Hanging off pendant 6. Purpose of ISM 7. Safcon survey 8. Ioppc survey 9. ORB part 2 10. ODMCS – (Cross Questioning) 11. Forms in Chain register 12. Marking on Shackle – (Cross Questioning)F3
11-SEPT-18VIBHUTILoad line certificate Annual and intermediate survey (Gave a Date and later told to tell the survey dates ) Load line survey and lots of cross question Wanted to know how to inspect all the items like ballast vents, Hatch covers  manhole covers ;etc Load line missing how do you go about marking which certificate to see E/r major fire during bunker operation Half of the crew ashore Two many cross questions in emergency Another situation with respect to chain register – Gerared bulk career Grab fell down inside cargo hold Two people injured due to fault of a shackle attached to grab. Where in chain register will you find information of the shackle Which part? And what are the marking on ShackleF3
7-MAR-18VIBHUTIAnnex 5 New amendments in marpol Fixed fire fighting system Why ism code mandatory Nd where listed Certificate on Bulk carrier Iopp what is form A Solas in detail – 3 imp things Why is ISPS code mandatoryF3
15-FEB-18VIBHUTI1) Latest amendment in reference to foam fire fighting system on containers. 2) How will you fight fire in 4-5 tier container. 3)Latest STCW 2010 when it was in force Nd any 10 changes from earlier one. 4) Content of chain register. 5) Static Nd dynamic load test of crane and in depth knowledge. 6) While wrkng cargo with ships cargo gear-shackle breaks – cargo damage- dock inspector onboard , how wl u assist him and how will u identify the damaged shackle in chain register. 7) Drydock survey what all maintenance is carried out. 8) maintenance on anchor cable and chain locker during DD and how is inspection of chain locker is carried out. 9) Bitter end arrangement with drawing. 10) Kenter shackle drawing. 11) Marking on anchor Nd anchor crown. 12) Care Nd Maintenance on transducer during DD 13) Location of ICCP 14) How is seachest Nd bow thruster protected with anodes or ICCP.  For him chain register is an important area he will get into indepth knowledge of it as he was working in Mumbai dock for 8-9 yrs.F3
8-MAY-17VIBHUTI1. Chain register have u seen on vsl u r testing derrick what entry u have to make in chain the test is carried out? Will u use union purchase during testing or single wire.. 2. Mandatory n statuary certificate. 3. Without which certificate vsl can’t sail? 4. Dyanamic n static load test? N how it is carried out.. 5. Inspection n survey difference ?F3
6-APRIL-17VIBHUTIContents of chain register. Markings on shackle, how to refer to chain register if there is any defect. Man overboard manoeuvres, advantages disadvantages. Ship interaction. Bow cushion effect. Amendments to STCW 2010 and rest hours in brief.F3
20-MAR-17VIBHUTIPreparation for safcon survey In chain register annealing entries where What is annealing and how done Major changes to STCW What all is done with regards to anchor in dry dock Fire in eng room and only 50% crew available Latest solas ammdmt with regards to fixed fire fighting of containers on deck You’re on watch and dragging anchor actions Orb part 1 entriesF3
8-APRIL-19VIKRAM-AOA. IBF. Load line survey preparation. What is Loadline and it’s purpose. Various Plans on-board. MLC contents. STCW contents. STCW amendments. Certificates required as per ISM code, explain how to go about issuing these certificates.               What is HOG and SAG. Draft survey calculations – Form A and B and it’s contents rest hour requirement as per MLC. Pollution while bickering action as a mate. Loadicator requirement and how to test loadicator.F3
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