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Capt. Azad Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Azad Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

6-JAN-17AZAD-Why u faild last tym? – written status – which ships hav u done – i said tankers n then this guy jst dig into all possible ways… all practicle… he said whatever u’llsay jst giv me what u’ll actually do… Procedure as.mate… 1. Loading i started everything from.prior arr checks till completn 2. Discharging gaseous cargo 3. Cow… i started with req n then my answer 4. Tank cleaning 5. Tank entry procedure… started with inerting n so on… 6. Flam diag(complete explanation) 7. Equipments 8. Odmcs operatn, test 9.chemtanker loading 10. Chris code, 11. Pn A manual 12. DOC 13. Bl n functions of BL, LOP n tell me which all have j seen. 14. As a mate on tanoer which all papers u’ll signF2
13-MAR-18AZADVGM regulation Maximum loadable quantity hw will u decide Tanker line up Tanker topping up Tanker loading rate determination Tanker topping up rate determination Vef wat is the factor Ullage calculationsF2
3-APRIL-18AZAD1)  What is a DOA and the regulation regarding the same. 2) Can u carry a cargo if a ship does not have a DOA? 3) How will you carry out load testing of cargo lifting gear and at what intervals? 4) How will you perform dynamic testing of Lifeboats?F2
12-SEPT-18AZADLast times failing questions. What is critical Temperature? Why is is important for us? What is Coke? What are the hazards of coal? While carriage of coal during voyage, fire in hold, action? Then he asked lot of vessels do not have hold fire fighting system even when they are carrying coal, how and why?F2
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