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Capt. Awasthi Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set

Capt. Awasthi Function 2 Chief Mate Orals F.G. Exams Question Set Mumbai.

20-MAR-18AWASTHIAsked me which ships have i done, i said product and chemical tankers – Things you will you do as a mate to make sure your ship crew is not affected by the cargo you are carrying on the chemical tanker. – Types of chemical tankers – Categories of chemicals as per MARPOL – Preparations to be done before loading operations – Number of chapters in ISGOTT – How will load a heavy lift if it is exceeding the load density of your deck – What is 4X4 ( i was not very sure , i said dimension of dunnage used, he just smiled… if anybody knows please share) – What factors will affect the ‘allowable heeling moment’ of a ship which is to carry grain (Stumped! If anybody knows, please share) – What is VGM and the amendment associated with it ( dint know )F2
17-APRIL-18AWASTHI1. Volumetric heeling moments and grain loading precautions, preparation of hold for grain loading. 2. Bundling and specifications of separation cloth. Y bundling done, DOA for grain in full detail. 3. CSS code use and contents. 4. Imsbc code application and how to use. 5. As a mate how will you ensure safe carriage of cargo. 6. Cargo documents on bulk carrier. 7. Mates receipt, BL, note of protest. 8. What is dunnage, use of dunnage, how to place dunnage for steel coil loading.F2
1-MAY-18AWASTHIVHM, Nop, Lop Timber lashings Cargo difference.. what to do? IG failed while discharging? Why to inform master if IG fails, what’s the legal implications? Contents if mate receipt? (Don’t know what he wants to listen…told him name cargo quantity condn..still he said some legal term? What does ISGOTT tells about high oxygen content? Contents of IMSBC?F2
12-SEPT-18AWASTHIWhat is ISGOTT? What is Grain Code? Bulk carrier prior loading procedures. What is “FRAMO”? What maintenance is carried out on Framo pump? What is cofferdam? What is Note Of Protest?F2
14-NOV-18AWASTHIHow will you proceed with loading on your ships cargo? What if loadicator fails? Contents of intact stability booklet. Angle of repose concept. Grain loading.F2
13-DEC-18AWASTHIISGOTT content. How to maintain LNG temperature. Lots question on LNG. How to prepare arrival in port. Procedure of loading in details. How to monitor temps of tanks. Draw cross section of tank and explain. What is insulation. What is invar, perlite. Membrane material. Formula for methane Ethan propan.F2
13-DEC-18AWASTHIWhich type of ships u sailed on? LPG Molecular formula for propane, methyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol? Draw midship section of your last ship? Questions based on figure- Working of deepwell pump? Material of pump shaft? What is invar? What are antirolling chokes? How will you make cargo tank entry? How will you check Oxygen content in the tank? What u will do if oxygen analyser is giving wrong reading? Working principle of oxygen analyser? Procedure of COW? What is pitch of cow machine? How will you reduce time at dicharge port during COW? Parts of ISGOTT? Contents of IGC code? What is MARVS?F2
13-DEC-18AWASTHIAsk me you did only bulk so do you have any idea about ISGOTT… told him purpose and content …. satisfied What are the precautions carrying Urea …. told him whatever I can …. kept on asking anything else … I told I don’t know more…. MS act reference number when carrying timber from kandla MS act reference number when carrying grain from Mumbai  Draw GZ curve ….. what is on X axis Y axis… how you get GZ ( told KN – corrected KG ) From where you get KN What all information you get from GZ curve …. than asked me why you draw line 57.3 dekh that intersect tangent drawn to the curve for finding initial GM …. I answered because 1 meter radian is 57.3 …. What is angle of contraflexure…. couldn’t convince him …. he started explaining to me what it is….😆 he was in a very good mood today so lucky for me Angle of loll and remedial actionsF2
13-DEC-18AWASTHIWhat is grain code. What information you get from grain code? Hazards of Grain. Loading of Heavy Lift. IMDG code. How to go about loading IMDG cargo on a container vessel? Bundling of grain surface. Why it is done? How it is done? He need strength of lashing material and all that? What is GM solid? What is Free Surface Correction? What is Free Surface Moment? Why it is called Moment? Where you get it from? What is Lashing Code . have you used it? I told it’s not applicable to bulk and liquid cargo and as I have done only bulk haven’t used it but I have seen the book while preparing for the oralsF2
14-FEB-19AWASTHIHe will not ask those ships which u have done. Before loading cargo how will you go about stability of ship if loadicator fails?? IMSBC code cross questions. IMDG code. How do u know if any container loaded has correct weight?? Angle of repose?? How do u know loaded cargo has correct angle of repose? Bundling?? Cross question on that. As a mate how will you prepare your vessel before loading if loadicator fails how will you calculate SF BM manually? Timber code. Draw timber loadline?F2
11-JULY-19AWASTHIAsked which all ships I have done Types of chemical tankers, categories of cargoes, p and a manual, entries in cargo record book, Contents of IBC code, Precautions during loading-unloading-transit of palm oil cargo, ISGOTT, Documents for loading IMDG cargo. What is heavy lift and how will you load heavy lift, Types of gas carriers, Livestock capacity plan. What is boat note? Mates receipt? Bill of loading and types. Difference between note of protest and letter of protest, What are grain heeling tables?F2
9-SEPT-19AWASTHIAsked about LNG carriers Asked me to draw and label all parts inside the LNG cargo tank and around Then cross q on the material of construction of LNG The loading procedure of LNG About grain code Some terms on dry docking Like sholar and bilge block Dry dock procedure Prepare dry dock specks IMDG how many books IGC codeF2
8-NOV-19AWASTHIWhere are you from Which part of goa Which kind of ships u have done How many chapters in isgott, which is 2nd and the last chapter What is lpg carrier Elements of grain code IGC code contents IBC code Contents As a mate what all precautions you will take while loading, carriage, discharge of cars in car carrier What is effect if trim on stability What is dunnage, uses of dunnage How to load trucks in a Roro ship Hazard in Roro vsls How much fuel is required to be carried in the cars in a car carrier Defn of fwd and aft perpendicular Note of protest defnF2
12-DEC-19AWASTHIAs usual Awasthi started with some GK questions Where are you from as i am frm kolhapur he asked me Kolhapuri Chappal is famous so why it is famous, what spcl about it? How u don’t know? Which vsl u sailed, i did crude oil tanker How will calculated stability of the vsl without Loadicator What all precautions you will take while loading, carrying and unloading cargo? How you will prepare loading plan? What all info you will get from shipper? What is ullage? How to measure ullage? Full form of UTI? How UTI works? What is ISGOTT? What all info it gives? How many content? Which is the 1st Chapter? Have you seen lashing manual? What info it gives? How will you load Heavy lift Cargo onboard? Content of Stability Booklet. What is NOP? How will you collect evidence to file NOP?F2
5-FEB-20AWASTHI1. ISGOTT contents and explaination on MFAG and EMS 2. Grain code 3. Bundling criteria 4. Precautions prior loading, during loading n after loading on container ships 5. VGM 6. B/L features ( in leagal terms) 7. Mates receipt 8. LOP and NOP 9. CSC plate info 10. Container lashingsF2
14-FEB-20AWASTHIHeavy lift precautions, how to determine COG of heavy lift, what information to be supplied by shipper, Cow requirement, Cow operation and precautions, IG requirement, Cargo planning, Loading without a loadicator, etc.F2
8-JULY-21AWASTHIContent of IMSBC Content of ISGOTT Contents of grain code What is IMDG code ans explain How will you know what is the weight of container? Angel of repose, Stowage factor Bill of lading, Mates reciept Docs required for carrying different types of cargo… I said for grain DOA… ImDG k liye DG manifest, certificate for moisture content, TML, certificate giving detail of cargo like stowage factor, any specific hazards etcF2
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